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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  January 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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battle lines are already drawn over how much lawmakers are willing to spend. good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters. iowa democrats want a four-percent increase... republicans two- percent... and governor branstad is in the middle. the des moines school district says that isn't the only funding fight ... justin surrency has more on the financial challenges... first on 13.... governor branstad's condition of the state should have been music to a school teachers ears... governor branstad's condition of the state should have been music to a school teachers ears... "the budget provides schools predictability and funding they need and i'm proposing an increase in k-12 funding of over $145 million dollars."but in 20-16 the des moines public school district is
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"theres a couple areas we think students, especially students that have students in "here in des moines public schools, three fourth's of students qualify for free and reduced lunch."for the 20-16 fiscal year...the district is budgeted $6,514 dollars per districts such as ankeny, waukee and west des moines with signigicantly less at-risk students there's just a 68 dollar difference... "we think the formula ought to be looked at and changed so it can better target those students that really are at-risk..."the english language learning program presents another hurdle... "we have got students from 88 different countries, 1600 refugee students in dsm, 6,500 ell students in total..."the state program currently different countries, 1600 refugee students in dsm, 6,500 ell students in total..."the state program currently gives extra funds to a student learning
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district hopes to bump it up to seven... "a lot of experts say a student takes 6 to 7 years before becoming proficient in a language or not."in the meantime...des moines public school officials say they will work hard with what they have...and proving any child's education is always worth fighting for... "whether it's a student who's a 5th generation iowan or one that arrived in our country five months ago, if they show up at our schools, we have an obligation to give them the best education we can." while the des moines public schools district has the most at-risk students in the state...they have seen their graduation rate rise 6 percent over the last nine years... senate democrats aren't just
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branstad's proposed funding increase.... they are also unhappy with his plan to divert money from the one-cent statewide sales tax. governor branstad wants to extend the program for another 20-years. during that time the first 410-million dollars would go to schools. anything above that would be used to improve water quality of lakes and rivers... the legislative intent in that legislation clearly outlined that the purpose of that money was for school infrastructure needs. it did not say anything else the proposal is in part a waterworks lawsuit waterworks c-e-o bill stowe is suing the counties over high nitrate levels in the raccoon river. the case is scheduled to go to trial in august. a waterloo daycare provider is year old...
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in-home daycare. police say the child was left in closet for two hours. during that time the child slipped down in the car seat... and choked on the buckle. today prosecutors charged the daycare owner... amy hangartner with child endangerment resulting in death. she faces 50-year in prison if convicted. a northwest iowa woman is lucky to be alive... she went missing on sunday... apparently had car trouble.. and tried to walk for help in single digit temperatures... jetske wauran has the story. "we're thankful that she was found, and to the woodbury county sheriff." her closest friends and family telling us how grateful they are to be reunited with shaniqwa hayes, who had been missing since sunday afternoon. "when they did find her, they said she's still alive." loving, kind, outgoing. her family describes the 24-year-old as a very generous person. but when she didn't show up for work on monday, her longtime friend and co-worker kaitlin nguyen
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something was wrong. "i called her and texted her a few times and got no response from her so that's when i was alerting julie and her family, letting them know that something's up." family members started a search for her. "i went to tyson, where she works, to try and find video ... surveillance. and then somebody had mentioned that they had seen her somewhere else. i went there and asked for video surveillance and just kind of been all over." but it wasn't until tuesday afternoon when lieutenant tony wingert received a call. "at about 19 minutes after three o'clock, comm center called me as i was leaving the law enforcement center, telling me that nebraska law enforcement agency was attempting to locate shaniqwa hayes." lieutenant wingert and deputy david hansen immediately drove to the first person to discover hayes, face down on the snow. and at first glance, they couldn't believe her eyes. "lt. wingert said i saw her eye move and i told him and right away we got an ambulance started." hayes was located a short distance away from her vehicle.
