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tv   Today  NBC  December 12, 2015 6:00am-7:30am CST

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bernardino attack, the divers head back to the nearby lake today searching for clues. we are following it all live. feeling the heat. record-breaking high temperatures across 22 states in the east. it could hit 70 degrees in washington today. we have a dangerous mix of heavy rain, hail and even tornadoes could slam the plains. this morning, dylan has what you need to know. highway horror. a massive chunk of metal falls off a truck in the california highway. how did the driver survive? and still golden. the golden state warriors went to double overtime to be undefeated this season. they will try to keep the streak going in milwaukee today, saturday, december 12th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. it looked like the golden state warriors were going to lose one. steph curry has been doing what he has been for two seasons in the league. he saved the day. this is one of the best teams in all of sports. i would not be surprised if they went 35-0. >> 35-0? >> not surprised. if you look at their schedule. >> do you feel like the extra pressure? you can't lose now. >> everybody is talking about the lakers and how close they were in the '72 season. that is still five games. that is not one game. >> they'll do it. they say they can feel it. all right. we'll be watching. our top story is the fire
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mosque. 90 miles from the san bernardino massacre. nbc's gadi schwartz is in san bernardino this morning. gadi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. federal investigators are working overtime investigating the san bernardino attacks. now they are using resources to investigate the fire bomb of the mosque. in one case, that person has already been detained. two weeks after the san bernardino attacks, what appears to be retaliation at a mosque, less than 100 miles away. someone fire bombing the house of worship in the cochella valley before the afternoon prayers. >> we are peaceful people. >> reporter: state investigators are looking into the fire bombing and urging anyone to come forward with information. while in san bernardino, divers back at it today searching for evidence. so far, we have seen two small objects recovered from the lake where the terrorist couple syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik
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>> this could be the place where you destroy evidence. maybe a hard drive. >> reporter: the fbi not saying what they recovered so far, if it is a hard drive, it could uncover others in the attack. >> that could yield important information. >> reporter: the fbi focusing the investigation on the farook's friend enrique marquez. sources telling nbc news that marquez supplied the two assault rifles to farook and shared news over an attack that was scuttled in 2012. we learned marquez is married to a ukrainian woman that his mother said she did not know about. and his boss said he had no idea marquez was a muslim.
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not a mosque. >> reporter: and for a community trying to heal, tensions remain high. two more funerals scheduled for today. marquez has not been charged with a crime or named a suspect. meantime, the search of the lake continues at daybreak. erica. >> thank you, gadi. meanwhile, president obama is set to give update on the radical extremists when he makes a rare trip to the pentagon on monday. we have kristen welker with more. >> reporter: he is aiming to step up the fight against isis as he meets on monday at pentagon. this comes in the wake of paris and san bernardino and as the president has come under criticism for not being tough enough against isis. the national security council with secretary of state and secretary of defense will update mr. obama.
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additional special ops forces in syria. the defense secretary ash carter indicated this week the u.s. will be building more abilities to fight isis. on friday, josh earnest was asked if monday's meeting is a indication of strategy is changing. he says we will see what the meeting reveals. the president is set to make remarks after the meeting. >> kristen welker, thank you. and to the race for the president. donald trump is campaigning in new york city at the plaza hotel. later in the day, he traveled to iowa for a rally where he took on a surging competitor, ted cruz. >> everything i say, he agrees with me. no matter what i say.
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wild, but he agrees. with the ethanol, he has to come a long way. oil pays for him a lot money. he has to be for it. >> his remarks drawing big applause. who are the people who want to see donald trump as the next president? we sent katy tur to the rally to find out. >> we will build a wall. >> reporter: first things first, trump supporters like one thing. >> i like how he tells it how it is. >> if you are full of crap, you are full of crap. >> i heard he is like fifth grade vocabulary. you understand what he is saying. >> reporter: they say they are angry, fed up and trump is their only answer. >> i'm tired of the republicans and democrats. >> i hope he can turn around. >> reporter: polling done shows
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white, male with a high school degree or less. about one-third are evangelicals. few identify as conservative and many say the american dream they know is gone. and in real life, they say they are regular folks. >> you figure you are part of the crazy frenzy in the country? >> no. regular person. really boring. >> reporter: not all of donald trump supporters agree with everything he says, but they do believe and this is in south carolina, in new hampshire, in iowa, arizona, alabama, you name it, they say they don't have to agree with him because they trust him. they believe in donald trump's own words that he'll make this country great again. for "today," katy tur, nbc news, des moines, iowa. >> lawrence o'donnell is host of "the last word" on msnbc. good to have you with us this morning. >> good to be here.
