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tv   Today  NBC  December 19, 2015 6:00am-7:30am CST

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accessing data from the clinton campaign. will it impact the debate? we are live in new hampshire. comforter in chief. president obama meeting with family members of the victims of the san bernardino attack. >> we meet some of the folks despite the pain and heartache, they could not have been more inspiring. >> details about what one of the shooters and friend were planning years before the attacks. weather whiplash. a major dip in temperatures brings icy conditions. the northeast and middle eastwest are waiting for colder temperatures. and the force is wide awake. less than two days after the official opening, "star wars" is still smashing records exciting fans across the globe.
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with all of the numbers, some say it won't be the biggest movie ever. today, saturday, december 19th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on saturday morning. i'm erica hill. i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. also and some of the monmouth basketball team. you spent some time with them. >> i did. they are so much fun. i said how quickly do you come up with the skits. they say they can come up with them like this. they came up with a few of them on the spot. see if you can figure out what it is they're doing. >> we're looking forward to it. >> a fun story. our top story this morning is the deal reached overnight between bernie sanders and the
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this comes after the dnc revoked the access to important voter information. all of this of course playing hours before the democratic debate. nbc's kristen welker is in new hampshire with more. kristen, adding excitement to things on the democratic side. >> reporter: absolutely, erica. a stunning turn of events in the past 24 hours. bernie sanders under fire for the first time really during the campaign and now hillary clinton is on the attack. her campaign accusing sanders of stealing private data. although the legal issues appear to be resolved, the gloves have clearly come off. overnight, a deal. the democratic party agreeing to give bernie sanders campaign access once again to a database of potential voters. this after a fire storm of controversy. sanders facing questions about why one of his staffers took
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in the democratic national committee voter files. >> i did not download. >> reporter: the sanders campaign sued for temporarily cutting off access to the files. >> this is taking our campaign hostage. >> reporter: outraged, sanders demanded the dnc reverse course. the dnc chair pushed back. >> if the shoe were on the other foot and clinton campaign accessed sanders campaign data inappropriately, sanders would have expected me to react in the same way. >> reporter: the dnc gave in to sanders before the two sides were to appear in court friday night. saying in a statement the campaign agreed to cooperate with the party investigation and the quote, we are glad all parties are moving forward and
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refocus on engaging voters on what matters to them. >> the american people are sick and tired of your damn e-mails. >> reporter: the question now, will clinton attack him for the breach. the frontrunner surging at times acting like the nominee already. >> as president, i would work with responsible gun owners. >> reporter: the dnc is launching an independent audit. the clinton campaign this morning calling for that to happen as quickly as possible. erica. >> kristen, what is the feeling this morning? will this come up in the debate? will hillary clinton bring it up? >> reporter: i don't think you will see hillary clinton give bernie sanders a pass in the same way that he gave her over her e-mails. at the same time, she is allowing her campaign to play the bad guy here. to really go for the jugular. that is allowing her to stay above the fray. think about it. she is leading nationally by
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if you look at the polls in new hampshire, sanders is leading clinton by ten points. she wants to ding him without being aggressive. >> you mentioned the numbers, kristen. there is a lot of focus with the lack of democratic debates, but the way we are moving into the debates and whether or not bernie sanders and martin o'malley can do much tonight to raise stature in the upcoming contests. is there thinking this could help in some ways? >> reporter: well, it could to some extent. to give you a sense of what we will see, you will see bernie sanders and martin o'malley go after secretary clinton. martin o'malley aggressive on the foreign policy issues. expect him to be the most aggressive.
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he has yet to resonate with voters. however, bernie sanders has to walk a finer line. he has to be careful not to alienate her voters. >> kristen, thanks. president obama is starting his christmas vacation today in his home state of hawaii. on his way there last night, the president stopped in san bernardino. meeting with family members of the victims of attack there. nbc's morgan radford is there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency to help the community recover. this comes 16 days after the attack and on the same day as the president's visit. president obama overing comfort.
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families of the 14 victims who lost their lives in the san bernardino massacre. >> they are inspiring who lost their loved ones. >> reporter: words of encouragement by the community. in a 36-page affidavit, prosecutors say syed rizwan farook and his long time friend, enrique marquez planned to attack the riverside community college in 2007. >> it is crazy. >> reporter: and it did not stop there. they also planned to throw pipe bombs on a stretch of busy freeway with no exits to quote maximum the number of casualties. then farook would walk between each of the cars shooting drivers one by one while marquez would fire shots from the hillside. >> i take my daughter to school every day.
