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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  September 6, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations.
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what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> the eurozone crisis is the greatest risk to the global economy. all eyes on the ministers are arriving for the european central bank meeting. hello and welcome to gmt. also in the program, the french holiday turning into a horrific crime scene. a 4-year-old girl alive after a gruesome shooting in which four adults were killed.
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the democratic party convention. bill clinton supporting barack obama for a second term in the white house. it is midday here in london, 7:00 in the morning in washington, and 1:00 in the afternoon in frankfurt, germany, where all eyes are on the meeting of the european central bank. the market will want to know if mario draghi is as good as his word. the oecd just described the crisis as the greatest risk to the global economy. spain has convinced germany for rapid action. i am joined now by our correspondent in berlin and madrid. steve, if i could come to you first. what are they discussing at the ecb? >> basically, whether to buy up
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spanish debt. if the price of borrowing gets too high. mr. mario draghi indicated he would do whatever it takes, how much he would be prepared to spend of the ecb's money, and germany is uneasy. willet it be a vague promise to buy debt or something more than that? >> how important is this meeting for spain? further down the line, italy possibly. >> the spanish government argues that the crux of their problem at the moment are high borrowing costs. they cannot go to the market and get money at a sensible rate of interest. there are two scores of thought white spain's borrowing costs are so high -- thought why
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spaipn's borrowing costs are so high. >> some would say it is the ecb offering direct help to governments which it is not supposed to do and people in germany are now convinced. >> tom alluded to the problem. if you think the spanish problem is that its economy is out of kilter, that its problems stem from a housing boom financed by borrowing, if you believe that, the answer is that thing has to be sorted out the real measures. if you believe that it is something speculatively on the financial markets, then the ecb has a role.
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the head of the bank believes the former. he believes if you relieve pressure on spain by buying up its dead, making it easier for it to borrow money, then those problems will not be addressed. >> there is an argument either way, and those arguments are likely presumably to be played out today. >> george, they have already been played out in the newspapers. also a speech from the economy minister this morning. spain pitching to the germans we have done everything already. therefore, we need that financial help and it will be safer and we will balance our budget and get growth going again in the economy. there will be difficult talks. you only have to go back to a
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summit in the summer. there are some internal politics within the european union to also be played out today. >> thank you both. french authorities say a four- year old girl has been found alive under the bodies of three adults said to be tourists shot in a car in france near a popular tourist destination. the young girl is said to be in a critical condition. >> late last night, at an astonishing discovery. a 4-year-old girl found alive under bodies in a car. the girl is thought to be uninjured but was taken to hospital as a precaution. 3 of the four victims are
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reported to be british. the other dead man, a cyclist, was found nearby along with a badly injured seven-year old girl. this is a very unusual investigation. >> once the criminal investigation technicians arrive, we were able to open the vehicle. we discovered a small child. she was without a doubt immobile in the midst of the bodies. >> it is thought the cyclist may have been killed because he witnessed the attack. the motive for their murder is a mystery. meanwhile, police have been at a nearby campsite. this is a remote area popular
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with tourists. the bodies have now been removed from the murder scene and the foreign office is expected to make a statement. >> let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines. palestinian officials in the gaza strip say three people have been killed by an israeli tank shell. these latest deaths, after a separate incident on wednesday when three palestinians were killed during an air raid. a driver who ran over a toddler in a hit-and-run crash has been jailed for three and a half years for negligence resulting in her death. at least 18 people passed by before a rubbish collector eventually stopped to help.
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thousands of mourners have been arriving in a south korean resort to pay their respects to a religious leader who died on monday. weeping and carrying flowers, they crowded into the quarters of the church during the start of the 10-day wake. bill clinton has made a passionate speech endorsing barack obama for a second term for president. thousands welcomed the return of the comeback kid who reveled in the spotlight. he said the americans have a choice. >> please welcome president bill clinton. >> the man democrats called the big dog. bill clinton is more popular than ever, announcing obama for
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re-election. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside. [cheers and applause] but who burns for america and the inside. [cheers and applause] are we where we want to be today? no. is the president satisfied? of course not. are we better off? >> he praised the younger man for hiring his wife hillary clinton even after the primaries four years ago. >> when we vote in this election cannot we will be deciding what kind of country we want to live in. if you want a winner take all, you are on your own society, you should support the republican
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ticket. if you want a country of shared opportunities and responsibilities, we are all together, you should vote for barack obama and joe biden. >> when it ended, the nominee appeared. bill clinton is the only living president who can speak with authority about job creation, economic growth, and the balanced budget. for barack obama, the outlook is an unpredictable. forcing organizers to move his speech tonight from a football stadium into a smaller conference hall. in some ways, moving inside to and more modest than you might .enefit a president's fo americans are now looking for substance. >> let's get more now on that
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horrific shooting i told you about a little while ago in the french holiday resort. my colleague john is there for us now. john, when we started the program we did not have a huge amount of detail. >> we seem to know what has happened. in a remote area not far from the campsite where this family was staying, the most violent shooting took placeast night. three members of one camlet were killed. the father, the mother, and grandmother. a child was seriously injured. then remarkably, the police went to the same cannot look into the car and confirmed three dead bodies. when they came back, they found
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hiding under two of the bodies was a four-year old girl who was unharmed. a passing cyclist was also killed who may have been gunned down because he witnessed the shooting. as to a motive for why such extreme violence should be used in a corner of france that is known for being a peaceful, quiet, beautiful retreat, that is still bewildering. >> on the question of motive, we are just getting some more information which i will share with our viewers. i am getting this now from our security correspondent. the father killed and the shooting -- in this shooting originally an iraqi from south of baghdad.