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with katy tur. what would you say is the overriding reason for his success? more of the politics of fear we talked about or the fact he is simply saying things whether they be wildly outlandish or untrue? >> remember he rose in the polls before any of this new environment of fear that we have been living in for the last month. it is because the republican field is weak. if there is a dominateing candidate in the republican field, this could not happen. if you look at the democratic side, there is a dominant candidate. hillary clinton. she is so dominant, she scared president. there is no dominant field here. see. that is what he needed to see before he jump in. >> that is now talk of a brokered convention. it comes around.
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this time it is serious. >> it is? >> it is a serious possibility when you look at the mathematics of this. if you start to go into the voting booths now, it is unlikely anyone in the field would end up with the necessary delegates to get the nomination. you know, that is how it was in 1976 for the republicans. that is the last time it happened. you know, i got to say, as someone who sits through conventions and goes to them and covers them, i would not mind a brokered convention once in a while. >> for the excitement? >> they are the most boring things that happen in political theater, conventions. networks cut back coverage because they are so boring. networks would increase if you go in without a nominee. >> what is a bigger concern for the republican party this morning? donald trump as independent or as a republican nominee? >> a zero possibility of donald trump as an independent.
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70% of his followers would join him as independent. that means 70% of his followers represent about 6% of the vote. remember, republicans are not 50% of america. they are 28% of america. when you are getting 30% or 35% of 28%, that is not a big number. you are getting something smaller if you go as independent. if he runs as independent, every day, the republicans are saying, a vote for donald trump is a vote for hillary clinton. they would use that ralph nader model in which that turned out to be true. >> i will shift gear. you came became from malaysia. >> this is something i have been doing. it is called kids in need of desks. we raised over $9 million. we bring desks to african schools where kids and teachers have never seen desks. this wasn't my idea.
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every one of them said desks and chairs. we need a more serious education environment in the classrooms. that is what we are doing. we provide scholarships for girls. girls' education is a lower boys. that is all part of the michelle obama with the worldwide idea of supporting girls education. >> i appreciate you being here this morning. lawrence o'donnell, you can see on let's turn to the other big story we are following on the saturday morning. the extreme weather certainly not feeling a lot like christmas here in the east. temperatures in some cities may be as much as 30 degrees above normal today. dylan is back with us more now on the record heat and possible severe weather in the plains. >> because not only are we talking about record heat, but dew point around 60 degrees. moisture streaming in from the
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that sets more of a spring or fall like set up in place. that means we are looking at a chance of stronger storms. an area of high pressure is here and the warm, moist air pumps our temperatures up 20 to 30 degrees above normal. cleveland, 65. washington, d.c., 71 degrees. there are some species of the cherry blossom tree that actually have a double bloom. once in the spring. if it is warm enough, one in the fall. we are seeing the second bloom. it is warm enough for the second bloom. as we go through the weekend, temperatures in d.c. close to 70. in new york, mid-60s. in boston, temperatures above average in the 50s. here is the area where we have a slight risk of stronger storms. we could see isolated tornadoes, but a large hail risk from southeastern kansas through oklahoma and all the way through central texas, including austin and dallas, too.
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an eye out for as we go into the afternoon. craig. all right. dylan dreyer, we will come back in a bit. sheinelle is here following a bit of a major development regards to the climate change in paris. >> it is one of the most significant conferences on climate change. it is ending with international agreement. 200 nations spent two weeks negotiating this deal. nbc's kelly cobiella has been following the deal. she joins us from london. good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. you said it. this is an historic agreement if it goes through. the first time all countryies have reached a deal to limit greenhouse gasses and emissions. the prime minister says this is ambitious and balanced and will be legally binding. the 20-page draft agreement sets goals to limit growth warming by 3.6 degrees fahrenheit.
