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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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it's thursday, january 14th, coming up on "early today," newly minted millionaires, three winners of the world's largest jackpot in history with three tickets sold. terror in indonesia. late breaking details ahead. did a love smitten drug lord's desire to meet a soap opera actress lead to his capture and down fall? plus, desperate for party stability. and is the correction over? and the most popular part from the state of the union may be the first lady's dress. "early today" starts right now. good morning i'm gee gee stone woods. did you win? there are three winning tick frts last night's historic powerball jackpot. one ticket was sold in this 7-11 where you can see a huge crowd
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the other two, tennessee and florida. for more let's go to morgan live in chino hills. i'm guessing that ticket wasn't yours? >> reporter: i'm not a billionaire baller tonight but i am a reporter standing outside the 7-11 where the winning ticket was held and inside the mood was electric. people have been coming in the store just to get a glimps of the glory and i spoke to the owner and he said he couldn't be more thrilled this happened in his community because his customers come time and time again to his store and they began to feel like family. the winning combo was 4, 8, 27, 34, and of course, the powerball 10 and as you mentioned, there were two other winners, one in tennessee and one in florida.
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will split this record breaking jackpot. 1 in 292 million of a chance is what they stood of actually winning this and this had already rolled over 19 times since november 7th and now if they hadn't won, this would have increased the pot to $2 billions p. and there were five $1 million tickets sold in michigan. we still don't know who these powerball jackpot winners were but i'm keeping an ear to the ground for you. >> thanks. breaking news overnight, we have several explosions and gun fire near a popular shopping mall in the indonesian capital. right now details are sketchy. the blast happened near a starbucks. at least seven people have been killed, among them, two foreigners.
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attackers were shot dead. other suspected militants have been arrested and the u.s. embassy urged u.s. citizens to avoid this area. al qaeda leader posted that they're ripe for a jihadi revival and encouraged the saudi people to rise up against their monarchy. it's increasingly evident there's a growing rift within the party. south carolina governor nikki nikki haley used her platform during the president's state of the union and lambasted some within her party. here with more. >> reporter: even when he's not supposed to be in the spotlight, donald trump still is.
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not helpful. >> reporter: the republican response rebuking not just president obama but her own party's republican frontrunner. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the sin are call of the angriest voices. >> you were referring to donald trump trump, correct? >> he was one of them, yes. he has definitely contributed to what i think is irresponsible talk. >> i'm very strong on the illegal immigration, she's weak on illegal immigration. maybe it will turn out to be very bad for her because people know where i stand and you see the numbers. >> reporter: governor haley along behouse speaker paul ryan represent what people think it the gop should be. what they have is trump leading the pack and mobilizing a new base of support for the party, even as the establishment strikes back and his closest
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>> donald trump comes from new york and he embodies new york values and he seems to be a little rattled. >> reporter: keeping up his birther attacks on cruz. cruz was born in canada to an american mother. >> that is a big, big factor. >> reporter: the rivals leaving little room for the establishment candidates. on the democratic side, things were getting more contentious as well with just days left before democratic debate airing here on nbc. this as clinton's poll numbers continue to slip. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders escalateing their sniping. clinton repeating her toughest attacks on health care and guns. >> senator sanders has been a
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lobby and i have been standing against them for a long time. >> reporter: on nbc, sanders punched back. >> to say i'm kind of a supporter of the nra is a mean spirited, unfair inaccurate statement. >> reporter: the rhetoric comes as the democrats are locked in an unexpected nail biter. a new poll showing she's still top sanders but only by seven points, 48 to 42%. on the "early today"today" show, clinton down played the numbers. >> no, i'm not nervous at all. >> reporter: so why are more and more democrats feeling the burn? sanders could be tapping into voters' desire for an antiestablishment candidate.