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and we looked for footprints. we "we looked through the vehicle and we looked for footprints. we didn't see any. the snow was completely undisturbed along all three doors besides the driver's side. and the keys were still there, her cell phone was still there. her wallet was still there with money inside of it. somebody hadn't taken anything from that." as for her family ... "it makes me proud of sioux city. how many people reached out and shared everything that they shared and really looking for her shows that she has a lot of people that cared for her." hayes is still being treated for exposure at a sioux city hospital. family members say she is in intensive care and is still unable to speak with doctors. the d-n-r says a portion of big creek lake is off-limits for ice fishing... the dam at the lake is a construction zone. crews are installing flood control equipment at the dam and are using a device to keep the water from freezing in the work area. a construction zone isn't good for fishing anyhow... we spotted several people trying to bring home dinner this afternoon. the tell us.. away
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is about eight-inches thick. the dam isn't the only thing to avoid in that area... the olofson shooting range near polk city closed last month. the range is being renovated... the process is expected to take a year-and- a-half. with the weather that's on the way... you won't want to be at an outdoor range anyway.. chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us... ed... are you telling us today was a fluke... no amount of cold will put the
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nats 46:00-46:03 i just had a chance, had a feeling his feeling was right... 23-year old bryon stewart took a chance on last night's record powerball jackpot... and is taking home two-million dollars. he only missed the powerball... and even that wasn't by much.. 50:57-51:13 i puchased three tickets that night... looking
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still stewart says he isn't complaining... and plans to use his winnings to pay bills and possibly buy a house. the iowa hawkeyes hit the jackpot tonight... a 23-year drought is over... the black and gold are coming home from east lansing with a blowout win... hear from the team coming up in sports. and a pair of a debates with the republican nomination on the line... find out which candidates helped themselves... and which candidates was hearing booo's... right after the break. the sixth republican debate is in the books... only this time
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more important... the caucuses are just 18-days away. ted cruz and donald trump are at the top of the polls in iowa... something eight other candidates tried to change tonight.. mary moloney has the story. the gloves are off. presidential candidate: "you're worried about keeping your homes and families safe and secure. you cannot give hillary clinton a third term under barack obama's policies." presidential candidate: "we need to united behind the winner so that we can defeat hillary clinton because she is a disaster." presidential candidate: "she wouldn't just be a disaster, hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief of the united states."the top seven candidates in the republican race -- stood
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shoulder -- hoping to convince voters why they should be the pick for president. presidential candidate: "our children and grandchildren are counting on us to get it done."but a good portion of the debate pitted the number one and the number two candidates in the polls -- donald trump and ted cruz. not about electability -- but on eligibility to be president. presidential candidate: "back in september, my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this in every which way. there was nothing to this birther issue. since september, the constitution hasn't changed. but the birther issue. since september, the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have." presidential candidate: "if for some reason he beats the rest of the field... see they don't like that... see they don't like that he beats the rest of the field because they like me." : "but why now, why are you raising this issue now?" presidential candidate: "because now he's doing a little bit better."these candidates know time ticking -- for voters to
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presidential candidate: "if we manage to damage ourselves, and we lose the next election...this nation is over as we know it."i'm mary moloney reporting. donald trump isn't wasting any time getting back to iowa from the debate... tomorrow morning he'll host a town hall meeting at living history farms in urbandale. doors open at eight and the event begins at ten. senator rand paul failed to qualify for tonight's main debate...and decline an invitation to the undercard... now he claims he was forced out... presidential candidate "i think the republican party, the media, they're making a big mistake by you know pushing me out of the debate because i think i have a different voice, a unique voice in the party, and it's a mistake to really not have me in the debate and i think the polls, even the polls they say they were using, actually we meet their criteria." paul says he would have qualified for the main debate if fox included this week's des moines register poll. that poll has him running fifth.... ahead of three of the candidates who did appear on the main stage.
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are raising concern. her support has dropped six-points in iowa in just the past month... jeff zeleny has the numbers... and a sign history could repeat itself... she said she never wanted a coronation. now hillary clinton's getting her wish, and more. bernie sanders ... threatening her march to the democratic nomination. a new iowa poll today from the des moines register shows the race effectively deadlocked. but it's a troubling trend for clinton. as her support has dipped, sanders has surged month-by-month. he's heading into the final two weeks with real momentum. he's promoting a populist message, like in this new television ad today. "there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street." but now, sanders facing intense pressure to get specific on other issues, like health care. he's yet to explain just how he would pay for his universal health care plan, but told c-n-n's dana
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month he would before the voting begins. presidential candidate"we have more to do. and we will be doing that in the very near future." "before the iowa caucuses?" presidential candidate"yes." sanders' campaign manager, jeff weaver, amended that remark -- telling c-n-n this week he may not meet that deadline. the question is how sanders' plan affects middle-class taxes. clinton says it would. presidential candidate"well, if you wait too long, nobody will have a chance to see them or analyze them. and so i am very clear." it's not just hillary. the clinton family has rallied to her aid. "i think she's the best candidate." "my mom never gives up." sanders' supporters are unfazed. his strength reaches across the party, a coalition that looks like barack obama's in 2008. he's leading clinton decisively among independents, voters under 45 and first-time caucusgoers, according to the new iowa poll. but clinton is raising doubts on guns. "it's time to pick a side." and whether his plans sound too good to be true.
