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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  December 4, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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to isis moments before helping her husband carry out a mass shooting in california wednesday. good evening i'm sonya heitshusen and i'm dan winters... thanks for joining us. that shooting left 14 people dead and 21-others wounded.... and it appears to be the first isis inspired attack in the u-s... jinah kim has the latest, first on thirteen... just two days after the mass shooting that took the lives of fourteen people, investigators are zeroing in on the couples' motivation behind the attack. "we are investigating this act as an act of terrorism." federal officials say tashfeen malik, the female suspect - pledged her allegiance to isis on social media. malik allegedly made the post on facebook under a different name, then deleted it, but investigators were able to recover it. "i'm aware of it, we're looking into it." the fbi does not
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involvement with either her or her husband, syed rizwan farook but they acknowledge others are being investigated. officials don't know whether other attacks were planned but are concerned the couple was flying under the radar. that either of the two alleged shooters were aggressive had extremists views, they were totally shocked
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views, they were totally shocked that this could take place." meanwhile victim's families cautioned against blaming an entire faith community. "these are the two that did it. focus on that, and that's it." an investigation now focused on an act of terrorism. i'm jinah kim in san bernardino. republican presidential candidate ted cruz went ahead with his plans to hold a rally at a gun range in johnston today. some critics say that decision was insensitive... considering the mass shooting. channel 13's justin surrency has the story. republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz began his rally in johnston, paying his respects to a recent tragedy... "first of all, all of us are mourning for the terrorist attack in san bernadino california."but his decision to hold a 2nd amendment rally at crossroads shooting sports came under fire... "liberal dems think it is insensitive to celebrate our constitutional rights in the wake of a terrost
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said as much saying quote: "that ted cruz finds it appropriate to hold an event at a shooting range just days after 14 people were killed in a mass shooting in california and a week after three people including an iraq war veteran were murdered in colorado, shows how blind he is to the need for a very deep, very detailed, and very thoughtful debate about the issue of gun rights and gun violence in america." senator cruz says stripping down gun rights is only harming the innocent... "the democrats seem confused, they don't understand the difference between bad guys and law abiding citizens."many in attendance believed it's the lack of areas supportive of gun rights that's leaving america vulnerable to mass shootings... if you take guns away from us, then we have less protection against the bad guys." "i don't see them coming to a police department, i don't see them coming to a "i don't see them coming to a police department, i don't see them coming to a gun show do they?"and that calling off the rally would have instead catered to the
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being sensitive to islamic terrorism..."for cruz...arming citizens would help them fight back the next time this type of terrorism strikes america introduce them tho their 76 virgins." "strict gun control laws are an abysmal failure."it's his firm stance on 2nd amendment rights that senator cruz says has washington and democrats on the run... "if you are a gun grabbing big government debt loving, weak american leftist, then a cruz campaign is your nightmare." cruz also touched on two other issues... creating a flat tax and repealing the affordable care act. other candidates are taking this opportunity to start a discussion about surveillance of people suspected of having ties to
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rand paul 16:45 in order to do some investigation, we are having oh, we just have to look at everyone's well this gentleman was radicalized and there is some evidence that he was talking to people who we did have suspicion for. i'm all for looking into them you just have to get a warrant. 17:05 christie 56:08 we need even more intelligence not less, move vigilant not less.... the metadata actions made america weaker and more vulnerable. 56:40 clinton 53-1:16 i've said repeatedly we need to redouble our efforts to dismantle the global structure
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after those folks who are on the internet radicalizing people. and we have to fight these terrorist networks in the air. the united states has to lead that. hillary clinton says part of her strategy is preventing terrorists from accessing guns in the u-s... funeral services will be held tomorrow for the victims of this week's double homicide in des moines. heather belieu and her fiance'... bryon howard were found shot to death inside a home on center street monday... both funerals will be held tomorrow at hamilton's funeral home, near highland memory gardens. howard's funeral starts at ten.. belieu's is set for one. 39-year old michael wanchanic is charged with two counts of first degree murder... in connection with their deaths.. authorities say he lived in the home with howard and belieu. wanchanic was arrested tuesday evening following a 4-hour standoff along highway 1-41 in dallas county. he is being held in the polk county jail
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a 24-year old is now in the polk county jail, charged in the deadly shooting along court avenue early sunday morning... 24-year-old dresean maurice barber was arrested just before four this afternoon.. he is charged with first degree murder... and attempted murder. edmanuel perez and andrew hurley boyd were both shot after a fight broke out. perez died from him injuries... hurley-boyd was wounded... since that incident --- business owners and visitiors say there is a need for a strong police presence in the city's entertainment district... and this weekend, that will happen. with the nice weather, and the iowa hawkeyes playing in the big ten championship, business are expecting a big crowd on court avenue. the organization "operation downtown" is providing funding for six additional officers. partially due to a violent weekend last weekend ... and what the city says is leftover funding. the manager of the court center building is also taking action. matt funk hired two des moines officers to provide extra security, and installed lights