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there are new revelations about drug lord, el chapo's tiemnttime on the run. newly released text messages show his infatuation with a mexican soap opera actress, the same who brokeered the interview with sean penn. >> reporter: it played like the telenovela that made her famous. seemingly smitten with a mexican mega star, planning secret meetings in the mountains. in a series of text messages, joaquin el chapo guzman reaches out, "i'm very eagerege eager to meet and become great friends i will take care of everything." later, guzman seems to obsess
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as a surprise. preferably a pink phone and writing to his attorney, tell kate that when she comes we will drink tequila and dance. tell her just like that. >> pink phone and tequila. nbc has contacted her and her lawyer for comment. and el chapo had to look sean penn up on the internet. some old friends will be back on nbc. the cast will appear for the first time since the 2004 finale. it's all part of a tribute to honor james burrows who recently filmed his 1,000th tv episode and he'll be honored by cast members from "will and grace", "cheers", "taxi" and more. their scheduled may prevent them from appearing together but don't expect to get that theme
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next five years either. a car that became incased in ice after being hit with waves from lake erie is now free. workers covered the car in calcium and then were able to pull it apart with a tow truck. and for the first time since 1978, a named tropical system has formed in the atlantic in january. >> it's a surprise. what are we doing? we're not even close to hurricane season. it's definitely interesting. here's a big picture of the globe. and far out in the atlantic is where the storm is formed. the ocean waters are warm, even in the atlantic and so, first tropical, subtropical storm since 1978. this is not a pure tropical system. and this is our fourth recorded storm we've ever had in the
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earlier a-name stormed. and once every 10 years we get one of these systems outside of the actual hurricane season. the gulf of mexico is very active with a strong tropical jet stream right now. it's not going to bring too much rain today, maybe a little towards new orleans late today but friday could be a soaking rain. this storm, our models are trending off shore, so we still get heavy rains friday night in the carolinas. that's good news. now a closure look at your day ahead. so, not a bad day. temperatures are s arehave really warmed up through tennessee. along gulf coast. there will be a few snow showers but not as many as yerdssterday and temperatures are on the warming
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tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . a massive inferno at an oklahoma oil well that destroyed 22 oil tankers at a continental resources site leaving behind more than million dollars worth of damage. authorities are investigating the cause of the fire. actor charlie sheen says he's back on his hiv medication. that's after he revealed on dr. oz that his viral count was back up.
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explosive "today" show interview where he first revealed his hiv status. and sherry shepherd appeals being involved for a surrogate before she got divorced. this is the first to declare surgaes legal and binding in pennsylvania. her exhusband is seeking $4100 a month in child support. a new study reveals food rich with flavanoids may help some men ditch viing a ing aviagra. and remember that stunning yellow dress michelle obama wore? before president obama had even finished his speech, that dress
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sold out at various online sites. let's get down to business. u.s. stocks fell sharply yesterday. the snp fell below 500. and the dow at its lowest level in two years. alju alju al jazeera will shut down in april. the cable news network debuted in august 2013. general electric announced the company will be moving from fair field, connecticut to boston boston. they will sell their offices in fair field and rock fella in new york city to offset the costs. and one team still undefeated. sports is things unbiased, we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay.
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this morning on "today," a new rossen reports on why newer homes are burning faster than older ones and what you can do to keep your family safe. in sports, and then there was one. the smu mustangs pounced east carolina.
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back of the alabama crimson tide defeated south carolina. a nail biter at norman, 72-72. next to a hot one in greenville. clemson taking on duke, 68-63. the golden state warriors took one in the chin, snapping a seven-game winning streak. not even steph curry, 38 could save them from a denver win. after losing the national championship along with his undefeated season, sweeney has something to smile about. he becomes the first acc coach to be honored with the paul bear bryant coach of the year award. just ahead, get excited.
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make "hairspray" its next production. duringtia raids on "the tonight show" khloe kardashian just couldn't get danny deveto to guess the right word. >> i know. >> how do you know? >> i the know. i think a lot of people know. do it again. okay. >> oh, i know what this is. okay. sexy. >> she did a decent job. their team did end up winning when khloe correctly guessed gold digger but having kanye as a brother in law might have given her a leg up on that one. adel took us back to the '90s.
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leading the news in the washington post, does autopilot dull the skills of u.s. airline pilots? well, the department of transportation feels pilots rely too much on autopilot and aren't prepared to manually take control of the plan. the faa stated a well trained flight crew is a single most important safety aspect of flight and that their skills are continually monitored throughout their career. and lawrence phillips found dead in prison at the age of 40. he was found unresponsive in his cell friday. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. he was facing the death penalty on murder charges. and anticipation on the largest powerball jackpot in history has finally come to an end. the jackpot started november 7th
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it's been building steadily ever since. we all know. yesterday, a lawsuit was filed against twitter, the family of a florida defense contractor killed last year in a police training center in jordan claiming the social media platform allowed terrorists groups, such as isis to use its network to spread propaganda. a twitter spokes person issued a statement saying the lawsuit is without merit. on this date in 1952, nbc's "today" show premireered and dave garroway was the host. >> nbc begins a new show called "today" and i really believe begins a new kind of television. we'll be with you every day just about the time you wake up 7:00 to 9:00 a.m.
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more closely in touch with the world we live indiana this unparalleled means of entertainment which nbc has put in a single room in new york. >> the first ever brand new show, calm as can be set the tone for years. >> and hasn't changed at all. looks exactly the same. now a look ahead. the oscar nominations will be announced today at 8:30 eastern time. the "today" show will bring it to you live when it happens. happy birthday to dave grohl who turns 37 and carl weathers at 68
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followed by another arctic
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