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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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in with jannay towne, the bernie sanders campaign and tell us about the mood there. erin, there is a lot to cheer about at bernie sanders caucus headquarters tonight. the results to come up and see how close this race is but of course, the crowd erupts. bernie sanders with huge crowds wherever he is coming that was 70,000 iowans, lot of people out showing support for bernie sanders. he has seen people with political revolution t-shirts tonight. right now, feel the burn slogan waiting to see how the race plays out. but we talk about how far behind and when he first started in iowa to nine months ago, 3 percent in the polls. no one knew his name so now come in and in that with hillary
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certainly, the oldest canada at 74. that is the storyline. in momentum going tonight supporters waiting to see if they can truly celebrate and feel the burn at the holiday inn. the sanders campaign, the caucus coverage continues now. from who-tv, the place for politics, this is a special edition of channel 13 news at ten, the iowa caucuses. welcome back come everyone to the special caucus like coverage at channel 13 news and dan you have been sitting out here since up in o'clock tonight, i think we started out for clock, but welcome to all of you watching around the world, it
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kick off a few things that have happened senator ted crews declared the winner for the republicans marco rubio running strong third and donald trump we have heard his speech from him and rubio donald trump in second place. bernie sanders and hillary clinton running neck and neck tonight. get us updated on the republican numbers. we have ted cruz in front 28 percent for a couple of hours now. trump four points behind, then the story of the night really marco rubio, third-place coming up 23 percent of the boat so far which puts him as mike mentioned several times eight points out ahead of where i will pull put him released over the we can. other news out of the republican side of things governor mike huckabee dropping out of the race and we purred now from giving their speeches for the
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governor huckabee for running and that will be interesting to see where his support goes now, on the democratic side martin o'malley suspended his campaign as well. just hearing from the executive producer iowa republican party come a record shattering 180,000 republicans have taken part in the 2016 iowa caucuses. that is incredible in new record of candidates. insiders waiting in the wings. but i think that is a tremendous turnout. that is good for the party. way have said all along but we need is a good turnout. in listen, everybody thought it was trump but it's not senator cruz and donald trump the marco rubio closer to trump. then trump is to cruz. we have been looking at the night, the computers, but regardless every time we look at
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dr. ben carson. let's. >> stay out of this one. right around 10 percent the entire evening but what do you predict happens with him coming out of here. i think he stays in for a period of time. people like ben carson and he has an extraordinary story but i think what happened to ben carson him -- a few months ago, talked about think the top three but i think what happened among other things, paris in san bernardino, don't think that help plus a very mild-mannered personality that maybe does not serve him quite as well in this rambunctious political year. the same power held a couple of months ago emerges as a front runner and raise a bunch of
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there. so i think you see him stay in for a period of time. i think channel 13 mike with carson come a member of his campaign and i'm not sure if campaign manager. but regardless we will check in. dr. carson we did hear from earlier. things are wrapping up into be clear, dr. carson said he is not going anywhere. this is only the beginning. he cried dirty tactics, very upset he and his campaign manager about the rumors that he would suspend his campaign that vowing to continue want to new hampshire, nevada that went on to talk about tonight's plan to destroy isis. that is something voters have been waiting to hear more about foreign form policy. so he did speak aggressively about destroying isis. he criticize president obama for
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not pose a threat to the united states of america and dr. carson said what planet does he live on for the statement like that. we need to seal the border and visiting southern porter and the holes in terms of not being a secure border. he took a jab at donald trump by saying recently, reading his bible, king david as a warrior and obviously a jab at donald trump speaking at the university. second karen fans. so the bottom line the carson campaign will continue on to new hampshire, not going anywhere. act to you. thanks, no problem. so we cut you off and we had some insight to offer so let's go back to a shot to include insiders.