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>> reporter: marquez was arrested this week on three criminal charges. he bought two guns for farook in 2011 and 2012. guns later used in the san bernardino attacks. there is no evidence that marquez knew what tashfeen malik and syed rizwan farook were doing. he called 911. telling the operators they can trace the guns back to me. the operator said he used your gun, marquez, yes. but the question remains. how downtown it would go undetected for so long? >> our intelligence efforts are excellent. we don't have an x-ray for a man's soul. >> reporter: meanwhile, this community is still in shock, craig. marquez remains in custody still in questioning. he will have a bail hearing on monday. back to you. >> morgan, thank you.
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in international news, china accusing the u.s. of committing a serious military provocation. sheinelle. >> china says the u.s. flew a b-52 bomber over the south china sea. deliberately raising tensions. the officials are investigating the b-52 flight path saying bad weather may be why the pilot flew off course. tensions flaring in chicago stemming from the deadly police shooting of the black teenager. hundreds of protesters marched in downtown chicago overnight calling for the restresignation mayor emanuel. a tennessee high school is remembering a high school football player.
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the 15-year-old was gunned down after diving to shield three girls during a wild shooting spree late thursday night. it was one of three shootings in seven hours and appears to be gang-related. one suspect died of gunshot wounds and two others in custody. and a autopsy results for scott weiland. the 48-year-old died of a toxic mix of drugs of cocaine and ecstasy. one day after the high profile arrest by the fbi, disgraced executive martin shkreli hosted a live stream on youtube. he resigned from his company following the arrest on thursday. he appears to open the wu tang clan album, but did not play it.
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and pulling out the stops for super saturday. today is expected to be the second largest day for sales and traffic in stores behind black friday. last year, super saturday trumped black friday with more than $9 billion in sales according to shopper track. i haven't started yet. >> you haven't? >> my plan is to do it tomorrow. >> it will be super sunday? >> sheinelle sunday. sheinelle, thanks. let's turn to the weather. icy roads are causing major michigan. check this out. county. a 50-car pileup. it caused back ups for hours. temperatures are dropping. dylan is here with the forecast and a christmas day forecast. >> this morning was the first time i walked outside and it actually smelled like winter. >> i felt the same thing. >> tickled your nose a bit. it will not last long.
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a dip in the jet stream that is dragging down the cooler temperatures. it crosses over lake michigan and lake erie, it causes lake-effect snow. we saw the pile up in michigan. we picked up 6 to 10 inches of snow depending where you were. today and tomorrow, we will see most of the accumulateing snow off lake erie with 8 inches of snow. erie county, new york, picked up 5 inches of show. through the tughill plateau. it gets slammed from lake-effect snow, we could see 1 foot or more in those areas. today will be colder than we have been used to this december. temperatures running below average in the 30s and 40s. as we go through next week, we are looking for a big warm up to move back in. in fact, we could break record-high temperatures for christmas eve and christmas day. indianapolis, 52. memphis memphis, 68.
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richmond, virginia, 67. on christmas eve, 68 deg and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. >> the force is strong for the new "star wars movie." dylan dreyer agrees. fans have been going nonstop to see "the force awakens." it is smashing box office records.
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it started before the official opening. nbc's joelle gargullo is here with more. >> reporter: good morning. in terms of the reviews, no surprise. "star wars" is a hit. we knew the film would be big, but we didn't know it would be this big. with each day. it is crushing box office records as the galaxy from far, far away is finally here. here at the ziegfeld theaters, fans could not say enough. early numbers from the box office reflected that enthusiasm. thursday night blasted records with $57 million. projections today, it could top $200 million for the weekend. that would send "jurassic world" to the stone age. >> nothing will stand in your way. >> reporter: more than that,
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"star wars" is a hit. giving it an enthusiastic 95% fresh rating. fans agree. >> delivered. >> a return of what makes movies awesome. >> i loved it. >> reporter: even the white house was excited for the screening. despite the astronomical reviews, "the force awakens" may not be the biggest film ever. predicting that "avatar" and "titanic" will continue with the first and second spots. for you who have yet to see "star wars" here are tips to try to avoid spoilers. put a so-called force block on your browser. it is a google chrome extension to block pages. two, facebook filter feed. use the tweet app to maintain your twitter feed.
