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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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we are starting the day with temperatures in the teens and single digits and wind chills just slightly lower. skies are partly cloudy this morning and we'll continue to see more clouds today with the potential for even a few flurries. temperatures will reach the low 20s this afternoon.
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lawmakers this morning... today the gavel falls on the 2016 session. lawmakers sit down to a 7 billion dollar budget... and figuring out how much should go to "k-through-12" education will be at the top of
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do lists. the des moines register has compiled a list of other top issues to look out for... it includes gun laws, water quality projects and planned parenthood. the session is set to be finished around april 19, but could go longer if lawmakers are unable to agree on a budget. presidential contenders are also headed to the metro this morning... all three democratic candidates join forces tonight to discuss issues surrounding des moines' minority community. the historic brown and black forum will tackle criminal justice reform, economic inequality and immigration reform. party leaders met with minority members yesterday to prepare questions. they say they're thankful the democratic party is willing to talk about these types of issues... and they hope the forum brings change to
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- i hope the candidate feel and see where we are coming from... they dont live in iowa the forum gets underway at seven tonight at drake's sheslow auditorium. republicans are also starting the week here... mike huckabee starts in keokuk at 8 a-m doctor ben carson begins in fort dodge at 8-30 a-m rick santorum holds an event in orange city at 10 a-m carly fiorina holds her first event in rock rapids at noon.... you won't see marco rubio in town this week... but he'll still be making his way into iowans' homes. the des moines register reports the republican is dropping more than four million to take over iowa's television sets. 7-thousand rubio ads will run leading up to caucus time... which accounts for more than a third of all political ads slated to air here. that's compared to one million that donald trump and ted cruz have each spent.
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to put rubio in the top two... a new nbc news - wall street journal marist poll shows it's a two man battle at the top among likely iowa caucus- goers. senator ted cruz leads donald trump by four points cruz has 28 percent. while trump has 24 percent. things also appear to be neck and neck in iowa for democrats... former secretary of state hillary clinton is now just three points ahead of senator bernie sanders... clinton had 48 percent...sanders received 45 percent... iowans now have the chance to become billionaires this morning... no one won saturday night's 900 million dollar powerball... so the pot is being raised to 1.3 billion... that's now the largest lottery jackpot in world history... an expected 400 million tickets were sold saturday but no one came out a winner... one iowan did get close
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one iowan went home with a one million dollar prize and many others with 50-thousand. the next powerball will be drawn wednesday. a west des moines fire fighter
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collapsed on him... crews were called to this home on bradford drive around three-thirty yesterday morning... they say even before leaving the station, they could see the glow of flames. the home was fully engulfed when they did arrive... but no one was home. then hours into fighting down flames... their concern turned to one of their own. "during the operation, a firefighter was on the outside of the building. the structure started collapsing, an outside wall fell and hit him. don't have a condition, he was talking when they took him to the hospital." firefighters are not releasing the injured crew member's name... but they say his injuries are not life- threatening. authorities are looking into what caused a fatal crash in madison county. it happened late saturday on
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a clarinda couple had just van. that's when authorities say 48- jeep into the back of their vehicle. eller did not survive. the clarinda couple escaped without serious injury. so far, no charges have been filed. local police want you to think twice before you warm your car up this morning... they say avoiding a chilly ride to work is fine... but if you walk away, you could be left car-less. exhaust flowing from the back of a car and a little engine noise is all it takes for a criminal to quickly notice a car has been left running. it all adds up to an invitation for car theft. in fact, police say more than half of all stolen vehicle reports are filed on cars left running. cold temps are coming just in time for some iowans... the frigid air has finally helped freeze many of the local lakes and ponds. that is where we find josh
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moines to give us some a few important reminders before we head out to fish. good morning, josh! a local mayor is getting some
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trek... johnston mayor paula dierenfeld is an avid runner. she promised her community she'd run one mile for every ten dollars or bag donation given to the city's food pantry. and people were even more
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when she counted it all up...she miles. started running... now her trek is getting the attention of "runner's world" magazine... she told the magazine quote: "since we issued the challenge and wanted our community to be very aggressive in how they responded.... and they were... i decided i would respond in the same way and run the miles as aggressively as i humanly can." end quote. dierenfeld hopes to complete her journey by martin luther king jr. day... that means averaging more than 10 miles a day. still ahead... pooch protection... cold temps are
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toes... but it's even worse for these guys. hear how one state wants to keep animals safe and warm... by putting irresponsible owners behind
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temperatures are in the lower to middle teens this morning with highs in the lower to middle 20s. skies will be on the cloudy side for monday, and a cold
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spark a few light snow showers. this cold front will bring another wave of cold temperatures and very breezy conditions for tuesday. however, it does look like we can expect some warmer temperatures to help melt some
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changing temps mean more layers and less time outside... but staying frost bite free is a little harder for our four-legged friends.... we'll tell you the signs to look out for... and how you can keep those winter trips to the dog park
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as temps take a nose dive... veterinarians are busy reminding pet owners to keep animals' time in the cold limited... now an illinois law could turn that reminder into a 25-hundred dollar fine... or up to a year in jail. elizabeth wadas has the story. the extremely cold temperatures we saw this weekend in the quad cities kept most dogs home from the park... but not murph.. an eight year old lab. we just had to get our dog out. it's important he gets outside. but if your pet gets hurt from being out in the cold or heat... owners can now be charged with a misdemeanor... or in extreme cases... if the animal dies... a 25-hundred dollar fine... or up to a year in jail. all thanks to a new illinois law. everyone in the vet community are thrilled with it. doctor hook says she most commonly sees frost bite. and when an animal comes in... the first priority is to get them warmed up... gradually. and it's just not extreme cases like leaving a dog in a car for hours that can harm them. simply walking your pet in the cold should be limited too. it could be as fast at 10 minutes. "after your quick walk, it's also important to check your pet's paws for ice. this is a quick way to frost bite." here are some other signs to watch out for to make sure your pooch is protected. shivering.... shaking... redness
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tf your dog is like murph o justattand to be cooped up all day...make sure y kthe necessaryprecautions wife wouldn't lemdress warm so i wouldn't keep the dog t too ng. he got about 5 to 10nutes. makingure thosews are frost bite ee... stse tails keep onwagging.ctors say the older your petis... or themaller thebreed.. the more at risk they are from suffering
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there are more clouds overhead and more clouds upstream... i'll let is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks
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provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field.
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this morning for the start of the 2016 legislative year. we'll tell you what they must tackle... and how much money they have to get it done. on the ice.. this year's warm weather has delayed the ice fishing season here in iowa. we'll show you if the cold weekend was just enough for the ponds and lakes to freeze over. 2016's democratic contenders
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