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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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whose leading in that state ahead of today's caucus. case closed. the search for a des moines murderer leads police to another violent metro case. we'll tell you how police realized they had a match. pothole patrol.. how cities are trying to keep up with all the potholes... and how you can help. it's tuesday february 23rd...
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first on 13... decision day has arrived for republicans in nevada this morning. the caucuses get underway there today... just hours after the candidates wrapped a final late night push to win the state. presidential candidate :00-:06"the men and women in this room have a national bully pulpit." presidential candidate :09-:12"this guy is sick, there's something wrong with this guy." today's vote will be the republicans' first big test in a state with a heavy latino population. the latest polls show donald trump with a 16 point lead over ted cruz. meanwhile, john kasich heads into the vote with backlash brewing back home. he's seeing protests after signing off to defund planned parenthood in ohio.
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he finished fifth in south carolina, but is vowing to keep his campaign going. meanwhile, the democrats are busy ramping up for a weekend vote. voters decide between hillary clinton and bernie sanders saturday in south carolina. clinton comes in with two wins -- iowa and nevada. sanders, just one -- the new hampshire primaries. police say the search for a des moines murderer is over this morning... 71-year old norma jean mcneeley was found beaten and stabbed to death inside her home last month. the search for her killer ended yesterday, when police matched blood at the crime scene to ali yahia. yahia is the same man who was killed in a shoot-out with urbandale officers earlier this month. they say before that, yahia tried to cover up the murder by pretending to be a crime victim himself. 09:03:34 he had , we know now, through the course of the homicide , had sustained a serious laceration to his hand. he went to the
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fabricated story of a home invasion 45 police say the mcneeley's murder started as a random robbery. yahia's record shows a long history of theft.... he was charged in 2014. a piece of iowa history is at risk of being destroyed this morning... the wagon wheel bridge near logans port. tons and tons of ice flowing down the des moines river have actually bent the bridge in several places. authorities say they're now watching an ice jam in fort dodge... they say if it were to break loose, the bridge may succumb to the river completely. ice is also causing flooding in the ledges park area... the d-n-r says the jam there did break, causing water levels to recede some flooded out areas. but it wasn't enough to reopen a portion
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andy bartlett, dnr "it affects traffic coming through here. it's only about a half a mile closure bit it cuts it off, so you can't get through so you gotta make alternate plans on how you're gonna come to the park if you come south from boone." the dnr does expect roads to reopen in the next few days. potholes are the cause of headaches for many drivers... but luckily, it is officially pothole repair season here in the metro... josh nguyen joins us now live to tell us how construction workers aren't the only ones who can help make our ride to work smoother.
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the city of des moines is chipping in some big bucks to guarantee a new downtown hotel. last night the city council approved a 10 million dollar loan to help build the iowa events center hotel.... that's up from 5 million. before, board members were trying to use that for a foreign investment program that would fund the hotel... but they abandoned that due to timing issues. a new financing plan had the city pitching in 10 million... and they have agreed. polk county has already approved 30 million dollars in funding. the hotel is set to open in early 2018. johnston students are being asked to pay up this morning for a ride to school... last night school board members approved a new paid ridership program. it will charge any student who lives within one mile of their school to pay for the bus trip. that's expected to expand to withing two miles once the new high
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the charge will be around $460 dollars per year... board members say the change will help with the school's budget during this time of expansion. west des moines, ankeny, urbandale,
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's agribusiness report. then... online shopping is getting a little pricier... we'll tell you why that is. plus the latest on a michigan shooting rampage. hear what the gunman is charged with today, and what evidence
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when the companies dow and dupont pioneer proposed a merger, as part of the agreement they set the combined company to split off into three specific and separate companies, one of which will be an agriculture company estimated to take a large part from dupont's ag business. on friday, it was announced johnston, iowa will be a global business center for that ag sector. the iowa economic development authority put together and approved a contract incentivizing that decision with $16 million. debi durham director of ieda says there were a
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this rich history of pioneer being here. two, you have a solid brand. three, you are connected to your customers. and four, we already have this incredible research talent and when you combine that with the assets that you have at iowa state university. and i will have to say iowa state university was critical to this decision as well." the city council of johnston took action later on friday to support the actions of the ieda in providing financial assistance to the proposed merger of dowdupont for a total of one million matching dollars. not exactly new dollars, it's a extension of the tax increment financing agreements with dupont pioneer, which has been in the johnston community for 90 years. the incentive is for 250 to 500 jobs, primarily for research. mayor paula dierenfeld of johnston says, "without those research and development jobs, we wouldn't have all of the other jobs that pioneer has that support the research and development so the investments that we're making in the 500 jobs really means an investment in 2600 jobs and probably more jobs than that in the future." the incentive money is based on the deal moving forward. no money will be spent until washington has approved the merger. and the company splits into three separate entities. the money is also based on a commitment for dowdupont to spend around half a billion dollars in iowa, most of
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our top story... unemployed iowans may benefit from an expensive mistake... in 2014, iowa workforce development mistakenly paid out nearly three quarters of a million dollars in unemployment checks. now one state enator says it's not worth the money it would take to try and get the funds back. he suggests it go to preventing another mistake like this. he'll
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republicans in nevada head out to vote today. today's republican caucus will be the republicans' first big vote in a state with a heavy latino population. the latest polls show donald trump with a 16 point lead over ted cruz. saturday, the democrats take their turn, in south carolina. the shooter in a michigan rampage is facing a list of charges... prosecutors say his motive is still unclear, but this morning they're finding more evidence for their case... police say jason brian dalton had a handgun on him with shell casings that match those at all three crime scenes. he also had a 'heavy duty' jacket - capable of concealing a pistol. additionally, investigators found a total of eleven rifles at dalton's home. they have also obtained his cell phone, which they're looking through now for further evidence. dalton faces 16 charges in saturday's rampage. ...including six counts of murder,
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being held without bail. president obama is sharing a plan to shut down guantanamo bay. the president has long-vowed to close the prison facility. he says it is used as a recruiting tool by terrorists and is too costly to maintain. today white house officials are submitting an outline for the closure to congress. it has opposed previous plans to shut the facility down. the current proposal involves transferring most of the detainees to other countries. those deemed too dangerous for travel will be sent to a detention facility here in the u-s. a truce between some of the groups fighting inside syria could goes into effect this weekend. in a joint statement, the u-s and russia said the "cessation of hostilities" is the result of talks between the two countries. the white house says president obama called russian president vladimir putin monday to discuss the truce.
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nationwide cessation between the armed opposition and the syrian regime and its allies. the proposed truce does not include terror groups currently operating in syria, such as isis. "free shipping" is getting a little harder to come by this morning... amazon's non-prime shoppers are being slapped with a price jump... usually if you spend enough money on the web retailer, you get free shipping. ...but it just raised the minimum amount -- so now you'll have to shell out 49 dollars before an order ships for free. that's a 40-percent increase from the previous minimum of 35 dollars. it's not clear when amazon made the change. amazon prime memberships -- which cost 99-bucks a year -- are not affected. it's something most of us remember doing every day in
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coming up.. why high school students in one district will start saying the pledge of allegiance again. and why a parent urged the
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another vote.. it's republicans


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