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purposely spoiling the film. pick apps to transform your reflected chosen path. >> we're home. >> reporter: guys, i should mention this movie broke another record. "star wars" the first film to top $100 million in a 24-hour time period. right now, there are people in this theater watching it. a 5:45 a.m. screening. that's not big, i don't know what is. >> 5:45? joelle, thank you. >> that's dedication. >> it is. that's something. it's something. we can't even talk to you. you've seen it. >> i have seen it. my husband wanted to see it again. he bought the tickets. he bought it for the midnight show. he thought he bought it for noon. >> not just the filmmakers are catch cashing in.
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products from the fun to the bizarre. sheinelle is in the orange room with more. >> i figured it out. for dylan and her husband. creative ways to get your "star wars" on. covergirl is out with limited edition lipsticks. the company has three, if you want to be on the dark side and three on the light side. if you are hungry, "star wars" in a bowl. specially shaped macaroni and cheese. and death star hot cakes. and the force can be with you in the shower. check out the darth vader hand held shower head. if you are looking for a christmas gift for your dad or husband or brother, check out thing darth vader suit onesie. you like it? >> we have the mac and cheese.
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we have eaten three of the four boxes and we're saving one. >> what goes on in your house? >> it's just macaroni and cheese. >> do you have the soup? there's a kid in the grocery store going r2d2 soup. coming up, a look at the stories that caught fire this week and to the growing lawsuit against the hair care company. all that and maybe more "star wars."
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nbc. back on a saturday morning time for "the download." >> a quick recap of the headlines that caught our attention. >> the gloves came off in the last republican debate of the year. >> you will never been president of the united states insulting
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>> i'm at 41 and your at 2. >> rand paul blasting chris christie of bridgegate. >> we may think about someone who would shut down a bridge because of their friends. >> and a case of william porter charged in the death of freddie gray. >> a jury failing to reach a verdict. the state argued porter showed indifference by not securing him in a seatbelt. >> we are calm. you should be calm. the hair started coming out. >> 200 people joined the class action lawsuit against care brand wen. wen saying they are not to blame. >> there are many reasons why individuals may lose their hair unrelated to wen hair products. more trouble for the ceo of
6:21 am
raising the price from $13.50 a pill to $750 a piece. martin shkreli arrested on securities fraud charges. >> these highlight the brazenness of shkreli's schemes. >> shkreli creating an elaborate ponzi scheme. stealing from his own company and lying to investors. president obama roughing it with bear grylls and an unusual autograph request. >> this is a classic. >> the thing is, you looked ripped. >> i am pretty ripped, actually. >> it's possible that bottle opener is a little dated. i noticed for example there was no gray hair. and clean freak matt lauer's worst nightmare. >> a man in arizona captured what happened when a urinal exploded. this happened in the mall and the guys in the bathroom came without covered in water.
6:22 am
all i can think about is that water is spraying everything on surface of that public restroom into the air. "star wars" dominating the week. even our gang getting in on the fun. >> can i reveal the secret powers of us? and jimmy fallon united all of the movie stars together in song. ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba bu-ba-ba-ba bu-ba-ba-ba >> that will be in my head for the rest of the weekend. >> jimmy fallon can do no wrong. they put together the fantastic musical moments. >> they make it look easy. it is not easy. >> and chris love. one of the five coolest guys on the planet.
6:23 am
anytime he does anything. >> have you seen him in the building? >> i was in the elevateor. nobody was there. >> did you say hello? >> no. >> can we see this urinal leak again? you ladies have never experienced this. >> thankfully. >> when you go up to a urinal, that is worst-case scenario. >> i think worst-case scenario is if that water was shooting out of the drain. >> good point. that's a good point. >> and of course, a guy in there with his cell phone shooting the whole thing. get out of the bedroom, dude. >> then we would not have the video. >> good point. we would have nothing to talk about here on saturday morning. lucky us. we have that and more to talk about. still to come on "today," on a serious note, so many questions about where this young man could be. an all-out manhunt for the teen that caused a fatal crash that killed four people, but argued
6:24 am
he grew up in a family too rich to know right from wrong.