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details of how that will happen is not yet released. leaders for 190 countries have been debating this for two weeks. they still have to vote on the deal. the united nations secretary-general ban ki-moon is encouraging them to vote yes. saying this morning we must protect the planet that sustains us. for that, we need all hands on deck. environmental protesters will take to the streets of paris. france is under a straight of emergency, but paris believes a last minute permit to allow protests. >> thank you, kelly. in california, hundreds of mothers and babies are going to need tests and treatment after exposure to tuberculosis. officials in san jose let officials and employees know a nurse tested positive for the disease. those who came in contact with her are at risk. as a precaution, the 350 babies born will receive antibiotic
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a man charged in the shooting death of two mississippi police officers has cell. police say 29-year-old marvin banks was alone when he was discovered to be unresponsive in the isolation unit. he was charged with murder after he and three others were in a traffic accident that left the officer dead. and look what happened to the car on san jose highway when the metal tray fell off the back of the truck. it bounced off the pavement and right through the driver's windshield. he was able to maneuver through traffic and escape with a scratch on his arm. one artist has put a face on the crisis in syria. this is the piece by the street artist banksy. it paints steve jobs on the wall in the refugee camp in france. it shows jobs with a mac in one
6:16 am
it is titled, the son of the migrant from syria. he was the child of a syrian refugee. a lot of people did not know that. >> sheinelle, thank you. >> dylan is back with a look at storms out west. >> relentless storms. in the pacific northwest, we are seeing another round of heavy rain about to make its way onshore. moisture streaming in from the pacific. we have the potential for flooding rains and winds up to 50 miles per hour. we could see 5 to 7 inches for the mountain snow. that is a good story. we are looking up to 12 to 18 inches of snow in some of the higher elevations. we need that this time of year. if we head to denver, especially
6:17 am
about 4 to 6 inches in the and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. "playboy." the magazine's final nude issue hit news stands on friday with pamela anderson. the most famous playmate in history. her 13th time gracing the cover. stars from marilyn monroe to madonna to kim kardashian have appeared nude in "playboy." >> the decision to stop publishing the nude photos is due to the circulation sales dropping. still to come on saturday morning, we catch up on the week
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bergdahl breaking his silence to more trouble for fast food restaurant chipotle. and a new rap video from the first lady. it is all ahead in "the download."
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nbc. heart disease. asthma. diabetes. 7 out of 10 americans take prescription drugs. but in the last 7 years drugs prices have doubled. hillary's going to take on the drug companies. require medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. let people buy their prescription drugs from countries like canada at half the price. and cap monthly prescription costs for every american. the drug companies have been over charging long enough. it's time to fight back. i'm hillary clinton
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we're back on a saturday morning with "the download." our time to look back at the week's stories. >> a look at the headlines that caught our attention. >> startling information about the san bernardino attackers. >> syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik left behind evidence they were contemplateor other targets in california. >> we are working to see if they had plans for that day or earlier. >> the fbi says the couple was radicalized for at least two years. on the campaign trail, a new shocker from donald trump.
6:21 am
for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> and trump remains unapologetic. >> the least racist person that you have ever met. outrage in the streets of chicago. and more calls for mayor emanuel ame to resign. >> anger spiked with the release of the dash cam video showing the police officer shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times. now it is sinking in. >> bowe bergdahl in 25 hours of taped conversations with the director of "the hurt locker" released in a trade for five prisoners held in guantanamo bay.
