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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  January 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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president obama is taking matters into his own hands in hopes of saving lives from gun violence. find out what he's doing ... what it means for you ... and why he says it is legal. religion and politics. while presidential candidates reacted to the president's words today ... a national faith leader brought his own message. hear what franklin graham had to say to iowa voters before they choose whom to caucus for. and the potential prize is growing ... find out how tomorrow's powerball jackpot stacks up historically and your odds of winning. news at four front door open good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks for joining us. the sunshine was a nice change for us today. now say goodbye! more clouds build in tonight and clouds and drizzle take over the
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the temperatures will stay mild tonight in the mid to upper 20s. there will start to be patchy drizzle and freezing drizzle beginning at times wednesday
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after years of fighting to push gun safety measures through congress, president obama announced today he's circumventing lawmakers and acting on his own. the president is using a serious of executive orders to tighten rules on gun sales. as expected people across the nation... and the presidential candidates ... are divided on this move. steve handelsman has the story. nats cheers president obama ordering the changes was cheered by gun control activists sot: president obama :06-:08"because people are dying!! and he got emotional wiping his eyes 1999 citing the mass shootings at columbine 2007 at virginia tech 2012 and sandy hook elementary sot: president obama
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those kids it gets me mad. wipes eyes" obama executive orders: -- require more background checks -- hire more examiners for 24/7 checking --ban anyone on no-fly list from buying guns he is ordering more background checks, hiring more fbi examiners to do them 24/7, and banning anyone on a no-fly list from buying guns at many gun shows now, no background checking is required for so-called private sales. same on the internet in many states. from now on ... the obama order says ... nats : gun range firing if you're in the business of selling guns you must do background checks. support from hillary clinton sot: hillary clinton presidential candidate :47-:50 "because i called for some of those measures a couple of months ago." support from the mother of reporter alison parker whose killer passed his check and bought his gun legally sot: barbara parker, mother of alison parker :58-1:04 "if background checks can save one life. it may not have saved alisons, but that's not a reason to do nothing" https: the n-r-a tweeted: president obama's executive orders will do nothing to improve public safety marco rubio agreed
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presidential candidate 1:12- 1:16"because gun violence is committed by criminals and criminals don't care what the law is" rubio ted cruz and other gop candidates vow to roll back the tougher gun rules that president obama is ordering into effect on his own he is asking congress for a half billion dollars more for mental health care ... but speaker paul ryan made clear: republicans will not back tougher gun laws. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, at the white house you heard briefly from marco rubio there ... but he had plenty more to say during his campaign stop in mason city immediately following the president's announcement. 'just today issuing an executive order that undermines the 2nd amendment, by the way outrage of outrage, theyve assigned over 400 agents now to enforce this executive order. thats more people that theyve put in that special force thats designed to go after isis. they are dedicating more people to undermine the second amendment, than they are to undermine the most powerful and dangerous terrorist group in the history of the world. rubio told a crowd that president obama does not see america as a great global power, but rather a
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he also accused the president of cutting deals with our enemies and gutting the military. he says the president's actions today were illegal ... and will be ineffective. the presidents move today on guns is unconstitutional, when im president well repeal it. were not going to continue to burden law abiding citizens right to protect their families. these laws will do nothing to protect us from gun violence, but they will inconvenience everyday law abiding americans who simply want to exercise their second amendment rights. of course rubio wasn't the only candidate to weigh in on the president and his proposals. as you might expect the candidates were divided along party lines.... and the legality of his action. cruz pl05t 18-36 "you know, this morning president obama is announcing new executive orders to try to go after our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. well i can tell you right now, those executive orders are not the worth paper they're printed on because when you live by the pen, you die by the pen. and my pen has got an eraser." edit to: bush pl02t 107-130 it's not going to solve any problems by having the
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care of by executive order. the president doesn't have an authority to do it. if there's an issue related to the federal gun laws, then he ought to go to congress and try to forge consensus to make it happen, he doesn't have this power. and certainly the best way to do it is the way that we've always done it, allow states to decide what kind of gun control laws that they have. edit to: clinton pl04t 109-126 "i know we are smart enough as a country to protect the rights of responsible gun owners consistent with our constitution and do more to keep guns out of the hands of felons, fugitives, stalker, and for goodness sakes, potential terrorists." clinton says she's proud of the president for his stance. spiritual leader franklin graham's hoping to begin a christian revival by convincing iowans to vote. graham led a mid-day event outside the iowa statehouse over the noon hour. several thousand people gathered around him. graham challenged christians to vote. he said that's the only way to
