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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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a house fire over the weekend takes the lives of a mother and her three children. hear how the community is rallying around each other this morning. it's monday, january 18th...
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first on 13... the community of
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up to signs of tragedy today... this is all that's left of the sorenson family home on beech street... after it went up in flames early sunday. inside the home.... a mother and her three children.... who never made it out alive.
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this is the second deadly fire the town has seen in the last decade... in 2003, flames killed an elderly man and injured several other family members on christmas morning. investigators say a malfunctioning furnace was the cause of that fire we now know the name of an eastern iowa man shot by police last week. muscatine police say 41 year old timothy seefeldt was driving a stolen vehicle friday when officers pulled him over in a motel parking lot. he then sped off, crashing into several parked cars... and that's when the cops shot him. seefeldt is expected to survive... the iowa department of public safety is now interviewing all officers involved. a handful of white house hopefuls are planning to spend their holiday with iowans today... democrat hillary clinton and
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rick santorum, carly fiorina, and rand paul all make stops across the state. paul will be in des moines later this morning... to visit the barbershop platinum cuts... that's at 11 a-m. last night... the political spotlight was focused on the democrats... hillary clinton... bernie sanders and martin omalley took the stage in charleston, south carolina last night. it was their final democratic debate before the voting starts here in iowa... questions focused on two big issues - health care and gun control. former governor of maryland martin o'malley called the issue of gun control "personal." but the attention soon turned to argued over sanders' "flip-flops" on gun control policies. presidential candidate :10-:14"i have a d-minus voting record the nra." presidential candidate :15-:19"he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times." the latest nbc news wall street
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over sanders nationally... she is ahead 25 points... clinton has 59 percent while sanders only has 34 percent. martin o'malley gets only 2 percent. we are now just two weeks away
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cold temps aren't stopping some people from getting out and enjoying the holiday... we're taking a live look now at the ice at brenton skating plaza... yesterday cold temps proved too cold for skaters... officials had to shut down the rink for the day because of the subzero temperatures. it did reopen this morning... for the martin luther king junior holiday. and there's an incentive to bundle up this morning... your
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between now and 9 a-m. all you have to do is bring a donation of socks or gloves for the homeless. van and bonny from who radio will also be there reporting live. the rink is expected to remain open until 9 tonight. the colder the weather gets -- the busier this rink gets... people in cedar rapids escaped the bone-chilling temps to spend time on the indoor ice. the ice arena had hundreds skaters at open skate this weekend. they're expecting an even bigger crowd today with kids off for the holiday. a big game in ames has cyclone fans pulling out all the stops this morning... no matter the temperatures. i was here for the iowa game but i was in a tent... and knowing it was going to be a little colder i got permission to take the ice house. students are already camping out
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monday game. take a look... this student is taking the whole camping game to a new level... he brought in his dad's ice house to brave the minus 27 wind chill. they've been there since saturday night... and the set-up seems far from "roughing it"... we have internet snack sleeping bags, cards, netflix... electricity. fans are hoping it all adds up to a little hilton magic... as isu hosts the expected #1 team in america, it'll be cyclones-sooners... tip off is set for 8 tonight... on espn. meanwhile hawk fans are on the edge of their seats... waiting to see where a weekend win will land them in the rankings. after this... they're expected to crack the top ten.
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swinging against michigan.... jarrod uthoff is all threes... he delivers 23 points. iowa leads through half time and keeps widening the gap in the 2nd... they win 82-71. that leaves the hawks undefeated yet again in the big 10. hawks have some time to rest now... before they hit the road thursday to hawks have some time to rest now... before they hit the road thursday to
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most students get one recess... maybe two a day. but that's changing for educators trying out a new approach to teaching. why it has students spending more time
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bone-chilling temperatures continue today. nearly all of iowa is under a
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9am which means wind chills will be between -20 and -40. this afternoon temperatures will be back into the double digits, although this is still about 20 below average for mid-january. the winds will stay light out of the nw making it feel like 0. another wave of snow will move across the state tomorrow, with 1-3" possible in the metro. the heaviest amounts will be south of i-80. temperatures will start to trend up by the middle of the week, with temperatures back into the lower 30s by the
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recess is a chance for students to get the wiggles out.. and some teachers say it takes more than one trip outside to do this. why they're giving students more free time... and why they think it will help
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there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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our top story... a deadly house fire has the community of boxholm gathering together this morning... this family home on beech street broke out in flames around one a-m yesterday. inside... was a mother and her three children.... nearly a dozen fire departments came together to rescue them from the flames... but below zero temperatures quickly turned water to ice... and crews couldn't get inside... 27 year old amber sorenson, her two daughters... and her son all
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by a space heater. brenton skating plaza is back in business this morning... yesterday officials had to shut down the rink because of the subzero temperatures. it has reopened this morning... for the martin luther king junior holiday. and things are going to be busy from now until nine a-m... admission is free then for anyone who brings a donation of socks or gloves for the homeless. it is expected to remain open until 9 tonight. some lucky students are getting more doses of their favorite subject... recess. the new lesson plan has time set aside for four separate trips outside... nbc's janet shamlian has the story. this is recess at brown elementary school.. this is the second recess. after lunch, a third. and before the kids go home,
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recess of the day. the frequent breaks are the daily routine for kindergarten and first graders at several north texas schools. it's part of a 3-year trial by texas christian university.. and based on finland's system where students get an average 75 minutes of daily recess compared to 27 minutes here. the kids, of course, love it.. but educators believe this is
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it is a trade-off: 30 fewer minutes on the fundamentals.. math, science and writing. researchers hope helping kids stay focused when in class will mean more learning.. with recess on the rise. janet shamlian, nbc news, irving, texas. still ahead... cold temps aren't
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the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped a city rise again... the secretary of state who stood up for america, and stared down hostile leaders around the world... is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job... she'll never let anyone privatize social security and medicare... or shut down planned parenthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women... and stop the republicans from ripping all our progress away. so on february first, stand up for hillary. because if you want a president who knows how to keep america safe... and build a stronger economy...
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i'm listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your support, i'm going to deliver. i'm hillary clinton
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hear how members are being touched by an american hostage... they've never met. holiday is a day of how they're getting an early start in the join in. 410417 - the whole community is in shock right now and its gonna take some
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a house fire over the weekend
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