6:22 am
try bergdahl as a deserter. and the trouble for chipotle. this time the norovirus. sickening 120 students. >> this latest round of bad news on the news of e. coli linked to nine states. >> the ceo sitting down exclusively with "today." >> this is a very unfortunate incident and i'm deeply sorry this happened. a little magic and a lot of laughs at the barcelona zoo. >> this man on the right performs slight of hand with a chestnut and cup. the chestnut vanished and he shows the orangutan there is nothing left inside [ laughter ] south side chicago we had to do overtime every night >> the first lady dropping the mic to encourage kids to go to
6:23 am
want to fight crime go to college fill your head with knowledge you should go to college >> that's a great video. >> a lot of attention which is what she wanted. she wanted traction. >> it looks like the first lady may have spent time in a radio booth before. look at that. >> you see so many videos and when you get a chance to do it. >> yeah. >> you get into it. >> that's good stuff. we all love that orangutan at the zoo. >> so cute. >> when is the last time you laughed so hard, you fell on your back. >> it is worth seeing one more time. wait for it. wait for it. wait for it. >> i love it. >> when you fall down -- it's so funny. >> i love it. it's like a 2-year-old. >> actual joy. another moment you may not have seen this week that we
6:24 am
a lot of holiday parties this time of year. including one for "dateline." including our lester holt. they were at the party. people were going to go sing. >> someone said to lester, there are people in the back rehearsing. he said do they need a baritone. here is what happened next. joy to the world the lord has come let earth receive her king let every heart prepare him room and heaven and nature sing and heaven and nature sing and heaven and heaven and nature sing joy to the world the savior reigns >> is there anything lester cannot do? >> last night's christmas party, lester is up with his bass and
6:25 am
have heard on high" and he breaks out. they are so cool. >> later in the show, we will do a christmas carol as well. >> it will be just as good. still to come here on "today," actress calista flockhart making her public case of her "star wars" knowledge.
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nbc. paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money,
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he's a rock.
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start spreading the news i'm leaving today i want to be a part of it >> happy birthday.
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old today. we hear there is a party planned today in hoboken, new jersey. and a beautiful day here in new york, new york. look at that out on the plaza. a big holiday crowd on the plaza. it will be in the 60s here today. that is why you see a lot of people out with no jackets and no coats. less than two weeks away from christmas. believe it or not. >> it's 60 degrees. >> that's not a problem i have. the heat? here is a look at what's making headlines on saturday morning. authorities in southern california detained one person in connection with the fire bomb attack at a mosque. overnight, authorities announced that the fire was intentional. no injuries were reported. severe weather warning for people in the plains today. communities from austin to oklahoma bracing for wicked weather this afternoon. they are expecting hail, heavy rain, possibly rare december
6:30 am
in france, officials with a landmark pact after nearly 200 nations spent the last two weeks negotiating. it is aimed at transforming fossil fuels and curbing global warming. let's start with the controversy in austin, texas with gun rights advocates taking the streets to stage a fake mock mass shooting. it is set to happen at the country's first mass shooting in 1966. we have janet shamlian with more. >> reporter: craig, good morning. the guns are made of cardboard and the blood will be ketchup. regardless, many say this is not the time given recent events nor the place for the group to make its point. this morning, organizers with a mock shooting adjacent to the
6:31 am
after ut called it potential criminal trespass. it is not a university or student event. the pro gun event organizers goal is to education people on the dangers of so-called gun free zones like churches and schools. >> we hope to get the point across these gun free zones are target rich environments. >> reporter: at the time of real shootings, san bernardino and paris, are strong wounds. there is strong opposition to the event. even to those who say guns should be allowed on campus. >> we believe it detracts from our purpose. >> reporter: it will be followed by the mock mass shooting using cardboard guns and fake blood. people will act as victims and sound of fake gunfire will be played. [ bang, bang ]
6:32 am
is behind us. between that and anbility to be there and say this is a drill and protest sign. they will understand the message. >> reporter: students are taking finals at ut today and say this demonstration is ill timed. >> it is not productive to the debate. it doesn't make me feel safe. >> reporter: because the event is off campus, a spokesperson says the university is relying on local law enforcement to monitor as needed. >> organizers point to the rampage at virginia tech that killed 32 people should be the reason for people to carry guns on campus. this will be held across the street on the sidewalk. guys, that is public property. it is just barely off the ut campus. erica, craig. >> janet shamlian for us in austin. thank you. let's get another check of the weather with dylan who is on the plaza.
