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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  December 4, 2015 5:00am-5:30am CST

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attacks. suspect history we're learning moines man accused of killing two people in their home earlier this week. said he made and when the man will be in court again. big game that might be an understatement for the hawkeyes as they prepare for the big ten championship. how many pieces of equipment the team had to pack and why players are treating this as just another game on the schedule. it's friday, december 4th. today
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first on 13... investigators continue their work in san bernardino... in the wake of the deadly attack that left at least 14 dead... and more than 20
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authorities are trying to piece together how it happened... and if the husband and wife that carried out the killing spree were radicalized islamic terrorists. jay gray has the latest. this grieving city gathered overnight.. s/ florence jackson / san bernardino county employee :04 - :07 "and i just wanna mourn with the rest of the families that lost loved ones, for both the victims, this family, all of them." comes in being together.. last 24-hours - gives way to the painful reality here.. a reality few lt. mike madden does.. "the smell of fresh gunpowder was in first officers on scene the morning of the attack.. s/ officer mike madden - first responder:26 - :39 "it was unspeakable the carnage injured or already dead and the pure panic on the faces of individuals." those images frame the investigation that continues right now.. police and federal agents
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redlands home of syed farook.. and tashfeen malik.. including computers and cell phones that according to officials indicate farook "was talking with people in the us and overseas during the past year who showed an interest in radical jihad." s/ mary ellen o'toole / former "this took days, weeks, if not months to plan out. there's nothing impulsive about this shooting at all." a military style assault... carried out by a couple that had as many as ten pipe bombs and 45- hundred rounds of ammunition inside their home.. leading some to wonder if follow-up attacks may have been a part of the couples plans.. s/ president obama 1:20 - 1:28 "we don't know at this point the extent of their plans. we do not know their motivations." as investigators try to understand why.. at least 14 families face a much more difficult question -- how.. they'll move on.. in the face of all that's lost.. jay gray - nbc news - san bernardino, california more memorials are scheduled through the weekend... as the community
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men and six women killed in the attack. washington is trying to figure out if the shooting was something personal or an act of terror. it is possible that this was terrorist related. but we don't know. it's also possible that this was workplace related. the f - b - i isn't ready to label the attack either. however several republican presidential candidates say the motivation behind it is obvious... radical islamic terrorism. and president that refuses to use the term. he refuses to say it. there's something going on with him that we don't know about this horrific murder underscores that we are at a time of war. whether or not the current administration
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acknowledge it, our enemies are at war with us. if a center for the disabled can be a target for at terrorist attack, then anyplace in america is a target for a terrorist attack. two senators also sent a letter to homeland security... demanding the immigration history of the suspects. a des moines man facing murder charges remains behind bars this morning. michael wanchanic made his first appearance in court yesterday. he's charged in the shooting deaths of heather belieu and bryan howard. their bodies were found on monday inside a home on center street. his next court appearance is scheduled for december 14th. just two weeks ago.. wanchanic pled guilty to first degree harassment. police say he threatened to burn
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with her kids inside. they say he would also call and text her hundreds of times a day and show up at her work. the marion county sheriff says wanchanic is a danger to society.. and he's glad he's in custody. its a serious issue. its a mental health issue, the subject is not stable. if its a repetitive nature type thing its obvious good he is not on the street in addition to harassment charges, wanchanic has prior arrests for theft and solicitation to commit a felony. des moines police are looking for an armed robber this morning... officers were called to the hy - vee along southeast 14th street last night. police say a man wearing a mask robbed the store at gunpoint around 9 - 30. the suspect got away before police arrived... no word yet on what he took. the des moines register reports.. he's described as between 35 to 40 years old. if you have any
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police. the iowa state patrol is celebrating the restoration of a piece of history... and troopers are showing it off... a 19 -35 ford tudor patrol car. it was the car they were first was created. it will be on display at the iowa state bank on east locust street for the next month. after that... it will travel around for
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clive homeowners... upset over soon have their voices heard.. an additional two hundred homes would be required to purchase flood insurance under the redrawn maps. the city has already held one meeting to from fema showed up. the next meeting is scheduled hills junior high. it starts at nine. fema representatives are expected to be there... as well as members of the iowa d - n - r. the proposed changes are scheduled to take effect january
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ice fishermen will want to bundle up for more than just warmth this winter.... bait shops are recommending this... a winter coat and life jacket combination. the product has air pockets in the fabric that will keep you afloat if you fall in. a pants version is also available... they will cost you about 100 dollars a piece. and fishermen still have time to get them... because local lakes and ponds are no where near frozen. people in the west metro will take advantage of the warm temps this evening to get into the holiday spirit. tonight the city of waukee will hold their annual winterfest celebration. it's put on by local businesses and it is free to attend they have a long list of activities on the schedule. events like , ornament decorating, tractor rides and pictures with santa. guests are encouraged to bring an unopened toy or non perishable food item to donate. those items will be given to local charities. organizers are