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the sins of today...same sex marriage, abortion and an entertainment industry that glamorizes sex and violence. graham...2535 for unless americans turn back to god and repent of its sins and experience a spiritual revival, we will feel as a nation." the reverend graham is leading what he calls a decision america tour... he's trying to encourage the millions of christians who don't normally get active and take part in the 2016 campaign by electing leaders who follow what graham describes as biblical principles. governor branstad isn't focused on the caucus...he's looking ahead to what will likely be a major fight at the iowa statehouse this legislative session. today the governor announced a plan to overhaul how the state funds schools and the environment. the governor wants to extend the current penny statewide sales tax for another twenty years. schools would get a small increase in their yearly funding...with the
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quality improvement projects. that could mean schools would receive less money than they could have received later... that's a risk. but...they'd get far less money if the sales tax ended in 2029 like the current law states... governor...1110 think big and be bold and pursue ambitious goals to ensure the future is bright for our children and grandchildren."? democratic lawmakers have already expressed concern that all branstad will do is shortchange schools in the future. a des moines teenager accused of beating his grandmother to death is now being held in the polk county jail. yesterday noah laprei turned 18 ... making him an adult. he was transferred to polk county on his birthday from webster county where he had been held. laprei is charged with first degree murder for the october beating death of his 79-year old grandmother, rachel pray. after that attack ... laprei
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overturning shelves and throwing a bible. his trial is scheduled to begin in may. charges will not be filed against two people who killed a man who broke into their home in december. 31-year old travis williams broke into this home on east 14th street in the early morning hours of december 5th. two people in the home stabbed williams. prosecutors say they will not file charges because the occupants of the home were acting in self- defense when they killed williams. a popular des moines restaurant is getting closer to reopening after it was gutted by a fire this summer. this is what a dong looked like after flames gutted the kitchen and smoke damaged the rest of the building. and here it is today. workers are putting the finishing touches on the remodeled seating area and installing a new state of the art exhaust hood in the kitchen. once the project passes inspection, the owners plan to reopen for business. they're shooting for next weekend...
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the five month anniversary of the fire. if you're looking for a new job in the new year ... look no further than des moines. financial website wallet hub says des moines is one of the best cities to find a job in 2016. des moines ranks sixth on the list. plano, texas was number one. the worst major city to find a job in this year? ... is stockton, california. detroit also finished near the bottom of the list. why work when you can win your fortune? tomorrow you could instantly become one of the richest iowans. coming up next ... how high the powerball jackpot has climbed ... what you'll really get if you win ... and just how long the odds of you doing that are. and that isn't the only lottery prize that will be awarded this week. find out how you can cash in on someone else's winnings ... and why you're betting on their life if
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your wildest dreams could come true tomorrow ... if you can
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those one-in-292-million odds against you. powerball fever has hit the country once again. one of the biggest prizes in u-s history could be handed out
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the jackpot for the wednesday drawing has grown to an estimated 450- million dollars. that's the sixth largest lottery prize in north america. an individual winner would walk away with a cash payout of 275-million dollars. again ... the odds of you winning are one-in-292-million-201-thousand- 338. good luck. a major michigan lottery prize is up for grabs ... again ... right now. and the odds are better than normal of winning this lottery game. but there is a catch. darren cunningham has the story. auction bidders usually know what they're bidding on. duane mingerink president 12:16:43 "we sell a lot of vehicles, travel trailers, motor homes, land." but duane mingerink... president of repocast dot com... says this week's hot item online requires a leap of faith. duane mingerink president 12:07:19 "this is a very unique case." for the first time in his 25 years with miedema auctioneering in byron center... he's auctioning off 'lottery winnings'. according to
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records... a man from portage won the "cash for life" lotto back in 1994. in 2005... the portage man filed for bankruptcy... becoming a debtor.... that means he forfeits his monthly winnings. so mingerink says the highest bidder on the lotto winnings will receive 1-thousand dollars a month - but there's a catch. duane mingerink president 12:07:03 "the main question that we've had throughout this whole thing is how long am i going to receive these payments? my life or the debtor's life?" mingerink says the payout lasts for as long as the debtor lives. heres the thing--he's 73 years old. duane mingerink president 12:12:29 "it's like gambling. who knows? ya know, you're taking a risk. i mean, the gentleman actually could die next week. he could die in 20 years, 30 years. we just don't know." and mingerink says he's received all sorts of questions from potential bidders about the man's health. to which he says he has no clue.