6:33 am
we are focused on the warm temperatures in the middle through the country. eastern half of the country will be seeing temperatures much warmer than average. 22 of the states could see record highs today. look at how above average. st. louis, 67 degrees. jackson, mississippi, 78 degrees. that's 19 degrees above average. all through the mid-atlantic and northeast, warmer temperatures. considering that we are seeing moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico, we could see a slight risk of stronger storms, especially through oklahoma and texas today. late this afternoon into this evening and mainly overnight is when we could see stronger storms. tomorrow, the storms spread eastward, but should weaken. we are looking at snow to wrap around on the back side of it. we will have another pacific northwest storm with mountain
6:34 am
lower levels. and i love this sign right here. no snow in buffalo. are you happy about that? >> i'm very happy about this. >> this time last year, you had 7 feet of snow. >> yes, we did. let's get some wings. >> i'm all for buffalo. >> thanks, dylan. just ahead, a young couple's plan to retire by the age of 33.
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6:38 am
others work to live. but nick and liz in their late 20s, are working toward retirement. the software engineer and communications specialist realized they were spending more time at the 9:00 to 5:00 than enjoying their lives. >> we realized if we did not change things, we would blink and we would be 50. >> so they crafted an ambitious plan to retire early. really early. >> we planned at age 33 to never need to make another dollar in our life. >> to do it, they became self described frugal weirdos. >> you think of the three items. housing, transportation and food. we look at every line item. no spending is safe. >> they socked away 71% of the
6:39 am
they are on track to save more this year. how? no splurging on fancy meals. >> we went out to dinner twice. and we cook at home. >> when was the last time you bought a piece of clothing? >> oh, 17 months ago. >> trips to the salon. never. >> let me tell you the first time she said you give me a haircut. i thought oh, man. >> he thought this was going to be the end. >> they do enjoy traveling, but figured out how to do that frugally. >> we look for where it is cheapest to fly. >> they own their boston townhouse with hand me downs. nick bikes to work. >> it is not just for fashion. >> they only need one family car. it's the same one liz learned to drive 19 years ago and has 206,000 miles on it.
6:40 am
car when we have a car that works perfectly fine. >> let me tell you, it is so affordable to insure. >> a new expense. liz is expecting any day. >> i have a 17 month old. they are expensive. >> i had no idea before we were having a child. everyone has baby clothes they are looking to get out of their basement. wonderful. >> and we have hand me downs for every part of her nursery. >> if all goes as planned, they will have plenty of time to read and play. for liz, it is not just about saving aggressively to retire early, but it is about the kind of life they want to live. >> buying things and consuming is not fulfilling. we don't derive happiness from material possessions. >> and the big congrats to the couple. they had a little girl here about a month ago. >> congratulations to them. >> yeah. let me tell you, they make it look easier than it is.
6:41 am
>> if i could go halfway, do you know what i mean? we may not go all the way. we can learn something. >> they are so disciplined. >> they have been for a long time. he talked about how cheap he was in college. >> i try to cut back on not going out to eat so much. i really like to go out to eat. >> that explains why you grab so much food here. and up next, mark zuckerberg
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back now on a saturday morning. good time to do some trending. >> here is a hilarious video trending. this video is promoteing a support group for husbands stuck taking pictures for their wives' instagram accounts. >> i'm basically a selfie stick. go. what are you doing in here? taking a picture of all your stuff? >> wait. i should comment on this. it helps me out if i'm the first one to comment. >> we used to eat our food. now we just take pictures of it. >> do you do that? >> no. >> i instagram. my husband is on instagram. he doesn't have much to do with it. >> brian spends time taking pictures? >> he just signed up for an
6:45 am
>> we can all follow him. we can follow him taking pictures of you taking pictures. >> and i approve them all. speaking of pictures. mark zuckerberg on diaper duty. he captioned it one down and 1,000 to go. he received a million likes since yesterday. he and his wife dr. pricilla chan had a baby girl two weeks ago. >> i love that. >> that is a hot button. that is the most perfect diaper change i have ever seen. no blowout action. everything is perfect about that picture. i can't post any of the pictures of the diaper changes. here is a sweet moment gone viral. every kid's dream to tell santa exactly what they want for christmas. for some, like this girl, it is easier said than done.
