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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  January 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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weekend shooting. what happened and who officers think is responsible. sunday night lights brings a big moment for this hawkeye turned pro... we'll tell you whether it was enough to bring his team a "w"... and gun resolution... president obama tackles his top to- do of 2016... the lengths he's willing to go to... to shrink gun violence in america... and who you can expect to hear about it from along the campaign trail through iowa today... it's monday, january 4th... today in iowa starts now.... i-80/35 @ west mixer i-235 @ 2nd avenue first on 13... president obama
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first on 13... president obama is debuting a controversial new year's resolution today... the president telling americans this morning... it's time to get serious about gun control.
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:22 - :30 "my new year's resolution is to move forward on our unfinished business as much as i can. that's especially true for one piece of unfinished business, that's our epidemic of gun violence." today he'll meet with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss options for tightening gun laws. at the top of his list... expanding background checks. he'll then conduct a three month review of other steps to help reduce gun violence.... to make his ideas a reality... he's expected to skip congress' approval... and take executive action. but some republican presidential candidates are already promising to reverse any action obama takes - if they win the presidency. presidential candidate :50 - :59 "so he is going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment, having to do with guns. i will veto that. i will unsign that so fast." presidential candidate 1:00 - 1:04 fox news sunday burned in"his first impulse is always to take rights away from law-abiding citizens, and it's wrong." overall, increased background checks has been shown to have
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public support. that's likely to come up along the campaign trail through iowa today... republican ted cruz will have his chance to weigh in this morning... he visits boone for a stop at king's christian bookstore... the texas senator then wraps up his day with afternoon and evening stops in carroll and winterset... democratic front-runner hillary clinton also heads to central iowa... she'll speak in des moines this evening at the iowa state historical building... that's following stops in davenport and cedar rapids. her event begins at 5:45. meanwhile huckabee took to the metro yesterday to tell iowans there's still time for him to win them over... i like to say that iowa voters like to vote everyone in the school but they won't put a ring on it until just before the wedding.. and i don't think that's going to be different this year huckabee spoke at the machine
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afternoon. he told reporters his last month leading up to the caucus will include 150 events... that's on top of visiting all 99 counties since may... despite the visits, huckabee remains at the bottom of the pile for iowans support... today he visits... ames, ogden and webster city. today a des moines man will be sentenced to life behind bars... 20-year-old ngor makuey is an ethiopian refugee who's been living in northeast des moines. he faces a mandatory life sentence for killing his 97-year-old neighbor. makuey broke into the rupert anderson's home on east 46th street in july of 2014... he attacked the elderly man and his wife... rupert was killed in the attack... his wife was seriously injured. she later died in march of 2015. makuey tried using an insanity defense, but the judge didn't agree and found him guilty. this morning he'll be sentenced to life in
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closure following a fatal ames shooting is on its way today... leigh lepon was arrested last year for the shooting death of devlin lockman. police originally ruled the shooting an accident. but new evidence and witnesses forced them to reopen the case.. lepon faces up to 50 years in prison for second degree murder. he'll be sentenced in story county court this morning. a metro shooting in a mcdonalds parking lot has landed one person behind bars and another in the hospital this morning... it happened around 8 saturday night at this mcdonalds near drake's campus... witnesses say a car pulled into the parking and someone started shooting. gunfire hit a 19 - year - old man in the leg. shortly after the shooting -- police saw a car flee from the scene and chased it into a nearby alley. they found 21-year-old antwain robinson inside with a hand gun... he is now charged with possessing and carrying a weapon as a felon... but he isn't charged with firing the gun. authorities say they're
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waiting to find two other possible suspects. funeral services are being set this morning for a rural marshalltown man who died while riding his snowmobile. authorities say 25 year old travis van de walle was out for a ride near legrande friday night. investigators believe he was trying to go over a snow drift when the snowmobile flipped and killed him. his family called authorities when he didn't return home that night. funeral services are still pending at the mitchell family funeral home. the drake bulldogs are struggling to break out of single digits... they were home yesterday against illinois state..... down 3 in the 2nd half... then reed timmer, driving all the way to the rack. lead down to 1. later its karl madison, with the layup... dogs lead 44-43. more in the 2nd. graham woodward great look to a wide open kale
