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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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legislators were fired up about firing guns today at the state capitol. find out what they decided about age restrictions on picking up a weapon. a wrong turn isn't always a bad thing. find out how one saved a man's life yesterday. and a newton couple is on a mission to spread joy and they want you to join them. find out how easy they say it is to do. news at four front door open good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks for joining us. good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks for joining us. second amendment rights were the
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capitol... some lawmakers pushed for legislation that they feel advance the 2nd amendment rights of iowans... stephanie moore joins us for an update, steph... five bills related to guns were debated at the statehouse today.... the first whether or not to allow children at any age to shoot a gun with parental consent, it was a topic
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'what this bill does, the bill before us allows for one year olds, two year olds, three year olds, four year olds to operate hand guns.' currently in iowa, children must be 14 years or older to shoot a revolver or pistol or handle ammunition. the proposed bill drops the age requirement all together but requires parent supervision. opponents say some parents are not responsible enough to regulate their children's actions and this bill protects those kids... however, representative jake highfill, who is sponsoring the bill, says its one of the best bills to advance the 2nd amendment rights of all iowans... 'it returns the power back to where it full belongs back in the hands of the parents to make the decisions they are entitled to do instead of the government.' the bill passed out of the house 62 to will now move onto the senate. the house also passed a bill
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legal in iowa, if that bill passes the senate it will make iowa the 42nd state to pass similar legislation. first he said no ... then he said maybe ... now charles grassley says he definitely won't hold a senate judiciary hearing on any nominee to replace antonin scalia on the supreme court. scalia passed away suddenly earlier this month. a political debate was instantly set off on whether or not president obama should nominate a successor ... and if the senate should consider that nomination. after two weeks of waffling on the subject senator grassley ... chairman of the judiciary committee ... gave a final verdict on the matter in a letter to senate leadership. on behalf of his full committee, grassley writes ... "we wish to inform you of our intention to exercise our constitutional authority to withhold consent on any nominee to the supreme court submitted by this president to fill
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this committee will not hold hearings on any supreme court nominee until after our next president is sworn in on january 20, 2017." grassley may not lead that hearing when it does happen. republicans could lose their four seat advantage in the senate in november's election ... and with it grassley would lose his seat as committee chair seat. two indianola paramedics say they were able to save a man's life yesterday thanks to a wrong turn. 2047-2105 "i took a right instead of a left ... went down fleur ... looks like it just happened." inside that semi jason kling and kayla schark found the driver was unconscious... and he didn't have a pulse. the two jumped into action ... performied c-p-r and used a defibrillator to restart his heart. the driver's name and condition haven't been released yet. but
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rescue tonight at five and six. opening statements took place today in the trial of a boone man... accused of killing his wife in 2012. alexander fazzino is charged with first degree murder. his wife... emily... was found dead in the bathroom of the couple's home. alexander fazzino told police his was addicted to prescription drugs and drowned in the bathtub. prosecutors contend he choked and drowned his wife because she wanted a divorce. the day before his trial was supposed to start, former state senator kent sorenson plead guilty to disorderly conduct. sorenson was originally charged with domestic abuse and interference with official acts back in july 20-15. as part of his plea, he now faces a sentence of up to 30 days in jail and a maximum 625 dollar fine. the 43 year old is awaiting sentencing for violating federal campaign finance laws during the 20-12 presidential campaign. police are looking for a vehicle and equipment stolen from a des moines school over the weekend. it
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school. a suburban and equipment belonging to the central campus f-f-a club were taken. all of the equipment and the suburbans were paid for by the club's fundraisers and plant sales. the missing vehicle is a black 1999 suburban ... it has des moines school license plates ... and a bumper sticker that reads "we give a crop about agriculture." in one of the stories getting the biggest reaction on social media today, all students at waukee schools will now be asked to recite the pledge of allegiance... at least once a week. currently the school only asks students up to 10th grade to recite the pledge. last night the school board voted to require all teachers to lead the pledge... including those teaching 11th and 12th grade. the aclu reached out to us today to remind us that the schools can't require kids to recite the pledge. the first amendment grants them the right not to no join in. but as we said, the story has been a hot topic on our facebook page today. hundreds of you have joined the discussion. the reaction is
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can join the discussion now at facebook- dot-com-slash-whohd. a newton couple have been on a mission for years to brighten the days of nursing home residents. now they want you to join in. coming up next ... we'll introduce you to bill and cindy williams ... and the challenge they are posing to all of you watching right now. a newton couple is trying to bring some smiles... to people
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and do fun things for themselves, anymore. most every town has a nursing home...or health care center with residents who dont get out much. one newton couple is encouraging people to take the time to go to 13s roger riley has the story... 7:17 hello everybody..were glad to be back in baxter bill and cindy williams like to visit area nursing homes..and care
