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tv   Today  NBC  December 9, 2015 2:07am-3:00am CST

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i'll see you next time on wendy. news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello,evybody, it is boo yuesday,ne of hoda's vorite ys. i'm looki fward personay back to spay tuesy. but dember 8th. this is by sugar land. >> and jennifer nettles from sugar land is with us today. she's going to be in the new dolly parton made for tv movie. >> and the clepsips look precious. >> who does she play?
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dolly was a little girl. >> and the fixer upper, they're going to do an fyi thing. and you're looking for an easy dish, we have quite the dish over there. >> look how pretty. >> you look so festive, baby joy. >> i thought in the season i'd drag out my red dress, so. >> you look so beautiful. >> you're so teeny i forget. >> she works at it. >> i don't like being teeny, i wish i was -- how tall are you, hoda? >> i'm 5'9". >> i'm 5'2". >> she is going to be cooking a dish from your new book "good
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>> which is flying out the window. joy and regis were at our house about a week before frank passed away. so we able to shoot these pictures that i'm solad that weav that wa wondeul mery >> we made a l ohem ove the 30 years oso,idn't we? >> love the book. >> we have a baby name for kim and kanye. you've probably already known it, but we're going to share it with you anyway. it is saint, saint. that music's going to play every time someone says the baby's name. do you like it or not? >> i think they're creative people, and it's a creative name. i always think about not only parents name their children of course, but i wish i could tell that joke. you know, the funny one? can't tell it. >> it's a no. >> even i know it's a no.
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>> it's unbelievable. anyway, it's a child that has to live with the name their whole life. so you have to think about that as well. remember when regis used to say cody and cassidy, what is it a freakin' wild west show? >> he did it in every show. >> it continues the directional thing, because saint's initials are s.w. like southwest. >> comedy central tweeted in the u.k., we're shutting down. there's no way we or anyone else will write a joke as perfect as saint west. >> imagine being calle north and your sibling being saint. it's not hard to tell who's going to be the favorite in that family. saint or north. >> it is the third night of hanukkah. >> amy is celebrating by posting one of those throwback videos on instagram.
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>> it's just happy hanukkah. happy hanukkah. happy hanukkah. happy hanukkah to you. it'seny hanukkah >>it does look like her. >> she still has that baby face. >> and the impishness. >> here's what happened. people in one office building across the street posted a message in the window, it says hello from the other side. you know what they did? on the other side >> they responded with this post. >> i must have called a thousand times. >> then, across the street posted -- >> at a different office got involved. >> to tell you, i'm sorry.
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>> for everything that i have done. can you imagine? >> how long is the song? because this could go on for a while? >> could you imagine? >> i haven't heard the whole thing yet. >> how come? >> i've been a little busy. some of us have a life. >> how do you communicate with angry people, hoda? >> i know, okay, so the holidays can sometimes bring out the best or the worst in people. so when you hear someone who's being irrationally angry, what do you do? what is your response? someone on the street, someone nearby. >> give the example you gave the other day without giving away where you were. >> i went to this massage place that does really cheap massages for like $50 and everyone's behind a shower curtain. but the massages are killer. and they're cheap. i was in there facing the doughnut. >> oh, that doughnut.
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you do love your donuts, hoda. i'm sorry. >> a guy walks in, and he's angry because the room he wanted -- they're not rooms, they're shower-curtained off areas. he goes why am i not doing mine over here. this makes no sense, you people are stupid. you thought i was going to be here tomorrow. it's today. you're all being stupid. this makes no -- and you know when you can feel your jugular vein like boop, boop, boop. you know when you're so close and you don't know what to do? >> you were getting steamed. >> i was getting steamed and it ruined my $50 massage. you know when you give someone the stink eye, and it doesn't work because he doesn't care? >> someone walks in like that and thinks they're entitled and starts belittling people probably cares not one iota what you think of them.