6:46 am
trouble speaking. so she signs. but as we all know, santa knows every language, including sign language and the look on her face is absolutely priceless. when she realizes santa knows how to sign as well. that's what the holidays are for. >> i love it. >> yeah. yeah. what a santa claus. >> i love that. confusion for harrison ford's wife after his mishap on "star wars." and shia lebeouf's soul. >> it seems like everyone knows everything about "star wars," but not calista flockhart. when he got hurt on the set, flockhart was not concerned, but confused when she learned he was hurt on the millennium falcon.
6:47 am
commercial airline and the door fell off and he flew out of the airplane. >> you didn't know what the millannium falcon. >> they don't talk about that stuff at home. and in the name of art, shia lebeouf invited people to take in his films and now he is across the bond for the latest project "touch my soul." he is taking phone calls at a art gallery in liverpool. if you cannot get through on the phone, you can watch the live stream online. >> i don't get this art thing. >> sometimes?
6:48 am
people to call in. and finally, will ferrell took to the streets in onesies and quizzed people about holiday movies. some were excited and some were scared. take a look. >> who is the best in the movie "elf?" >> i guess the elf. >> what's his name? what's his name? >> buddy. >> what's his real name? >> i'm right here. >> you have never seen "elf?" >> who stars in "scrooged?" >> he was in "meatballs." >> another christmas story. >> bill murray? >> yes, yes, yes. >> i can't think if you are
6:49 am
>> i love will ferrell. i just love him. >> will ferrell in a onesie is even better. >> i don't know about that. coming up, the best of times and worst of times. some ski areas are thriving and
6:50 am
nbc. everybody get your kicks still to come on "today"
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good morning. it's 8:00. here are the stories we are watching. fire bomb. one person detained in an arson attack in a california mosque one day after a suspect hit a
6:55 am
muslim communities are on alert after the backlash of the san bernardino massacre. and extreme weather. bringing heavy rain and hail and possible tornadoes. and struggling to deliver. record-breaking online shopping sales left shipping companies like u.p.s. and fed ex buried under a crush of packages to be delivered. today, saturday, december 12th, 2015. >> what a lively crowd on saturday morning. welcome back to "today." a festive crowd. not feeling holiday weather on this warm new york day. i'm craig melvin alongside dylan dreyer and with erica hill. what a fantastic crowd. >> good stuff. you are here are a good day. busy morning. we will begin with sheinelle who is following the latest in san bernardino.
6:56 am
>> good morning. investigators are looking into attacks on two mosques in the west. as funerals take place for the rampage in san bernardino. nbc's gadi schwartz is there. good morning, gadi. >> reporter: good morning. another difficult day head for san bernardino. two more funerals today as the community comes together to try to heal while less than 100 miles away in the cochella valley, a fire attack at a local mosque. that happened yesterday before afternoon prayers. the atf and fbi now down there as well. we understand that a person of interest has been detained for what is investigated as a possible hate crime. in phoenix, another mosque was the target of terrorism. the islamic community fearing more backlash after the san bernardino attacks. meanwhile, investigators are hope to recover a missing hard drive after terrorists syed
6:57 am
may have tried to destroy here at the lake. you see the divers here yesterday. you see them pull two things out of the water. it was hard to make out what they were. the fbi not commenting on what they pulled out of the lake. that search here at the lake will continue in a couple of hours. back to you. >> gadi, thank you. a landmark climate agreement reached in france. negotiators for some 200 countries come up with the most comprehensive accord to reduce greenhouse emissions. they will limit greenhouse warming by 3.2 degrees. a legislator tried to drag the prime minister from the podium. that sparked the fist fight between lawmakers. the incident is said to reflect the growing dissatisfaction with the government's policies. a study indicates the skies are getting crowded.
