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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  September 11, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> the balance sheet from beijing -- premier wen jiabao lists extraordinary progress during his time in office. while the world war is about china's slowdown, the premier extols the virtues of policies which transformed a nation. welcome to "gmt." i'm david eades. coming up of the program -- pakistan's intelligence agency brands the u.s. as the worst enemy, according to the doctor that guided america's military to osama bin laden. never carry a murray -- andy murray wins his first grand slam final and the first by a british
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men's tennis player in 76 years. it is midday here in london, 7:00 a.m. in the morning in washington, 7:00 in the evening in beijing where premier wen jiabao has been outlining the scale of china's transformation since he came to power. what a change of leadership looming amid signs of a slowdown in china's own economy, the premier extolled the massive strides forward, and through the years of global economic crisis he said this is do it to his government policies that they managed to avoid businesses failing, workers from becoming unemployed and farmers from returning from their bulges. the growth, which as fallen from 7%, will nonetheless be maintained. >> the basic role of market and resource allocation. mackerel regulation in a scientific way, acted quickly to
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correct a market failures and prevented major fluctuations in the economy. after the international financial crisis broke out, we further implemented a package plan, making paramount efforts. increasing investment and stimulating consumption. reentered rating industries and promoting technological innovation. boosting economic growth and improving people's livelihood. and overcoming current difficulties, and pursuing long- term development. thanks to these efforts, china was among the first to achieve an economic upturn. and what we did was also rifle and promoting economic world recovery. >> our reporter is where the
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world economic forum is taking place, where premier wen jiabao is laying out his time in office. john, there are plenty of reasons for concern across the globe at the moment when we are looking at china. this fell to me like it was really his opportunity to lay out his balance sheet as to what he has achieved. would you go along with that? >> i think so. basically this is a man in the twilight of his decade in power. in large part of this speech was a bit of self congratulation, if you like. but it was all -- also a rough cost to do critics who say china is running out of policy options. there has been a slew of gloomy economic data over the past few months. export growth slowing, imports falling, real worries as to whether china can reach its already reduced gdp targets for
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this year. this is wen jiabao saying, not only what they had done so far was affordable, but there was more in the tank if needed and the government would prioritize keeping growth on track. >> in terms of the policies themselves, he actually referred to the use of science almost in driving those policies. was there enough there to a broader canvas, a global audience, the thing, to reassure? >> i am not sure. it was strong on rhetoric. he spoke about welling up with a motion when he thought of this ancient nation brimming with youthful enthusiasm. it was full of commitment about the kinds of things that had already been done, being continued to be done. but there was nothing really new
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of substance. the challenge for china at the moment is trying to rebalance the economy, something we heard from the senior politicians for many, many now -- months now. it needs to switch from export and investment-led growth to a model based on domestic consumption. so far there does not appear to be a magic formula, nor in the speech. >> have we already reached a point at which what premier -- the premier has to say? we have a leadership change in mean, everybody waiting for the new generation with presumably their own views on how to manage the economy. >> that is true, except, of course, we know very little about what china's next generation of leaders think or what policy directions they may take this country in. such is the opaque nature of the political transition now taking place. of course, the old guard hang
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around, as is tradition, so we can be pretty sure wen jiabao's influence will continue to be felt beyond this transition period. i think he was making one subtle point today, which is the days of real bomb per double-digit growth in china probably are over. he said at one point, the quality of growth was more important than the speed of growth. that is perhaps a signal there is an admission from china's top leadership that things are shifting. >> thank you very much, indeed. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines. three policemen have died in fresh clashes in kenya, according to the red cross. the latest violence linked to a dispute over land rights is thought to have taken place in four villages. it follows the killing of 38 people in the area on monday. the government imposed a dusk to
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dawn curfew locally. some reports suggest police had to withdraw from the area. turkey has refused to extradite erich's fugitive vice-president after he was sentenced to death in absentia. the turkish prime minister said he can stay in turkey as long as he wants to. he has told the bbc the death sentence illegal. residents in northern thailand have been warned to strengthen flood defenses and be prepared to move to higher ground as heavy rains lashed the country. the center of the historic city thesukuthai -- and villages are swamped as water levels reach more than a meter. the pakistani doctor who helped of the united states to locate osama bin laden's hideout has told a u.s. tv network that the country that is powerful -- powerful spy agency, isi among regards america as its worst
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enemy. in an interview from his present in bashar dr. shakil afridi said the deposed who interrogated him said he helped pakistan that a worst enemy, worse even than the indians. pretty extraordinary remarks if they stand up to scrutiny. >> yes, although that is how a lot of people imagine the pakistani intelligence agencies do you the world. a lot of pakistanis, indeed, the things that way as well. a great deal of anti-americanism here at the moment. but this is all focussed on dr. shakil afridi, a man arrested about 20 days after the raid in which osama bin laden was killed because he had set up a fake vaccination program, and the idea was that he somehow obtained a blood samples and dna samples from the bin laden compound in order to verify whether the al-qaeda leader was there are not.