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listed as working for a satellite technical company in the south of england. some information coming in. obviously, we just broke that. we are talking about a place where people come on holiday for soem peace and quiet and beauty. this must have shocked locals and tourists alike. >> absolutely. i think there is just a sense of the utter bewilderment. there was a cyclist going along, another overtook him, and a few seconds later the cyclist who was overtaken arrives and found the victims. it sounds like something like a mass murder out of chicago in
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the 1920's. it does not sound like this part of france. in the summer, beautiful and meadows, a fantastic lake, quietness. you have just given me that information about the person who has been killed, a former iraqi citizen. whether there is a relationship with that, we cannot know. there is due to be a news conference taking place here shortly and hopefully we will get more light on this at the moment. >> at that news conference, i imagine one of the questions that is going to come up is why took the police so long to find this surviving child. was it eight hours or something? >> 8 hours. they went to the scene last night. there were bodies and nothing
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moving in that car. they thought they would seal off this area and then bring in the forensic teams in the morning so nothing is disturbed over the course of the night. eight hours later, they find under the bodies immobile, not moving, this 4-year-old girl. it does look like it was an extraordinary oversight. i suspect what was in the police's mind was to preserve the crime scene. in the process, they let a four- year old girl spend the night in a car with the dead bodies of her mother, father, and grandmother. >> still to come on gmt, the search is on in the united states for those behind an elaborate bank robbery. was a real or was it a hoax?
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bullfighting has been shown live on spanish public television for the first time in six years. the ban has been lifted by the spanish prime minister. >>♪ >> supporters say it celebrates spain's cultural heritage. critics insist it is outdated and cruel. six years ago, bullfighting was banned from the widely watched television channel, a decision made by the previous socialist government. now bullfighting is back on state tv in a prime-time spot. >> i like it very much because
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young people will once again see the bulls and a this is what we want. >> it seems very good to me indeed. it is about time. >> the decision was made by the pro-bullfighting prime minister who is hoping to make the sport a staple of spanish tv once again. but the move has angered animal rights campaigners. >> we see this as a backward step not only from a social and ethical point of view about what it means for torturing animals. >> for now, this is a victory for those who followed this sport. it seems unlikely opponents will let this go unchallenged.
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>> this is gmt from bbc world news. the european central bank is expected to announce plans shortly to buy government bonds of your resume countries. a four-year-old british girl has been found alive underneath the bodies of her family in southeast france. time now for the business news. i wouldn't mind getting your view on that story of the eurozone crisis where all eyes are on the european central bank. >> we cannot stress enough how high the expectation is. oil prices are up. the borrowing costs are down,
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simply off the fact they expect mario draghi in an hour's time to deliver this plan that will save the eurozone crisis. it is all about giving the region some breathing space to get the troubled economies their financial houses in order. the expectation is huge. >> you will have a story to tell tomorrow. the one thing the world economy does not need is -- there is a huge argument going on about solar panels. >> go figure. we are talking about the biggest and most significant anti- dumping investigation ever taken on by the european commission. the solar panel business was worth $26.5 billion. time that manufactures 65%. 8 out of every 10 of those solar panels go to europe and european
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manufacturers are saying, in particular germany, they are saying china is flooding the european market with components that are under a market value which makes it harder for european companies to compete on the same level. the commerce ministry of china says it is deeply regrets this eu decision. very, very cross. let's have a listen. >> restricting chinese exports will hurt the interests of both chinese and european industry. no doubt about it. however cheap the products are, manufacturers are suffering because the speed of which this industry has ramped up over the last few years as well as falling demand in europe because the financial crisis. companies in china are
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hemorrhaging red ink just like their counterparts in europe. >> will china retaliate? that threat is on the table at the moment. >> there is the big airline news. qantas is in trouble but it is hitching up with emirates. >> it the momentous day in airline history. qantas has made its biggest ever arrangement in its airline. it is tied up with emirates. they have signed a 10-year deal which will see qantas getting rid of its singapore hub. the hub will now be in dubai. the co-chairmen arrangement with british airways is gone after 20
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years. this is more just a code-sharing agreement. they will coordinate on pricing, ticketing, scheduling, mileage programs, lounges. it is a game changer for qantas. it needed to make a change. for emirates, it will do a l lot more for the airline as well. >> their basic problem is they have a huge hub in dubai. lots of volume and people coming from europe, but it is extensive for them to service the extremities of their network. if they can have qantas bill that role, it is a much better for both of>> there will be 98 y services between the two. >> thanks very much.
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the south african mining company has signed a peace accord with some unions representing striking miners but the union has refused to sign the deal which would have committed the minors to return to work on monday. and activist as called for striking workers to withdraw their labor until their demands were met. >> they are operating a mine. they are making millions. they are sitting there -- a stone's throw away from the mine. there is no water, electricity, no proper houses or schools. the solution is mine workers must be paid sufficiently so they can do those things for themselves. >> police in los angeles are
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searching for two men who robbed a branch of bank of america on tuesday. they strapped a device to a hostage and forced her to take money out of the bank vault. >> played out in daylight on the streets of l.a. a bank robbery carried out by a bank manager, kidnap, and told she was wearing a bomb which would be detonated if she did not do what she was told. >> a device was strapped to her body and that she was ordered to take the money out of the bank which she did. there were other employees inside and she explained to them what was happening and it showed them the device that was strapped to her body. everyone believed this was an
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explosive device. >> the device was removed and a robot was brought in to make it safe. the police still have not said whether it was a bomb or a fake. the robbers made off with an undisclosed amount of money. there was a similar robbery in 2003 in pennsylvania when a pizza delivery man walked into a bank with a pipe bomb and it took thousands of dollars. it was never established whether or not he was in on it. the victim was not hurt but was said to be in shock. >> there was absolutely no indication that this woman would have done this to herself. >> we are going to take a short
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