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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  January 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm CST

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man's actually the one who pulled the trigger good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm dave price. a shooting in the parking lot of a des moines mc-donalds landed one person behind bars and another in the hospital. but this investigation isn't over yet. 21 - year - old antwain robinson is charged with carrying a weapon and possession of weapon as a felon. he's being held in the polk county jail on a 10 - thousand dollar bond. but he isnt charged as the person who fired the gunshots. witnesses say a car pulled into the mc - donalds parking lot on forest avenue around 8 last night someone started shooting and hit a 19 - year - old in the leg. shortly after the shooting -- police saw a car flee from the scene and chased it into a nearby alley. police arrested robinson after
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state investigators believe they know who fatally shot a northern iowa man...but they aren't releasing his name yet. the division of criminal investigation says officers found a 56 year old man dead at 110 saint lawrence street in nashua late friday afternoon. he'd been shot to death. the dci says it identified the shooter and doesn't believe the public is any danger. a news release says no charges have been filed against the shooter yet. the agency says it isn't releasing the name of the victim until officers notify the man's relatives. tomorrow an iowa man will officially hear a judge's words that he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. 20-year-old ngor makuey is an ethiopian refugee who's been living in northeast des moines. he was convicted of first degree murder.. assault.. robbery.. and burglary. he faces a mandatory life sentence for killing his 97 year old
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makuey broke into this home on east 46th street in july in 2014 and attacked the elderly homeowners. rupert anderson was killed and his wife was seriously injured. harriet anderson died in march of 2015. makuey tried using an insanity defense, but the judge didn't agree and found him guilty. we're waiting to learn funeral details for a rural marshalltown man who died during a snowmobile ride. authorities say 25 year old travis van de walle was out for a ride near legrande friday night. investigators believe he was trying to go over a snow drift when the snowmobile flipped over on him and killed him. his family called authorities when he didn't return home that night. funeral services are still pending at the mitchell family funeral home. it's doubtful the snow will melt for a while. temperatures could tick up a bit but fall quite a bit in the
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meteorologist amber alexander joins us now... the front that passed through has left us with a bit of cloud cover, which will remain with us through sunday night. some clouds will start to break early monday, but temperatures will remain cool and in the upper 20s. as we near the middle of the week cloud cover will increase and chances for rain and snow will begin late wednesday lasting through saturday morning. temperatures overnight will be above average and in the middle to upper 20s, so the middle of the week will be slightly warmer although very gloomy. president obama is reportedly
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powers to tighten gun laws. so tomorrow ... he's meeting with his attorney general to map out what he can do - legally. presidential candidates are also weighing in on the the idea. brian mooar has the story.... returning to washington to start his last year in office ... president obama is reportedly hoping to tighten gun laws - without the input of congress. but he's getting plenty of feedback from the candidates hoping to replace him. presidential candidate :13-:17--- name super already on screen --- super already on screen in upper corner --- fox news sunday "if he wants to make changes to these laws, go to congress and convince the congress that they're necessary." with san bernardino joining a ong list of cities hit by gun violence on his watch ... the president will meet with his attorney general monday to talk about an executive order expanding background checks and restricting sales to some criminal suspects. presidential candidate :33- :39super already on screen in upper corner - abc this week "criminals or people with mental issues, mental health issues, should not own guns. i think that's what the president is trying to do. republicans don't see it that way. presidential candidate :42- :46super already on screen in upper corner - fox news sunday "his first impulse is always to take
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presidential candidate :47-:52 derry, new hampshire "i'm especially concerned because i know what a republican president would mean." republicans vow they'll undo any obama orders on guns. presidential candidate :57- 1:02saturday/ biloxi, ms "i will veto that, i will unsign that so fast, so fast. presidential candidate too short to super?milford, nh "on my first day in office - they're gone." from the campaign trail ... to the white house - a new talking point in the debate over guns. audio outcue: "brian mooar, nbc news, washington." the president says plans are not complete.....but he'll reveal the news before his annual state of the union address on january 12th. president obama hopes going before a live national audience will help sell his idea for more gun control. the president will sit down with cnn's anchor anderson cooper thursday at george mason university in fairfax virginia. republican presidential candidate mike huckabee came after hillary clinton during a metro stop this afternoon. he spoke at the machine shed in urbandale this afternoon. a man asked huckabee what
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think of clinton as this country's next president. huckabee said putin would want clinton to be president. "the president said there would be a red line in syria...there was no red line, even after syria violated...nothing happened. putin pretty much feels that he can get away with whatever he wants under this administration....who's policy was largely the creation from barack obama and hillary clinton." he will later travel to des moines for his "huckabee huddle" event it takes place at the central iowa shelter at 7 p-m. several other republican candidates will visit iowa this week. all of these four presidential hopefuls will be in the state starting tomorrow. john kasich will be in west des moines at "inspired grounds cafe" 11 tomorrow morning. marco rubio will be at the burlington library at 2 p-m. ted cruz will be in guthrie center tomorrow at "prime time restaurant at
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week...rand paul will host a birthday party at "buzzard billy's" downtown thursday night. as for democrats... martin o'malley continued his campaigning in iowa today. he's been to sioux city and council bluffs. he'll be at his headquarters in des moines at 7 p-m tonight. and democratic frontrunner hillary clinton will stop in iowa tomorrow. she will be in eastern iowa before heading to des moines. clinton will speak at the iowa state historical building at 5-45. no winner means an already huge powerball jackpot will push closer to a record. no winner has claimed the grand prize since november. the jackpot is now estimated 400-million dollars... that's 20 million more than last night's jackpot where no one matched all these numbers. the next drawing is wednesday. this jackpot still has a ways to go to break the 591 million prize that went to a florida woman in 2013 we all have years