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that we could elect a democratic president who could wave a magic wand and say, 'we shall do this, and we shall do that." it sounds like a remark she made eight years ago, when her lead collapsed. presidential candidate"you are not going to wave a magic wand and have the special interests disappear." hillary clinton says senator sanders is refusing to release the cost of his universal healthcare proposal because it will mean a middle- class tax increase. the national institute for health care reform says it would require a nearly 12-percent payroll tax to pay for it... iowa attorney general and clinton supporter tom miller criticized the lack of specifics saying, "iowans take their responsibility to evaluate candidates very seriously. by refusing to be transparent about the cornerstone proposals of his campaign, sen. sanders is denying iowans the facts they need to make an informed decision." i hope you enjoyed the nice weather today, because you will forget it all happened by tomorrow. a cold front moving
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cover but bring in a much colder air mass for friday. winds will be strong and temperatures will likely fall during the day. a few flurries are possible, but accumulation is unlikely on friday. it will be another very cold day on saturday, but a bit more sunshine is expected. a second wave of clouds will move in late saturday and a light snow shower is possible overnight into sunday. temperatures are really going to be the biggest chance over the weekend though, with highs in the teens on saturday and only
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no one eeed iowa to win atmichigan sta tonight, marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader,
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right to rise usa
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no one expected iowa to win at
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an average of ninety people are killed by guns in this country every single day. it has to stop. president obama wants to make universal background checks the law of the land. and he wants to make sure gun manufacturers can finally be held accountable when their guns are used to kill our children. it's time to pick a side. either we stand with the gun lobby... ...or we join the president... ...and stand up to them. i'm with him. please join us. i'm hillary clinton
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but if somehow the hawks could, they'd announce themselves as big ten title contenders. video from iowa's most recent win in east lansing, 1993. the original jurassic park in theaters. last month, iowa beat then #1 michigan state, but star player denzel valentine did not play. he's in the lineup tonight. iowa's mike gezell picks up a quick two fouls, and goes to the bench. doesn't matter. not with peter jok triggering a quick three. jok had 23 to lead the hawks. then look where jarrod uthoff is on the floor. he'll shoot three from there. uthoff really taking it up a notch. tom izzo can't watch. hawks by 22 at the break. second half, more uthoff. he had a double double. 15 points, 10 rebounds. iowa makes a statement, 76-59.
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regular season big ten games. fresh off a win over #3 maryland, michigan invades carver-hawkeye arena sunday. this one should be sold out. cyclone fans started the season with final four talk, but the loss of naz mitrou long, and a 1-3 start to the conference has changed expectations. iowa state basketball coach steve prohm has seen the criticism. so much of it, that prohm said today he deleted his facebook and twitter accounts. if iowa state's going to get it going, a win at k-state seems
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the number 17 cyclones and unranked wildcats both 1-3 in big 12 play. to the well, for undefeated montezuma and g-m-g-garwin. the braves shane helm through the paint, helm drops it in. braves making quick work of g-m-g. jon wedgewood, tough two. braves could be back at the well next month. all montezuma, 74-29. ladies night at the iowa energy. laz jones to maxie esho , three pointer. energy up 5.jones fine shooting himself. the three good. 24 for jones. energy 101
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you could see 16 time world champion, the nature boy, ric flair at the energy game tomorrow night. it's pro wrestling night. anyone wearing a robe gets in for half price. yes, you heard right. wear a robe, half price. wait, what? what did flair say? pro wrestling night, at the energy tomorrow night. if you loved the 80s, you remember urban cowboys. well, michael admire was born in the 80s, and he now thinks he's the urbandale cowboy. celebrity mechanical bull riding contest to promote the professional p-b-r des moines invitational. michael looks the part of cowboy, but does he have the he's watched the movie 8 seconds. he goes hat in hand, and stays up.
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out of 12. i hope you enjoyed the nice forget it all happened by tomorrow. a cold front moving
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it.
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marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field.
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