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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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until next time, whoo! it's wednesday, january 6th and coming up on "early today," north koreada claims they detonated a hydrogen bomb resulting in an earthquake and an emergency meeting between united nations security counsel. and president obama puts forth his best plan to prevent the next mass shooting as the nra responds. re hillary called me sexist and that i had an inclination. what does she know about me? when she said that, i said it's open season. america is getting hit with the worst el nino ever reported. and airline said raise their
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chance to win the r 400 -- 400 hn50$450 million jackpot. "early today" starts right now. and north korea says it's joined the ranks of nations with nuclear weapons. it has not been confirm fwhieded by the united states. just a few b hours ago, a earthquake was detected near north korea's known test site, which may have been caused by the detonation. here from hong kong with more. >> reporter: north korean state tv has described it as a special event in their history and that the test was an act of self defense against the united states andhe other foreign threats.
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independently confirmed but south korea's weather agency believe the quake was man made based on comparisons to previous tests. tremors were felt all the way in the pentagon says it's looking into the activity but u.s. officials say so far it could take weeks to reach a conclusion. there's been doubts on last o occasion occasions. and they report that the kim jong-un made the decision for the test on january 3rd and released photographs claiming to show kim signing the order. although the u.s. said there was no solid evidence that time of the hydrogen bomb. there so far have been quick condomemnation q from south korea, japan and united states. the closest ally has also condemned the test and will
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the united nation security counsel is expected an emergency session later today. >> thank you. obviously developing situation we'll continue to follow. back in the u.s. president obama is rereigniting an age old battle with congress. in anng emotional white house speech heou called out law makers for their inaction but conservative saids are hitting back. >> reporter: president obama unable to hold back tears. as he remembered 20 children murdered at sandy hook elementary. >> every timeen i think about those kids it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> reporter: in the three years since new town he's failed to get anyto sweeping new gun laws through congress. the frustration and emotion
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>>su so, the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage right now butig they cannot hold america hostage. >> reporter: he was surrounded byd victims and their families including this man whose 7-year-old son was killed at new town. > even at the very least it's going towards raising awareness. >> reporter: the most talked about t provision is pushing more gun m sellers to get licenses and more gun buyers background checks. > despite all the hype in advance, the president simply restated what has been the law since 1968. >> reporter: and this woman says she bought a shot gun recently no questions asked. >> they never checked my name, never looked at my license. >> reporter: she paid cash, she says, but the fight for more restriction on sales has become a catch 22 for gun control
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americans bought more guns last month thanas any other time in the last 20 years. anan estimated 1.6 million of them. advocatess of gun rights are gearing up a fight. the nra released a statement saying. and saargued the president's proposals would not have prevented any of the horrific events he mentioned. for president obama that's an argument he rejects. >> we maybe can't save everybody but we could save some. >> and the political ceasefire between the top two republican candidates may soon be over. donald trump did something we haven't really seen yet. on camera, he went after ted cruz and the fact that he was born init's a problem for him
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let's assume he got a nomination and the democrats bring suit. the suit takes two to three years to solve. so, it's certainly a concern for the party but i hope that's not the case. i'm not involved in that but a lot of peopleat are bringing it up, absolutely. >> and then there's the republican frontrunner's more public feud with his democratic counter part but now hillary clinton is refusing to address it. and speaking to chris matthews, clinton still didn't take trump's bait. >> why did he do whatever he does? what i hear from people is really about their lives and their future. a lot of this back and forth that goes on -- in the political universe -- >> he's winning.nn >> we'll see. >> and that's not all. nbc's kristen welker has us covered.
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digging cin, again refusing to engage in donald trump during her first television interview of 2016, she told chris matthews -- >> - is it sexism? >> i will not respond to his personal attacks. >> reporter: clinton's campaign recently over shadowed by a barrage of attacks who has criticized her husband just as bill clinton returned to the j trail for the first time on monday. bulletet donald trump is showing no sign of letting up. in an interview with nbc's "morning joe" she said he's counterpunching. after she accused him of sex,ism. >> i said your husband now campaigning, it's open season. maybe if he wasn't campaigning, it would be different and if he
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would be totally different. >> everybody who'sif taken on donald trump has learned that he will hit back and hit back hard and so i think there is a lesson that hillary clinton has learned. >> reporter: and trump wasar also on defense of his ad showing the border when in reality it's the moroccan border. >> frankly, all it shows is people running across the border. and when you look att it, the united states is tbecoming a dumping ground. the wife of comedian bill cosby will not be deposed in federal court today. a judge granted an emergency motions for a stay of her deposition in a civil defamation lawsuit against her husband. the civil suit was brought by seven women. the alleged victim in the criminal case is not a part of
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the suit alleges that mr. cosby defamed them by publicly denying their allegations. and he recently filed a counter suit for defamation. attorneys for mrs. cosby say they agree with the court's decision and look forward to having the matter heard on appeal. nowap to some extreme weather slamming into the west. w a soaker fuelled in part by the so-called godzilla el nino. >> reporter: the western washout is here, so is a taste of the el nino effect. relentless rain pouring in across california. a scramble for some to escape the fast rising water. cars and roads submerged near the bay area. rock slides and flooding near los angeles. >> be prepared. >> reporter: a conveyer belt of
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week unleashing a water hose on the left. and now tied as the strongest el nino on record. >> all 20,000,000 of us are going to escape the rath of el nino. >> reporter: with theni l.a. river rising fast, expected to crest later this week, voluntary evacuations are underway are where there wasrw eraddic fire there is flash flooding. the soilfl can't ubsorbabsorb all the rain. and the mountains could get another two feet. el nino fuelled the deadly flooding in the midwest. 25 people killed, some 150 homes destroyed. now another haul mark of el nino, this time punishing the west and the worst of it still on the way.
