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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  December 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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she was in this remote area of union county is still unknown. just to give you an idea of how remote this area is... the farm pond is not visible to passing cars or even the nearest homes. i t's about a quarter mile from the closest gravel or paved road in every direction and we were not given permission to go onto the property on redwood avenue. authorities say dillinger could have been there for weeks or even months.. they don't know when she was last seen and there was no missing persons report on file with the union county sheriff's office. the d-c-i says several factors make her death suspicious.. for starters, they believe they found dillinger's car "a while back" in the area, but there were no clues to help in the investigation the immediate vicinity.. 03:25:37 with the car not being there- she's in a remote location- just the circumstances surrounding where the body was located is suspicious. 50 i did speak to one of the
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dillinger was found. he tells me this kind of thing is highly unusual... a first in his lifetime. investigators are asking the public to help them with a timeline for dillinger's last known union county sheriff's office with any information. a judge has dismissed two of the charges in a deadly des moines crash. 24-year-old troy mure junior is charged with vehicular homicide by wreckless driving he was originally charged with vehicular homicide by o-w-i and o-w-i as well... but a judge dropped those charges today. police say mure was speeding when he slammed into a tree last month killing his passenger scalicity boyd. mure claims he was being chased by people with a gun. a woman involved in another deadly crash also appeared in court this morning. 53-year-old deanna gliem waived her preliminary hearing... police say gliem crashed into a car on hubble avenue last month...killing 60-year-old rick
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year-old randy sonnenburg. investigators say she was drunk...and going twice the speed limit. she's charged with two counts of vehicular homicide by o-w-i...and two counts of vehicular homicide by wreckless driving. she'll be arraigned january 6th. a des moines man convicted in a deadly hit and back behind bars... 30-year-old orlando rodriguez is now charged with assault causing bodily injury and violation of a no contact order. the police report saw rodriguez went to his mother's home sunday. she has a restraining order against him. she told police rodriguez became the face and neck. police say he wasn't manage to take him into custody... rodriguez served five years of a vehicular homicide in the death of iowa in 2009. year. look for more on this story, coming up tonight on the channel 13 news at ten. the former mayor of mitchellville is accused of sexually abusing a child in
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27-year-old jeremy filbert is charged with rape and aggravated criminal sodomy. on-line court records show police arrested filbert in october for allegedly abusing a child under the age of 14. in june... someone from the mitchellvlle elementary school told police filbert had inappropriate contact with at least one child. police and the division of criminal investigation looked into the accusations and turned the results of their investigation over to the polk county attorney... who declined to prosecute filbert. filbert resigned as mayor saying he was looking for job opportunities in the kansas city area. he's scheduled to appear in court in wyandotte county december 18th. investigators say an electrical problem likely caused a fire in a des moines home this morning. fire fighters responded to the 9-hundred block of 40th place around four. they found flames shooting from the attic. two people living in the home did get out safely. today marks the 74th anniversary of that date which will live in infamy. december 7th, 19-41 is the day
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nats of 21 gun solute clip 9864 harbor memorial on the iowa state capitol ground this morning. besides a 21 gun solute...there was also a wreath laying. one of the iowans who survive ceremony. the u-s-s pennsylvania when it was bombed. 13:03:40-13:03:44 that was happen. flags flew at half-staff across those who died. this morning the flags at the fog... it made travel tough...but it is sort of pretty at the capitol grounds. but by late morning most of it was gone...and it turned into a nice december day. let's check in with chief meteorologist ed wilson for a first look at the forecast...ed? there is nothing december about will remain in the 50s. the lows will stay thursday. there will be plenty of sunshine a
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two in northern iowa late tomorrow through wednesday morning. the des moines city council will
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those 16 to 21 to be in music venues until 11-30. the city says the code was preventing young people from seeing live shows at certain venues which have liquor or wine and beer permits. there are certain rules the venues must still follow... that includes booking at least 150 live performances per year...and having a dedicate stage. all those under 16 must leave past nine o'clock. the council is expected to make this a one year pilot program. the council will also discuss an agreement between des moines and pleasant hill. the cities will team up to fund, design and build the next part of the road from southeast 30th street to highway 65. officials say it'll help spur economic development along the corridor. it'll especially held facilitate the expansion of kemin industries. before that phase of the road work begins...the current section to
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to open. that's expected in the spring. the des moines menace soccer team is planning to help the city spruce up the cownie soccer park. the council is expected to approve a donation of about 12-thousand- dollars. the team says that'll pay for a new score board featuring the menace and city of des moines logos on field seven. the money will also upgrade the scoreboard on field eight. the menace host three different youth events at the park...bringing in about 300 teams to the city. if you use the sky walk downtown, you'll now have to brave the cold to get to the convention center. detours in the system began today. the key stretch of the skywalk that goes to the convention center will be closed until the spring of 20-18.... due to the construction of the new, 330-room convention center hotel. there are four exits leading up to the closure...three of which are a-d-a accessible. that means to get to the convention center you'll have to go outside for a short jaunt.