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what do you see on the democratic side, 138 precincts to report which is about 9 percent of the precincts. i can tell you hillary clinton is up four tenths of 1 percent and i can tell you up to 138, 62 percent of those precincts are in counties that have been hillary's counties tonight but even in counties that lane link to one candidate or the other areas of those counties can divert so what we try to do is hone in on precincts and those remaining 138 precincts fallen to which of those categories. you like to predict early. we do what we can but sometimes you have to count the dam votes. responsibly. we want to be right not just first which is the most important thing, erroneous report. we did hear that someone called
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i suspect that is not the case, on the topic up dr. carson dave price did a phenomenal job looking ahead to all of this as did the entire staff but step but dave made a good point the last thing people in new hampshire want to see before you come there to get underwear and then though to washington dc, for breakfast or otherwise the thing come to new hampshire and i know of no clear way to say to the people of new hampshire you don't matter so i joined and dave suspicions. or to say to them we don't want to buy underwear. in new hampshire, what is wrong. i can see that we have sonia heights standing by them donald trump and thinking many people, let's check in with sonia come i know you talked to a number of people and it looks like the
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talk about the mood with trump coming in second to ted cruz. i think a lot of people surprise came in second. one of the things i noticed among the supporters here, they did not seem as infested and covering other elections, other caucuses throughout the year. but i think this speaks to whether or not donald trump is a more of a spectacle then a politician. as i was saying earlier tonight i think there were maybe five supporters for about everyone media person here. if there were media around the world, around the country, people clamoring to get in here. the highest turnout ever, record -- record-breaking, it would help him. but good old-fashioned shoe leather pounding the pavement
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going to every county, town hall meetings makes the difference with iowa voters. donald trump with huge events here. large venues but didn't get the people out to caucus as much as he thought. now, he did say in june, when he declared people thought he would come near the top tier candidates but did come in second tonight. said he's going on to new hampshire with high hopes and he should because he is ahead in the polls as well by significant number. he loves iowa, very gracious and thanked all the other candidates including mike huckabee who suspended his campaign and very good friends with him. he loves iowa, made by a farm someday but would like a lot more if what i have one tonight. very, very true, no doubt, thank
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my can cherry have mentioned how important that is in the caucuses, ted cruz what we refer to all 99 counties. it is his evening and i don't think we should take that away from him. we saw something tonight, however that we have not seen before and may not see again. we saw a humble donald trump. he was very gracious. it was a different donald trump. he did exactly what he should have done tonight. and you know, you never know what's going to happen tomorrow in new hampshire you may see something differently. do you think that was strategic to future states, absolutely. if i just come in sick and i'm not going to bash you. here is the thing, trump police he's going to win big in new hampshire and thinks he will win big in south carolina and big
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so in some respects, can afford to be humble but the thing about trump thinks two or three steps ahead and what he did tonight was good from a political standpoint. i'm glad to see him lose because i'm a lot more worried the marco us ted cruz. it make if you are co- rubio. we make if you ted cruz, we will see. here here's the thing that i think senator cruz nothing away from him tonight. and the problem has come at the people that he works with and i know this was among supporters in iowa, there's not one united states senator who endorse senator cruz. i think you will see a lot of momentum to rubio going into new hampshire but i don't think senator cruz does that well in
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went to south carolina so don't count him out at all. but i do think in terms of the other states, marco rubio has more friends and ted cruz come a big development hillary clinton is up eight tenths of a percentage on a night like this come a big deal with 91 percent of the precincts and then came from polk county. so that is probably the strongest development tonight. to think that is giving her some cushion? exactly. thank you very much gentlemen. let's check in with dave price and i think it is interesting what mike was saying about ted cruz not having support of any of his fellow senators because ultimately everyone in this country knows who have for we send to the white house has to be able to work with other people.
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necessarily have that reputation and the question will be whether voters care about that or if they are so disgusted with the system that they want to put somebody else and even if he does not have that track record of getting along with others and accomplishing something with others. what he has accomplished in the state's by the opposition from governor branstad and iowa secretary of state and others, he walks out of here with a big win, he's beaten back donald trump and ash you look at it some of these other connectives, obviously a good night for marco rubio donald trump kind of cap things tame and his remarks there but looking further down the list mike huckabee has already dropped out but what about people it weird statement from andy carson to go home to get some clothes, that comment
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we did check around we have dry cleaners so if he wants to replenish his supply he could do that if he chose to bit further down on the list rand paul looking for a better night and all along hoping to find 10,000 college supporters to boost him up there. he would have to do soul-searching and has to think about whether he wants to focus instead on holding onto the senate seat back in kentucky carly fiorina not much of a night in rick santorum terrible night way nightly at the bottom. this is somebody back four years ago one the iowa caucuses the start look at a couple of these people wondering what the path forward is and deep soul-searching they have to do. you start looking at close numbers, jerry keeps talking hillary clinton him bernie sanders. no matter which way this turns out it seems perhaps both of them will claim victory because the gap just frankly will not be
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and i apologize, we were not listening to the tail end of what you said because we are looking at other monitors but we always appreciate has dave has mentioned repeatedly what happens with dr. ben carson because it does seem a little strange that his campaign manager said -- >> i was thinking of places to buy underwear. we were watching these monitors because ted cruz 2016 caucus when are getting ready to address the huge crowd of the of the state fairgrounds where stephanie moore has been standing by live for us all evening. a live shot of the stage. we saw one of the supporters wanted early endorsers former secretary of state matt scholz
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former candidate bob. and so obviously, we are getting close to hearing from ted cruz that we will just hang onto this live picture because it appears he will take the stage soon. ted cruz was so hammered in the last couple of days. now that will get taken out of context and be a commercial in new hampshire. that's how this works in the last debate, so your 2016 i will caucus winner, ted cruz who has just been introduced. . [cheers and applause]
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obviously one that is not resonating with iowa republican caucuses. there is no question that did bring up the question what it means to be naturalized united states citizen commit crews who has argued before the supreme court multiple times himself probably in authority within get people calling him out within his own state of texas, bringing this up and challenging, bringing a lawsuit over it. so you see him shaking hands with iowa supporters, people who have run for office, who currently hold office and the state and to have run very well and are very popular with evangelicals. talking about the voting power. and we cannot overstate the
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risen above the tax from the gop establishment within the state of iowa terry branstad, the longing in america did not support anybody, attacked one candidate, texas senator ted cruz. that we talked about so much the day it happened, made headlines because governor branstad always made a. of saying i will not endorse anyone. and he came out and said, this is who you should not vote for in all of that on the stance of renewable fuels, a spokesperson for the renewable fuels industry and iowa but the where does ted cruz stand on renewable fuels, the renewable fuel standard. attacks were taking money from big oil, yesterday on meet the press
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thing for iowa was renewable based on over all. we will go back to the clinton campaign headquarters in a bit. let me first of all say that to bet cash to god be the glory. [cheers and applause] tonight is a victory for the grassroots tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives
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and across this great nation. tonight the state of iowa spoke i was set the republican nominees and the united states will not be chosen [cheers and applause] will not be chosen by lobbyists that will be chosen by. [inaudible] girl sovereign treat resides by we, the people, the american
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[cheers and applause] tonight commit takes to the incredibly hard work of everyone gathered here. courageous conservatives across the state state, we, together. we to gather on the of 48,000, 608 iowans. . >> to put into perspective the incredible victory that you have one tonight. that is the moat -- most votes ever cast for any republican primary winner. .