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with some music.. 8:10 just as i am without one plea... they work as volunteers with the mission to live their faith, and try to encourage those who dont have much to look forward to.. 5413 our passion is to come out and sing,, and promote the lord and the music he provided.and to be with people, we love to see the smiles on their faces. we love to see them clap their hands tapping their feet. 5430 we leave receiving more than we gave. 1700 one day at a time...sweet jesus... the effect of the music is not hard to miss... 1411 guide me safely over all.. 5650 some o our songs you can tell theyre remembering.. certain songs we sing they join in.. 839 country roads take me home.. 355 a lot of these residents have a lot of pain, they have a lot going on emotionally, physically, and just any positive enlightenment we can do with the residents is always the best the williams have an even bigger
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inspire others to not forget those who live in such places.. to volunteer with music. or whatever skill they have.. 5634 we want to promote the idea not only to volunteer your time, but to show your love to other people, who dont have the ability to jump in a car and take off, and live the life that they would like to live. so we share our music with them its great that bill williams is able to come here and to perform for these residents, it really uplifts the see them smiling is a great thing to see. 240 anything we can do to make them smile is the best. in baxter rr channel 13 news if you'd like to talk to the williams' about volunteer opportunities we've put their contact information on
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mostly cloudy skies will hold on at least into the overnight in central iowa. while winds will be light at first from the nw at 5 to 10 mph, they will pick up and gust 20 to 25 mph on wednesday. with the wind, even though tthere will be more sun on wednesday, highs will be slightly cooler, in the upper 30s. winds will be even stronger on thursday with gusts near 40 mph possible. that will push highs well into the 30s for a brief cool down. warm weather bounces back over the weekend, with highs close to 60s on
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mostly cloudy skies will hold on at least into the overnight in central iowa. while winds will be light at first from the nw at 5 to 10 mph, they will pick up and gust 20 to 25 mph on wednesday. with the wind, even though tthere will be more sun on wednesday, highs will be slightly cooler, in the upper 30s. winds will be even stronger on thursday with gusts near 40 mph possible. that will push highs well into the 30s for a brief cool down. warm
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weekend, with highs close to 60s on
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coming up next ... forget everything you think you know about multiple sclerosis. we'll introduce you to a metro woman who is dispelling myths
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welcome back. we're dedicated to raising awareness about multiple sclerosis ... a disorder that effects the central nervous system. it's a disease you may not know much about ... or that you may be misinformed about. joining us now to talk about the disease is meg morgenson ... an ms sufferer who is proving the
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for more information about ms
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you can visit www.nationalmssoci we'll be right back with more on
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presidto shut down the guantanamo bay prison. find out why he says it still must be done ... and the roadblocks he faces to accomplish it. it looks like donald trump will make it three-for-four in early voting states tonight in nevada. we'll take a look at the battle for second place and what it means for super tuesday. and apple is losing support for its stand against a court order to break into a terrorist's phone. hear who says apple should
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judge's instructions. news at four front door the obama administration has offered up a plan to close guantanamo bay... seven years after the president vowed to shutter the facility. though the broad outlines of the administration's closure plan have been known for months, tuesday's announcement contained a few surprises about the strategy for emptying the military facility. andrew spencer has the details on the plan and reactions from the hill. "for many years, it's been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermines it." president obama is calling for the closure of the guantanamo bay detention facility. the long awaited plan was delivered to congress tuesday morning. "keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest
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of rule of law." the blueprint involves transferring most of the detainees to other countries. the rest -- deemed too dangerous to be moved abroad -- would be relocated to a detention facility in the united states. the plan identifies 13 possible u-s transfer sites -- including a military prison in leavenworth and the federal supermax prison in florence, colorado. bernie sanders offered up his support for the plan -- releasing a statement saying: "i am encouraged to see that the president is sending congress a plan to shut down the guantanamo bay prison. as i have said for years, the prison at guantanamo must be closed as quickly as possible" but reactions from other presidential candidates have not been so positive: presidential candidate "we're not going to close guantanamo." presidential candidate "don't shut down gitmo, expand it and let's have some new terrorists
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soil could take place, legal obstacles would likely need to be overcome. administration officials say they are planning conversations with lawmakers, but the outcome remains hazy. now to the race to replace president obama. tonight republicans in nevada weigh in on their choice for a presidential nominee. donald trump appears poised to easily claim another victory ... leaving the battle for second place as the real storyline tonight. sara murray has the latest. donald trump is hoping to lock in another win in nevada... presidential candidate "forget the word caucus, just go out and vote, ok?"while marco rubio appears set on amassing endorsements. "i'm supporting rubio." "he's conservative and he's electable."and is arguing it's time for republicans to rally behind him as the alternative to trump -- before it's too late presidential candidate "if we nominate someone that half of the republican party hates we're going to be fighting against each other all the way to november. we will never win that way."but right now donald trump's blows are firmly trained on ted cruz presidential candidate "this guy
