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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  December 2, 2015 5:00am-5:30am CST

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have a great wednesday.a man wanted in connection with a double homicide and police spent four hours in a standoff. how it ended late last night... and the latest in the investigation. remembering the victims.. friends and family gathered last night to pay tribute to the couple killed in their home. what relatives said about the two and what happened to them. no surprise... the hawkeyes stay put in the college football playoff rankings, but this weekend's game in indianapolis is set up for a winner-take-all finish...we'll tell you why. it's wednesday, december 2nd...
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we will have a few left-over flurries falling early today. the rest of the week will be dry and warmer. much warmer air is expected this weekend. we are expected to hit
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first on 13... a nearly four hour standoff in dallas county has come to an end. and a man police linked to two homicides in des moines is in custody... the bodies of 36 year old bryon howard and 31 year old heather belieu were discovered in this home on center street monday afternoon. they were both shot to death. police identified 39 year old michael wanchanic as a person of interest in the case. wanchanic is believed to be the victims' roommate. he's been transferred to the polk county jail. that's where we find channel 13's josh nguyen...
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it was a big relief. we had approximately 30 officers out here on scene. it's a lot of man power. and it's cold. so hope everybody's healthy after today. and just happy it
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family and friends are he double homicide... dozens of people gathered at a bridge near belieu and howard's home last night. they held candles and shared memories. howard's mother spoke briefly about the loss... its awesome to know that my son and heather were loved so much, it just goes to show you that good people, bad things happen to good people. i know they both accepted christ.. and i think that's the only thing that gives me comfort right now. belieu leaves behind four
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des moines police say they're closer to finding those responsible for a deadly downtown shooting... the shooting happened along court avenue on sunday morning. police say it followed a fight between two groups. 21 year old edmanuel perez died from his injuries... 23 year old andrew hurley boyd remains hospitalized. officers are interviewing several witnesses... and reviewing security video of the incident. authorities are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed a historic muscatine home... the "william and harry huttig house"... on west third street... caught fire yesterday afternoon. it was built back in 18- 92 by william huttig... a lumberman who moved from germany to the area. he helped develop the local lumber industry... as well as several other businesses. neighbors say the loss of his home hits them hard... this is just tragic, there's history in that house that is
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you know i when we first saw the fire trucks i was hopping it was something small because they don't build them like this anymore there's no way to replace whats been lost one person was inside at the time of the fire... and suffered a minor injury while trying to get out. the shovels and snow blowers are out in sioux city... residents are still cleaning up after their second round of winter weather. officials say road crews were scheduled in 12 hour shifts around the clock. and their efforts appear to be paying off... they say all the major streets are now clear.
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mandates for the renewable fuels industry... and he's about to hear a new
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politicians like ted cruz support subsidies for big oil but want to end support for ethanol. these ads don't come from one of cruz's rivals... but rather a bi partisan alternative fuels group. "america's renewable futures" says it'll start ads in iowa calling out cruz's position to let the industry compete on its own... without government help. the group says cruz is too close to big oil... since he invests hundred os thousands in it and gets millions more in political support from pro - oil donors. i've actually talked to ted cruz 3 or 4 times since his candidacy has started. he's very well set in his ways group members hope congressman steve king can change cruz's mind. king endorsed cruz for president. after 22 years in the military... senator joni ernst is ending that part of her career... monday was her final day with
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she retires as a lieutenant colonel. ernst served as company commander during a 14 month deployment to kuwait... from 2003 to 2004. during the tour... she was in charge of getting supplies from the country to iraq as part of "operation iraqi freedom." the second time's the charm for the newest member of the windsor heights city council... zachary bales - henry won the city's runoff election... with about 60 percent of the votes. he beat two - term incumbent charlene butz. this was the second election for the candidates... they didn't receive enough votes on november 3rd to gain a seat on the council. threase harms won that election... beating another incumbent. both newcomers will be inaugurated next month. michigan's jim harbaugh brought in the most fanfare, but in the end, it's iowa's kirk ferentz who walked away with the big ten's "coach of the year" honor. it's the fourth time ferentz has won the award...
