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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  December 1, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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we begin with a developing story tonight. a high speed chase evolved into a standoff. it's happening along highway 141. the highway is shut down in both directions between the towns of woodward and bouton. to give you some background, police have been searching for 39-year old michael wanchanic. he was wanted for questioning in yesterday's double homicide in des moines. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dan winters. channel 13's sonya heitshusen. joins us live from the bouton community center where law enforcement is updating the media... sonya, what can you tell us about what's happening along that highway tonight. state patrol officers say... as far as they know the stand-off is still going on. they don't know if they're engaged with the suspect, but the
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they can't identify the license plate. it
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as police closed in on the suspect... family and friends were mourning the victims... the bodies of 36-year old bryon howard and 31-year old heather belieu were discovered in this home on center street yesterday afternoon. family members and friends of both victims held a candle light vigil near their home... bryon howard's mother spoke
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38:20-38:35 its awesome to know that my son and heather were loved so much, it just goes to show you that good people, bad things happen to good people. i know they both accepted christ.. and i think that's the only thing that gives me comfort right now. heather belieu leaves behind four children. a federal investigation is also underway in the metro... today drug enforcement agents served three search warrants.. including one at this home on northwest 63rd place... the u-s attorney's office would not say what investigators were searching for... or what they seized from any of the three locations. new emails show hillary clinton isn't a fan of the caucus process used by iowa and 12 other states... the e-mails from clinton's time as secretary of state were released this week...
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blumenthal clinton writes, ""if mittens can't beat grinch in florida, there will be pressure on state republican parties to reopen or liberalize ballot access especially in the caucuses, which as we know are creatures of the parties' extremes." the email was in reference to the 20-12 republican presidential race. you might remember clinton lost the iowa caucuses to barack obama in 20-08. winning the iowa caucuses might make her feel differently... two months from tonight the iowa caucuses, the single most important moment in the process of electing a president. i don't say that because i'm in iowa, i say it because its just true. governor mike huckabee met with several supporters today at greggo's pizza in mount ayr. it was part of his "the huck stops here" tour. former florida governor jeb bush is also in iowa... he hosted a town hall meeting this afternoon in waterloo. polls have bush running a distant sixth in iowa... but is
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about a potential running mate. presidential candidate should i be elected president, i would have my vice president... i think she will be a great partner, i mean - oh wait, did i say that out loud? we always talk about this with one gender in mind i think we've reached the point in our country where, maybe we should be a little less gender specific. what we can be specific on is campaign spending. so far the bush campaign and its super pac have shelled out nearly 29-million dollars in campaign ad spending. that's about 15-times what the carson campaign has spent.. and about 150-times the amount donald trump has spent. even with the massive amount of spending.. jeb bush is running fifth nationally with trump and carson are one-two. the head of the joint chiefs of staff is contradicting the commandeer in chief... last month barack obama declared isis
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01:08-01:22 have we currently contained isil? we have not contained isil. have they been contained at anytime since 2010? tactically in areas they have been, strategically they have spread since 2010 the terror group's expansion has president obama sending more soldiers to iraq and syria. at the same time as the u-s steps up its involvement... president obama is warning russia not to get bogged down in syria's civil war... polo sandoval has the story. more u-s special forces are heading to iraq and syria. u-s defense secretary ash carter broke the news during his testimony on capitol hill tuesday. : "we're sending, on president obama's orders, and the chairman's and my advice, special operations forces personnel to syria to support the fight against isil." carter says the newly- deployed troops will add to the less than 50 special forces sent to northern syria last month.
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disclosing how many will be part of this new wave, they are expected to be on the ground, playing a very active role. : "these special operators will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture isil leaders."the pentagon continues to focus on small, mobile special forces and not large-scale troop deployments. the obama administration has come under some criticism that this strategy does not do enough to eliminate the threat of isis. : "i'm confident that we are on the winning side"on tuesday, president obama finished his trip to paris, where the war on isis loomed over global climate talks. the president delivered this warning to russian president vladimir putin... about the dangers of getting caught up in syria's civil war. : "with afghanistan fresh in the memory, for him to simply get bogged down in an inconclusive and paralyzing civil conflict is not the outcome that he's looking for."im polo sandoval
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the fight against isis isn't just happening overseas. the f-b-i says its investigating people in all 50-states with possible ties to the terror organization. after 22-year of serving her country... senator joni ernst is ending her military career... yesterday was her final day with the iowa national guard. she retires as a lieutenant colonel. ernst served as company commander during a 14-month deployment to kuwait from 20-03 to 20-04. during the tour she was in charge of getting supplies from kuwait to iraq as part of operation iraqi freedom. you're furnace will be working overtime tonight... chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us... ed.. cold tonight but some
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law enforcement officers just wrapped up the bussiest travel weekend of the year. ...and in