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with this guy."just hours before voters cast their ballots in the unpredictable caucus state of nevada... presidential candidate "you know it is las vegas, it's a little tricky, a little tricky."cruz was still trying to nix the narrative that his campaign plays dirty... presidential candidate "this guy cruz lies more than any human being i've ever dealt with. unbelievable." presidential candidate "it's every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue."yesterday, cruz fired his communications director... presidential candidate "this morning i asked for rick tyler's resignation."that's after the staffer distributed a video that appeared -- inaccurately -- to show marco rubio dismissing the bible... presidential candidate "perhaps that's the most offensive one because they just made it up."as cruz struggled to regroup... john kasich had his own awkward campaign moment... saying women left their kitchens to support his 1970s statehouse bid... presidential candidate "we just got an army of people, who, um - and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door-to- door and to put yard signs up
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called out by a voter... "i'll come to support you, but i won't be coming out of the kitchen." presidential candidate "i gotcha, i gotcha." trump is boasting that he will be the only candidate who'll actually be in nevada tonight. is your smart phone security under attack? apple says it could be if the government gets its way -- while federal agents argue.. they just want a one time weapon in the fight against terror.. jay gray has the latest in the on- going battle to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino killers.. signals are definitely crossed when it comes to the fbi request that apple hack the iphone of terror suspect syed rizwan farook who died in a shootout with police after killing 14 and injuring nearly two dozen during an attack in december. "i don't think that backdoors into encryption is either going to be an effective way to increase security or is really the right thing to do for just the direction that the world is going in." most of the tech world has lined-up behind apple as the company fights a judge's order to unlock the data. though microsoft founder bill gates
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request.. "i do think people want the government to act on their behalf that they feel like the safeguards are there." but apple argues.. the company is being asked to create a blueprint that would put every iphone at risk.. "it's being asked not just to open a door but to create a door, create a lock, then create a new key for the lock. and once it does that, your iphone is not safe anywhere." in an on-line blog the director of the fbi writes.. "we could not look the survivors in the eye if we did not follow this lead." and goes on to say.. the "litigation isn't about trying to set a precedent or send any kind of message. it is about the victims and justice." the legal sparring will continue when apple files a formal appeal later this week.. jay gray - nbc news. in the court of public opinion..
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asked say apple should help the fbi unlock the phone. thirty-eight percent
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you've heard all about the water crisis in flint, michigan. tens of thousands of residents have been exposed to high lead levels in their water thanks to a polluted water source that's corroding pipes. the lead poisoning came to light thanks to one flint resident who was willing to speak up ... and thanks to a scientist on the other side of the country. melissa hipolit talked to both of them about blowing the whistle on a public health crisis. the ordinary footsteps and chuckles of students racing to and from class at virginia tech belies something extraordinary in a small conference room in the
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mountains of southwest virginia. 'its like lincoln said: if you want to know a persons true character, give them power,' dr. marc edwards, a professor of environmental and water resources engineering at virginia tech, said to a group of his phd students. tucked away in a building known to students as ictas, a man and his disciples talk about the message they want their work in flint, michigan. they are a group of heroes, according to thousands of people who live more than 500 miles away. 'every citizen in flint is grateful. the citizens in flint dont trust anybody else, they trust virginia tech,' leeanne walters, a military-wife and former flint resident, who now splits her time between norfolk and flint, said. when dr. edwards took a call last august from walters, a desperate mom in flint who told him her child was sick with lead poisoning, her family was losing their hair, they were covered in rashes, and the tap water looked nasty, he listened. 'i called him crying, im like ever going to believe us, what do we do to make them believe us?' walters said before showing cbs 6 the scars that remain on water. dr. edwards listened and after receiving samples, he began
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her water. troubled by his findings, he asked his phd students if they were up for a challenge. 'we were all out to lunch and he was like i need some volunteers, were going to flint, michigan,' rebekah martin, a phd student from midlothian, said. martin, who graduated from trinity episcopal school in 2009, was one of the ones who said 'yes.' 'we drove to michigan from blacksburg, and we had to take marcs wifes van,' martin said. eleven hours later, martin and her colleagues met walters. the group ended up visiting dozens of people on their two day trip and taking samples of their water. 'most of them were sick, they had skin rashes, their hair was falling out, their children were lead poisoned,' martin said. they also sent bottles to 300 homes in flint and asked residents to send them their water. 'it was probably eight days of running this thing continuously,' dr. jeffrey parks, a research scientist at virginia tech, said. back in blacksburg, the team tested the samples for lead. parks said the results were staggering. 'we knew there was a problem,' parks said. when the city of flint switched its water source to the flint river in the spring of 2014, the corrosive water