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that the weather is expected to cooperate. the weather is going to be perfect. we're so excited about this. last year the weather was great too we had a good turnout. a couple years before that santa used to sit in the gazebo but it was very cold so we did move it into the community center. and that's where we've been holding it ever since. and it's been an awesome turnout for us. if you want go to waukee's winterfest it is free to attend. the event starts tonight at 4-30 and it runs until 6-30. it's located at the triangle in the middle of downtown ankeny is about to become a bit brighter... and safer. the city is hosting the first mayor's tree lighting tonight. it takes place at the fire department.... from six to seven. aside from the lighting... people can take pictures with santa claus.. and create holiday crafts. they can also learn about fire safety... and how to help firefighters during the winter season. the event is free... but toy donations for "toys for tots"
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the hawkeyes will soon step foot on the big ten's biggest stage... and it appears lucas oil stadium is ready for the black and gold. you can see the word "iowa" in the end zone. the hawks' locker room is also ready to go... their equipment and all. you still gotta have your jersey, you still gotta have your pants, what is the big deal? well its the big ten championship. so obviously when you come home you hope you have one more package on the truck than when you left iowa city. yesterday crews packed up six thousand pounds of equipment. it all arrived by truck last night. next up... the players... and they say they're bringing their "a - game." ultimately it comes down to just being the next game on the schedule. that's the way you gotta take it. there's going to be a lot of distractions out there especially on game day with stuff going on on the sidelines, all this
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i think we've done a good job of maintaining our focus all year long. the big ten championship kicks off saturday night at 7 - 17 on fox 17. iowa is a 3 point underdog. alright, so how many of you went to bed before the end of last night's game between the packers and lions? i'm guilty. man, did we miss an ending for the ages. here's how it went down....packers down two and down to their final play...aaron rodgers throws to james jones, then to richard rogers, then back to aaron rodgers, who's pulled down, but there's a facemasking penalty can't end on a
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packers get one more chance...and with no time remaining...rodgers buys time and will launch the ball from his own 35...about 70 yards in the air...and richard rogers comes down with it! packers come back from a 20-0 deficit to win it, 27- 23...probably saved their season...poor
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cyber monday may be over, but plenty of people are still shopping online...leading to a shipping war. how fast you can get your presents delivered to your
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the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. temperatures will get even warmer today with highs into the upper 40s, with a few 50s mixed in for a sunny end to the work week. quiet weather will
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few more clouds may return toward sunday, which will cool temperatures back to the low 40s and upper 30s. the dry weather pattern looks to
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and, forget your party dress and might need to find the tackiest sweater possible for your holiday party. where you can get ugly christmas sweaters online...and how
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every day has become cyber of holiday season. that's starting a "shipping war" of sorts... with businesses competing to get items delivered faster than ever before. brian mooar explains. just as christmas trees are lighting up... online retailers were working on lightning fast delivery.
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as quickly as possible, same day, and i think that's what they're all competing for now" amazon has been an aggressive leader when it comes to shipping speed. buy and google express are playing catch up... offering same day or next day shipping in some cities. but amazon raised the bar with "prime now" --- offering free 2 hour delivery in 24 markets in the u-s... and even a 1 hour delivery option for 8-dollars. "they just want to get it to you as fast as possible and so they're going to use any means at their disposal that's why drones could be one leg of that" amazon has been developing what it calls "prime air".... unmanned aircraft, drones, able to get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. "the fact that the technology already exists is interesting i think right now it's a matter of public sentiment and government sense of whether this is safe for people or not." that service won't take off until the f- a-a gives it's approval... so what sounds like science fiction could be a reality by christmas 20-16. even google and wal mart are jumping on the "drone-wagon"... and
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delivery systems. but for this holiday season... you might just want to get your tree... delivered the old fashioned way. brian mooar, nbc news. a word of warning...thieves are also taking advantage of the growing popularity of online shopping. "insurance quotes dot com" says 23 million americans have had packages stolen from their doorsteps. experts recommend getting place... or having neighbors keep an eye out. you could also opt for a delivery before it's dropped off. 'tis the season to score the ugliest holiday sweater... the trend has evolved into an families and workplaces. "ugly christmas sweater dot com" is one of the biggest sellers of hideous sweaters... two brothers started the business in late 20 - 12. they're on track to sell more
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and they say the styles have changed considerably over the years... the retro sweater with reindeer and christmas trees was initially on top. now it's anything goes... the
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