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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  January 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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and too close to call... senator bernie sanders says the clinton campaign is in serious trouble in iowa.... see the numbers he says proves it. most people dream of paying off their house. win wednesday's jackpot, and you'll be shopping for your own chain of islands. tonight, meet iowa's newest millionaire after the last drawing. ron 15:21:43 justice for shirley. that's been bill's theme from day one pursuing justice for his wife's unsolved murder is tearing apart a marion county family... good evening. i'm dan winters. and i'm sonya heitshusen. 68-year-old shirley carter was shot to death at her home in lacona last june. carter's husband says he knows who pulled the trigger.... and he isn't waiting around for an arrest... jannay towne has the story. its first on 13.... high school sweethearts bill and shirley carter were inseparable.. married for 52 years. 15:31:35 i
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her they raised three kids together... and worked the family farm side by side. the morning of june 19th... began like any other. 15:37:43 the morning of her death, she said billy- do we have time to get coffee and i said, sure, the two drove to milo to get decaf for him.. the real stuff for her. afterwards, bill dropped shirley off at the house ... to haul a load of grain. 15:38:00 i said honey, i'll see you between 11 and 11:30 and she was standing there waving at me as i went out of the drive and that's the last time i seen her alive 09 that morning, shirley was gunned down at their home in lacona. her killer is still on the loose... bill waited for an arrest... but the weeks turned into months and each month was harder than the last. 15:37:47 i don't like to wake up
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about her and it's so real 59 15:32:53 part of my heart is missing. it is. big part of me went with her 08 with a heavy heart... he filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the man he says killed his wife- jason carter, his youngest son. ron 15:14:30 we had hoped never to file it, but the circumstances of this case have dictated that we have. as i said, we have reviewed a lot of evidence in this case and unfortunately, it comes back to that same person , jason carter, as being the murderer. attorney ron danks says a private investigator found that the 44 year old defendant had the opportunity and the motive to kill his mom. ron 15:15:55 jason was having an affair. we know that his dad didn't know about the affair and his dad would
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believe that jason was in financial difficulties and would need his dad to bail him out as he did in the past and his dad would not have bailed him out if he had known about the alleged affair 15 15:39:48 i'm glad she can't see this. it would just crush her. bill- still reeling from the loss of shirley- says he now feels like he's lost his son... and two grandchildren. 15:33:50 i wouldn't have done this at all if i didn't know. i still love my youngest son. i do love him , but i have to have justice for shirley. i have to and i was really beginning to fear that we weren't going to have justice for her 06 jt channel 13 news. no arrest has been made in shirley carter's death, and a call to jason carter's attorney wasn't returned. the iowa division of criminal investigation says agents are still following up on leads and that they couldn't comment on any suspects or the family's wrongful death
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the severity of a little girl's injuries are at the center of the murder trial of a clive man... joe lopez is charged in the death of one-year old ruby alvarez... lopez claims the little girl fell out of a high chair... causing a fractured skull and broken ribs. a medical expert testified this afternoon that the injuries aren't consistent with a fall. the defense then countered that the expert doesn't have the credentials to reach that conclusion. 23 is there a profession that would be better qualified.... physics and engineering training than me the defense says the little girl adding to her resume at eight
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there was a scare tonight at broadlawns medical center... police were called to hospital of what they describe as a threat. threat involved. they swept the building and after about an hour gave the all clear. the 20-16 legislative session got off to an historic start today.. the job won't be easy for upmeyer. lawmakers are starting out behind schedule because the coming year's school funding level was already supposed to be decided last
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and that will make school funding this year's biggest issue... one that could carry some lingering distrust. last year democrats and republicans agreed to an additional 55- million dollars for schools. governor branstad vetoed the bipartisan agreement. 59-01:06 no more schemes, no more games, public schools must come first again. while the governor's veto is still fresh in democrat mark smith's mind.. the new woman in charge says she prefers to focus on the future. whats done is done... to get that work done tomorrow governor branstad will explain to lawmakers what he would like them to accomplish. branstad will deliver the condition of the state address from the house chamber at ten tomorrow morning. you can watch it live at
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its toll... its never a good sign when a service master van is parked out front. the company was called to the hub tower at seventh and walnut today because of a broken water pipe. crews think a sprinkler froze causing the pipe to break. but it could always be worse... this driver parked near lake erie in buffalo new york. the spray from the lake coated the car... freezing it in several inches of ice. chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us... we hate the low temperatures... but we love the low gas prices... and it's we hate the low temperatures...