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a heck of a lot more elaborately choreographed. look at that. that's my favorite one. >> that is my favorite one, too. we are back on this saturday morning. december 19th, 2015. check out some of the signature moves by the bench players from
6:26 am
basketball team. these guys are hilarious. they are quite effective for the team. they usually don't get on the basketball court a lot. they are here on the plaza. coming up later, we will head out to see what they have first hand. we will try some of the moves as well. >> we are. >> you said you are going to try them. all those denials earlier in the morning off camera. >> the moves that don't require dancing. >> it is more like acting out skits. >> you are great at charades. here are the headlines we are following on saturday morning. president obama met with family members of the victims of the san bernardino attack. the president called them inspiring and said they represented strength and unity. bernie sanders campaign will have access again to the voter information from the democratic national convention. the dnc briefly cut off that
6:27 am
admitted going into the database for the clinton campaign. and time is running out to get the gifts out before christmas. today is the last day you have to mail the first class mail so it arrives by christmas eve. you have a few extra days if you are willing to pay for priority or priority express mail. >> does that apply to christmas cards? we begin this half hour on the serious note. about the manhunt for an 18-year-old who police believe is on the run. the so-called affluenza teen is on probation after the drunk driving arrest, but hasn't been seen in some time. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in texas with more this morning. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: erica, good morning. this case sparked national outcry of crime, punishment and privilege. now the teen, police say, is on the run and his mother is also missing. this morning, federal authorities are offering a reward for information leading to ethan couch's arrest after
6:28 am
the 18-year-old failed to check in with his probation officer. >> it's our number one priority for our task force. >> reporter: known as the affluenza teen, he was sentenced to ten years probation after driving drunk in 2014. >> we flipped. >> reporter: the crash killed four people and injured nine. during sentencing, unusual defense. his attorney argued that the teen did not understand the consequences of his actions due to his affluent up bringing. do you know where he could be? >> no. i fear he has gone a long way. i would not be shocked he is out in of the country. >> reporter: why run? investigators have interviewed witnesses of this party on cell phone video that claimed couch was there. alcohol use would violate probation. couch is not seen drinking in the video. >> i think that was the trigger.
6:29 am
i think they ran because of the video being released. >> reporter: couch's attorney say they have no information about where he is because of the obvious uncertainty surrounding this matter, it would not be appropriate for us to make any additional public statements at this time. the families of the crash victims want him found. >> i think everybody to a certain extent is sickened by this whole situation. they're not surprised. and they're really sad. >> reporter: the local sheriff said that couch's father has talked to investigators, but so far, no sign of his son or his wife. the sheriff also says that couch has already violated probation by failing to check in. erica, if caught, he could face up to ten years in prison. >> gabe gutierrez for us this morning. thank you. dylan dreyer is back out on the plaza with a check of the forecast.
6:30 am
>> good morning, guys. this is the coldest i have been on the plaza so far this year. it is a chilly one. >> yeah! >> we have -- oh, it's an empty box. i like the idea. where are you from? >> baltimore. >> and i see it's who's birthday? >> yes. >> happy birthday. fun celebrating in new york city. let's look at the weather in of the northwest where another storm is making its way onshore. this will produce rain and mountain snow from the cascades to the sierra. much-needed snow to build up the snow pack. along the coastline, we could have 7 inches of rain. there's a look at snowfall forecast. we could see up to 2 feet in areas. another powerful storm that produces the gusty winds. elsewhere, it will be a cooler day than we have been getting used to. it is producing lake-effect snow. up near the tughill plateau, a
6:31 am
lake-effect winds down and that's your latest forecast. erica and craig. >> dylan, thank you. just ahead, would you bet on your marriage before you tie the knot? we will talk about a company that will help you pay for the wedding as long as you don't get divorced. and high tech toys this season.
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with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. we are back on a saturday morning with a big change for barbie this holiday season. she's smarter than ever. that sounds like a good thing, but some folks are concerned. sheinelle is here to explain. >> this barbie will talk to you. if you ask her a question, she will answer it. a part of toys using artificial intelligence.
6:35 am
comes at the cost of your privacy. >> meet high tech barbie. the first of its kind. a doll that can hold a two-way conversation. press the button on her belt, talk, and she responds. >> sneakers. because they're sneaky. >> the fact we can bring spoken language for the first time in the play arena for children is a really exciting development. >> oren jacob is the ceo of toy talk which partnered with mattel to bring barbie to live. he has been making toys talk for years. >> i'm tour guide barbie. >> unlike woody and buzz in "toy story" when your child speaks to the doll, their voice is sent to the server which analyzes the question and sends a response. >> what's your favorite color? >> my favorite color is yellow.