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>> you just wouldn't act that way. >> a dotcom says you should not let people mess with your day. but i'm still mad about it, because i didn't say anything about it. >> i know it. >> why didn't i? because he don't say things. >> the older i get the more i speak. >> really? >> yeah. >> but you always speak. >> i do, but i didn't always. i used to say, it's not my place. if someone's being really rude, do you get involved? >> i'm afraid now because of the things you read and stories you hear where people pull out a gun and shoot you if they don't hikelike what they're saying. >> she is fun at cocktail parties, i got to tell you. she's a million laughs at cocktail parties. >> you're right. >> further down the path. we're happy. i'm happy.
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>> did you know that a donkey could smile? we have proof. >> is this about the john stamos picture? >> no, we didn't get the rights to that apparently. so this donkey was rescued from the floodwaters in ireland this week. and we decided to zoom in to find out, can we zoom in? is that as far as it goes? >> i think the woman is smiling. oh, yeah, i see it. >> his eyes are smiling and his little, oh. anyway, it was rescued and the rescuer posted it on facebook. so my, they named him mike. >> mike? it was after one of his rescuers. i don't think that's mike in the picture. could be. you never know these days >> we can't show the stamos picture? >> you should check it out then. >> it's been everywhere! >> special rules for our show. >> i don't though, we can't show it on our show. >> because you have to pay for it.
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>> it's the 50 dolla. >> we named our elf on the shelf regis. >> i didn't know that. where is the elf? >> we never know where he's going to show up. >> here christine found him. >> one thing at a time. don't rush us. >> sent this picture of her dogs, echo and ember, spotting regis. >> where was he? i can't see. >> he was on the kleenex box. >> oh, he's in the christmas tree. we never know where he is. keep your eyes peeled. at the last minute we paid $50 and got the john stamos picture. >> but we're still not going to let you see the whole -- oh, come on. >> what's the point? >> the ribbon should be up and down. >> if you're trying to hide that part, the plumber part. >> we want our $50 back. >> the point is, he has a very
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jennifer nettles is one of the biggest country music stars in the world. she's one half of sugar land. >> and she's also a successful solo artist who saw her debut album go all the way to numero uno. >> now she's making her acting
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many colors ". >> and jennifer plays young dolly's mom. >> hello! >> i love bin'eing here. >> creative people have to do something new. >> shake it up. >> how did this come to you? >> it came through my agent. i picked up the phone. and she said dolly parton and i said yes. which is pretty much the way i go when dolly parton goes. >> it's your first time at acting, right? >> i grew up doing theater, and i had a wonderful opportunity to reenter that world earlier this year on broadway. i did chicago. but this is my first full-length feature. this is my first movie >> how did you prepare for the reading? that must have been a little unnerving. >> i love doing it, i love storytelling and all the performing arts. so the reading wasn't as much of
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did get to dig in a bit and have a conversation with dolly about her mom, about their relationship. >> she remembers everything. >> how would you describe her? >> the script was there and it's fantastic. but i said, was she serious? was she funny? how was she? and she said she was all those things. my mama was me without the glitter. got it. >> wow, wow, wow. and our dear friend sam haskell produced it. >> whom we love. so precious. >> cody actually saw it at the screening. he said it was fantastic. >> oh, good. >> everybody's going to love it. >> i think so. i think it will be something for everybody in it. >> there's this adorable young girl. >> yes. >> who we love. >> i wonder who we're talking about. alvey >> olivia.
2:23 am
>> how are you? >> you are -- >> how cute. >> and you're really wearing the coat of many colors from the movie. >> the coat of many colors from the movie. >> can we show a clip of you to get an idea? >> yes. >> let's take a look at the clip. >> you have been chosen to play little dolly in the movie! yay, woo-hoo-hoo! how's that? so you get the part, and i'm so honored and flattered. >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, my! >> the moment that you found out, did you think you might have it? >> well, i was blown away. i was so excited. and my mind was totally blank. >> it was? >> i wasn't thinking about anything. anything i was thinking about at that moment was out of my mind. >> how old are you, by the way? >> i'm 8. >> 8?
2:24 am
>> you seem like a wise soul. have you been told you're wise beyond your years? your ears? >> was this fun? the family had like 12 kids, so it was so much fun getting to have like all the kids on site and everything. and jennifer was so, is so, so sweet. >> you could be her daughter. the resemblance here. >> she is a lovely, lovely young lady. >> you've been doing this all your life, basically, you're not new to the business like she is. >> i've been doing it since i was 3 years old. >> is that your mom over there? >> where's your mom? >> the one who looks like barbie! >> step out and say hello. >> you must be so proud of her. >> touched by an angel! >> oh, my gosh! >> it's one degree. >> you know that's just weird.