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that hes hearing the man is in good health. so whats the opening bid. duane mingerink president 12:10:32 "if you're going to bid, you're going to have to bid 30,000 to start the process." thirty grand to start... with 25 dollar increments for each bid after that. and if you're skeptical of any of this... mingerink says the bankruptcy documents are posted on repocast dot com ... approved with the judge's signature. duane mingerink president 12:12:40 "if he makes it 10 years, you've done very well. it's been a great investment." the lotto winner had a total debt of one-point- 6 million dollars, much of it tied to a business he had. the auction is this thursday, from 8 a-m to 8:30 p-m. ad lib main weather clouds move
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temperatures will hold steady in the mid 20s through the night. wednesday will be cloudy and gray with drizzle at times and temperatures in the upper 30s. northern iowa may see a touch of freezing drizzle as well. all should remain light. more rain is forecast for thursday and friday. through friday
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iowa may see three-quarters of an inch of rain. cold air pushes in friday night through saturday. this will lead to snow fall across the state with 1 to 3" possible through early saturday morning. temperatures will be much colder for the weekend with
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in the single digits. coming up next ... meet the man hoping to go for gold in his
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there's more bad news out of brazil ahead of this summer's olympic
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host olympic soccer matches has now been without water and power for a week due to overdue bills. the brazilian government owes a quarter-million dollars to a local utility company. the stadium is undergoing renovation ahead of this summer's olympics ... but that work has obviously come to a standstill. a missouri man is hoping his decades of experience will help him earn a spot on the u-s table tennis team in rio. terra hall has his story. for many nonagenarian retirees, a walk in the park is enough to get their blood pumping. but not for bill guilfoil. that's why the 93-year-old plays daily rounds of table tennis. now the athlete, who's in his eighth decade of the sport, has a new goal on the table ... the tennis table that is. scott fenton, operland park raquet club :31-:43 "most people just play table tennis in their basement or in their garage. here, for 20 years we've had table tennis and it's a really competitive group of guys." and for those 20 years, one of them has been guilfoil, who in february will leave behind the green courts at
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greensboro, north carolina where he'll try to qualify for the 2016 summer olympics in brazil. scott fenton, operland park raquet club :56-1:00 "it's not an easy sport but it is an easy sport to pick up." and while giulfoil will likely be the oldest athlete at the trials, he says it's the sport that keeps him young. bill guilfoil/93 year old ping pong player 1:07-1:20 "i think table tennis is a contributor to living longer, we have to have better nutrition, better outlook on life, people never have a grudge. i think that all goes along with a package. love everybody." and go for gold, even in your golden years.
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and he's being celebrated for it ... coming up ... find out how he turned the tables on someone who left a bad review for his bar online ... and how some good is coming out of his actions. and we'll take you back to that standoff in oregon ... hear why authorities say they have no plans to interfer with the armed tresspassers
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hear why the men behind it say they aren't just making a stand ... they are starting a movement. missouri home and business owners are getting their first look at the damage left behind by holiday flooding. we'll show you what they're dealing with. and who says the customer is always right. find out why an indiana bar owner is becoming a social media celebrity for his harsh words for a harsh critic. news at four front door a small group occupying a federal wildlife refuge in oregon since saturday, is showing no signs of leaving. authorities are keeping a low profile as they look for a peaceful end to the situation. nbc's leanne gregg has the latest. anti-government protesters continue to control buildings at a federal wildlife refuge near burns, in remote eastern oregon.
