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tv   Today  NBC  December 28, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CST

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>> and another one by conrad sewell. how about it. >> another one i have not heard of. and we will be counting down the top moments of 2015 >> and we will show you how the slim down and tone down without breaking a sweat. >> and if your kids' play dates turn into overnight stay, we have fun ideas to keep them busy at home. >> and isn't it weird that after christmas and all of that stuff, and you suddenly realize that you are getting back to life, and there is like an emptiness that kind of happens after the holiday s holidays. >> you know, i'm in a completely different mode now, because when your children are young, it is much more frenetic, and much more craziness, and now that i'm old and a widow, and you know, it just seems that everyday is the same. everyday is the same. and happy new year. >> you find humor in everything. you know what is fupnny is that
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>> my survival kit. >> it gets you through. but it is one of those things that it is like a wedding that you spend so much time preparing for something, like chris marks marks -- christmas, and it then it is over. >> and i like it, because it is all about gratitude and the expectations are less, so i am glad it is over. >> and some people say the anticipation is something good and it is not just the something good happening but it is the pregame. for major disappointment. >> anyway, welcome back to the holidays, and the disappointment, and the holiday blues after the holiday. >> and tim has not come out yet. >> and we will introduce tim in a moment, and he will tell us about all of the things that
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talked about them ad nauseam, and tim talked about them. >> i created nausea, and also the booze. >> look at the pants. >> i know, look at that. we need a close-up. i >> well, i like a visible ankle or sock. >> so you must spend a lot of time selecting the sock to wear. >> yes, yes. hoda, i paut lot of thought into my outfit even though you judging it. happy new year to you, too. >> and we are going to the discuss some of the things that kath and i could not stop talking about it when it happened. >> yes, the big stories of the year. >> back to the winter of 2015 -- >> what? >> last january. >> don't confuse me. >> you have been hitting the eggnog. >> with the fancy calendar. that is when teresa giudice entered the federal prison and you remember that she sencentered the 15-month-sentence for fraud,
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five-month sentence next year. >> yes, soon. >> and this controversy, is the >> i never got it. and who cared at the time. >> and wait, is it gold or blue? >> it is blue and gold to me. >> there is not blue? >> i see like robin egg blue. talking about? h. >> yes, right there. where the robin egg blue is. see it? it is robin egg blue and gold. >> it is white and gold to me. i used to see blue the last time. >> and the lawlamas. remember them? they were on the run in arizona at the assisted living facility. >> remember they escaped and everybody was chasing them. we had a couple of fun day ss with that. >> and katy perry rocked the super bowl and she danced with the sharks. >> i don't know. oh, the patriots!
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excellent. >> and i never understood why the left shark was viral. not, just the left shark. >> and this one, bill belichick kissed his 30-year-old daughter, and that cause canned a lot of controversy controversy. >> he is fond of her. >> and the patriots did win the super bowl, and that is deflategate. >> and you remember what movie was is so hot that we must have done 100 segments on it. >> 50 shades of gray. >> and it was released on valentine's day. >> and i was recently watching the whitey bulger story or something, and is that dakota johnson playing his wife? she had he her clothes on and so i did not recognize her. but anyway the installment in 2017 and the third one in 2018. >> and let's change the mood. spring.
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and the springtime is when justin bieber got roasted and we said that it is going to be trans transforming his career. >> did it happen? >> i don't know. he had some other bad behavior problems afterwards and maybe temporarily did something, but he is still on the road. >> and the music sales did well, but we don't know about the rest of it. and remember, the apple watch, and everybody said that everybody would have that. raise a hand if you are going to have one of those. just zach. just zach. zach is 1 of 30. >> i want to return it. >> really? >> yeah, it is a waste of money. >> ooh. >> we are sorry. >> bah, humbug to you. >> that is just one man's opinion. >> and let's remember, it is zach. >> it is zach. >> okay. >> and now "pitch perfect ii"
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highest grossing musical comedy of all time, and before that the record holder was "school of rock." and this is my favorite scene of the whole time from the movie. do it! the apple bottom jean s withs with the fur the whole club was looking at her she hit the floor and you know that shorty got low low low >> oh, no. oh, to. >> it is not ihoda day. >> can you handle this? i noeknow all of the words. >> no. >> and it was just like "daddy" from gang numb style. >> and what will be out in 2017 along with the second "50 shades." >> and now, moving on the summer. >> summer. >> and remember rachel dolezal who was the person who said that she was black. >> she identifies black even though born caucasian. >> white.