6:36 am
>> but hello barbie did not make everyone's nice list. >> it is the worst toy we have seen. >> the campaign for children started a campaign against barbie. >> invasion of privacy. >> interactions with hello barbie are saved. parents have access to them. >> we believe they are talking just to a doll and that information is being listened to by live human beings. >> we wrote barbie as a character to really try to have fun with children and to talk to them. ask questions and contribute back. it is a wonderful way to have that need we have with the command of language that children are developing. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a vet. >> sales of hello barbie are expected to be strong. she is one of several artificial intelligence toys this christmas.
6:37 am
for some parents, this move toward artificial intelligent toy are making people nostalgic for a simpler time. >> we want to help them as much as we can. >> in today's digital world, that may mean help from digital toys. >> all right. another feature of the barbie, parents can listen to the conversation. you can listen on your phone. you can share it on social media. it is not the fact you can talk to a barbie, but some people think it is storing the conversation. >> and strangers somewhere listening to a conversation. there is an issue with toys from v-tech that were hacked. >> she has the green light on her neck. >> barbie, are you awake? can you hear me?
6:38 am
>> she was happy in the orange room. >> we'll work on it. up next, amy and tina returning to "snl" for late night laughs. it gets better when you hear who the musical guest i said i really can't stay baby it's cold outside i have to go away baby it's cold outside i really can't stay baby it's cold outside! you never know who you'll meet at barnes & noble. we give you relief from your cold & flu. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time.
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announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red.
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back on a saturday morning. time for a little trending. this story is getting a lot of buzz. a seattle base start up known as swan luv plans to give eligible couples $10,000 to their wedding. this is a catch. if you and your fiancee are getting married, and you do sign up for this, they give you money toward the wedding. if you get divorced, no matter how long you have been married, you have to pay back the money with interest. the interest rate is based on your compatibility which they figure out ahead of time.
6:42 am
criteria yet, but it won't be too crazy. my husband and i paid for it. $10,000 would have come in handy. >> divorces are expensive, too. >> more than the wedding. >> a lot more than the wedding. >> would you have done this? >> no. >> for 10 grand? >> i am surprised. your reaction. >> why not? the 10 grand would have helped. >> but the concept. >> i don't like the concept of betting on it. >> that means you know you are in it for the long haul. here is something to talk about. common battle in living rooms that has been going since probably the invention of television. who gets to keep the tv remote control. the study that reveals that men claim to know more about tv than women and that's why we hog the remotes. stop looking at me like that. they surveyed 2,000 men. majority of the responses admitted to be reluctant to give
6:43 am
they know best compared to 26% of women who know the same. >> what is your man explaining? >> the survey is accurate. >> i will not lie. i will give brian a lot of credit with the remote. i sit there and there's nothing on. >> you have to know the channels. >> it is interesting. i would never put that movie on by myself. >> i think he doesn't like to watch what i watch. he thinks the shows are better. >> probably something to that as well. however, if it is just the guys, typically you only watch 15 or 16 channels. sometimes lindsey will search for something. i say it's on channel 628. here is a case of mistaken identity that has gone viral. the weather channel's justin
6:44 am
abraham. he has fans from "star wars" and they are confusing him with j.j. abrams. the weather man is taking it in stride. he is having fun with it. on twitter, he posted several times. people, i'm not j.j. abrams. i'm a weather man. look at the tweets. how are you that good? you talented beautiful man. and on rare occasion, he gets, seriously, the movie was great, butou mesd u aouple o facts. justin got in on the fun when a fan said take a bow for a job well done. justin did this. we know when "full house" is released. a reunion on "saturday night live" tonight. sheinelle. >> a big weekend for tina fey
6:45 am
they are taking on a force as "sisters" hits theaters. the dynamic duo is taking on studio 8h to host "saturday night live." >> we're hosting the show. >> adventure. >> luggage. >> isis. >> sorry. >> fans are hoping they wl reprise some iconic rolls. and the musical guest is bruce springsteen. and it is the end of "the soup." more than two decades and 3,000 episodes of mocking celebrities and reality tv stars and some of our own here at nbc came to a close last night. there was a hilarious concert to apologize for quote running the world to take to the tune of "we
6:46 am
are the world." take a look. we heal the world we make it famous >> talking about the "full house" reboot for march. the netflix original series premieres february 26th. it brings back the original cast minus michelle tanner. have mercy. >> we are in for a treat. we are in for a treat. >> good. love it. there you go. still to come, we have your ticket to the hottest films coming out this season. there is more than just "star wars." we will tell you what else is worth seeing.