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we are not clear about whether he was ever able to do that. we do not think he was. but even then, he was sentenced to 33 years in prison, ostensibly on charges of funding a militant group. but i think widely more people recognize that it is because of his links and works with the cia. in this interview he says he is very proud that he worked with the cia and he would do what all again, even though, as he said, he suffered a great deal of torture. he has been bound for many months in prison since the pakistani intelligence agencies got a hold of him. >> what he says is one thing, what they isi is another, but you say it is almost a common held view that americans are pretty much the worst of the mall but the moment. what does it mean for the billions of dollars that are still funneled into pakistan from washington? >> of course, it has great implications but the relationship and also the conflict across the border in
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afghanistan. but this is always the key question -- pakistani authorities have always said that any country in the world would deal with a citizen in that way if it were found a citizen was giving the information to a foreign spy agency. in this case, of course, talking about the foreign spy agency in the form of a seat -- the cia, someone with home pakistani intelligence agencies was a blow to the working closely with, toward the same ends. and finding a credit to the other. that was the question many in washington had. we were working together, so why are you putting this man in prison? washington has put pressure on as lombok to get this man released and also cut millions of dollars worth of funding in protest. >> thanks very much, indeed. at last, at a collective gasp of relief and celebration has been ringing around britain as andy murray finally put his own demons behind him and won a tennis grand slam final. the fifth time asking as he beat
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novak djokovic in five sets. if it seems like a herculean achievement in itself, it is as nothing compared to the way the british public has endured -- 76 years since the previous british mends victory at a grand slam event. that was also the u.s. open. andy murray's home town in scotland has certainly been celebrating after his historic victory. and his supporters say no one deserves it more. [indiscernible] >> absolutely fabulous. scotland -- the u.k. as well in
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the olympics. this has been a long time coming. just enjoying tennis from now on. >> and hard luck story for andy murray. a fighter in the end. >> there we are. our correspondent at andy murray's tennis club -- we will avoid the argument whether he is gone ashore british. listening to supporters gathered. i guess they have done this for four previous times as well -- they deserve a medal themselves. you very much seems the home bo is in the? >> he really is. a local hero and a terrific mood of celebration. as he picked up listening to the people, a real sense of pride in what he achieved. andy murray played here as a boy with his brother jamie.
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early on they were kids of a prodigious talent but he carried on his association with the town and the people support and admire him. they know and still. as you say, they climbed the hill five times now, hoping he would win. sometimes he has done better than others, but last night he talked it off. a real sense that he deserved it. sometimes he has been seen as taciturn, but i think people always thought he was dogged, determined and focus, all of these things. they admire those qualities. and andy murray certainly have them in spades and delivered at the end of what, for him, has been a wonderful summer of tennis. what an achievement -- he's got his olympic gold medal, so will metal, and then topping it off with the u.s. open championship. >> i suppose for irving dunn
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blaine -- for the sports club, they will be packed with young ones trying to copy him now. >> interesting watching andy murray on tour, he always seems to have time for young people and they were picking it up. they will the scene the way his career progressed. obviously a role model, obviously a hero for people across the uk. i think there was a real hope among tennis lovers that andy murray of the achievements will help spur young people and get kids picking up rackets and playing, so we would not have such a long gap as we had between fred perry and andy murray. >> still to come -- to stay on not to stay. it is all about europe as holland's prepares to vote.
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turkey has refused to extradite iraq that if you did to rise president after he was sentenced to death in a set -- in absentia. the turkish prime minister said hashimi can stay in turkey as long as he wants to. james reynolds has this. >> tariq al hashimi is meant to be on death row in baghdad, but instead we met him at a hotel in turkey. iraq that the vice-president dismissed the iraqi court that a verdict. >> the verdict was not -- from -- was not a surprise to me. i thought this verdict to be taken by this unreliable trial. >> this is the man he blames for the verdict, iraq that the prime minister, north al-maliki. the two men lead iraq that a rival communities of sunnis and
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shias. iraq's vice president said he was prepared to go back to iraq under two conditions. >> i am ready any time, provided that security is prepared for me. and fair trial. >> does it mean the trial without the government of north al-maliki? >> the problem we are facing, james -- the case of the accusation. let us talk about how to put an end or how to find a suitable exit for the current political impasse we are facing. >> the presence is clear enough. on sunday, more than 100 people were killed in bombings and insurgent attacks. it was one of the most violent days of the year and a sign of the continuing rifbetween sunnis and shias, a division made clear by the case against
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the vice president. >> this is "gmt" from bbc world news. the headlines -- china's premier told of the world economic forum that his country is on track to hit growth targets for this year. pakistan that a spy agency regards america as its worst enemy, according to a doctor involved in the search for osama bin laden. time for business news. we will focus on wen jiabao. no one could dispute of this extraordinary transformation of the country in the course of the last decade, but it is the here and now that your people are bothered about. >> absolutely. i don't think we can stress just how important his speech was, not only for the european economy but for the global economy and for the 2000 delegates at the forum, many of those very big investors. the reason it is important is because we have seen more and