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in the end... drake had no answer for illinois state's devaughn akoon- purcell. he racked up 28 points himself... illinois state wins 67-62. another single digit loss for drake. meanwhile the bulldog women took on evansville. courtney rush delivers in the end of the first... bringing the bulldogs a 24-11 lea. later in the half..its lizzy wendell with the 3 pointer... buries it... drake crushes evansville, 94-52 hawkeye fans are focusing on next season this morning after a tough rose bowl loss... and the question on their minds: will he stay or will he go? we're talking about desmond king of course... the all-everything corner back says he has not decided on his future at iowa.. king is a junior and has until january 18th to decide if he wants to stay or
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leave for the pros. king was a consensus all- american after leading the hawkeyes to a 12-2 season and finishing with 8 interceptions. he says at this point... it's still 50 - 50 my decision for me now is still 5050 ... i think about staying... i'm going to think it over with them and hopefully a decision comes sooner... a former hawkeye's heroics weren't enough to keep his green bay packers from losing a crucial home game, but it was more than enough to make the highlight reel. what a catch... micah hyde michah hyde with the great pass comes in handy at the moment,
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but the vikings still win at lambeau and wrap up the n-f-c- central for
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies
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bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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patchy fog is reducing visibility across parts of northern and western iowa early this morning. it is going to be a cool and mainly cloudy this afternoon with temperatures staying in the 20s. tuesday is going to be windy with gusts as high as 30 mph. there is a chance for a rain/snow mix by wednesday night. highs by mid-week will be close to 40 degrees. it looks like mostly rain on thursday with more snow friday night into early saturday. i-80 @ jordan creek i-235 @ euclid i-35 @ oralabor coming up next, david geiger
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's agribusiness report. it's one of the most popular meals in the u-s and today it's getting recognized. then... new images are out of the sunken el faro ship. and what investigators are now
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good morning this is the agribusiness report. i'm david geiger. ---- the environmental
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protection agency failed to deliver on risk assessments for atrazine.. glyphosate and imidacloprid in 2015.. they say they have delayed the risk assessments until early 2016 to address glyphosate.. after the recent report from the international agency for research on cancer or i-arc's classification of glyphosate as a probable carcinogen. the agency is holding the reports to incorporate new data.. the e-p-a previously said glyphosate is safe.. ---- this last year there was increased funding for the army corps of engineers for the upper mississippi river basin.. and that could have been just what was needed.. there's
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flooding this who's the rebel now? no way. yes way! savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, melty cheese, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. yeah!
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our top story... president obama
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against gun violence this morning... today he'll discuss options for tightening gun laws with the attorney general... his first choice is to expand background checks. today's meeting marks the beginning of a three month review to help curve gun violence.... he's expected to skip congress' approval... and take executive action to make the ideas a reality. we're seeing new images this morning of the sunken el faro ship. the cargo ship got caught in a hurricane san juan last october.... here's what it looks like now... the sinking is considered the worst maritime disaster in nearly half-a-century. all 33 mariners on board died. search crews now hope to find the ship's "black box," which would
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contain more information on the fatal incident. the site of a california terror attack reopens today... weeks after the san bernardino shooting... two social services buildings nearby reopen... the third, which was the site of the shooting, is closed indefinitely. 14 people died, and more than 20 others were wounded in that attack. most of the victims were county workers. people in missouri are returning to their flood-ravaged homes for the first time today.... neighborhood streets looked like junkyards... after the mississippi river swelled over structures last week. it reached record flood levels after a foot of rain fell in just three days. president obama has now approved federal aid and national guard deployment... to help cleanup efforts. and finally... pasta lovers... today is your day. it's national spaghetti day! this new orleans restaurant is a big fan of the dish... it created a 500 pound bowl of pasta
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consumed pasta. still ahead on today in iowa... every four years we go to the voting booth to elect presidential problem solvers... but coming up, one of them is being called a problem maker.... hear the political punch donald trump is throwing hillary clinton today... and what she has to say about it all...
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