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those officers provided an extra service to a man who was truly grateful for it... and to a woman who was even happier, once she realized what was going on. 0 you know that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach? the one you get when you see flashing lights in your mirror? @ 17:09:25 'oh man. this is it.' thats how jeff schulte and his girlfriend jenna rietz were feeling on their way to her parents house this past thanksgiving. @ 16:58:14 'when he said you were going 46 in a 35, i said jeff, we gotta sell this car.' @ 2:36 'go ahead and shut your car off. put your keys on the dash for me.' jeff is a bit of a lead foot. he was ticketed for speeding on the way to meet jennas parents the first time. @16:59:03 'the whole family is sitting right inside. right inside.' ut this time... @16:59:15 'and then i thought, well, jeffs going to hear about this for the rest of his life.' h, this time was different. @ 21 'i need you to be honest with me. is there a reason why you would have an arrest warrant out of polk county for theft 5th degree? no.' uddenly,
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the car. as he was patted down, the officer asked jenna to identify some merchandise he believed was possibly stolen... @16:58:36 i thought hes going to jail. this is a mistake. this cant be right.' the only thing that could wipe that frantic look off her face was the realization... @3:34 'will you marry me?' ...that the only thing jeff had stolen was her heart. @ 16:56:54 'we set up a time frame where i had to pass matt for where he was going to be at.' @ 17:01:07 'and then i said, 'im not gonna get tazed, am i?' i dont know what all this stuff is. i dont know.' @ 16:35:38 'im happy i was involved with it and its nice to be involved with something theyre gonna remember for the rest of their lives.' and the wedding date is already
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still to come, coach ferentz, perhaps unknowlingly, gives himself a new nickname. he and the players talk about preparing for the biggest game of their lives. plus, highlights from the iowa state men in action tonight. but first... all the cyber protection in the world can't stop this low-tech way of ripping people off. get sound advice for thieves away from items shipped to your
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did you wear out your computer yesterday. cyber monday receipts show many of you did. shoppers spent more than 3-billion dollars... with toys and electronics being the top sellers. now the challenge will be to make sure all of those gifts end up under the tree... as holiday packages are dropped off on door steps.. police say thieves are taking as notice... in some cases... gifts aren't the only thing they're after... joel moreno has the story. "our motion detector went off 01:01 and casie woke up."in the dead of the night mike tubbs dashed outside.. but the decorations were already stolen off his doorstep. "so we had this snowman light display sitting right here, hooked up to this garland here."his cameras spotted two suspects who made off with his christmas displays that had only been set up hours before. "we had three candy cane, large candy can lights right behind here wrapping around this corner here and some guy came up behind the tree here and stole those lights."tom bowen says his wife saw a delivery snatched from their doorstep
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"she came out and saw two women leaving with boxes, bags under their arms, and their hoods up."the women got away.. but crime prevention specialists say home deliveries don't have to be sitting ducks. peter rogerson says opt for tracking and delivery notification when available.. and also... "just create a little area that the delivery person can put a package behind say a potted plant or a little chair on the porch or whatever."rogerson says neighbors can work out agreements to pick up each other's packages.. followed by an email or note for the person who isn't home. tubbs says he watches out for his neighbors.. and sent his surveillance video to police. "hopefully we can catch them or deter them from doing it again." if you believe a package was stolen you should report it immediately to your local post office. they will then ask you to fill out a formal theft form that could help both the post office and police track down the thieves. the city of clive is officially in the holiday spirit...
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junior high choir got the festivities started today aasheim plaza... it was all part of clive's third annual light the plaza holiday event... 18:04:02 three.. two.. one... light em... yay once the trees were lit.. it was time to get warm... several people toured the nearby swanson house. there they got to see a model of what clive looked like in 19-11... for kids the big draw was across the street at brueggers bagels. santa was on hand to field their holiday wish list. reo menning 43:33-43:47 its just fun, theres the
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it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed.
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covered. now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the republicans rip up obamacare and throw it away. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism.
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the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. the cyclones start the night ranked fifth in the nation. that's down one from a week ago, even though undefeated iowa state just won the emerald coast classic. jamie pollard and new football coach matt campbell still happy they found each other. campbell receives a warm welcome from cyclone fans. he made a good first impression. isu hosting north dakota state and a scary moment in the first half. all- american georges niang goes down, and it looks bad. looked worse than it was. niang would return. he'd return and hit this three. cyclones
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monster game for jameel mckay. 15 points, and 19 rebounds. iowa state beats the bison by 20, 84-64. most importantly, niang is fine. new kirk. big props. the big ten names ferentz coach of the year. it's the fourth time he's won. after a 7-6 season, ferentz took inventory of hawkeye football, and made many changes. the results led to a perfect 12 and oh regular season, ferentz says, quote: "the success of our season is the result of a lot of hard work by our entire coaching staff and every member of our football program... i have great respect for the head coaches in the big ten and appreciate their acknowledgement of our accomplishments. "
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new kirk jokingly called himself maverick kirk today, and it didn't take raygun long to go top gun. mav and the hawks take the field saturday with arguably, the highest stakes in iowa football history.
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at the first world conference on climate change, the challenge seemed insurmountable. but today, as world leaders come together in paris, the solutions are clear. with a real commitment to clean energy,
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end our dependence on oil from foreign countries, and create millions of american jobs. but none of it will happen unless america leads. so, what are we waiting for? an update now on tonight's top story... an ongoing stand-off with michael wanchanic.. the man wanted for questioning in a double homicide... channel 13's sonya heitshusen joins us live from the bouton police department... sonya... this
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