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then poisoned the water. but, government officials in michigan were not admitting there was a problem. residents concerns were seemingly ignored. walters even said she was publicly ridiculed. 'i was told i was a liar, and i was stupid,' walters said. dr. edwards and his students were essentially whistleblowers sounding the alarm using scientific data even as a spokesperson from the michigan state office, charged with keeping the water safe, down played the teams findings. 'how did you keep the students motivated when people up there like the spokesperson for the state department of environmental quality was saying, oh virginia tech, they do this all the time and were discrediting what you were doing?' cbs 6 reporter melissa hipolit asked edwards. 'well, actually, its the other way around. they kept me motivated, so they knew that what we were doing was right,' edwards said. dr. edwards and his team were ultimately vindicated, and the governor of michigan even thanked him. 'when there was no one else who would help these people, we stood up,' edwards said. they stood up for people like walters and put into practice what virginia tech preaches through
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'every penny donated to that school, they are worth it and more, because they arent just there for a job, they are there for people, and thats rare these days. dr. edwards and his team still continue to investigate the flint water crisis using both their lab and the freedom of information act. they've started a website to document everything they've learned about the poisoning of flint, michigan. mostly cloudy skies will hold on at least into the overnight in central iowa. while winds will be light at first from the nw at 5 to 10 mph, they will pick up and gust 20 to 25 mph on wednesday. with the wind, even though
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sun on wednesday, highs will be slightly cooler, in the upper 30s. winds will be even stronger on thursday with gusts near 40 mph possible. that will push highs well into the 30s for a brief cool down. warm weather bounces back over the weekend, with highs close to 60s on
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mostly cloudy skiewhile winds will be light at first from the nw at 5 to 10 mph, they will pick up and gust 20 to 25 mph on wednesday. with the wind, even though tthere will be more sun on wednesday, highs will be slightly cooler, in the upper 30s. winds will be even stronger on thursday with gusts near 40 mph possible. that will push highs well into the
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weather bounces back over the working out when you dont have kids is tough enough... add a new baby to the mix and it can seem impossible. ive been struggling to get back into a routine, which is the point of this 'workout of the week'! finding time for fitness can be hard when you want to spend your free time doing this... thats a universal problem, or feeling that new moms have...dont want to be separated... ...' its hard, but personal trainer angie gallagher says, it is possible.
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on time with michael francis, angie shows us exercises we can do with a baby. we start with squats, and fifteen pounds feels like plenty of weight...especially for a new mom who hasnt hit the gym in months. ...yes! embarrassed and self-conscious ... i felt uncomfortable all the time right after the babies, carrying weight youre not used to carrying, your muscles arent responding, feel heavy and sluggish... ...' thats exactly why its so important to start doing something. all of these moves can be done at home with no equipment so i can squeeze in a few reps when im not dealing with diapers and bottles and still have quality time with the little one. we'll be back in three minutes
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medicaid.... just not next week as planned. begin... today... at which minors should be able to carry guns... and why suppressors could soon come to iowa. and a metro f-f-a school office is the target of thieves. what they stole that will affect how the group runs... the plan to move iowa medicaid services to a private system, was initially set to happen january first... it was pushed back to march first after federal regulators said the state wasn't ready...
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good evening, i'm sonya heitshusen. and i'm erin kiernan thanks for joining us. within the last hour... governor branstad says the centers for medicare and medicaid services approved iowa's plan to transition to a privately managed medicaid system. but that will happen, on april first, instead of one week from today as planned. the administration says c-m-s noted it saw a 'significant improvement' and 'significantly enhanced' provider networks. three private companies will oversee the system - which serves 560- thousand iowans. democrats have criticized the switch, saying the state isn't ready for it. governor branstad says privatizing medicaid will save the state as much as 51 million dollars in the first six months five bills related to guns were discussed on the house floor today. they address everything from suppressors and age limits to privacy regulations... stephanie moore has the details... it's considered an accessory that's used with a fire arm to limit the sound... suppressors, which are legal in 41 other states, was debated on
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floor...some lawmakers hoping to make iowa number 42.... 'i think they are a tremendous device, they are for hearing protection, a suppressor itself is not a weapon, its an accessory thats put on a firearm just to cut down the noise as a hearing protection device.' representative terry baxter introduced the bill...he says suppressors reduce the sound of gun shot by 20-30 percent, direct the sound downrange away from the shooter and help protect the shooter's hearing... but those in opposition see it as a weapon.... 'the fact that the federal government with the second amendment in place categorizes a suppressor as a class three weapon tells me that there is some added danger to its use.' also debated---how old a child should be to shoot a gun- currently in iowa, children must be 14 years or older to shoot a revolver or pistol or handle ammunition. the proposed bill drops the age requirement all together but


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