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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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what to expect during your morning drive. and see why part of the overnight. waiting game... some democratic voters are tired of waiting for answers... the issue they haven't heard enough of from democratic hopefuls... and whether they're satisfied after last night's presidential forum. state of the state.. governor brandstad outlines his priorities for iowa today. what he's expected to say. it's tuesday january 12th.. today in iowa starts now.... first on 13... snow overnight
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today strong winds could cause more problems. here's a look at road conditions as of right now... as you can see... things are partially covered through much of central iowa... channel 13's josh nguyen joins us live now from interstate 235 where roads were slick overnight.
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governor branstad hands his list of to-do's to lawmakers today... he'll deliver the condition of the state address from the house chamber at ten this morning. but
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presidential hopeful carly fiorina heads to des moines to celebrate the new session... she'll be at the iowa state historical building tonight for a welcome back party. the event begins at 5-30. a handful of other candidates makes stops in iowa today as well... for the republicans... rick santorum, jeb bush, mike huckabee, and donald trump. and hillary clinton represents the democrats with stops in ames and eastern iowa. minority voters have a better sense of how hillary clinton would fight for them... for two hours... she, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley faced off inside drake university's sheslow auditorium for the brown and black forum. with the iowa caucuses just 3 weeks away and a near tie
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clinton and sanders... voters were ready to hear how their view of minorities to set them apart... "jonathan douglas"minorities aren't talked about that might get one question on black lives matters and the rest is pushed away towards building a wall and having the mexican government pay for it so i think focusing on it and having an in-depth conversation isn't just brushing over the facts but really speaking the facts and to the people directly." the republicans face off this thursday... for the fox business debate... these seven take the main stage... carly fiorina and rand paul didn't qualify for it... so fiorina will join rick santorum and mike huckabee in the early debate... paul was also invited to take part in the early debate.. but declined because he's not on the main stage. the college football championship was exactly what everyone versus two, and wall to wall highlights. alabama wins a thriller in
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its 4th title in the last 7 seasons. it was head coach nick saban's 5th national championship....he trails only bear bryant, now. saban's gutsy call for an onside kick in the 4th quarter might have been the turning point in the game...there was also a long kick return for a touchdown as special teams plays a huge role in the outcome. clemson's only loss of the season comes in the national championship game. iowa state has dropped in the latest "a-p top 25" poll. the team is now at number 17..that's actuall one spot below the iowa hawkeyes... kansas, oklahoma, and maryland remain your top 3. tonight the clones head to texas... to take on the 9 and 6 longhorns. tip off is at 8 p-m meanwhile the hawks are enjoying
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it has named iowa point guard mike gesell player of the week. the senior had the first double- double of his career, 22 points 10 assists against nebraska. gesell and the hawks are 3-0 in the big ten for the first time in 13 years. four and oh won't be easy. the hawkeyes play at motivated michigan state thursday night. the hawks handed the 16 and 1
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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a wind chill advisory is in effect until noon for areas along and north of hwy 20 today. this is where it will feels like -20 to -30 and frostbite could happen within 30 minutes. it is never going to feel above 0 today with the winds gusting close to 30 mph out of the nw. the arctic blast will be brief with temperatures back into the 30s tomorrow and 40s by thursday. there is only a chance for light snow in the forecast friday night
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's
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report. then.. southern celebration. the winner of the national championship game is no stranger to victory celebrations. a look at what happened overnight in alabama. and... president obama set to deliver his final state of the union address. what we can expect to hear from him and why there will be an empty seat
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the u.s. house of representatives may take a vote on the waters of the u.s. rule this week. according to the national pork producers council, the house is looking at iowa senator joni ernst's resolution of disapproval, which would end wotus. that passed the senate in court has temporarily halted the implementation of the water rule and a lawsuit alleging the epa violated federal administrative procedures through an advocacy campaign moving
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multiple times to block wot.
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our top story... a fresh layer of snow caused problems for drivers overnight... crews were forced to shut down interstate 235 after an accident blocked the roadway. things are back open this morning... but still partially covered in some areas. blowing snow is expected through the day. a lacona father is accusing his son of pulling the trigger on his own mother... shirley carter was gunned down at her home last june... now her husband says their son, 44- year-old jason carter is to blame. he has filed a wrongful death suit against jason... jason has yet to be arrested. the iowa division of criminal investigation is now investigating. president obama will deliver his final state of the union address to a joint session of congress tonight. but it's the seat that will be missing next to him that has people talking this
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the president is expected to speak about the economic recovery, the fight against terrorism... and the need to reform gun laws... to make his point... he'll keep a seat empty next to first lady michelle obama to represent all of the victims of gun violence. the white house says it's a chance for him to reflect on his achievements and look ahead... "he's got an opportunity to lay out for the american people the longer-term challenges that we face, but also the longer-term opportunities that exist." the address is scheduled to begin at eight our time. sergeant bowe berghdal is set to appear in a north carolina court today. berghdahl faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy... the sergeant disappeared from his base in afghanistan in june of 2009. he was captured by the taliban and held captive for nearly five years. in 2014 he was released as part of a prisoner swap in exchange for several detainees from
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sergeant bergdahl did not enter a plea when he was arraigned in december. fellow musicians and fans have came out in waves to support a fallen music star... a wreath for singer david bowie has been placed right next to his hollywood star. the 69-year-old entertainer died sunday from his 18-month battle with cancer. fans of his have been placing all types of memorabilia on his hollywood star ever since. bowie was said to be one of the most influential musicians of his era... setting trends for the future of pop music. the streets of tuscaloosa are busier than ever after last night... alabama fans took to the street late last night after their team won the ncaa national championship. the crimson tide beat clemson... 45-40. it's their fourth national title in seven years... here's university street in
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students cheered and waved alabama state flags. police even had to be brought in to help disperse people, but celebrations went on into the early morning hours. veisha was canceled two years ago after students damaged part of campus and veisha was canceled two years ago after students damaged part of campus and one person was hurt. now there's something to fill its place. coming up in the next half hour of today in iowa.. the two events iowa state will hold this year... and the new tradition its hoping to start. wicked weather... single digit
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