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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 29, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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migrant crisis as europe try to push back the human wave. play by play in mandarin. the new language of american football on one college campus. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" can kate snow. good evening, the governor of colorado today calling the shootings at p pnned parenthood in colorado springs a form of terrorism as new details emerge about the victims from the standoff on friday and also about the man police say are responsible for killing three people and wounding nine others. those who knew robert lewis dear describe him as reclusive. while police are not discussing his motive, some say it was clear in the words he spoke. nbc national correspondent ma gale alga mere is in
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colorado springs tonight. >> after he was taken into custody, a law enforcement source says robert dear rambled about president obama, politics and abortion saying no more baby parts. the 57-year-old accused of wounding nine and killing three at this planned parenthood lived off the grid in this small trailer with a woman, 65 miles away from the crime scene. >> he always looked a little roughed up and stuff. but everybody does that here. >> reportedly a college graduate was dear was reclusive, barely making eye contact in the community. >> not real personable. just a quiet, to his own. >> before moving to colorado, dear lived in this north carolina shack where he had no water, leg tris or or sewer system. reports say he once warned a neighbor to put a metal roof on his home so the government couldn't
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spy on him. families are fof the victims have no answers. jennifer marcos ki identified as one of the dead. her father writing i lost you in shooting. today, tears at the church garrett swasey attended, one of the first officers to rush toward the gun fire, swasey was a former champion figurer skater who trained with nancy kerrigan, the doting father to faith and elijah. >> elijah's birthday is tomorrow. he turns 11. so i know this is going to be hard for him every year knowing that this is when it happened. >> with police still working the crime scene, planned parenthood now says they were the target of the shooting because they offer abortion services. >> we have heard a lot of hateful speech in the last few months about planned
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parenthood and need to get past that vit treeial. >> but tonight police warn an official motive for the mass shooting, answers for the victim's family may not come for some time. >> reporter: those the investigation at the crime scene behind me is still very active and ongoing, law enforcement officials say they're no longer interviewing their suspect. they'll face a judge tomorrow for the first time. the da will then have ten days to file official charges. >> thank you. president obama arrived in paris just a short time ago, joining other leaders for a major conference on climate change. that city still on edge after the deadly terrorist attacks two weeks ago. when demonstrators tried to protest earlier today, the police moved many quickly as we hear from chris jansing. >> the small group of protesters wore all black and when they started throwing bottles, rocks and shoes at police, police fired back.
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in an attempt to disburse the crowd. protesters were out in the streets despite a state of emergency banning dozens of demonstrations planned for this week's climate summit and most of them wouldn't leave. >> reporter: this is an hour after the tear gas was thrown. you can tell the crowd is worked up as some of the protesters are staging a sit-in. others are lying on the ground, one gentleman refusing to leave. police shoved demonstrators and our camera back. one woman pushed fell to the ground. others dragged off in handcuffs. more than 200 detained. they're getting more and more aggressive. we're moving quickly now. then pepper spray forced us off. and it all started peacefully, laying shoes to represent the thousands who marches were chan seld. >> they're not interested in hearing their voices. >> this is where the
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revolution started. >> the confrontations, just as president obama was leaving for paris. it's a critical moment for his second term legacy and for getting nearly every country in the world to commit to lower grease house gas emissions. with nearly 150 world leaders scheduled to assemble, 120,000 police are deployed across france. the u.n. secretary general is already here reaching with french president hollande. justin tra doe visited the bataclan where 89 people died. and in paris, a memorial was unveiled for one of the heroes of the january attack. a singing of france's national anthem, a powerful sign of determination not to let the terrorists win. chris jansing nbc news paris. a combative donald trump stuck to his claims today on a number of issues despite being challenged about his factual accuracy. he did so in an
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interview with chuck todd on "meet the press." we get more on this from chris tan welker. >> donald trump dismissing allegations that he distorted important facts. >> i have hundreds of people that agree with me. >> on "meet the press" trump was repeatedly challenged about his claim that thousands of muslims celebrated in the wake of 9/11 in new jersey. >> this didn't happen in new jersey. there were plenty of reports. >> chuck, it did happen in new jersey. i have hundreds of people that agree with me. >> you're running for president of the united states. your words matter. >> this is -- >> truthfulness matters. >> chuck, chuck. take it easy, chuck. just play cool. >> and on saturday trump denied marking a "the new york times" reporter who has a congenital joint condition. >> i would never mock a person that has difficulty. i would never do that. >> trump who lashed out at the reporter after the two clashed