6:58 am
the drone found 300 incidents with drones between september of 2013 and september of this year. 90 encounters with commercial aircraft and most in drone prohibited air space. the british museum unveiling a treasure trove of viking artifacts. the coins, jewelry and silver bars from the 9th century. they were left by someone scanning a field. if it is declared a treasure, the amateur treasure hunter and farmer who owns the field would receive sizable rewards. and a vacation trip ended up being more than one couple bargained for. it was a visit to farms in iceland. the winds picked up and the pair tried to make it through the storm, but even with their guide
6:59 am
turn around. yes, the couple did pay for the adventure. some people want to go to the beach and stare at the sun. others want a little thrill. >> for the camera crew. >> that may lead to divorce. >> craig is sticking to the beach. dylan is back with the final check of the forecast. >> we have a lot of stuff going on across the country. a storm in the pacific northwest. a risk of strong storms in the middle of the country and record warm temperatures. temperatures running about 15 to nearly 30 degrees above average. chicago should make it to 60 today. here is through the middle of the country where we could have a slight risk of stronger storms and large hail. also the possibility of isolated tornadoes through oklahoma and most of central texas. especially later on tonight. now in the pacific northwest, it has been day after day of storms streaming off the pacific. we are looking at the chance of 5 to 7 inches of rain.
7:00 am
at up to 1 foot or more of snow. much-needed snow. we could see snow in denver today. again, the big area of concern is str turning now to the extreme weather we have been experiencing this winter. it is a tale of two coasts. warm and dry on the east. cold and snowy in the west. who better to explain that than dylan. >> could it be more opposite
7:01 am
a total role reversal here. while the unseasonably warm weather takes its toll on the northeast. skiers out west are getting an early christmas present with some resorts getting 24 inches of fresh powder in 24 hours. >> remember last winter? it was one for the record books. by this time last year, buffalo was already buried under snow. up to 6 feet of snow fell in parts of western new york. most of that falling in a 24-hour period. new england? 3 feet. it's not just me. even hardy new englanders say the storm hit way too early and they are right. throughout the northeast, ski resorts ahead of schedule. this is day two of the snow and ice here in forest lake, minnesota. fast forward to this year. it is like weather whiplash.
7:02 am
breaking a 116-year-old record for lack of snow this late in the season. temperatures in the eastern 2/3 of the country, above average. ski resorts seeing green. and not the good kind. >> we need the temperatures to change or become more seasonal so we can get a product out and the facility open. >> you know it is bad when i'm anxious for the snow and cold. i have a closet full of winter coats and it is too warm to wear them. while on the west coast, it is a completely different story. last year, folk were begging for snow. >> we have been praying for snow. >> the strangest season i have ever experienced. >> look at all the dirt on the slopes. there are hardly any skiers. and now? so much powder it's like white gold. >> i think it is over 60 inches at mammoth. that is one-third the amount of all of last year. if we keep this up, we will have an amazing season.
7:03 am
coast. >> you say that now, but be careful what you wish for. >> everyone wants to know are we going to get slammed in january and february? january and february always aren't pretty. if we are going to get a few storms. it will not be that bad through december. for the west coast, continuing the pattern they are in and for us, continuing our pattern. and the end of january and february is when the pattern shifts. >> by then, we can see spring. spring is in sight. >> last year, i was traveling five months. i checked off two months now. i can handle three months. >> no one is happier than dylan dreyer. with 13 days to go until christmas, the u.s. postal service predicts monday is the busiest shipping day yet. this left shipping companies crunched for time. >> it is a holiday hangover for companies with record online
7:04 am
waking up to getting the millions of orders delivered and on time. it seems just about everyone is ditching the mall and shopping online this holiday season. shoppers spend an estimated $4.45 billion online on thanksgiving and black friday. the sharp uptick in online shopping is putting pressure on fed ex and u.p.s. to deliver big and on time. according to a company that tracks delivery rates of carriers, both companies are already struggling with deliveries with increased online shopping. fed ex has a 95% on time delivery rate. u.p.s., 95%. u.p.s. is looking to avoid the delays of christmas 2013 when its system was so overloaded, it could not deliver everything on time. the company admits to delays,
7:05 am