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>> nothing, i was reiterating a word that sounds the same. she was transracial. >> i wonder what she is up to now is? >> i know. >> i hope she found peace. >> these people were so big in the news, and -- >> and we know that here, because if it is hot, hot, and then we move on. >> and what about american pharoah, the first horse to win the triple crown since 1978. >> when affirmed did. >> and the backlash of the selfie sticks. >> i hated them from the moment they came out. disney and six flags and other museums around the world have officially banned them, because people get hurt. >> and people were taking them on rides. >> that is not good. >> that is why they had to be banned. >> yes, so in july fans stood in bookstores for the release of the sequel to "to kill a mockingbird.
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kathie lee and harper e lee. i don't know, i am living in my own private idaho. >> i am warning you, it has to be eggnog. >> and also, the ashley madison website was hacked. >> and the real names and addresses of cheaters, okay. okay. >> and why are you wagging the fingers at people. and it is not whatever. >> are we done? >> no, we are going to fall. we are halfway through the year, and we started with japware with -- started in january with teresa giudice, and who knows how to pronounce it. >> yes, she kept changing it. >> and then after the pope there was pizza rat. >> you didn't even have to watch. >> i admired pizza rat.
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i could just get it home. if if i could just get it home. >> and this is where tim stack and his socks come in with the game. >> we will be playing a game, and you need to go to'sles, and i will watch the wine. i will give you some trivia question s questions from pop chur throughout the year, and whoever writes it first will win. >> i won't remember anything. because i did not watch any of that. >> and okay. go! >> which actor/singer hosted this year's oscars. >> oscars? >> oscars. the golden statute. >> was it chris rock? >> no, the three names. >> oh, oh. michael harris. >> michael harris? >> ed harris. >> you know, hoda, she has three names. "how i met your mother." >> give it to kathie lee, neil
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>> i have a brain issue. >> and which actor sang a medley of songs from "sound of music." >> and oh, gaga. >> kathie lee gets it. >> what tiddid you write? >> carrie underwood. oh, my, c ashgsarne asada. >> and which film won best picture this year? >> i know, the weird one. >> the weird one. it is the one shot with one camera. >> that is correct. >> i got it! >> no, you didn't. >> i said one camera. >> i am going to give it to kathie lee. >> wait, wait, hoda, focus on my thing here. it says "big." >> and which singer took home four grammies this year
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>> taylor. >> no, it is sam smith. >> adele. >> no, that album just came out. >> and you are down to six, hoda. you are not playing ahead. >> and what comedian shocked everybody at the grammys by dancing at sia's performance of chandelier. and did the whole -- >> say it again. >> which comedian -- >> oh, amy poehler. >> no. >> and i am going to say amy schumer. >> no. no. it was kristen wiig. >> did you guys watch anything? >> okay. the tie-breaker. >> tie-breaker? >> okay. will let's go. >> hurry, please. >> what american pop singer who
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down the stage during a performance performance. >> oh, madonna. >> madonna. >> kathie lee wins. and popcorn. more calories. calories. detoxing. >> we love you. >> i am sadden by the lack of pop culture, because i am here about once a month, and you still don't know. >> and ask me something about the bible. >> okay, i don't foe that.
