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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  December 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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victim. the response effort took more than three hours. we are learning more today about the man killed after being hit by a car last night. officials say 61-year-old james pascasio died at east 42nd and hubbell avenue. police say he was crossing hubbell around 5-30 when he was hit by a car driven by a 19-year-old. the investigation is still under way... however, authorities do not think speed or impaired driving are factors in the case. investigators are searching a pond for a missing 17-year-old from des moines. the pond is located south of granger. they hope it yields some information on the disappearance of sam kemp. kemp's mother says he was last seen at a party in the area over the weekend. channel 13's jodi whitworth joins us now with the latest...jodi? sonya -- the party was four days ago witnesses and officials say the party sammy was at had more than 3 - hundred teenagers and when the cops arrived things got
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302302 - the cops came and broke up things and everybody scattered - candice carr candice carr's younger brother -- sammy kemp was among the crowd witnesses says sammy and his friend took off running behind this house in the 9 - thousand block of 119 -th court in granger on saturday --- then headed towards this pond -- before the boy disappeared 293328 - the best friend didnt call us until sunday around 4 in the afternoon saying something was wrong - candice carr the pond has been the focal point for search crews since monday.... they plan to broaden their search on thursday 013421 - tomorrow were gonna have several deputies and detectives on atvs doing a large scale search of the perimeter where the party took place - sgt. bracelin less than ideal weather conditions and lack of information have made it tough to locate the boy... authorities say nothing can be ruled out at this point -- including foul play 015913 - were interviewing witnesses, trying to eliminate different things and try to get more information. we need more leads so we can try and follow up on
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those and determined what happened bracelin 310410 - i want answers, my family wants answers. something is not right however, family members say hard enough -- claiming they are treating sammy's disappearance like a runway... the family plans to take matters to bring sammy home 311614 - i believe we are gonna find sammy and he is gonna come home im not giving up hope - candice carr as i mentioned tomorrow the search for sammy will continue by land, water and air. they even plan to bring out the scent dogs. authorities say this is one of the most extensive searches performed in recent memory.. iowa has the second worst animal protection laws in the country... that's according to a new report from the national non-profit
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"animal legal defense fund." it ranks states on the strength of their pet protection laws and penalties . that includes dog fighting, leaving animals in hot cars and even protective orders. the report points out that... in iowa... felony charges are only an option for cruelty against specific animals and for fighting. there are no felony provisions for neglect or abandonment. iowa also doesn't stop people who have been convicted of felony animal cruelty from getting new pets. 06:10:07 the arl has lead an effort to do a re-write of the statutes for the dogs cats and other animals of our law. basically we want to take that to the 2016 legislature 06:10:27 kentucky is the only state that scored below iowa. the report found illinois has the best animal protection laws. ten metro schools rank among the lowest performing schools in the state. that's
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according to the new "iowa school report card"...developed by the iowa department of education. the web-based system rates each public school based on performance... including attendance and graduation rates. the ratings rage from exceptional... to priority... there are over 30 "priority" schools in iowa... they include north high school and scavo alternative high school... if you'd like to see how your child's school rates... go to our website... who- tv-dot-com. the red cross has a new tool to help iowans going through a disaster. this is the new "e-r-v" or emergency response vehicle. it just arrived in des moines earlier this week. this vehicle features a new...more flexible design... that is more comfortable for workers, has more storage and is easier to drive. the red cross says it came be outfitted to serve a meal to thousands after a big tornado...or meet one-on-one with a family displaced by a house fire. 19:52:25-19:52:42 it's one of the first in the country. in iowa 7 vehicle...this is the only one that is a new protype...plan is to ...selected
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the red cross says the e-r-v is more fuel efficient. the vehicle is also volunteers don't have to have a special license to drive it. fleur drive is opening up a lot sooner than expected. public works thoughtit would be closed through the weekend... but the raccoon river receded faster than expected. as a result... fleur reopened at three this afternoon. the raccoon crested at nearly 18 feet yesterday afternoon... since then... it's dropped about two feet... are expected to continue to recede through the weekend. the iowa river is also dropping - enough for the d-o-t to reopen several roads in marshalltown. drivers were allowed back on to highway 14 before noon... and highway 3-30 reopened yesterday. the crest on the iowa river topped 20 feet yesterday. it's another story north of adel... authorities closed highway 1-69 last night. they say the raccoon river there is too high to safely use the road.