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repeated he doesn't remember cove leskovaleski. not true says this friend of kovaleski. >> you do not forget him. i'm sorry, he imitated imitated, he mocked him. there is just zero question. >> and rivals are ratcheting up attacks, john kasich releasing a web ad this week with a poem about the nazis. >> you may not care if dump says he's going to round up all of the immigrants. >> today kasich refused to say he would support trump if he becomes the party's nominee. >> it's not going to happen, martha. and everybody needs to get over it and take a deep breath. >> and jeb bush piled on. >> it's kind of scary to be honest with you because he's not a serious candidate. >> a recent poll shows ted cruz is two points behind trump in iowa. and today a key paper in new hampshire endorsed chris christie, signs that
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getting a real challenge. >> kristen welker at the white house. the u.n. and turkey reached an agreement today. turkey of course has become the key point of departure for hundreds of thousands of people crossing into europe. many of them making their way to greece by sea. richard engel got a first-hand look at the greek coast guard. >> it's pitch black in the waters between greece and turkey when a greek coast guard cutter spots a small dinghy packed with refugees. >> you're in greece now. stop the engine. >> but the refugees signal they don't need any help crossing the narrow stretch. we ask where they're from. they're not saying much, just that they're serious. maybe they can't hear me or more likely they don't want to cooperate. people here are very
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nervous. under international law the officers can't stop the migrants and refugees for fear of endangering their lives. many make the crossing in these flimsy rubber rafts. but on an early morning patrol, greek coast guard captain spots a speedboat adrift in the water. the relatively expense i boat makes him suspect there's a smuggler on board. armed officers race over and find 14 men, women and children crowded on the small speedboat and a man who try to cover his face. >> who is the driver? the driver of the boat. >> no driver. >> the man refuses to answer but they arrest him anyway. they find the boat's keys in his pocket. they take everyone back to the cutter. the officers are looking to arrest the refugees. this 17-year-old said she left syria because there aren't schools
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when i asked her to describe her journey, he was overcome. several refugees said the man was part of a smuggling ring that charged them nearly $2,000 each. and he was the only one on the speedboat who didn't speak arabic. >> you're turkish? this is arrest number 49. but there are plenty more smugglers out there. that's because many greek officials say turkey is turning a blind eye. richard engel, nbc news, greece. >> on this last leg of his africa tour, pope francis made his first trip toen a active war zone, a country swept up in violence. we report on his message of peace. >> pope francis opens the door of the cathedral. a symbolic act to start the catholic church's year of mercy in the capital that is
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the battleground between christians and muslims in the central african republic. a goal, the u.n. humanitarian coordinator said the pope can achieve. >> the difference that he can bring to this country is a new momentum, to bring community to each other. >> there is more violence than talking. security forces are everywhere for the first pope to visit a war zone. u.n. peace keepers in full combat gear and armored personnel carriers among the cheering. more than 6,000 people have died in the two-year combat. the president asked for forgiveness for what she said was her countries dissent into hell. >> reporter: pope francis' trip is marked by forgiveness and peace, two things the central african
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public has seen little of in the last several years. at a refugee camp, francis was more pastor than pope. tonight he blessed a youth prayer vigil. and heard confession. and tomorrow he will go to meet with the muslim community, a living example of mercy determined to push open the doors of peace. nbc news. millions of americans were on the move today as the long holiday weekend drew to a close and some found themselves dealing with more rough weather blamed for more than a dozen deaths. >> at the end of the long holiday weekend, nearly 42 million americans are on the nation's roads according to aaa. for some in treacherous driving conditions. across the central plains, flash flooding and thick ice. at least 14
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weather-related deaths in kansas and texas. in north texas overnight, two more injured when a tractor trailer skid off an icy road and into this restaurant. the nation's skies are mostly clear, though the airports are crowded. 3.6 million people are traveling by air amid heightened security concerns. >> was tsa extra careful today? >> they seemed extra careful. >> the numb or of people who were flying was up 3% and more people were taking to the roads in part because we've got such low gas prices. >> the national average for gas $2.04 a gallon, the lowest pump price frs the thanksgiving holiday in seven years. because of the low gas prices, tom and maggie decided to drive more than 1,000 miles round trip in their rv. >> our trip is from michigan, through niagara falls to new jersey. >> we fly when we absolutely feel that that's the best way
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for us to do it. but when we can, we prefer to just meander around in our rv. >> here at laguardia, a busy but smooth travel day. some people told me they arrived at the airport earlier than usual for their scheduled flights expects crowds and extra security. more than 1700 flights were delayed across the country. patience came in handy. >> thanks. when nightly news continues on this sunday, we'll go to a college football game in illinois where the play by play is available in mandarin. and later our moving follow-up on a legacy of love, the flowers one man planted for his wife the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one.