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tonight is a victory for millions of americans who shoulder the burden of seven years of washington deals run amok. tonight is a victory for every american who has watched in dismay as career politicians in washington in both parties refuse to listen and too often fail to keep their commitments to the people. tonight is a victory for every american who understands that after we survive eight long years of the obama presidency. that no one personality and right the wrongs done by washington. the millions who understand that is a commitment to the constitution, to shared insistence that we rise him return to a higher standard, the barry sanders that gave birth to
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known. [cheers and applause] to the revolutionary understanding that all men and all women are created equal. [cheers and applause] at our rights to not come from the democratic party where the republican party or even from the tea party. our rights come from our creator . and the federal government responsibility is to defend those fundamental rights commit to to defend us. and all americans will continue to suffer under a preston who has set an agenda causing millions to hurt across this country come
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promise of scripture, weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. [cheers and applause] tonight, iowa has proclaimed to the world morning is coming. morning is coming from day one his campaign has been a movement for millions of america's across -- america across the country to organize, to rally in to come together whatever washington people down. and tonight is a testament to the people's commitment to
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court commitment free market principles, constitutional liberties and judeo-christian values that built this great nation. . [cheers and applause] when the washington lobbyist settle on other candidates in the race, when the media in one place set a conservative cannot when, nationwide, over 800,000 contributions poured in to ted has courageous conservatives said yes, we can. [cheers and applause] 800,000 contributions ted cruz daughter word with average
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power of the grassroots. , but it is more than that commit is 12,000 volunteers in the state of iowa. [cheers and applause] ended over 200,000 volunteers all across this great nation. . [cheers and applause] you know, during the course of this campaign, people have asked heidi and me, are you tired? and i will admit, it is eckstein, 18 hours, at six, seven days a week, we are not
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[cheers and applause] to the contrary, we are inspired by each and every one of you. i leapt out of bed every morning amazed that at a time when the country is in crisis come everyone of us has the opportunity to stand and he have been put in a place of leadership for such a time commit senator ted cruz winter of 2016 iowa republican caucus -- you can see on the other side of your your screen secretary hillary clinton take -- taken the stage with her husband what an eye, unbelievable night what a great campaign this has been. [cheers and applause] an incredible honor to campaign across iowa for so many of you to make the case for the kind of future that we want for the democratic party and for the
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[cheers and applause] there is so much at stake in this election, i don't need to tell you every single one of the of you that came out for me who work so many hours from my young organizers with energy. to the families and friends across the state, i am deeply grateful. well, here is what i want you to know. it is rare come it is rare that we have the opportunity that we have now. to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for and what you want the future of our country to look like if we
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ima progressive so get things done for people. . [cheers and applause] i him am honored to stand in the long line of american reformers to make up our minds that the status quo is not good enough. but standing still is not an option and brings people together to find forward to improve the lives of americans. i look back over the years of my involvement from that very first job that i had at the children's defense fund, and i know, i know what we are capable of doing, and know we can create work good paying jobs and raise income for hard-working americans again and i know that we can finish the job of universal healthcare coverage for every man, woman
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[cheers and applause] and i know, we can come back climate change clean energy superpower of the 21st century. and i know you can make the education system for everyone of our children, especially those who come with and know we can make college affordable get students -- student debts off the backs of young people. . >> and i know pecan protect our rights, women's rights, gay rights, immigrant rights, workers rights. i know, two weekends and up to the gun lopping and get gun safety
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we do that by securing the nominations and then we do it by winning and calling going into that white house at the first -- as others before have determined to push forward on the great values that unite us as americans. i congratulate, i congratulate my friends and opponents, but i wish governor o'malley the very best to make make great public servant who has served maryland in the country. and i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for us in america. [cheers and applause] in the last few weeks, in the last few weeks, we finally began
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the most important substantive conversations that the demo democrat credit party can have night him thrilled at all the people who are playing a part in that. i know that we may have differences of opinion about how best to achieve our goals. but i believe we have a very clear idea that the democratic party and this campaign stands for what is best in america. and we have to be united. when it is all said and done, we have to be united against a republican vision and connected who would drive us apart and divide us. that is not who we are, my friends. i followed their i understand what they are


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