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you can keep tabs on all the road closures... and detours by going to 511-ia-dot-org. one thing is for sure it's a lot colder today than it has been lately... let's check in with chief meteorologist ed wilson for a
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naz mitrou-long and iowa state head basketball coach steve prohm met with the media today. it comes after yesterday's announcement the mitrou-long is out for the season. the star player says he's still suffering after a double hip surgery he had during the off season. naz says he's seeking a medical red shirt from the n-c-double-a. it's a decision players have to make before playing nine games for the season. naz says with deonte burton transfering in... it'll leave the team with another key player while he's gone. naz 06:19:29-06:19:19:40 i believe in this team. we have a lot of talent. have enough leaders some of the best players int he country. i wouldn't do it if i didn't believe that. but i do and i know the guys will work well. coach 06:26:41-06:26:54 as the
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northern iowa...and wells fargo arena. naz. you can see iowa state in action this weekend during the big four tournament. it's with of northern iowa...and wells fargo arena. hawkeye football coach kirk ferentz has won an award that no other iowa coach has ever won. kirk ferentz was named the 2015 eddie robinson coach of the year today. the award is decided by the entire "football writers association of america" membership. it'll be presented on january 9th in arizona during the "college football playoff national championship." ferentz is in his 17th season as iowa's head coach. he led the hawkeyes to a perfect 12 and oh regular season...and will play in the rose bowl on new years day. it's not an award... but some political insiders say marco rubio won the g-o-p debate last night. and he was up bright and early this morning to get back on the campaign trail. coming
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up...where he met with iowans...and the somber tone he took with the discussion.'s a first in nearly a decade. the increase the federal reserve implemented today...and some of the things it'll impact.'s a unique holiday concert that you won't see anywhere else. hear the performance and find out why there is more to this choir
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it was a late night for the republican presidential candidates at the debate in las vegas. one thing
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for for sure...marco rubio didn't get much shut eye. that's because by nine o'clock this morning he had already made his way to iowa. some insiders are calling rubio one of the winners of the main stage event. but he didn't have much of a celebratory mood this morning in ankeny. that's where our political director dave price caught up with him... dave? this was a somber speech. the crowd clapped when rubio was introduced at the beginning of the event. and most never clapped again until the speech ended. rubio...5645 do you know what it means if we lose the american dream? few smiles, few was a serious talk from rubio this morning. he talked to nearly 100 people in an ankeny hotel ballroom almost exclusively about terrorism. rubio said it's one thing to talk about defeating's another thing to have a plan to do it. rubio...0057 we're going to utterly destroy isis.
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we're going to blow them up...... we're losing that capability."? rubio says congress needs to restore the money it took away from the military.. that way he says u-s forces will have the people, bombs and equipment they need to defeat isis. rubio may have gone too far with criticism directed at one of his opponents. we'll look at that tonight at six. the federal reserve raised a key interest rate today. for the first time in nearly a decade... the short-term interest rate is going up. it's stayed near zero since the housing market collapsed in 2008. the increase will range from a quarter to a half percent. it'll impact things like new home loans, new car loans and credit card rates. but it'll also mean more interest for
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paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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you know there are lots of
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holiday performances happening this time of t year. but this one is more unique than most. what brought this group together...and how it's teaching them about life...through lyrics. heart disease. asthma. diabetes. 7 out of 10 americans take prescription drugs. but in the last 7 years drugs prices have doubled. hillary's going to take on the drug companies. require medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. let people buy their prescription drugs from countries like canada at half the price. and cap monthly prescription costs for every american. the drug companies have been over charging long enough. it's time to fight back. i'm hillary clinton
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christmas music signing this may look like a normal holiday concert...but there is more to this group than meets the eye. they call themselves the oakdale community choir. the group is about 60 strong...and meets every tuesday. family and friends recently got together to see what they'd been practicing. jill kasparie
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has the story from coralville. the choir is all here. choir director practicing it's the last quick practice before the show. joel conard and steve dunham are shaking their last-minute nerves. 21:36:42 i am usually calm and cool until i'm right on the spot." "21:41:11 i try to be in the moment. " when the concert beings - they each have their parts. joel is what's called an inside singer -- steve an outside singer. the big difference - outside singers get to leave, inside singers have to stay. "21:30:25 we don't call ourselves inmates. it's inside singers and outside singers." the men in green are serving time at the iowa medical and classification center in coralville. those
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their time steve dunham outside singer "21:43:05 when we first started a years ago there was a lot of tension, both the inside singers and the outside singers were very nervous." now they say they're more comfortable as they sing holiday songs and songs written by inmates. 21:40:48 each one is powerful in its own way." music isn't the only powerful part of this group - it's the connections they make. joel conard inside singer "2:33:55 this gives me a connection with people that i wouldn't otherwise have in here." " 21:38:12 these guys say it helps them but i think the outside singers get more out of it. " a group of insiders and outsiders setting aside their pasts and working together for a better future and a good show. "21:35:55 we wear different colored shirts but i think we have an understanding that we are all human beings and we've all made
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that was jill kasparie reporting. the woman who started the group in 2009 is a professor at the university of iowa. the program is part of a research project she's doing. the goal is for participants to learn from each other and to empower inmates to gain skills for successfully re-entering society. stick around, we'll get another look at your forecast, after the break. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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