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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  November 27, 2015 5:00am-5:30am CST

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to work off all of that turkey. we'll show some of the busiest places in the metro... and what people want to get their hands on. perfect season.. a look back at some of their best game performances... as the iowa hawkeyes try to stay undefeated in nebraska later today. it's friday, november 27th... today in iowa starts now. first on 13... black friday is
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the search for deals is in full swing. shoppers are already lining up at many of the metro's stores and malls. we find channel 13's josh nguyen in the thick of it... at valley west mall... josh, good morning! it's just a lot of payroll and a lot of extra time for the
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here. it's important for us to us to give people sometime off during that period. people were packing their shopping carts long before the clock struck midnight... we can get amazing gifts for people and they think we spent a lot of money and
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we didnt. all it cost us is maybe a toe to frost bite. shoppers lined up at a west des moines best buy before the doors opened last night. most of them had their eyes on the same item... a 49 inch toshiba t - v for 150 dollars. they also agreed on another thing... the cold... listening to music, talking to other people that are in the line, trying not to think about how cold you are. if youre dressed warm, its not too bad. plus i got my phone to keep me company, so its perfect. in case you're curious... the t - v's sold out within three minutes at that best buy. some shoppers are likely wishing they waited until black friday to venture out... fire alarm the fire alarms went off at the super target on mills civic parkway last night. a viewer captured this video of the incident. as you can see...
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heavy smoke is coming from the kitchen area... we were called for a fire at the building full of smoke and a fire in the kitchen extinguishing with fire extinguishers. firefighters quickly evacuated the building... and finished putting out the flames. investigators say the kitchen was closed at the time. they are still trying to determine the exact cause. no one was injured. the store re opened at 4 a - m. a man is behind bars... accused of setting fire to a garage on thanksgiving. nicholas kollasch of cedar falls was arrested on arson charges yesterday. police say he started the fire inside a garage along iowa street earlier that day. they say the flames spread to three cars... one of which was carrying band equipment. the equipment was reduced to melted metal and wires. officials say kollasch fought with the band before the fire. icy conditions are causing power
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"mid american energy" says more than 6 hundred homes are in the dark in central iowa. that's about 5 hundred in the fort dodge area... and 1 hundred in the des moines area. officials say it's because ice
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the better business bureau is
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warning iowans of a scam this holiday season... officials say con artists are calling people and offering to fix their computer. the scammers claim to have detected a virus... and need your password to get rid of it. they then demand you pay for the service by credit card. officials say that's when they start making unauthorized charges to your card. if you get one of these calls... report it to the b - b - b. this deer harvest is stacking up to be more successful than years past... hunters have reported harvesting more than 27 thousand deer so far this season. that's nearly 4 thousand more than over the same time period in 20 - 14 and 20 -13.... officials say it could be because crops came out early... allowing hunters better sight. and people still have plenty of opportunities to hunt deer... 2 shotgun seasons are scheduled for early december... followed by the muzzle loader and archery seasons through mid january. the talk around many tables during thanksgiving dinner centered on 11 and 0 iowa. channel 13's michael
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the team's memorable moments this season. 20-14 left the hawkeye trophy case bare. first line of order... win them back. iowa started with its in-state rival. c-j beathard scrambled for 111 yards, and desmond king closed out the 31-17 cy-hawk win. where would this season be without the marshall koehn kick. in the first night game in several seasons koehn sent fans into a frenzy with a walk off 57-yard field. just like that the hawks were 3-0. to be the best, you have to beat the best. nate meier made the play of the season when he shot into joel
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staves legs causing a game-changing fumble. the bull came back to iowa. november 14th, 2015 will be remebered as one of the greatest in hawks sports history... a record breaking crowd for grapple on the gridiron... followed, that night, by a black out win. a school record 10-0 start. in the hawks final home game snow swept through the state leaving seats burried. not even the camoflouged uniforms could help the boilermakers. iowa wins by 20, clinching its and extending the season to 11-0. later today big red nation will try to ruin iowa's playoff chances. it's a black friday showdown in
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kickoff is at 2 - 30 p - m. tomorrow... coach paul rhoads will lead iowa state onto the field for the last time. the cyclones fly to west virginia... for an 11 a - m kickoff. not everyone was willing to let their holiday meal get the better of them. they got a workout in... before digging in. we found a handful of people at the downtown anytime fitness yesterday. being there... aside from turkey and stuffing, there's a chocolate cake that made me come here today. you work out to create a little deficit so you can put a little more in. it's prep work for today and tomorrow, yeah. participants in the "des moines turkey trot" burned an average of 400 calories. that allowed them to eat one piece of guilt - free apple pie. it was a packed house at hope ministries in des moines on thanksgiving... and that's just counting the volunteers. they put together 22 hundred meals
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and delivered them around the metro. then... the non profit hosted a free meal for another four hundred people. one in every five adults in computer or up... we'll show you how and why local libraries are
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wow, we have made it through a whole week. your mom is going to be so... surprised. talk to a nurse, find a doctor, or coordinate appointments with bewell 24/7. one of the many services provided exclusively to wellmark members.
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a bedtime book is boasting about its ability to put kids to
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we'll give you a peak between the pages... and show you how well it worked for
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millions of americans live in a home with either no computer... or no internet connection. local libraries are filling a digital gap for many of them.. but not all libraries have the means to do so. tracie potts has the story. "... load them onto the memory stick and let the machine do the work" michael hartridge is using a 3-d printer at this public library. he's making medallions... to sell. michael is homeless - one of the estimated 62 million people in america -- 20 percent -- who the census bureau says have either no computer or no internet connection. "i read about this, and then i come in here and use it. great! you can't beat that!" millions - especially the
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those without college degrees - are turning to libraries to get connected. it's a homework hub for students. teachers are increasingly posting and accepting assignments online. 'if they didn't come to the public library, where they have access to computers, as well as high-speed broadband and the qualified staff to would really be at a disadvantage." the american library association's new campaign - "libraries transform" - shows people where to get help. not just to surf the web... watch videos or send emails. what if you need to apply for a job? "you have to have an online profile with a pin number, and then answer a 65- question digital questionnaire just for like, a poverty-waged job at walmart." you can still get a good book here. but libraries are quickly becoming the place to build new skills to bridge the digital divide. tracie potts, nbc news - washington. the american library association reports 90 percent of libraries offer
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basic digital literacy training. many of them also offer training related to new devices... safe online practices... and social media use. a new book is promising to end the bedtime battles between parents and kids... fussy kid "the rabbit who wants to fall asleep" was written by a swedish behavioral scientist. the book is gaining attention for its writing style.. which encourages kids to fall asleep. it also instructs parents to read in certain tones and speeds.... and to use sound effects. some parents say it works on more than their kids... i was reading the book start to finish and i think about 4 or 5 pages in and i literally thought i was going to fall asleep i had to regain my composure so i could finish the book parents say the one problem the book didn't address is staying asleep. the author warns to use it with caution... and to never read it aloud
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thousands of hawkeye fans are traveling west today... to nebraska to see iowa try to keep its winning streak going. but if you aren't one of them... we'll tell you where you can still cheer on the
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