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or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo . back now with a sign of the times. the number of students from china studying at u.s. colleges and universities have tripled in the last decade with ouchb the biggest chinese student populations a the the university of illinois. how is the school trying to make them feel part of the school experience. one way is in the play by play. >> the sights and sounds of college football. what could be more american. but wait. how is that again? that's right. play by play in mandarin.
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its kind, bruce liu and david hood broadcast every home game in their language for more than 5,000 students for the university of illinois. bruce is the stats guy, david is the one with the energy. some things don't translate exactly. what about the term for quarterback. what is it in chinese? neither of them had seen a game until a few years ago. >> i have no idea what i'm looking at. i get so excited. i have no idea. it's different than chinese culture. i'm shocked. kissing. it's fun. >> what they might lack in expertise, enthusiasm. listen to this illinois win earlier [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: football the college experience.
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but for the 12% of the illinois student body who come from china, it can be a foreign language. >> they can feel the enthusiastic stuff going on in the audio. and after listening to one game or two, they want to go to the stadium to see the game. that's something we're very proud of. >> school officials are so happy with the broadcast bruce and david will do basketball this winter bring their own special brand of excitement to that game as well. john yang nbc news champagne, illinois. >> love the enthusiasm. we're back in a
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>> an unusual rescue in the woods of ontario canada. two brothers came across a bald eagle that was caught in a hunting trap. one of them used his hoodie to cover the eagle while they worked to free it. when they finally did, they managed to snap the selfie with the majestic animal before releasing it into the wild. the'g sl on its way. knew baby pictures in from london. kensington palace releasing two pictures this afternoon. the fout in line to the british throne is almost seven months old now. and for now she seems more than content reigning over her stuffed animals. up next, the next chapter in one man's living tribute to the woman he adored. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track.
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finally tonight, our follow-up on a story we brought you earlier this year, the moving tribute in sunflowers, miles of them that a farmer in wisconsin created for his late wife. if anyone thought the tribute would stop with the end of the growing season, it goes on as we hear from boyd hooper in our minneapolis news station care. >> these are not the sunflowers anyone puts on post cards. sad and broken. their best days behind them. at times this pass year don jacobs could relate. which leads us to the reason don planted these flowers in the spring. >> she's always loved flowers, but sunflowers were her favorite. >> don lost his wife to cancer last year,
5:56 pm
just before thanksgiving. >> what he had was as good as it gets. >> don's ribbon of sunflowers with 4.5 miles long caught the attention of his highway 85 neighbors, then everyone else. >> japan, china, south korea. >> we've gotten e-mails from all over the world. it went way beyond anything that we ever dreamed about. >> then i thought to myself, oh my gosh, they're going to die. >> the circle of life can be cruel sometimes. those dried up flowers. the empty seat in the combine next to don. how nice it would be in flowers could provide a permanent ray of sunshine. >> good job. >> the seeds from the sunflowers that honored babbett are being bagged and sold for a cancer fund aimed at finding a cure. >> i'm thankful for today. >> kept awake by the chemo she passed the
5:57 pm
hours writing notes to her family. this is her thanksgiving prayer. >> pray that you get to spend one more day with your family and friends. there's no guarantee we will get to see the sunrise tomorrow. love babbett. >> it's a love story. don loves my mom. my mom loved her family. and who doesn't love a love story. >> seeds planted with love. and harvested with healing. boyd hooper nbc 100 clair, wisconsin. >> who doesn't love a love story. that is "nbc nightly news." up next, football night in america. lester holt will be back tomorrow. i'm kate snow reporting from new york and i'll see you every afternoon this
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for on a frigid night in denver, tom brady and the patriots put
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