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is here. i know they have such a drought out there. there's going to be flooding problems but they need to fill up the reservoirs, that's the bottom line and they're continuing to do that. and we have one storm that produced all the pictures you saw. that's of arizona producing snow on the rim. there will be t another storm move nothing to california today and that will produce another one er 250to two feet of snow in the sierra. the storm that's now moving through arizona will bring light snow in areas like aspen. so, just a little bit of light snow. it's's enough to make it a little slippery at times. and still very cold in northern new england but everybody else is in thels teens and low 20s but there is more cold on the way. one thing to watch. i pause this right here on
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minneapolis negative seven on sunday. there's an nfl game that will be played out doors in that. ouch. nown n a closer look at the day ahead. we're going to watch the light snow into the evening. not a lot of snow in iowa up through minnesota. temperatures warming up a little l bit in texas. and corps christy to brown. california we'll be watching tc wunls a once again. it's beneficial but it's going to cause problems. are you going to play the powerball? >> yeah. let's go in together. >> $450 million and are you in it to win it? and the oregon protesters dig in their heels as the protest in its fifth day day we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward.
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it is the fifth day of the armed occupation of an oregon wildlife refuge. over night protests strengthened their block aide by moving in equipment. and on nbc's "the last word" this man sat in a rocking chair with a rifle on his lap and he told the reporter he's not moving. >> so, you're prepared to die? better dead than in a cell? >> absolutely. >> the proestesters say there's no plan to move. a car salesman was taken for a ride, literally after a customer beat him up and locked him in the trunk during a test drive. luckily he was able to free himself from the trunk and a car jacker along with a second man
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this morning on "today," did tsa agents go too far by patting down a 10-year-old girl? her father says they did. hear their story later on show"early today" rr-- "today." and double over time in dallas. what a finish. a fantastic finish. daren williams delivers at the buzzer. final score 117-116. the warriors became the first nba team to win 33 the first 35 games. they crewsed into the record books easily blowing out the
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in college hoops, marquette held on to take out number 8 providence, next to lsu taking on kentucky. they dominated the wild cats from start to finish. uglae. former bears favorite and super bowl champion william "refrigerator" perry has been hospitalized. he's at northwestern memorial hospital with what doctors describe as a leg infection. and next amy schumer wants you to meet her new man. and smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear
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all right, in entertainment nize this news this morning, amy schumer posted an instagram of her new man. the two attended president obama's gun event on tuesday. he also shared a post of the pair together over new year's. actor eddie redmayne shows he has a soft spot for struggling actors after being unemployed himself after college. he said quote i get letters from people going to drama school and needing to pay their rent and that's something i occasionally do. >> now he's going to get 10,000 more letters.
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and according to law enforcement officials, the 67-year-old lead singer is accused of shoving her into a window in their home on monday. champion fighter, ronda rousy will host saturday"saturday night live" with selena gomez as musical guest. snl also announced adam driver will host january 16th. >> obviously she lost and everyone wants to see the big rematch but has her star diminished at all? >> do you want to be the one to tell her? >> no, i'd be laid out in about two seconds. >> i know. i'm shannon mulaire and this is "early today." my sister raves about her toothpaste and mouthwash all the time. i'm like, huh? aren't they all the same? you know, i had to see for myself. so i went pro. with crest pro-health advanced. advance to a healthier, stronger, cleaner mouth from day 1. this toothpaste...
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welcome back. the consumer electronics show gets underway in las vegas today and with the latest, greatest apps, gadgets and devices all on display, nbc's jay gray is in sin city with the preview. sfwlrks sfwlrks >> reporter: it's the gee weez, oh wow, cutting edge stuff we'll be jumping up and down to get our hands on. >> this is my day today. >> reporter: from your workout to what you eat. soon you'll be able to buy things for your fridge and cupboard to let you know how much milk you have left andessentials. cooking vegies that your kids won't eat?
4:56 am
>> he wants to eat as well and to eat healthy food. >> reporter: no more mungyonkeying around. this is the first smart suitcase with a sensor to tell you how much weight and power to charge your devices on the go. there's technology that works while you sleep and security, cool cameras, even this laser crown that grows hair and i don't mean to drone on but they are still a big deal. smarter, faster, better and soon even a fixed wing flyer. >> you will have fly like a bird. it will be really very amazing. >> reporter: amazing. a word you think pretty often here at the consumer electronic show. and a lot of this stuff really youthful. this the new charging system. you can stack as many of these energy pauds as you'd like on the back of your smart phone
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so, that's instant energy. you have a panic button to tell you where your kid is if your kid doesn't make it to his or her location, it will tell you that as well. you've got all kinds of head ware for music. this washable, wireless ear phones. there is so much here, i could spend all day. for now, that's the latest live in vegas. >> you're like a kid in a candy shop. thank you so much for showing us some of that stuff. leading the news on, fbi helps tracking san bernardino killers' movements. they're working to see where they were for 18 minutes during the early afternoon. ritsit's a critical gap in time after nay shot 14 people and fled in an suv. i'm shannon mulaire. thank you for watching "early today."
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