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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  December 3, 2015 5:30am-6:00am CST

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stocking the shelves... a local food bank is looking for supplies this holiday season... we'll tell you how many people its trying to feed... and what's needed the most. overlooked issue... a spike in violence in the metro is leaving some to believe gang activity is at play... hear why former gang members say police aren't concerned enough about it. mass shooting... more than a dozen are dead... and even more hurt... after a killing
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what we know about the suspects this morning and why authorities still haven't ruled out terrorism. it's thursday, december 3rd.
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first on 13... new developments in the mass shooting that killed 14 people... and injured 17 others... in san bernardino, california... police are learning more about the two suspects... but are still trying to determine a motive... we all know that when these types of things happen, we've seen this happen time and time again, there's a lot of information that comes out in the first day and the first couple days, and that information changes significantly in the days to follow, so until we know the motive or we really have a clear, something clear, evidentiary based, on that motive, i just don't want to weigh in on that the suspects died in a gun
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it came hours after police say they opened fire at a holiday party at a center for people with developmental disabilities. they're identified as 28 year old syed farook and tashfeen malik. they were in a relationship... either boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. the suspects' family members are also searching for answers in the tragedy... i have no idea, i have no idea why would he do that, why would he do something like this, i have absolutely no idea, i am in shock myself. officials say farook worked as an environmental specialist with the county... and was at the party. they say he left suddenly... and returned with malik... both heavily armed. within minutes of the shooting... president obama called for additional gun control measures... and demanded congress take action... the one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world, and there's some steps we could
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shootings but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently. common sense gun checks. the president wants to make background checks for gun sales mandatory... ban assault rifles... and limit ammunition. those three measures... along with a ten day waiting period for all gun purchases... are already the law in california. the federal trial is now set for a woman accused of torching the casey city hall... dorothy dillinger's jury trial is scheduled for february first in des moines. she's charged with five counts of mail fraud... and one count of malicious use of fire. investigators say she used the city credit card to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars... then set the building on fire in 20 - 14 to cover up the trail. they say the fire
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before a scheduled state audit. dillinger has entered a not guilty plea to the charges. a des moines man accused of killing his roommates is due in court this morning... 39 year old michael wanchanic was wanted as a person of interest in the deaths of heather belieu and bryon howard. police charged him with two counts of first degree murder after questioning him. the victims were found shot to death at this home on center street... monday afternoon. police say wanchanic was living with the couple... engaged to be married... and several children. officers eventually caught up to him... thanks to a tip from a maxwell man. i didn't have to slam on my breaks but his rear end of the car was literally in front of my face and thats when i saw the plates. police chased wanchanic down highway 1 - 41... before his van broke down... sparking a four hour standoff. he eventually gave up
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cold. he's being held in the polk county jail... without bond. this morning des moines police are still working to solve two other homicides... 20 year old dashwan smith was shot and killed outside "evolution nightclub" on northwest 6th drive last month. police still haven't identified as suspect in the case... the same goes for a deadly shooting last weekend. police say 21 year old edmanuel perez was killed along court avenue on sunday. a second person was also shot... and is recovering in the hospital. because of the violence... the "court center organization" is hiring two officers to patrol court avenue. the increased security begins at 11 - 30 tonight and runs until 2 a - m... the same goes for every friday and saturday nights. the organization is also planning to install additional lighting and security cameras. the number of homicides in des
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that's the highest number of homicides the city has seen since 19 - 96... and the year isn't over yet. nearly half of them occurred just last month... leading some to believe gang activity is at play. the police department doesn't have a gang unit... but it trains officers on gang recognition. even so... a former gang member says the community is suffering without such a unit. if im hanging out with a group of guys but im not gang banging but them guys over there dont like those groups of guys because these guys are gang banging but these are all my friends when they they see me somewhere by myself they are gonna put me in with that gang with those guys police say they haven't connected any of the recent violence to gangs. a hog confinement facility in southeast iowa went up in flames... the washington county facility caught fire around ten tuesday night... and rekindled again the morning
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were killed... and as you can see, there is little left of the building. no employes were working at the time of the fire... and the cause is under investigation. a metro food bank is turning to the community to help fill its selves today the wa food bank association kick off the holiday season this afternoon with their stock the pantry event. they estimates that almost 400-thousand people in iowa will go hungry this holiday season and 1 in 5 children will go hungry. they are hoping to collect as many items as possible to help those people. but the need for volunteers is just as high. organizer say that winter is by far the toughest time for the needy in iowa. "as winter approaches and the temps change... nearly 13 percent of our states populations fights hunger." haley says they are accepting all types of donations right
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need in local pantry is meat. on the basketball court, the iowa hawkeyes had lost two of their last three games, but a return home to carver-hawkeye arena would seem to be just what the doctor ordered... iowa hosts florida state in the big ten- acc challenge...florida state isn't bad...they push the hawks into overtime where west des moines' peter jok comes through in a big way...scores eight points including the clinching three-pointer with 25 seconds left...iowa escapes with the 78-75 win. iowa will play one of its biggest football games in school history this weekend... and it appears fans will pay an arm and a leg to cheer them on... as you can see.. nose bleed seats on stub hug start at 150 bucks. good
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seven hundred dollars. the hawkeyes take on the spartans at lucas oil stadium in indianapolis on saturday. kickoff is at 7 - 17 p - m. iowa is ranked number four and
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patchy fog is showing up in a few spots early this morning.
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afternoon looks to be sunny and warmer with highs in the 40s. it is going to dry with above average highs
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's agribusiness report. then... a holiday tradition happens in new york... we'll give you look at the 83rd annual rockerfeller center christmas tree lighting. but first... the fight against isis continues to strengthen... we'll tell you why britain decided to launch its first round of
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the environmental protection agency says it will revoke approval of the enlist duo herbicide by dow agrosciences. the epa says it's received new information on the herbicide and thinks it's more harmful than originally thought. the product was only approved a
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states it was approved to use in. it has a combination of glyphosate and 2, 4- d. however, in a statement the dow chemical company says it is confident the herbicide will be approved for next year. they believe the questions raised can be resolved in a few months. dow says it is still preparing for commercial sales in 2016. we put stories up every day just go to click news then
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join us for real change. australia will step up the
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indian ocean. so far... that search has turned up no trace of flight m - h - 3 - 70. officials say they've identified an area at the southern tip of the search zone... that's the likeliest resting place of the wreckage. a piece of the debris washed up on a french island over the summer... providing the first piece of evidence that the plane went into the sea. the plane disappeared in march of last year... with 239 people on board. britain has conducted its first airstrikes on syria by bombing an oil field in the eastern part of the country. british lawmakers voted in favor of the campaign against isis strongholds on wednesday... after a lengthy debate. the attack comes after france asked the u - s led coalition to bump up the military offensive against isis. the house has voted to scale back the federal government's role in education... the vote was 359 to 64. new
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states the power to make decisions over how to use students' test performance... when it comes to evaluating schools and teachers. the bill would stop efforts to encourage academic standards... like common core. however states will still be reviewed to intervene in the lowest performing schools. new york city's rockerfeller center looks a little more spirited this morning... five, four, three, two, one! cheers the 83rd christmas tree lighting ceremony took place last night. it featured a host of performers... including michael buble, james taylor, and sting. the 78 foot tall, 10 ton norway spruce is illuminated by 45 thousand multicolored l - e - d lights... and topped by a swarovski star. the tree will stay lit until january 6th... when it will be milled into
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university of iowa students have the eighth highest amount of debt in the country... and the state board of regents is about to add to it. find out how much more students
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