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fans stormed the court to celebrate the number 4 ranked cyclones third straight victory over an unranked hawkeyes team... randy peterson, a des moines register sports reporter suffered a broken leg in the aftermath but has since said it was not from fans running onto the court... in may the big 12 passed a rule that would punish schools with fines or loss of future home games for a failure to keep fans from rushing the court or field after games... there is even a sportsmanship statement on the conferences website that states event personel are encouraged to deal with inappropriate sporting behavior with strict methods... while the injured usher says fans were just caught in the moment...some students say that could be the last time they are able to rush the court... "i was standing there and the students went over top of me, the students were really friendly they just wanted to get on the floor." 12:11:38-12:11:47 "when i saw the ambulance yesterday i thought well, that's the last time that will ever happen for sure, i feel like if someone gets hurt, it's going to be a lot more strict, but at the same time how can you stop that many people?" despite the injuries the big 12
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protocol saying quote: game management staff appropriately handled their primary responsibility of ensuring the safety of the teams, coaches, officials and administrative staffs" the big 12 conference said iowa state did not violate sportsmanship or ethical conduct...and they wished a speedy recovery to the des moines registers randy peterson... officials say a vehicle smashed into a des moines church this morning. it happened around 11 o'clock near the 1700 block of east university. witnesses say the driver of the white car lost control...hit a telephone pole...smashed into a park car...then hit the church. fortunately, no one was hurt. u-s marshals say one of its most
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20-year-old bryan bridges of kansas is wanted for first degree murder. officials say he and others broke into a kansas home in october and killed the homeowner. officials say he has ties to iowa, mexico, denver and colorado...but...righ t now his whereabouts are unknown. a 20-thousand-dollar reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. a judge has found a des moines man guilty of killing his elderly neighbor. judge jeffrey farrell found 20- year-old ngor makuey guilty of first degree murder in the death of 97- year-old rupert anderson. the judge added assault, robbery and burglary to the guilty verdict. makuey's attorney argued the insanity defense...but the judge says he doesn't buy it. the judge says makuey needed money in july of 2014...and that why he broke into to the anderson home. while the judge ruled it wasn't pre-meditated murder...he says makuey did show malice and forethought. 11:57:36-11:58:03 the weapon was brought from his home...wasn't going
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over there club rupert and ...clubbed her over the head. makuey's sentencing date is set for january fourth. a gas leak left two downtown bars and one apartment building without services today. midamerican energy says a construction crew hit a service line around 11-30 at 3rd and vine. one road was closed during repairs...but it has since re-opened. officials say there were no injuries or evacuations from the incident. dupont...the parent company of johnston-based pioneer...announced a big merger today. pending federal'll join forced with dow in a deal worth
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channel 13's reid chandler joins us now live from johnston with more...reid? well dupont made its own announcement about re- structuring its work-force regardless of the merger with dow... but governor terry branstad says of du- pont, and he's confident that will be an advantage for workers here in iowa. "pioneer has been the most profitable, successful part of the dupont business. and so we're hopeful that will don't know - they're talking about maybe spinning things off. would pioneer become its own company again? that might be a possibility." :01-:20 pioneer will certainly become a part of some company... shortly after the merger, the dow- dupont says it wwuld split into three new of which would focus on agriculture. that would include dupont
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in johnston. dupont has announced 10 percent cuts across the board in the coming weeks and months... it employs about 54-thousand people, so that means around 54-hundred jobs could be lost throughout the entire company. how many of those would come out of pioneer remains to be seen. one business expert from drake university tells me, despite lay-offs, he thinks pioneer stands the best chance at prospering from this merger... "research shows that mergers usually don't result in a lot of great savings. i think the greater benefit here is if the sum of the parts becomes greater - and it could - i think the ag business will be one of the leading businesses." :01-:15 no word yet on when exactly we'll hear about lay-offs at pioneer, but du- pont says it expects to have all changes implemented by the end of the first quarter in 20-16. the governor heard a budget request today from the department charged with keeping iowans
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the d-p-s includes state troopers, d-c-i and the state fire marshal's division among others. commission roxanne ryan presented at the statehouse budget hearing. she says d-p-s is asking for three full time positions in order to implement a new federal program to prevent social security abuse. the d-p-s also wants an upgrade to its crime reporting system. ryan also told the governor...about the goal of keeping the death toll on iowa roads under 300. 01:43:03 safety on the roads is the notifications when we hit much a humanly possible 01:43:21 ryan says adding more fuel re-organization of the department save money. republican presidential hopeful donald trump is back in des moines tonight.