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more evidence of late at the chinese economy is slowing, and slowing faster than any previously thought. the growth rate at the moment is at a three-year low. manufacturing is kind of stalling. exports are slipping. just yesterday we saw numbers for august on imports from imports actually down as well. it gives good evidence what is happening on the ground and what the chinese people are buying and spending is also slowing. that is a big, key issue. the other big problem for china is europe. europe is hurting and it means european are buying less chinese-made stuffed. cannot step the profound and pack. everybody waiting to see what sort of policy, new policies the premier was the one to announce. the reason also they are watching that as late last year and early this year, beijing was worried the chinese economy was overheating, they put in some policies and restricted the amount of lending to banks could do. that kind of backfired. since then, they have reversed
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those, freed up money for banks to lend. they cut interest rates twice. but it is all about now, and the growth rate this year. let's have a listen to our correspondent on the ground at the forum. >> many are wondering whether china is on track to hit its steady growth target of 7.5% for this year, and premier wen jiabao in a detailed speech enumerating the successes of the administration, said yes, in fact china would be able to meet its growth targets of this year and that it would put more emphasis on trying to stabilize the economy. i think those are the two nuggets from the long speech. but certainly the investors here in the world wide are looking for, they are looking for any hints from the chinese economy of what more they might possibly do to support the growth. >> let's move on quickly and have a look at investors, banks, bonuses -- deutsche bank. >> germany's big as lenders --
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germany's biggest lenders. they have an investor day, assuring they are on solid footing and telling investors were future profits will come from. just recently deutsche bank announced a cost-cutting program of nearly $6 billion. but this was a meeting also being watched closely by other big international investment banks about what deutsche bank was going to say about bonus payout -- wasn't going to cut the bonus payout? i will touch on it in a second. i will keep the anticipation. but it is all about the bank, preparing for a new, much tougher environment. more regulation, a shaky global environment. public outcry to those payouts. deutsche bank announced it was going to reduce bonus payments and also the for them for five years, which means if you make a bonus for deutsche bank, you will wait five years before you get that so it will give you a chance to see what you have done to get the investment, the
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trade, will actually come to fruition hopefully in the five- year period. but this is a big step by a big bank. listen to this. >> they've got one of the biggest investment banks in the world and they have been in the forefront of paying a lot of money -- same as barclays and a lot of the big american banks. it would be big statement for them to do that. >> banks like barclays -- watching very closely. >> thanks very much, indeed. 11 years after the september 11 attacks on new york, the pentagon and health authorities and the u.s. announced survivors will be entitled to free monitoring and treatment for around 50 types of cancer. this move covers more than 70,000 members of the emergency services responded to the attacks, and indeed, of its nearby at the time. it is thought they may be at risk of exposure to toxic compounds in the wreckage. dutch voters are to elect their
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next government on wednesday, with concern in the country focused on the economy in europe. much of the campaign is centered on how much power to grant brussels as leaders continue to look for solutions for the euro crisis. one of the bigger parties even said the netherlands should leave the eu altogether. matthew price reports from rotterdam. big exportope's sales the world's biggest container ship. rotterdam is one of the most economically important cities on the continent -- vital for the european union, dependent on it, too. still, we found limits as to how much they want to help europe's most indebted countries. >> the next government, d one and to carry on helping to bail out greece? >> no, because we already paid enough. >> we are a lot of money from europe, and it is not the people in those countries to blame, i think it is the government and
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the financial companies to blame. >> this water-based nation with a founding member of what eventually became the european union. on the campaign trail, the man to beat, the current prime minister, -- the country is not convinced about what the eu is becoming. not everybody likes his pro- austerity position on saving bureau. under his leadership, the netherlands has been a firm supporter of the gentleman line on austerity first -- public spending cuts and tax rises. it has not gone down very well with everyone here at home. the question is, if he cannot leave the next coalition government, what does it mean for europe? for now, he hopes his europe when lee message will work. >> greece, spain, portugal, ireland -- these are all important allies for us and terms of our trading relationship. this is what the european union
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is all about. strong markets with a strong currency. >> the nearby at this herring stock, the fishmonger is not listening. >> i think we should get out of the european union. >> out of the union altogether? >> a thing we should get it out of it. >> is this similar hairdo a coincidence? the right wing leader once an e you exit, too. he won't win, but he and other euro skeptics parties have strong support. in rotterdam stadium, it is the netherlands versus belgium in a very non-europeans board. the dutch are proud europeans. the election will not change that. but the crisis has even here raised difficult questions about what sort of europe they are aiming for. matthew price, bbc news, rotterdam. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge far in singapore for a
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visit especially special for prince william. the will couple touchdown with the duchess was presented with a bouquet of flowers, then it was off to the botanic gardens for an orchid naming ceremony -- flowers named after the couple. and then orchid honoring his mother, princess diana, who died before a planned visit to singapore back in 1997. time to remind you of our top stories -- china's premier wen jiabao has been flying the flag of his government, outlining the scale of china's transformations and he came to power eight years ago. with a change of leadership on the agenda and amid signs of a slowdown in china's own economy, he insisted that businesses in the country have stayed afloat during the global economic crisis in to his government's policies. he told the world economic forum that growth will be maintained. that is a for the moment. stay with us here on bbc world news.
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