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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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pennsylvania turnpike -- all because of winter storm jonas. two hundred people from dubuque. "we got stopped at uh, 11 o'clock, no, i'm sorry...about 9 o'clock eastern time last night." five buses filled with adults and kids went to washington d-c to protest during the annual "march for life," rally. board member of dubuque county right to life -- leon jensen, says they cut the trip short...but it still didn't turn out so well. "we knew the storm was coming, we kept looking at the weather. we kept timing, trying to time when we could get back, and still, you know, be safe...obviously we missed it by a little bit." pennslyvania governor tom wolf updating media -- saying there are 500 cars stuck. "we only have one major problem and that is between bedford and somerset on the turnpike. we're trying to...we're doing our best to address that situation." as for those stranded -- they bond with one another...even
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mass. "a bunch of us got together and they're celebrating mass out in the snowstorm. they made an alter out of snow." and during this diffucult situation -- they say the trip was still worth it. "you know, this is an inconvienence, but its certainly, uh...very minor in compared to the tragedy that we came to protest against." people say it could be hours before traffic gets moving again. however -- the pennsylvania national guard dropped off water and food to people who were stranded. while the storm continues in that area of the country, will it stay away from us here in iowa? we have meteorologist amber alexander joining us now with a first look at the forecast. we'll see continued cloudiness for sunday with temperatures boosting into the middle 30s. the next system will move in on monday bring a chance for rain, freezing drizzle, and snow. snow totals will be less than 2" in the des moines metro with more possible throughout the northern most counties. conditions will still be slick and updates should be monitored over the next couple of days. beyond monday
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improve as more sunshine is in the lower 40s by friday. police need your help in finding a inmate that escaped from a work correctional release center in newton. they are looking for 28 year old edward nathaniel shorter. he escaped the facility around 2
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present during a routine count. if you think you know where he is, call police. at this hour, knoxville high school students are raising awareness and money to beat cancer today. the varsity boys and girls basketball game just kicked off fifteen minutes ago. one of the organizers says that no matter how much money is raised today, she is just happy and proud of their town that they could make this happen. 16:03:38:15-16:03:44:29 angie uitermarkt, organizer, cancer vs. cancer "it's just the people of knoxville, never in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine that would happen our town has just gotten behind us 100 percent." they've raised money for a cure for eight years now. it is the largest high school fundraiser in the nation for the american cancer society. all day the school has had other games and a silent auction to raise money. last year, the school donated more than 86 thousand dollars which makes it the top donating high school in the nation. they've held that title for the past three years. 16:01:06:09-16:01:27:16 jim uitermarkt, organizer coaches vs. cancer "it's a indescribable feeling...the honorary ceremony
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emotional it means a lot to a lot of people and that kind of puts a face on what we are doing for a couple of cancer survivors and then when we get home at night, and we start counting that money we look at eachother like we are in disbelief on what it's adding up to." overall, knoxville's coaches vs. cancer event has raised more than 282 - thousand dollars. the des moines register just announced who they plan to endorse for president. they decided to go with hillary clinton for the democrats and marco rubio for the republicans. they chose rubio because he represents his party's best hope and a new direction... as for clinton they chose her because she has the most experience out of the three democratic candidates. they also said she knows how to work with foreign affairs and has a deep understanding of the issues facing america. a new poll shows that donald trump continues to enjoy a commanding lead in the republican presidential race. the fox news poll says
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republicans surveyed back trump, 14-points better than senator ted cruz. senator marco rubio is the only other candidate earning double digits in the poll with 11-percent. as for the other candidates, they remain in the single digits. these five republican candidates are in iowa... campaigning in our neck of the woods and eastern iowa. donald trump spoke in pella this afternoon mike huckabee just wrapped up in reinbeck a hour ago. ted cruz just spoke in dike and is heading to new hartford. marco rubio was in ames and is now speaking at simpson college. and santorum is heading to neola in a half hour. as for democrats... all three of the presidential candidates are the state. martin o'malley and hillary clinton are campaigning in eastern iowa tonight... clinton is speaking in davenport at this hour.. as for bernie sanders he will travel to delmar at 7 p-m... tonight the mystery of the 20-16 ragbrai route will be solved.... the nation will learn eight
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a des moines register poll show most people think the ride will head south... the top guessed cities include ottumwa, creston, and mount pleasant. a "route announcement party" is being held tonight at seven p-m. it's at capital square in des moines and tickets are required. we will provide a full update of the route and stops along the way in our 10 p-m newscast... as iowa state gets ready to play kansas on big monday, they tried to avoid a letdown today at t- c-u the final score and highlights...later in sports... the countdown to the afc championship in denver is near... tomorrow it will be peyton manning vs tom brady... why this championship game could
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the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped a city rise again...
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and stared down hostile leaders around the world... is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job... she'll never let anyone privatize social security and medicare... or shut down planned parenthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women... and stop the republicans from ripping all our progress away. so on february first, stand up for hillary. because if you want a president who knows how to keep america safe... and build a stronger economy... hillary's the choice... i'm listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your support, i'm going to deliver. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. the broncos road to the championship could be the last for peyton manning. as if sunday's game weren't big enough for broncos fans... there's one more big thing to consider... it's likely peyton manning's last game in denver... as a bronco at least. kent erdahl
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perspective. the afternoon drive at mile high sports radio began with a familiar topic... les shapiro - mile high sports radio host clip 315 in-11:58 "he's certainly playing his final football game in denver... i believe." peyton manning... les shapiro - mile high sports radio host clip 315 in-12:20 "and i'm wondering, 'will you be able to watch the game sunday and not think of that or is it all about whether they win or lose and earn the trip to the super bowl." "i'm going to savor every minute of it." there's been a lot to savor during manning's four seasons in denver... but for radio host les shapiro... the most memorable moment was his first in 2012... the day he was introduced in orange. 282132 in-:00 'i could tell denver was committed to winning and i was glad they wanted me to be a part of it.' les shapiro - mile high sports radio host clip 303 in-3:36 "i'm looking at him in the auditorium at dove valley and i'm saying to myself, 'peyton manning and a bronco. it just doesn't look right." but it's amazing what four years, one mvp and several records will do to change that. daniel price - adrenalin inc. sports marketing clip 327 in-22:06 "i think his legacy is, for me personally, it's bigger than i thought it would be." sports marketer daniel price says you can start with peyton's jersey...
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since he came to town... and he also leads the league in endorsement money... and catchphrases... "football on your phone." "i'm really high voice peyton manning." "epic comeback starts right here." daniel price - adrenalin inc. sports marketing clip 327 in-26:00 "he's just comfortable in whatever he promotes, and that's not easy to do." he even found a way to cross promote on the field... omaha qb nats 496653 a simple audible led to an oatmaha beer... even a penguin named after him at the omaha zoo. saturday night live 623575 'you know you must have accomplished something when youre asked to come and totally humiliate yourself on saturday night live.' but despite his celebrity... fans wouldn't be getting tattoos, painting murals, or sculpting life size chocolate statues, if the guy hadn't been breaking records on the field... which leads us again to sunday. daniel price - adrenalin inc. sports marketing clip 327 in-22:24 "to be going into home field advantage and the afc championship game against new england, you couldn't have written a better script for a guy if it is his last year." and that's the thing about his last game, it has the potential to be his
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high sports radio host clip 303 in-4:34 "it would be a story for the ages, if he was able to walk off holding the vince lombardi trophy with another super bowl victory." (donkey noise) (elephant noise)
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there's a big difference between making noise... (mic tap) ...and making sense. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip servic