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in its 4th day say the group has no plans to leave until they've implemented a plan. ".. where the community will begin to participate more in that and begin take that over and so they can claim their own rights so they can begin using them and they can stand strong enough to defend them themselves." digging in, despite a direct plea from the local sheriff. "it's time for you to leave our community. go home to your families and end this peacefully." they call themselves citizens for constitutional freedom and think the federal government has too much control over western land. some local ranchers agree in the generations old debate between government and those who make their living off the land. "it feels like we're getting pinched out." the occupiers are rallying behind ranchers dwight and steven hammond who reported for prison monday after being convicted of starting fires on
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but the hammond's made it clear they don't want militants' support. the occupation has closed schools for a week, unsettling much of the community. "i don't think he really has any business doing this. i think he's inciting unrest." law enforcement .. led by the fbi .. taking a low keyed approach, for now seems ready to wait them out. leanne gregg. nbc news. law enforcement's less aggressive approach reflects lessons learned from deadly showdowns at waco and ruby ridge in the early 90's. the occupiers' leaders are the sons of cliven bundy who was involved in a 2014 nevada standoff with the government over grazing rights. a u-s servicemember has been killed in action in afghanistan. the unnamed soldier and two others were in a med-evac helicopter that was damaged during a mission. the three soldiers came under fire before a rescue helicopter could retrieve them. none of the solders' names have been released. the flood waters are receding in
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giant mess left behind. paul schankman has that story from eureka, missouri. its the yellow sign you never want to see on someplace you love. :57 just got here today its blood sweat and tears... all gone... everything my family has worked so hard for... her family is the odell family of odells irish pub ... out of business for now from the flood they tried to beat... that instead beat them. 12 25 i think it is going to be heavy on a lot of people. i know it is going to be heavy on us. its a 3-4000 dollar a day loss here so add that up and in a months time you are looking at more than 100,000 dollars, yknow. 17 30 this is the lowest place in town, whenever the water comes up we get it first. thats michael butler... his familys electrical contracting company frequently floods so in the 1990s they raised the main part of their office by several feet. but this time... it still wasnt high enough to keep them dry. 18 25 all of our stuff went under water.. all the paper, all the checks, everything. you cant run a businesses without phones, or checks,
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many residents were able to begin the cleanup over the weekend... thanks to a lot of help. and thanks to these volunteers who formed bucket bridgades as the water was rising... the bedo family had only five inches instead of five feet in their basement. 36 34 it gave us a renewed spirit of people. we just couldnt believe the outpouring of love, now when we look that those walls we just see love. despite all the damage... the odells are encouraged. their historic century old wooden bar survived... and if it can make it... they figure they cann too... 1:06 we are irish fighters well be back soon. hopefully by st. patricks day well be open again. the sunshine was a nice change for us today. now say goodbye! more the sunshine was a nice change
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owners response to an online critic over the weekend. an angry customer wrote some not so nice things about kilroy's on new year's eve. the manager responded with some unkind words of his own ... and is now getting international congratulations for it. james gherardi has the story. tsh5047 chris burton/managing partner of kilroys 01:09-11 'didnt expect anything like it when i responded to the ladys comment...' anything like praise pouring in from around the world... tsh5047 chris burton/managing partner of kilroys 01:11-18 'i was really just posting something for my friends to read and have a laugh at or see some of the stuff that we have to deal with in this business and it took off.' manager and part owner of kilroys chris burtons response on facebook to this nasty comment is winning him rave reviews... 'i will never go back to this location for new years eve!!!' the post appearing from holly jones... 'after the way we were treated when we spent 700+ and having our meal ruined by
4:29 pm