2:25 am
oh, my gosh. yes. >> barbara was there on set every day obviously, with alley. and she was the wrangler of all the moms. >> we've got to scoot. but thank you. >> thanks so much. >> "coat of many colors" appears on this thursday at 9:00. >> can he fictionx your relationship? >> and these men will answer your burning questions. >> so exciting! >> these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery.
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do you wish your guy would help you out more without having to ask? >> or are his pet nicknames
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>> don't worry, our hunky the panel is here to the rescue. fixer upper chip gaines is here. >> and the married father chuck knight. >> you have a new show this week? >> new pod cast. >> and last but not least, the divorced dad. so sad. bachelor, who finally put a ring on it. >> what? [ applause ] >> that's our engagement party. she smashed cake in my face. >> it bodes well for the future. >> we are going to start off across the street. go ahead. >> hi, i'm heidi from houston, texas, and i am wondering if you have a small dog and a big dog and that shares your pillow, is that a deal breaker?
2:29 am
>> yeah, real dogs in the bed. >> who shares the pillow, the big dog or the small dog. >> the big dog shares the pillow, the small dog is between us in the covers. >> if you really love the girl, you accept the dog. i didn't sleep with dogs until she said we sleep with a dog. >> and she said the same thing about him! >> oh! >> here's the question. anna asked this. my husband gladly does things around the house or with the baby only if i ask. is it delusional to ask him to help out every once in a while without me asking? >> yes! anything else? no, the answer is yes. >> he's not doing it voluntarily. >> once certain things get set in stone, it's kind of hard to break them. you have to pick your battles. i said i know my wife's not very good at dishwashing.
2:30 am
whatever comes out, i expect. if it's a dish, i have to rewash. it's useless to have a fight about the dishes. >> she wants him to do things. >> like voluntarily. >> i agree with these boys. once you start volunteering things, it's like, where does it stop. >> there you go. >> got to draw the line somewhere. >> and women, we'll do whatever you ask us to do. >> we don't want to get yelled at when we do it wrong. we want you to tell us how to do it. i'm learning this in my new relationship. >> do you have a wedding date? >> i'm sorry? no, we don't have one yet, but we are working on several options >> do we have time to go across the street? no. we're going to take a break and take more questions for our guys. >> then chip joins his better half. joanna, to create a festive table without the fuss.
2:31 am
joy philbin has an easy pasta dish that will warm your soul. it is right from the book called "good gifts".
2:32 am
>> something about regis. it's booze day tuesday, and we're back with our guys who are ready to tell all. >> chip gaines, plus rick and chuck and the divorced, so sad, but finally engaged, allegedly, b. >> let's go across the street. >> hey, i'm jennifer hinsley from union mills, north carolina. my question is, how do you get your husband on board after 27 years to get your goals and dreams accomplished. >> oh, my goodness, 27 years, and the goals and dreams haven't been accomplished yet? i keep riding like you've been riding.
2:33 am
now is working great. and i think stay the course! >> i'm lucky to get to 27 weeks. >> 27! you've already accomplished the goal, i think. >> whatever it is, i think you sit down and have a very serious, open, heartfelt but without any anger or resentment, here's what i'd really like to do, and then you turn it back around and say what do you think you can do to get this. and hear what he has to say. >> that's good. >> good advice. i think that's freightgreat advice. >> naked? works. >> goals, dishes, et cetera. running naked is the answer to all those problems. >> carolyn wants to know i want to know what it means when a guy says it's not you, it's me. >> it means it's you!
2:34 am
>> go across the street. >> i'm andrea from virginia beach. and i'm wondering what it is that guys really want from their women for christmas. >> the butt naked run through. we just talked about it. >> i'm going to disagree, that's always the answer, what do you really want, and everybody assumes it's sex. you should be giving me sex all the time. don't be cheapin' me out on christmas. i want a hdtv, and i want it to be 57 inches. that's what i want. >> and run through is not always sex. sometimes it's about the hunt. it's about the chase. it doesn't always end in sex. sometimes you fall asleep tired from the chase! >> that's my story. after you've run after the naked, then i'm exhausted. >> exactly. >> you guys are doing this wrong then! okay. i want to have sex and be rested. that's what i'm saying.