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varied industries building at 6-30... there's been a firestorm since trump's proposal on monday to ban all muslims from coming into the united states. however, an n-b-c news-wall street journal poll shows 42-percent of republicans support it. you can see more on trump's visit to the metro..tonight on the channel 13 news at ten. dr. ben carson is taking a page from donald trump's campaign playbook... the republican presidential candidate is threatening to ditch his party. he's accusing the party of trying to manipulate who wins the 2016 nomination. the threats came after party operatives said the race is so unpredictable that it could result in a contested convention in july... that's when delegates meet to formally pick their presidential nominee. carson's concern is that party officials will rally around a candidate of their choice and exclude him. 23-38 "i feel very confident that he will be-- that he will stay in the republican party, as will donald trump, as will everyone else. we are going to have a great nominating
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in. we will select the best nominee and we will take back the white house. it will all work out, i promise." carson spent the day in iowa...holding events in burlington and moravia. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will be in iowa this weekend. his first event is tomorrow at ten o'clock in anamosa. he selected the site...because the town is the home to a state penitentiary. sanders say he'll address racial injustice and prison reform during this public event. he also address care for senior and veterans during other eastern iowa stops. coming up...some ay say tattoo parlors aren't always the most inviting places... but one iowan says to look past the stereotype... 091507 - everyone thinks that people, they are like the nicest people how a tattoo artist is using his two-year-old iowa boy.
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plus... its a skill we didn't learn in elementary or middle school. coming up...hear about a computer coding lesson...and how creators made
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01:34:26-01:34:29 at first she
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today and i was like...what is coding? iowa kids are diving into technology so they're better prepared for the future. around the state...even the world...students are mastering the skill of coding... the "hour of code" first began about three years ago by code-dot-org. it requires schools to focus an hour on the lesson during this week...which has been dubbed "computer science education week." in all, 800 iowa schools and organizations are taking part... "spring creek sixth grade center" in pleasant hill got busy this morning... organizers say while the "hour of code" is a great learning's also fun! suzanne kurth teacher 01:30:04-01:30:23 a lot of our students like to play video games. actually offered a mind craft coding experience this time ... and do that. grace guftafson student 01:32:23-01:33:28 it's really cool because you get to play
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your brand name games. the governor's stem advisory council awarded five school over 4- thousand-dollars for their effort to take part in the "hour of code." spring creek is one of the recipients. they might not be ready for coding just yet... but three to five years olds can learn and discover at the science center's "small discoveries" exhibit. tonight there is a grand re-opening for renovated play space... it's been re-branded...and now features child-sized shopping carts and a new meat counter. the exhibit aims to teach kids about things like math and healthy ating. 05:11:58-05:12:15 one of the things we like about this exhibit is the farm to table... and how it gets to your table. you can go check it out tonight for a discounted price!
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you know our meteorologist are at the science center a lot... but tonight...our ed wilson is at the historical building...hi ed! anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz?
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national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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coming up... a central iowa tattoo artist is changing his canvas. instead of skin...he's using his creativity to spice up something for a two-year-old. we'll show you the work of art...and explain why it's out
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a local tattoo artist is proving he can go beyond his creative comforts and personalize something for a little boy in need... channel 13's jodi whitworth has
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after meeting kai,the tattoo artist would like help transform other kids casts, walkers or helmets information, we have a link at who-tv-dot-com. stick around, we'll get another look at your forecast, after
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developing tonight, the missing hours in san bernardino. a mystery gap in the terror timeline. and breaking now, flames erupt at a california mosque. witnesses say it was a
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a shocking abuse of
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