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former michigan coach bo schembechler. after a 7 - 6 finish last season... some thought ferentz may have reached his end with the program. but he took inventory and made many changes.. leading to a perfect 12-0 regular season. ferentz says, "the success of our season is the result of a lot of hard work by our entire coaching staff and every member of our football program. i have great respect for the head coaches in the big ten and appreciate their acknowledgment of our accomplishments." ferentz won't pause to celebrate this weekend...his team is preparing for the biggest football game in school history...the big ten championship game in indianapolis, where the winner almost certainly locks down a spot in the college football playoffs. channel 13's michael admire is with the
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our sports team will be at the game saturday night. the spartans are the visitors at lucas oil stadium in indianapolis. kickoff is at 7 - 17. iowa is ranked number four and michigan state, number five. the tree is up at rockefeller
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and tonight... it's lights are turned on. coming up... a preview of the christmas special on nbc including some of the stars who will be at
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we will have a few left-over flurries falling early today. the rest of the week will be dry and warmer. much warmer air is expected this weekend. we are expected to hit
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a lot of you are starting your
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and retailers say as you're picking out presents for others... you're also eyeing things for yourself. how many of us will be buying for ourselves this time of year... and how retailers are encouraging us to
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at the first world conference on climate change, the challenge seemed insurmountable. but today, as world leaders come together in paris, the solutions are clear. with a real commitment to clean energy, we can tackle the climate crisis, end our dependence on oil from foreign countries, and create millions of american jobs. but none of it will happen unless america leads.
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our top story... a nearly four hour standoff in dallas county came to a peaceful end last night. police arrested 39 year old michael wanchanic... he's a person of interested in a double homicide in des moines. wanchanic was first spotted at a woodward convenience store. officers pursued him down highway 1 - 41... to mile marker 1 - 36... where he stopped. he negotiated with authorities for hours... but surrendered just before 10 - 30 p -m. he was taken to the polk county jail. the victims of the double homicide are 36 year old bryon howard and 31 year old heather belieu. they were discovered shot to death in their home on center street monday afternoon. last night... friends and family members gathered near there for a candlelight vigil. belieu leaves behind four kids. what marks the start of the
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for many it's the annual lighting of the rockerfeller center christmas tree. that's set to take place tonight... following a list of star - studded performances. sarah dallof has the story. for four generations, this ten ton norway spruce has towered over one new york state family. "it's part of history, you know. it's been in the family for years." "when we moved in '57, i was four. and-- my father used to trim the top of it." the tree growing along with the family... woven into their childhood memories.' "we've always been in and out of it. got hollered "it's pretty much all my memory. and finally.. outgrowing the family.. at 78 feet.. it became too much to care for... but perfect for the rockerfeller center plaza's holiday centerpiece. "now we'll have to plant something else to watch over the grandkids." adorned with thousands of lights.. and topped with a 550-pound sparkling swore-off-ski star.. it will be illuminated tonight..
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rockerfeller center's 83rd annual lighting ceremony. "i think it's perfect." a family's beloved tree now making holiday memories for millions of viewers and visitors. on rockerfeller plaza, sarah dallof, nbc news. the tree will stay lit until january 6th. after that... it'll be milled into lumber for habitat for humanity. some sioux city students are putting on a holiday display of their own... a middle school computer programming class created this lights display. they're synched to music ranging from the "star wars" theme to "don't stop believing" by journey. the students used more than 81 thousand lights and 20 miles of wires to create it. americans are no longer waiting for santa claus to bring them presents. the national retail federation says nearly 60 percent of people are "self - gifting." that means they're buying themselves presents. and stores have
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offer rewards cards to those who buy specific things or spend a certain amount. in order to get those perks... shoppers may buy something extra
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we will have a few left-over flurries falling early today. the rest of the week will be dry and warmer. much warmer air is expected this weekend. we are expected to hit the lower 50s by friday. police standoff.. a man wanted
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