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it has been an incredible year of pop culture and we have seen the rise and fall of many stars. and he can't get enough ahead of him. >> and back to talk about it is our friend and senior writer for "entertainment" magazine, tim stack! >> we promise to listen next year. >> i am here like once a month. >> okay. there was a member of the kardashian family that made a lot of headlines. caitlyn did. >> yes, caitlyn jennifer, and this is probably one of the biggest stories of the year. and bruce jenner announced the the transition of being a woman on a diane sawyer interview on nbsc nbc, and it was an incredible interview, and incredibly moving. this is a year that is very big
10:16 am
>> yes, sorry. >> hand is the first time that a lot of people saw her dressed. >> yes, a shgs, the first time that at loft people saw her in a gown. and she did the cover of "vanity fair" cover by the annie leibovitz shot that is incredible with her in a bodysuit corset. >> yes, and charlie sheen had a big interview with matt lauer. >> yes, and there was rumbling that a major star would reveelal that he is hiv positive and it turned out to be charlie sheen. and he reveelaled it on the "today" show, and for a few years now, and in this day and age, no shame in it, and you can get wonderful treatment in it, and it is great thing for america to see someone dealing with this, and to awareness breeds education, and i think it
10:17 am
>> that story is going to be continuing though. >> and many, many other things are being revealed, too. >> okay. >> we said good-bye to some tv shows in 2015. >> yes, we said good-bye to "parks and rec" and "2 1/2 men" and "glee" which i love and good-bye to "madmen" and "parenthood. "parenthood." and "madmen," an iconic show that made jon hamm a star, and amc a destination for quality tv and really changed the games in terms of the cable and what is possible. a lot of the shows did. and "glee" was so game-changing in so many ways in terms off having a musical on tv. >> and taylor swift dominated the mewusic scene. >> yes, she dominated. look at that jazzy jacket there.
10:18 am
surrounded by models there. >> and we can't forget adele who literally snuck in at the end of the year, and exploded. >> yes, adele did explode and she wins, because within a week she broke all of the records with with 3.8 million. >> just in the u.s. >> she is a lightbulb. >> we love her. >> and we love you, stackables. >> and what are we doing for new year's? >> something fun. >> something kinky. >> don't get left behind when the clock strikes 12:00.
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it is funday monday and the big countdown on the drop of the big ball in times square. >> and you will have to be ready and looking good before the clock strikes midnight. enough time to get out of the door, so here to get you dressed and out of the door in 30 lucciano. it together. >> and we have brave women here who have nothing but the undergarments on underneath the
10:27 am
>> and we have jennifer with us today. >> yes, and you can get some easy great new year's looks without spending a lot of of money and time. >> and jennifer is going to the >> yes. >> okay. start the timer. 30 seconds and go. >> they are starting out in the shapewear that we did last time and i love this dress from burlington stores for $40. so you can be lbd, and you can never go wrong, right? i like the detail and the sheer overlay and the sequins and the pizazz and slipping on the pointy pumps to elongate the leg line, and snapping on the yankees -- a earrings. >> and the purse. >> and by the way, that dress is
10:28 am
>> it is really flattering on her. >> all right. >> and keana, she is going tout the fancy dinner. and so we will see. 30 seconds on the clock for miss keana. >> i love a great one and done piece like a jumpsuit, and they are so in. this sis nicole by nicole miller by jc penny and it is looking expensive, but it is $68, and little sparkly detailing and great for the curvyier figure, and cinch inging up the waist, and sparkly pumps at $14. >> $14? oh, my gosh. >> and put that bracelet on. >> and no ties or clasps. stretchy bracelet. >> and she got it. >> by the way, can i pull that off? >> yes. i hate that. >> and so by the way, you look so great.