2:35 am
for christmas. >> areyou're the only person i've ever heard that from. >> you want to buy for yourself, and you think i can wait. and you keep waiting. and the last thing you know, every last single pair has holes in the same place at the same time. >> i've been with this wonderful man for 11 years, and he calls me everything but my name. the two that irritate me the most are "lover" and "sweetie". i ask him to stop. he looks like i crushed his world but please help me. >> what has happened, he has forgotten your name. >> i knew you were going to say that. [ laughter ] >> it happens. after 11 years, you look up, and you go, who the hell is that? >> oh, my gosh. >> perhaps you could give him a list of names you prefer, also. because, you know.
2:36 am
there, because lover is a wonderful thing to be to someone but sweetie or sweetheart? those are endearments. >> he's trying to get a little different feel going in their relationship, and he's trying, what's going to make hero man her romantic. >> it's not him. there is some resentmenthe is harboring toward this man that she is not recognizing. so she's mad when she hears sweetie. it's like someone eats with their mouth open and once you hear that you can't stand it. >> i don't know how he's saying lover or sweetie. >> he's just missing her. >> sorry, guys. >> it's fun, but it's over. >> if you have a question for our guys, go to klg and and hit the connect button. >> and joy. >> and joanna gaines make your
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. if you are throwing a holiday party, nothing sets the mood better than a warm and inviting dinner table. >> so we brought in -- >> chimp and joanna gaines. >> and on their show fixer upper, they take run down properties and turn them into gorgeous new living spaces with joanna's eye for design, and it is all done on a budget. >> i could watch that for hours. they've created a holiday dinner table for us that make a big statement. and merry christmas. >> do you throw big christmas parties at your house?
2:39 am
we love having family and friends over. >> we have four kids. so can you imagine the table alone set by our table and the grandparents on each side, the aunts and uncles. >> so you're going to take us through, this table by the way is gorgeous overall. >> but rather simple. >> yeah. i feel like when you're hosting, it's already stressful the idea that you cook. so the table needs to be something that you do that you're not stressed out about. so i always start with the place setting. i like having unique chargers out. >> are those wooden? >> these are wooden chargers. these are from pier 1. >> you start layering. >> i wanted to define each space. i got some branches. and we got these at the local florist, but you can cut these in your back yard. >> i get up every morning cutting in the landscape. >> somebody's got to do it, that's right. >> the magnolia leaf.
2:40 am
but it can literally be shrubs, nan dena, any hawthornes. >> and they smell beautiful, the pine and everything. >> you've got the greenery. you define the space. and obviously, you set the plates, and the napkin breaks it up. i love doing the red plaid for christmas. classic. if you like the clean look you can do it like this. chip can show the -- >> what do you do? >> that's what i do. >> don't question. >> there you go, there you go. >> i did that and put it in the wineglass. >> i like that. >> to give height. >> then you've got the centerpiece. under $50. what i like about this, you cut some greens or where you go to get your christmas tree, they always give away -- it's a napkin. it's hard work. >> it's what i do.
2:41 am
>> but you just layer. i started with the pines. then you incorporate magnolia leaves and put in the votives. if you really are going to burn these, you put some water in here so if it melts it doesn't get stuck. >> look. >> fill them up and dump cranberries in? >> dump them in. >> you got it. just like that. beautiful. [ applause ] >> then the floating candles, and you plop those in. >> and that's it? >> simple and stunning. under $50. >> i love that. >> that is such a smart idea. >> did you really throw your back out? >> no. >> i did that in one episode, and we had nurses all over the country telling me about heart conditions i must have. it was an out of shape joke. all that work. >> so that's it. you've got a beautiful table. >> and what i love about table
2:42 am
so many times we focus too much on this, the whole meaning of it, which is the gathering and the people around you. >> merry christmas. have an awesome time. >> you can catch fixer upper tonight on hgtv. now fixing supper to serve on that beautiful table. >> baby joy. >> why do you call her baby joy?