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building. he wants patrons to feel safe... 252201 - all i can do is try to help by our actions and try to help people to feel like that confident. the six officers are on duty tonight and tomorrow night. hawkeye fans in indianapolis will also notice extra security... the city is hosting the big ten championship... where the university of iowa takes on michigan state tomorrow night. homeland security says it doesn't want to scare fans - only prepare them. but police are on heightened alert.. none the less. charlie de mar has more from lucas oil stadium . nats go hawks! downtown indy is quickly filling with hawkeye yellow nats hawkeyes! and spartan green nats go green nearly 80-thousand people will visit indy this weekend
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colors for the big 10 championship at lucas oil stadium but there will also be a lot of red and blue shay o' mara-iowa hawkeye fan 0036 18:51:25--i feel that the security and everything will be upramped and everything will be fun andy smith 0042 18:54:27-i'm pretty comfortable down here it looks like a nice area. i've been down here before and never had a problem from uniformed officers, to patrols high above and even undercover officers blending in with the crowd-impd says there will be an increased level of security nats the big 10 championship game will catch a national spotlight saturday--and in the aftermath of the attacks in san bernadino here in indy are preparing for the worst despite the warning from the we spoke with are only concerned with bringing home a championship shay o' mara 0036 18:45:07--in general i always have a baseline concern but they are actually such rare events that most cases are fine and the security around here looks pretty darn good so far jennifer smith 0042 18:54:31-i think the
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a really good job of checking everyone cmoing in and being aware of everyone coming in and being aware of the safety issuies so no concerns jim finnessy-iowa hawkeye fan 0045 18:57:00--i'll say it this way--at 68 years old if the lord wants me he's got i'm not that concerned about it event organizers also confident the weekend will be a safe one.. ryan vaughn, indy sports corp. gdu 7000901 4:48-heightened levels of security aren't nothing new for major sporting events, we've been doing it for years and certainly conscious of the world we live in today shay o' mara 0036 18:51:18--i think they will well take care of us so i'm not worried at all indiana governor mike pence is encouraging the public to have a heightened level of awareness and have a plan. but most of all... go to the game and have a good time. some hawkeye fans encountered trouble, even before they got out of town.. the r-v they were traveling to indianapolis, caught on fire. it caught fire at the kum and go in pleasant hill. no one was hurt... but it did change up plans. the r-v known as the butterstick was on its way to pick up other fans... so instead of riding together in the r-v.. they took a few cars to get to
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hundreds of fans are already in indianapolis.. and many of them packed into one bar... coming up in sports, how fans are counting down to the big game... and what they say about their hawks extending it's perfect season. bell ringers are keeping post near a red kettles across iowa... but the salvation army says they don't have enough.. when they need volunteers to lend a hand this holiday season... the salvation army sends out its
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this holiday season... but sometimes, those volunteers are in short supply. there's no mistaking the sounds of the bells. but the salvation army says its need more bell ringers to keep the tradition going.... more volunteers like donald baumgardner. i love to talk to people, i love to ring the bell and make the noise and no one yells at me for making noise" bell ringers like baumgardner are a rare breed. he volunteers five days a week.... the salvation army struggles to find more people like him... during the week. the organization estimates they're around 100 volunteers short... at its 15 locations in the sioux city area.. volunteers can sign
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hour shifts monday through saturday... between 10:30 a-m to seven p-m. until christmas eve. bell ringers not the only sign here... waukee kicked off the season with winterfest tonight. santa lit the tree... and read to boys and girls at the community center. people also climbed onto a trolley to catch the holiday lights around town. a plus this year... the temperatures seemed more like spring than winter. out and about. luckily we are fortunate with the great weather tonight. but it's just to get the community involved. celebrate the season with family and friends and hopefully meet some new neighbors. 082142 a toy and food collection to help people in need. if you didn't make it tonight... you can still drop off items at the public works building next week. many hawkeye fans waited a
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible
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and what makes it even better, no one saw it coming. undefeated iowa will play for the big ten title, and a shot at the national championship. michael admire has more. hawkeye nation thinks iowa will
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doubters. espn's popular gameday sets up shop for the big ten championship game. the show features two analysts who don't think iowa belongs in the college football playoff discussion. college gameday from indianapolis starts at 8
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the big ten championship kicks off saturday night at 7:17 on fox 17. the home team hawkeyes remain 3 point underdogs. winner goes to football's final four. hawkeye fans have taken over indianapolis. hawkeye nation making the most of iowa's first trip to the title game. this may shock you: but iowa fans think iowa will win! this may shock you: but iowa fans think iowa will win! iowa will win! who wins? michigan state a
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iowa keeps finding a way. sears, fales, viewers and i all call for an upset. michael admire thinks michigan state just has too much. checking the standings, sears only missed two out of 24 games. admire and i three. we're one game back. too. to the mat in iowa city, 2nd ranked iowa and south dakota state. hawks get it rolling right out of the gates. 125 pounds. thomas gilman gets kalen morris on his back, and thats a pin. iowa cruises 28-15 over the jackrabbits. iowa state's matt campbell won't bring his entire toledo staff to ames, but he's coming close. campbell hires two more assistants he thinks will help turn cyclone
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, director of football operations, and bryan gasser, receivers. cyclones in the 2nd round of the ncaa volleyball tournament. on the ropes at wisconsin, down 2 sets, match point, and the badgers put it away. cyclones swept out of the tourney. uni also loses tonight. on ice, the wild go back to the loss column, 3-1 lake erie monsters. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash
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