10:29 am
>> you did it this time, keana. >> all right. hi, lisa. >> are you headed to the formal affair? >> yes, and formal gathering, and it can be done. >> okay. go. >> and i love this dress from for a number of reasons. first of all, it is under $50 and you can find a formal dress for cheap, and it is slip on and go go, and it has a lot of the details that are flattering like the sheering at the waist, and covers up the arm forature women. >> and the cold shoulder there. >> and yes, a little cold shoulderer with the sweetheart necklace. >> and copper and gold accessories. >> and two, and one. this there you go. wow. >> b the y, i is unlievable when you think about it. >> right. she looks great. >> and the guys say, what is taking you so long?
10:30 am
that is what is taking so long. >> and so here we go to elizabeth who is going to the casual gathering with family and friends. >> okay. go, elizabeth. >> and it is a casual look, and everybody has a pair of dark jeggings, and these are from rue 21, and i like that they come up high and stretch and flatter, and we have a top from h &m. and we got 50% by using the the retail me not app. and now, the tuxedo-style jacket, and wedges to wear throughout the night. >> and she got it. >> and she had more to do. >> and she has a lot of pieces, i know, and then a little pearl necklace. >> okay. >> and put that on. >> and that is beautiful.
10:31 am
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(beat begins) (the beat drops again) strangelove strange highs and strange lows strange love that's how my love goes strangelove will you give it to me? gucci guilty the fragrances for him and for her.
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if you have stepped on the vhave noticed a couple of pounds creeping up. >> and with new year's coming, we want to show you how to break hundreds of calories without breaking a sweet. and hear to do that is the health and news magazine editor. >> and editor from "shape" magazine. >> and this is eating right and activity and being mindful and you don't have to do much to have a big payoff. >> and madelyn, if we are here in the kitchen, what should we be eating? >> and we know that the salad dressing will give you a lot of calories, and if you do the dip and scoop routine, and dip the fork in here, and get the greens and then you will have flavor in ever every bite. >> but did you see how tiny bit that was. >> if you do this once a day,
10:37 am
just by flavor in every bite, and it is real salad dressing. >> all right. let's pretend we are eat inging dry salad, and we wanted to do some exercises in the kitchen. >> so you rare cooking, and cans around, and you grab two cans here. >> i like the cans. >> and so, you can curl biceps and rotate the hands up, and that is shoulders and bring it back down, and you can do it for the tricepses. >> that is what we need. >> yes, back, and there you have it. >> i do it everyday with the ten-pound weights. >> and the other things that we should eat? >> you know the old joke, if you see food, you want to eat it. so what you want to be on the counter is fruits and vegetables and munchies instead of rummaging around, and you can save 500 calories a day if you just munch on vegetables, and if
10:38 am
out of sight, out of mind. >> and what do we do to work out with the munchies. >> you have to reach up to get something out of the cabinet, do a couple of stepups, and go a little faster to add some heart rate or add a butt lift like that. >> and what if we happy to big rolling pins in the house. >> yes, and we do a lot of baking around this time, and this is great, because they are heavy here, and you can do a great hamstring and buttocks exercise. shift it, because and you can keep it close to the legs and do a little roll out there, and it is a good stretch. >> and what about the up per body? h >> yes, if you want a good shoulder raise there. and then back down. >> just go with it. >> just go with it. >> okay. >> we like it. all right. back to the munchies. >> one of the biggest mistakes
10:39 am
or drink all day so i can load up, and that is a huge mistake, because if you have 100 calories or so before you go to the party, you will save 500 or 600 calorie ares. >> you won't be as hungry obviously. >> and you will save a pound or two just by doing this once a week. you can have anything like a handful of nuts, about 100 calories and cheesestick with fat and protein. the protein is now, and the fat keeps you fuller. the not fat-free, because it is here to help you. >> and what about drinking a bunch of water. >> and it fills you up for five or ten minutes, but then you have to go to bathroom. >> and what if you were doing laundry, and you wish that you could do exercises at the same time. >> and you can take advantage of the heavy laundry detergent bottles, and so, there we go. grab the handle and grab the top, and bring it all of the way oup up to one side and then all of the way back dourng and it is like chopping wood. >> there you go.