2:43 am
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in celebration of the holidays, our "today" food team has pulled a great recipe from kathie lee's gift called "good gifts." >> this book is a celebration of love, life, food and faith. some of the recipes are from my friend joy philbin. >> she's here to make one of regis's favorite dishes called joy's pasta. >> i first cooked this on the live show.
2:46 am
ingredients. we have the broccoli. and we're using shrimp today. you can use chicken if you want. these are bow ties. and very simple. and this is sun dried tomatoes. >> and stuff. >> don't leave out the stuff. >> so we're going to start with the -- >> white stuff. >> three cloves of garlic. way? >> i love to cook. >> she's a great cook. >> what do you love to cook? >> i love to cook italian, really, but i cook a lot of different things. i like to cook up in the country because my kitchen. >> is fantastic. >> is not great, but -- >> and you doesn'tn't entertain. >> it's not like kathie lee's kitchen. have you see her kitchen? >> it's'm not sure where it is, but
2:47 am
>> in the book you made it with chicken. >> i like that. >> i tried it out the other night, and it's delicious with shrimp. and you don't have to cook these very long. then we're going to move on. >> i'll watch them for you, joy. >> then we're going to remove the shrimp. >> okay. >> and saute the broccoli fluorets. make sure you cut them small enough so they cook evenly. and then -- >> are we adding stuff? >> the sun dried tomatoes. >> i love those. >> i do, too. and a little red pepper. >> for a little snap. >> not too much. >> and some chopped fresh basil. >> uh-huh. >> what's this? >> wine. >> oh, oh, oh. not supposed to say it, but thank you, joy. >> sorry. >> i just lost my voice. >> some chicken broth. >> chicken broth.
2:48 am
shouldn't use like shrimp. >> and chicken broth? >> no, chicken broth is good with that. >> let that simmer for a while. >> let the flavors blend. >> and then what? >> and now you have the whole thing combined. >> delicious. that looks so good. >> and i'm going to put in a half pound, because, you know i like a saucy pasta. >> a half pound of cooked bow ties. >> got it. >> and if you need a little more liquid, can you take some from the water from your pasta, because ift adds some thickness, and you stir this up. and a little grated parmesan. >> that's it, baby. >> and it's delicious. >> take one without the cheese. >> this is for you. >> thank you. >> you have a bowl. >> thank you, joy. >> joy, this looks delicious.
2:49 am
>> i don't really like that. i wish kathie lee would stop calling me baby joy. >> would you prefer lover or sweetie? >> i don't know where regis got that baby joy. >> it's an endearment. he loves to say that to you. >> how long have you guys been married? >> a long time. >> we're just checking. >> let's say, 40-some years. i don't know how that happened. >> wow. >> because you guys laughed. you laugh all the time. >> regis is funny in the morning. and then it's all downhill. >> he's used to doing morning shows. >> if you want the recipe, go to and if you'd like to purchase "good gifts", log on to good gifts all the proceeds go to the salvation army. >> but first this is "today" on nbc. >> let's have another bite,
2:50 am
>> okay. we are ringing in another toy drive, our 22nd annual. and it's off to a fantastic start thanks to all of you. >> and thanks to partners like arbonne. >> and we have arbonne's ceo. and what a nice surprise. >> i'm very excited, because in here are two young ladies. go ahead and open. >> they might need to breathe. >> here they come! >> how did that happen? >> children. >> tell us about these girls. >> these young ladies have
2:51 am
workshop being held at the jcc in rockland, new york and they came here to be with their parents today. they very much love this workshop they went through about girls empowerment. what was your favorite thing you did? >> my favorite part was the self-defense, it teaches you how to defend yourself. >> and yours? >> i just liked meeting other girls. >> what do you guys do for empowering women? >> we started this charity three years ago and we've raised, thanks to the generosity of our employees. we've raised $3 million and helped 90,000 teens already. >> and thank you for everything. >> you have until december 22nd to donate to our toy drive. visit the plaza or go to klg and find out why andy cohen is feeling shall we say -- >> nostalgic.
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us to his artist of the month.
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