customers received packages as promised. saying we reacted to our higher than expected volume. this will continue as we progress through the peak shipping period. fed ex says it too is experiencing a record number of holiday shipments due to the rise in e-commerce. says our dedicated team members are working hard. shoppers across the country are crossing their fingers and hoping they will have something to put under the tree. >> okay. so you want to get your package delivered by christmas day? here are some tips. of course, try to place your order as early as possible. you might want to pay for premium shipping. try ordering online and pick up in store. you will see the deadlines for shipping on their web sites. we will have more on dylan dreyer hanging out in the orange room. she has today's plaza fan of the day. >> we have a huge plaza fan of
7:06 am
the mondorf family. you are from l.a.? the rest are from maryland? >> yes. >> we have mike on the end with no connection to the family. he is a cool guy. we are bringing people together. still to come on "today" holiday etiquette. who to tip and who to not. >> but first these messages! i said i really can't stay baby it's cold outside i have to go away baby it's cold outside i really can't stay baby it's cold outside! you never know who you'll meet at barnes & noble. just press clean and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home
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it's the most wonderful time of the year the dos and don'ts of the season. who to tip and how much to tip. >> and for parents, picking the perfect holiday card. we have mr. manners here with us. nice to have you with us. >> good morning. >> we start out with the cards. some people may have them out already. some people may not. what are the dos and don'ts? >> i am glad you talked about schedule. now is the time to get them out. not two days before the holiday. right now. so you get the return cards back. my key is don't be an envelope stuffer. put a message on there. if you are doing a photo card which we love, write something on there. if you can have the whole family on there, better. we love seeing the kids.
7:11 am
>> is it horrible to not write a note? >> just a little something. >> sometimes cash is the perfect gift. who should get a cash gift? who should not? >> the service professionals in your life are the ones who get the tip. what you do is you tip the cost of one visit to the hairdresser, the cost of one visit. the babysitter, one night's service. massage therapist? one visit. if it is a $5 haircut, it is a $5 tip. >> $5 for a haircut? >> you find that, believe it or not. >> wow. we are not doing those haircuts. when it comes to gifting at the office. the ladies here made a pact we are going to brunch because it really is to tough. who do you buy for? who don't you buy for? >> it is a snowball. it is hard to turn back. i recommend colleagues do not gift one another at all. you do not want to gift the boss.
7:12 am
giving a gift in a workplace situation is the boss to the people who report to him or her. just don't give anything -- >> who is watching at home. >> don't make it personal. especially male/female situation. no sweater for example. you might do a nice scarf. outerwear. gloves. >> let's talk about regifting. this is something i have done. it is something i do. if you get a gift from me now, i guess the secret's out of the bag. >> you regift thoughtfully. don't try to get rid of something you didn't like by regifting it. give something you think the other person would appreciate more than you can. maybe you have a duplicate. great regifting items. spirits provided you know the person drinks. what is not good is the hand made sweater from your grandmother.
7:13 am
been and you regift as if you have been there. >> it sounds like he has gotten gifts from me. >> did you call us? >> we called you. >> the champagne. there is always the fun family and holiday party. should you ever talk politics? >> this is a difficult thing. this year, everybody is talking about politics. unless you are all on the same page, avoid it. it will create holiday trauma and stress. >> is there where we play the adele song? >> erica, you know dylan is asking the awkward questions. >> you know dylan well. >> use craig as your wingman. he will jump in and say, dylan, why would you ask a question like that? let's keep the holidays civil civilized civilized. >> what if somebody is drinking too much? a coworker or crazy uncle as they say sometimes.
7:14 am
if this is a good drunk keeping the party lively and has a ride home, good drunk. bad drunk, cut that person off. >> thank you. thank you. >> cheers indeed. >> great to have you here with your great tips. >> i love it when you come because of the great champagne. all of the tips can be found on
7:15 am
nbc.. we're out of time. that will do it for us today. a big toast to the crowd. toast could you. thank you for being here this saturday. >> and see you tomorrow on "today." >> and we have a private lesson for two inspiring young performers. have a great day.
7:16 am
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