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coming up.... one of the most popular resolutions year after year. and how some iowans say this time they'll actually achieve them 8:09:20 "i have vowed to just
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a new year means new faces in the gym... it's perhaps the most common new years get in better shape. reid chandler found some iowans who say they're going to actually do it. three days into 20-16 shows those new years resolutions to be healthier... 8:08:47 "i would say my daughter is a big inspiration to that, as well as my son who competes in swimming in college. he's in the pool by 5:45 everyday, so he's a big inspiration." - lynn gaumer - ankeny, ia lynn gaumer of ankeny is one of those people... when her kids work out at the wellmark y-m-c-a downtown, she uses it as
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8:07:58 "my daughter trains with the tri midwest group downstairs, and so when she trains with the tri midwest group, i am up here training as well." - lynn gaumer - ankeny, ia the y-m-c-a of greater des moines says it sees a spike in membership every january. but keeping the novelty of a new workout regimen from wearing off is where the hard work really exists. 8:15:38 "i'm going to give it a couple of weeks to slow down, i know a lot of people will disappear." - edgar leguisano - des moines, ia edgar leguisano says he's not one of those "new year, new me" kind of people... and his advice to those who are trying to pick up a healthy habit is to do something you love. 8:16:06 "if this is your goal, come in here, put in the work, fall in love with it. that's the number one thing, to fall in love with it. once you fall in love with the results you're getting, you put in the hard work, you're going to love it, you're not going to quite after a certain amount of weeks." - edgar leguisano - des moines, ia everyone here seems to agree...the road to a healthier lifestyle is filled with baby steps. 8:23:54 "have small goals to work your way up. don't just have one top
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there." - mohamed abdelnabi - des moines, ia and don't be afraid to mix it up - 8:09:38 "i'm trying more of the strength part of strength and conditioning." - lynn gaumer - ankeny, ia keeping it fresh will keep you interested long after the new feeling wears off the new year. in des moines, reid chandler, channel 13 news. the wellmark y-m-c-a has now been open for a full year. the newest of the y's 11 facilities across the metro opened its doors to downtown des moines on january first of 20-15. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat...
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fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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it was a rough december for the drake men. 5 losses in 6 games. the bulldogs are better than last year, but if they have postseason dreams they'll have to prove it in mvc play home today hosting illinois state. 2nd half. down 3. reed timmer, driving. all the way to the rack. lead down to 1. later its karl madison,
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reverse. dogs lead 44-43. 8 for madison off the bench. more in the 2nd. graham woodward great look to a wide open kale abrahamson, easy deuce. drake up 3. back to timmer. nifty, scoop. 16 for reed. dogs still up 2, 54-52. drake had no answer for devaughn akoon-purcell. 28 points for number 44. 2 mins left drake down 2. madison, the senior, buries the j. tied at 60. but with just over a minute to play. tony wills with the dagger 3. illinois state wins 67-62. another single digit loss for drake. bulldogs home again wednesday
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same song, 2nd verse for the drake women. picked as one of the favorites in the mvc, jennie baranczyk's crew has also lost 5 of their last 6 games. trying to get back on track today against evansville. end of the 1st q. courtney rush, bottoms up. dogs lead 24-11 after 1. 2nd q, its lizzy wendell time. buries the 3. drake up 17. then on the break, caitlin ingle, no look to wendell. another from deep. this game in the 3rd q, drake rolling hawkeye fans are disappointed about the rose bowl, but
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the basketball team is 2 and 0 in the big 10 after beating 2-top 15 teams. last night a huge come from behind win at purdue. iowa trailed by 17 at the half, but outscored the boilermakers 50-26 in the 2nd half en-route to a 70-63 win. jarrod uthoff led the way with 25. it was iowa's first win at purdue in 10 years. hawks are now 11-3 overall, 2-0 in the big 10, they're back home tuesday agaisnt nebraska 11th ranked iowa state had a chance for a big road win at number 3 oklahoma but the cyclones couldn't close the deal. isu led for most of the game thanks to 29 points from georges niang. the sooners hung around and pulled out the win 87-83. iowa state now 11 and 2 overall, and will host texas tech wednesday night. after a loss in the rose bowl the hawkeyes now look ahead to next season. iowa should be a top 25 team, but there's
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desmond king, the all-everything corner back has not decided on his future in the nfl. king is a junior and has until january 18th to decide if he wants to stay or leave for the pros. king was a consensus all- american after leading the hawkeyes to a 12-2 season and finishing with 8 interceptions. we talked to king earlier this week about the elephant in the room. nfl bears and lion. 4th q. play action, matthew stafford finds eric ebron, back of the endzone. detroit leads 24-17. 1 last chance for
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end. jay cutler with the duck, picked off. lions win 24-20, bears finish the season 6 and 10. i'm moving to a place where i can get internet from centurylink.
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am i stuck with the three year contract? no. that just means the price won't change. for three years. that way the price is locked, you're not. you can just hang out and be free. lock in your monthly price for 3 years without a contract when you bundle with unlimited nationwide calling.
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before we go... this rare pink hippo was spotted at a nature reserve in kenya. the animal's pink skin is a result of a condition in which an animal's pigmentation is not properly developed. french photographers captured this picture to make
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on this sunday night, new year's battleground. with 29 days to iowa, the war of words heats up between the front runners. what trump is saying about both hillary and bill clinton. and that terror recruitment video that uses trump's comments about muslims. the standoff at a federal building occupied by armed anti-government activists in oregon. tonight, why they're outraged and vowing to continue their occupation for years. day of rage in the muslim
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prominent clergyman, all part of
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