10:40 am
>> that is good. >> if you have something tricky, you can take both of them and do a couple of the bicep curls. >> i'm still not breaking a sweat. >> all right. and the seltzer. >> you swap out a glass of seltzer for one drink and do it once a day, you will lose a pound or two. >> every other drink. >> that is right. there you go. >> it is refreshing. >> i like seltzer, thank you. >> and school is out, and are your kids bored rralready? >> well, invite them over for a sleepover, and we will show you you know the secret to a happy home in these modern times? it's a housewife who's in control of the finances. actually, any wife, husband, or human person can use progressive's name your price tool to take control of their budget. and while the men do the hard work of making money, she can get all the car insurance options her little heart desires. or the women might dothe hard work of making money.
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on average, it takes three hundred americansworking for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make itworse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us.
10:45 am
with kids off from school for the holidays, that means they are begging you for a four. >> no need to get stressed out, because we have fun idea from
10:46 am
"parenting" contributor who has ideas for keep ging the kids having fun and well fed. >> hello. >> u i like this. >> this is a pup tent and it has the puppies on the side. adorable. >> and we are hoping that the slumber party guests actually go to bed, and why not encourage them with the adorable pup tent, and it is easy to make. i used the pvp pipe from lowe's with connector pieces, and i made the a-frame and connected it front to back. >> and look at that. who is in there? >> there sis a person in there. >> hi, there. >> hello, how are you? >> and this is a top from a single sheet from the twin-sized bed. >> so cute. >> and the arts and crafts department here? >> and to keep all of the activities going, we have an activity balloon and on the piece of paper, we write what we
10:47 am
well well, that is not much of a pop. >> and you open it up and it says, we are going to -- >> the oscars. >> to make your own lantern. >> and for this, we are using the glow in the dark paint inside of the jars. >> show us. >> that is excellent. >> and you can hold it up to the the light, and it will e glow all night long, and i love it. >> and speaking of glowing. what is going on here some >> well, we have flashlight treasure hunt going on, and you put the kiddos in team ss, and give them flashlights. >> and let's dim the lights and see how this works. dim all the lights >> and now, oh, yes. and you will have the glow in the dark glow sticks and they gather them and use the flashlights and put them in a
10:48 am
and the winner is the one who gets the most gloe sticks. >> awesome. >> and now, if they have worked got for them? >> well, we have to feed the hungry guest, and we can do it with a walking taco. taco in it. and they can make it themselves. you take either a snack-sized doritoes or fritos and cut it off, and crunch it up, and then you just take the topping for a taco. >> cute idea. >> and a little beef, are lettuce lettuce, tomato and that and a lot of cheese. >> and they eat with a little fork out of the bag? >> yes, an when they are done, you eat it, and they can make their own, and then throw it away. no mess. i love it. >> great idea. >> and yummy. >> i want one of those. >> and now, what is next? >> if we are watching the movies and we need some snacks. >> so if we want to have snacks and not fill up all night long, make a little buffet, and give them their own container and
10:49 am
>> and get whatever you want. >> very unusual to have choices today. >> and now, i love the trade, because they can actually put it on their laps and the drinks won't spill if you give them a tray. >> that is good stuff. >> yes, and you have a fondue thing here at the end. >> for breakfast, you can make it ahead of time, and it is fruit and pancakes and you put it on a kabob and nutella and if you didn't get much sleep, eat it right out of the jar.
10:50 am
up next. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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and for the last time this year, we are going to share our favorite things. what have you got, hoda?
10:52 am
arden and it is looking like a red lip, but it is a gloss. so it is a red tint and in the morning if you want to go get the pap er, it is the eight-hour cream protech tant, and spf in it, and it is $21 and just moisturizes. what is your favorite the thing? >> and to me, i love all of you people who have been so kind to me and my family, and to hoda, too. >> yes. everybody have a great one.
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