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going to get even better. today oil prices fell to 31-dollars per barrel... its lowest since 20-03. gas prices in the metro are selling for one-dollar 77-cents per capacity... and cheaper oil could lead to gas later this year. that hasn't happened since 19-99. while at the gas station... you could invest your savings in a powerball ticket.... the jackpot for wednesday's billion dollars.... too big a number for lottery signs. instead they will display 999-million until someone wins the jackpot. 23-year old joel dominguez was nearly that person... during saturday's drawing he matched the first five numbers but missed the powerball... that was still good enough for a one-million dollar prize... dominguez drove from sioux city to des moines today to collect his winnings. 11:11-11:26 its a feeling that... so your are going to play again, oh ya of
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prior to saturday.. dominguez says the most he's ever won playing powerball was eight-bucks. presidential candidates hope their big win comes three weeks from today... and they're not leaving the outcome to chance... bernie sanders and hillary clinton are picking up the pace in the countdown to the caucuses..,. after the break... the entire family joining the campaign... and a sign sanders could pull off the upset. and the lineup is set for thursday's republican debate... find out who will appear on the main stage... and who's boycotting the entire event. and a home loss to an unranked team. later in sports... what the head cyclone says it will take to get
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hillary clinton is hoping help from the entire family leads to a caucus winner... last week it was former president bill clinton campaigning on her behalf... and this weekend it will be her daughter chelsea... on saturday she will make three stops in iowa.. including one here in des moines. the clinton carousel could be a sign of worry within the campaign... something the polls seem to show as well... the latest n-b-c news poll has clinton with just a 3-point lead over vermont senator bernie sanders. that's within the margin of error. clinton isn't just relying on
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line... today she criticized sander's healthcare plan during a visit to waterloo... his plan would take medicare and medicaid and the children's health insurance program and affordable care act healthcare insurance and private employer health insurance, he would take that and he would take it all together and send health insurance to the states, turning over yours and my health insurance to governors, like terry branstad." during the stop clinton also called for an additional 4-percent tax on anyone making 5-million dollars a year. she called it a "fair share surcharge"... and says it will generate 150-billion dollars in tax revenue over ten years. bernie sanders is also on the campaign trail in iowa... he took part in a high school forum in pleasantville. during the event... he referenced today's poll showing him in a
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presidential candidate i think the most important point to be made is that secretary clinton and her campaign now know she is in serious trouble. and i think a candidate who was originally thought to be the anointed candidate the inevitable candidate is now locked in a very difficult race here in iowa and in new hampshire. sanders is leading the race in new hampshire... though the lead is also within the margin of error. clinton and sanders appeared on moines... both candidates took part in the brown and black forum at drake university... channel 13's justin surrency event was about winning the minority vote. from immigration reform and justice reform...all three democratic presidential candidates dealt with concerns and issues facing des moines' minority population which many in attendance tonight saw
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"like to see them get out more in their area where it is needed, more of the poverty areas, more people with more issues because they feel as though the candidates don't come into their areas and speak to them directly and that's what they want." "jonathan douglas"minorities aren't talked about that might get one question on black lives matters and the rest is pushed away towards building a wall and having the mexican government pay for it so i think focusing on it and having an in-depth conversation isn't just brushing over the facts but really speaking the facts and to the people directly." for two hours...hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley did just that inside drake university's sheslow auditorium for the brown and black forum... with the iowa caucuses just 3 weeks away many voters waited eagerly to hear responses catered to minorities in iowa... "immigration reform and a lot about education. what is it going to take to utilize our hispanic students...i think it will benefit the country and jobs
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"i would really like to hear about the positives between the latino community and the african american community here in the states. we hear about the negatives that the media brungs up constantly but working together and there's a bond created so highlighting that as well as what is the future of the united states." with the race so tight between from tonight's forum won't only help with the minority vote, it could also be the difference for either sanders or on caucus night in february... now to the republicans... where the line-up for thursday's fox business debate is set... this time there will be seven candidates on the main stage... both carly fiorina and rand paul event...
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and mike huckabee in the early debate... paul was also invited to take part in the early debate.. but declined because he's not on the main stage. we are going to ride the wave of cold to warm temperatures the next several days. highs tomorrow will be back in the teens. warmer temps near 40 degrees will hit by thursday. the weekend starts off with a slight chance for snow...and colder temperatures. much colder air returns sunday through the start of next week. -very light snow falling in des moines tonight.- we are going to ride the wave of cold to warm temperatures the next several days. highs tomorrow will be back in the teens. warmer temps near 40 degrees will hit by thursday. the weekend starts off with a slight chance for snow...and colder temperatures. much
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over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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there was a time not long ago when many people in iowa were obsessed with the college football playoff. for most, that ended when iowa lost to michigan state. michigan state then lost to alabama 38 to zip in the semifinals, and tonight the 2 crimson tide 1 clemson tigers kansas state says bill snyder will coach the wildcats next season. the 76 year old snyder coaches in a stadium named after him, with a statue of
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taco bell on the way home. snyder says after he eats, his body is ready to sleep. he may be a vampire. the a-p top 25 college basketball poll finds the hawkeyes rising, and the cyclones falling. kansas , oklahoma, and maryland remain the top three. 17th. the cyclones climbed as high as number four back in november, and that only added to already high expectations. could be the team to end kansas' decade of big 12 dominance. it's still possible, but not likely. most big 12 basketball followers think to win the title, a team must go undefeated at home, or pretty darn close. baylor scored 60 points in the second half saturday. that keyed the upset win at hilton coliseum. first isu home loss to an unranked team in more than 50 games. a feel better opportunity
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the longhorns are 9 and 6. the big ten names iowa point guard mike gesell player of the week. the senior had the first double- double of his career, 22 points 10 assists against nebraska. gesell and the hawks are 3-0 in the big ten for the first time in 13 years. four and oh won't be easy. the hawkeyes play at motivated michigan state thursday night. the hawks handed the 16 and 1 spartans their only loss of the season. the cyclone women won a game saturday, and lost a player monday. center bree fernstrom says she wants out.
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15 games this season, starting 12. she didn't start saturday, but she had a double-double and averages 9 points, 7 rebounds a game. head coach bill fennelly says nothing surprises him these days. iowa state back in action, minus
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the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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