wheeled out from an overdose my night has been ruined!!! ... i guess allowing a junkie in the building to overdose on your property is more important then paying customers...' tsh5047 chris burton/managing partner of kilroys 01:55-01 'i like to stick up for my employees, my managers, so i was ready to do that after reading her comment.''first of all,' wrote burton... 'the 'overdosing junkie' that you speak of was a 70-year-old woman who had a heart attack... im glad to hear you wont be coming back to kilroys because we wouldnt want anyone as cold hearted and nasty as you returning. you can take your money anywhere else after that, and i wont lose a second of sleep over it.' tsh5048 connor mccormick/kilroys customer 07:07-13 'we were trying to decide what kind of bar we should go to and i was like we should just go to kilroys because its just been buzzing.' burtons response and his bar, getting lots of likes in person and online... 'bravo kilroys' coming in from new york... 'well done handled brilliantly from scotland... tsh5048 matt east/kilroys customer 09:19-23 'you get what you give and maybe do your research beforehand.' and holly jones
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other innocent bystanders sharing her name - having to use this as a profile picture, as a warning to naysayers... tsh5047 chris burton/managing partner of kilroys 02:55-05 'shes definitely gotten more than she probably deserved. said something really stupid, im sure shes not that bad of a person, people are going after her, her employer, trying to get her fired and things.' a gofundme page to help the woman who suffered the heart attack... has raised more than 12-thousand dollars. ad lib main weather clouds move
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america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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temperatures will hold steady in the mid 20s through the night.
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will be cloudy and gray with drizzle at times and temperatures in the upper 30s. northern iowa may see a touch of freezing drizzle as well. all should remain light. more rain is forecast for thursday and friday. through friday morning, some parts of southern iowa may see three-quarters of an inch of rain. cold air pushes in friday night through saturday. this will lead to snow fall across the state with 1 to 3" possible through early saturday morning. temperatures will be much colder for the weekend with highs in the teens and overnight lows in the single digits. coming up next ... lose the
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some tips on picking the right gym membership to meet your resolution needs.
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shape. but before you sign up to start your resolution ... you need to read the fine print. katrina cravy has some tips on
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running. lifting. swimming. no matter how you do it - plenty of people have getting a new body on their new year's resolution list. at the wisconsin athletic club in wauwatosa - many people started towards that goal before 2016. "in the last couple years, we've seen a trend where it's really busier year round then just in january. our peak season is more 6 months like november through april. and, people are joining gyms more in october, november." the wac general manager - derek deprey - says no matter when you sign up...staying committed is all about finding the right fit. what you shouldn't have to fear is a gym membership not working out. ran hoth of the wisconsin better business bureau says the power of picking the gym is in your hands. "we all want to be lean and mean, but you gotta read your contract first." if a gym doesn't give you time to look
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contracts can be long and confusing... so here's some things to look out for... - "lifetime" contracts are illegal in wisconsin. - a gym membership can't be longer than 2 years and must have an expiration date. - contracts must show you all the costs up front. and - there must be a three day cancellation policy for members. if you're not sure what you're signing up for...just ask! derek says people signing up at the wac are asking the right questions. he recommends making sure the gym has what you're looking for. if you're worried about getting started - derek says don't sweat it. and here's to hoping you start the new year on the right foot! we'll be back in three minutes
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thanks for joining us on the channel 13 news at four ... the news at five starts right now. revival... one of the biggest names in religion was in des moines talking about politics, .today hear frankilin graham's advice for christians who vote... and for those
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surrounded by people who've lost loved ones to gun violence... a teary- eyed president obama lays out his plan to increase background checks for people who want to purchase guns. what the plan would mean for gun sho owers...peole oeope wth menta illnes. and five mnths aft a fire shut t down... popur des moines resaurant isabout toreopen.... the last hdle the owns have to clear before they can serve up vietnamese delicacies. today... one of the country's most revered christian leaders urged iowans to let their faith guide their political decision making. good evening. i'm sonya heitshusen.... and i'm dan winters, thanks for joining us... franklin graham is on a nationwide crusade and today it took him through iowa. he's trying to get christians more involved to picking a president. political director dave price joins us.. . graham wanted people to
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