6:47 am
nbc. still ahead here on "today,"
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good morning. it's 8:00. here are the stories we're watching. reversing course. a late night decision from the democratic national convention means the bernie sanders campaign
6:53 am
information after it was caught looking at hillary clinton's list. what will this mean for the democratic debate? comforter in chief. president obama spending time with family members of the victims of the san bernardino attack. the president offering words of support and listening to the stories of loved ones. and secret weapon. the most important players on one college basketball team may not be the guys playing in the game. we will introduce you to the bench mob and their hilarious moves. today, saturday, december 19th, 2015. >> good morning. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. this is the monmouth university bench players on the plaza with us. they are absolutely hilarious. >> they are. you have seen jousting back from the break. sheinelle is following the deal on the u.n. peace deal plan.
6:54 am
>> good morning. the united nations endorsed a peace process for syria. it includes a cease-fire, but does not address the role of bashar al assad. overnight, russian agencies reported that vladimir putin can easily work with syria and the u.s. and arab nations to end the conflict. bernie sanders reached a deal with his party overnight after the dnc revoked access to voter information. this came after the clinton campaign accused the sanders camp of stealing information from the database. nbc's kristen welker is in new hampshire where sanders and hillary clinton will face-off tonight in the democratic debate. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. now bernie sanders is under fire for the first time in his campaign. this comes after at least one of his staffers took advantage of the computer glitch at the dnc to access clinton's private voter information.
6:55 am
that staffer was fired. the dnc shut off the sanders campaigns access to the voter files. requesting more information about what happened. in turn, the sanders campaign filed suit. demanding access. late last night, as the two side prepared to appear in court, the dnc agreed to restore access. saying the campaign finally complied with the request. the dnc is launching an independent audit. the clinton campaign is calling quickly as possible. these legal issues aside, you can expect this to overshadow part of tonight's big debate here in new hampshire. sheinelle, back to you. >> thank you. the presidenttresident and family have arrived in hawaii for vacation. they stopped in san bernardino to meet with the families of the california shooting massacre. >> as difficult as this time is for them and entire community,
6:56 am
they are also representative of the strength and unity and the love that exists in this community and in this country. >> the president said to have spent about ten minutes privately with each of the 14 families. consumer news, the world's biggest razor manufacturer is suing dollar shave club. gillette's suit is claiming the california base shave club offers cheap razors right to the door step. and an honest waiter from applebee's returned a large amount of cash to a family. the family left behind $32,000 in a canvas pouch. they were on the way to the bank but, stopped for dinner. he said he returned it because it is the right thing to do. that is the news. back outside to erica and craig. how about that?
6:57 am
>> somebody on the nice list. >> 'tis the season. sheinelle, thank you. forecast. >> winter showed up. we are not adjusted to it. 38 degrees here. it has been colder in new york. it will be a chilly weekend for most of the northeast. temperatures much colder than we have seen so far this late fall and early winter. we are looking at lake-effect snow up across northwestern pennsylvania and new york. we are going to see chilly plains. another storm system making its way into the pacific northwest. on sunday, still looking at rain and mountain snow in the northwest. a couple of spotty showers and lake-effect snow. up and down the east coast, it
6:58 am
we should get to the and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. you have more for us. you have the super fun story about a group of basketball players shivering with us on the plaza. the team's secret weapon and that is without time on the court. >> this is incredible. a fun story. the bench players for monmouth university. a team that is really having a pretty good run this season. after you see what they do, you can only think they are a huge part of the team's success. monmouth university men's basketball team is on fire. with a record of 7-3. beating teams like notre dame
6:59 am
the fans are going wild. but while the hawks are amazing players on the court, but the guys on the bench are getting more attention. meet dan, louie, craig and and tyler. they make up the bench mob. >> you have to go crazy supporting the team. >> they have their own version of an assist. >> why is what you do so important to the team as a whole? >> we saw how the team reacted and their level of play jumped up because of what we did on the bench. >> cheers so elaborate, they got their own name. >> off the ball from josh james. >> thunderous jam. >> it was time to see if i had what it takes to be a member of the mob. i'm a meteorologist. i think we should come up with
7:00 am
some weather-related ones. how quick can you come up with three new ones? >> three? >> yeah. >> sure. quick. >> so dizzy. >> ready? >> not all creations have staying power. >> i think we have a good one. >> ready? >> here we go. >> that's a bucket. >> that's my favorite. have a good season. keep it going. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> once you started actually doing them and i was part of it, it was fun.