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are not accustomed to skywalks's going to be easy exit watson and a half blocks. the city is also posting maps in the skywalks...and will give maps to visitors in the area. if you need additional help construction in the skywalks...there's an app for that. it was created by the "polk county information technology department." just search for "skywalk-d-s-m" in play store. in future releases...the navigation app will also include information about businesses, atms, hotels and other points of interest in the skywalks. the app is free. messages... the iowa d-o-t has once again for drivers... the boards across the metro read santa." it's part of the message monday effort the d-o-t began last
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the d-o-t says about 93-percent of drivers and front seat passengers in iowa would find themselves on the "nice list" if wearing seatbelts is part of santa's criteria. but the goal is to have 100-percent compliance. the monday messages aim to raise awareness on several traffic issues in order to save lives. being cold is not something we like to think about this time of the year. but this type of chill might change your mind. @50:13 "it's a very stimulating experience. it's very chilly." what cyrotherapy is all about...and the health benefits many experience from it. plus.... lawmakers grill authorities helping implement the new medicaid protocols... why one lawmarker call it a complete disaster...and the extension the governor is issuing to give providers more time. then, we talk to the governor about arming teachers in the classroom... what he is and isn't saying
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ight of the recent shootings in san bernardino, california. that's when two people opened fire at a work holiday party...killing 14. it's just the latest in a series of mass shootings to make headlines over the past several years. last night the president spoke to the nation...calling for tigher gun control laws. governor branstad said the president is talking about the wrong issue. political director dave price
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the governor echoed the thoughts that many republican presidential candidates have said. branstad didn't think this was the proper setting to call for gun control...not after an incident that federal authorities have classified as terrorism. the governor said he wishes like president george w bush. so many people are shocked and shootings. branstad said president obama should use this as a time to bring americans together like president bush did after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. some republicans think more americans with guns could make this country safer. the governor wouldn't say if arming teachers and staff at schools would do that. governor...258 that's a very controversial issue. and i'm not going to wade into it. i just divides the country." the governor said he's not pushing to make any changes to
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laws. the governor announced today that health care providers will have more time to sign up for iowa's new medicaid modernization program. he says they'll have until april first now, instead of january first. that also means providers that are taking longer will get the 100-percent reimbursed rate. oversight committee hearing got underway at the statehouse regarding changes to how iowa delivers medicaid. the committee asked questions about the process of shifting to private companies. lawmakers demanded answers about of four private companies that has a contract with the state. an administrative law judge has ruled the state should cancel that contract. 11:56:04-11:56:20 this is a complete disaster for those more than 100,000 iowan who are in fear of mantaining their health and wellbeing they've been put in a circumstance... assigned to a company we don't
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the final decision on "wellcare" of the department of administrative services. there is nothing december about will remain in the 50s. the lows will stay above the freezing point through thursday. there will be plenty of sunshine through the next few days. only a slight chance for a shower or two in northern iowa late tomorrow through wednesday morning. the end of the week and weekend are looking much cooler. highs will drop back to the 40s. there is a chance for light rain/snow mix late sunday and
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following a bomb threat. officials say the threat was made at a home in the 800 block of first avenue west. all residents within one block of that area are being asked to leave. we'll have the latest on this six. there is nothing december about this week's forecast. the highs will remain in the 50s. the lows will stay above the freezing point through thursday. there will be plenty of sunshine through the next few days. only a slight chance for a shower or two in northern iowa late tomorrow through wednesday morning. the end of the week and weekend are looking much cooler. highs will drop back to the 40s. there is a chance for light
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it's a new option to iowa... and providers say it can help treat a variety of disorders and conditions. @50:20ish "you experience a euphoria that maybe should be considered illegal." coming up...find out about it was
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for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and for yours.
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it will last all day." cryosaunas are popular with professional athletes and celebrities. now, it's available in the metro. doctors have used something called cryotherapy to heal tissue in the body for years. now, the practice is becoming popular in the united states. channel 13's megan reuther shows us what it is. the story is new at five. it's a december day... @44:08 "step in, go ahead and take that robe off." and mike wedeking is stepping into the coolest place in town. @51:48 "i feel like i'm on top
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energy i don't know what to do with. i feel half my age, and the euphoria, i swear, the euphoria should be illegal." this is his sixth visit to kryovitality. dr. vince hassel added whole body cryotherapy to his chiropractic practice in clive this month. @38:55 "there's one in minneapolis, there's one in kansas city, there's one in denver. this is the very first whole body cryotherapy in the state of iowa." with special socks and gloves, you step into the cryosauna. @44:12 "so we're going to take him up until his head is about the cylinder." liquid nitrogen gas fills the chamber, dropping the degrees. @28:50ish "it takes the temperature down to 250 degrees below zero, which seems unreal and crazy, but there is no moisture in the cryosauna." @30:36ish "this machine is just tricking the body into thinking it's in a state it needs to be in for survival." @38:20 "it makes the body hit the accelerator. it makes the healing potential hit the accelerator." for up to three minutes, you stay in the cold chamber. a doctor in japan developed whole body cryotherapy nearly four
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@27:56 "he developed it for rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions, very successful." after becoming popular in europe, the cold chambers came to the coasts of the u-s five years ago, gaining attention from professional athletes for recovery, celebrities for beauty, and anyone for health. @41:52 "everybody that's looking for something, for more energy, to mitigate depression, clear up their eczema better performance, better recovery, weight loss. it's just what the body does." @46:18 "it's chilly, but it feels amazing." wedeking says it's already helped him. @51:19 "on the second visit, i had just fallen on the ice, dislocated my shoulder. could barely pick up my hand high enough to get it into my pocket, went through two treatments in the chamber, and i have free range of motion, no pain or discomfort." as he looks to the cold to heal his body. @46:37 "that's the end of the treatment, so he's done." in clive, megan reuther, channel 13 news. whole body cryotherapy isn't covered by insurance or
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flex spending or health savings account may cover the costs. the first visit at kryovitality at hassel family chiropractic in clive costs thirty-five dollars. then, single visits are sixty-five dollars. packages are also available. stick around, we'll get another look at your forecast, after the break. it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections.
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people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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0-year-old great grandmother is becoming an internet sensation. and it's for her impressive soccer skills! a video of the norwegian woman doing tricks has gone viral online. she says she practices every day in her apartment. her personal record... one-
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