7:01 am
we had to bring the guys here to the plaza. dan, greg, louise and tyler. you know what you will do? >> yes. >> ready? >> yeah. >> what's that one? >> that's trophy catch. >> next. >> i love how you start it every time. on the bench. >> secret service. >> you can do one more? >> time for one more? >> let's do one more. we'll get in on it. one more. you know which one you want to do? >> the "today" show exclusive. >> premiere. if you want to get in on it.
7:02 am
>> just follow tyler. >> okay. >> you guys follow tyler. ready? >> that's a bucket! >> follow tyler. >> that's good. that was good. >> i love that one. >> guys, you are having an awesome season. you are a huge part of it. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for being here. >> we have to catch you on college basketball. >> are you playing my alma mater tomorrow? >> rutgers. >> i may root for you guys. >> here come the tweets. >> let's go inside to sheinelle. she has today's plaza fan of the day in the orange room. >> we like the limbo.
7:03 am
what a fantastic girls trip. your reason to come to new york city? >> 30 things i want to do before i'm 30. >> how old are you? >> 29. i have a lot to accomplish. >> you can come back. >> yes. >> girls trip is knocked off the list. >> still to come, we have the full breakdown of the movies you won't want to miss this holiday season. ladies?
7:04 am
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we are back on a saturday morning with "today's" weekend movie ticket. "star wars" is the hottest thing out there, but 'tis the season is the right time for movies. >> the issue is choosing the right gift. so joelle garguilo has more. >> reporter: the 2015 box office is going out with a bang. louder than a light saber thanks to the galaxy far, far away. picking up 30 years after the empire, "star wars" reunites han solo as they take on an evil new foe. also in theaters. >> alvin. >> reporter: everyone's favorite chipmunks are gracing the big screen again.
7:08 am
in the "road chip" they try to stop dave from proposing. and the first ladies of comedy are back at it. playing sisters in "sisters." amy poehler is the perfect one. fey is the free spirit. >> we are looking for an artisan to do work on our bushes. >> reporter: they throw one last house party before their parents sell their childhood home. all making waves and inspired by real life. >> greedy. we can profit off their stupidity. >> reporter: starring brad pitt and ryan gosling, "the big short" chronicles the mortgage crisis. >> that is not stupidity. that's fraud.
7:09 am
leonardo decaprio like never before. and the director david o'russell is bringing his a-team to the big screen in "joy." the film chronicles one woman's beginnings from humble to mogul. for "today," joelle garguilo, nbc news. >> so great to have you here for the season. >> i saw you last week, i think it was. we saw each other at the christmas party. you were excited for "star wars." did it live up to your expectation? >> it did. it feels like a "star wars" movie. it is fun like a "star wars" movie. my neighbor has seen it four times. it is a really great "star wars"
7:10 am
movie. it harkens back to the others. >> studios typically wait until the end of the year to release oscar bait. which film should we see to be in the know? >> i have to start off with "the revenant." it is a survival story of the american frontier. i think leo will win an oscar. he fights a bear in the movie. it is brutal. it is cold. it's violent. it is hard to watch at times. opening sequence reminds me of "saving private ryan." the guy who did "birdman" and "gravity" did this one. >> and anything else? >> yes, "the hateful eight." it is violent. see it in the road show. it has an overture and
7:11 am
intermission. also, "joy," the jennifer lawrence movie. the best parts with her and bradley cooper. she plays joy mangano. joan rivers played by her daughter, melissa rivers. and "concussion." will smith plays real life pathologist who discovered the cte in football players. important movie to watch if you are a football player. if you are a parent with a young football player not to deter you from playing the sport, but to inform you. >> better understand. there is plenty of light fun holiday fare. give us comedy. >> "sisters." >> it opened last night? >> amy poehler and tina fey. there's the party movie to see. kind of an '80s throw back. they go back to the childhood home to have a party before
7:12 am
take a break from the holiday shopping. see it. >> family movies out there? kids starting vacation. >> yes, "alvin & the chipmunks" in the "road chip." if your kids are obsessed with the music, there is a dance called the juicy wiggle you can find online. >> no whip and nae-nae? >> a little something. >> we have it all covered. >> eric davis, thank you so much.
7:13 am
this is "today" on nbc. here they come. here they come. here they come. >> here they are.
7:14 am
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