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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  September 18, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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♪ >> this is "bbc world news." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard
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to know your business, offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> the duke and duchess of cambridge win the first round of their battle to prevent the further publication of topless photographs of the duchess. the gossip magazine is to hand over all copies of the photographs. hello, welcome to "gmt."
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also coming up in the program, angry protesters in china call for a declaration of war in japan in the biggest flare-up of anti-tokyo sentiment in a decade. nato short -- sharpens after the sharp rise in attacks by afghan colleagues. is it the failure of nato policy? it is midday in london, 7:00 in beijing in the evening, 1:00 in the afternoon in france, where a french court has ordered the magazine to hand over topless photos of the duchess of cambridge. the magazine, of course, had already published the photos. the publication was told to cease immediately in publishing the images.
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hugh, from paris. round one to the duke and duchess of cambridge? >> definitely and predictably. this civil court has found in favor of the royal couple and issued an emergency injunction banning the magazine from any further publication of these intimate photographs. the case was argued yesterday in court, putting their points of view of, saying that the judges filed their decision and it is as, one of the predicted, in favor of the royal couple, meaning that the magazine cannot republish the photographs and they must withdraw them, the traces that there are, from the internet. it does not mean that the magazine itself will be pulled from sale. it does mean that here in france, at least, the
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photographs cannot be published again. there is this other sort of ruling that the magazine has to hand over the original, which is rather confusing. it seems to date back to an era when there were negatives, photographs, physical objects to be handed over. i imagine that the publishing house will hand over something to the royal family. obviously it does not mean that there are not others out there. >> the couple obvious that once criminal action brought against the photographer. where are we on that? >> use a photographer, but it is not clear who they want -- you say photographer, but it is not clear who they want to bring
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criminal action against. unnamed figures. with a broad brush they can pursue the inquiry wherever it leads. as her identity is kept secret, the corporation that has been prosecuting might mean the actual magazine co.. if the proceeds and goes ahead, it will take time. a preliminary inquiry has been opened to see if there is a case that can be upheld. it will -- it probably will be. the investigation would normally end in a trial, but that is many months away. the feeling from the royal family is that it is much more important to make a point through the criminal route, rather than the simple route. many lawyers in france claim money from these magazines as they pay out a bit of money.
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but if they are found guilty in criminal proceedings, the company can be fined up to a quarter of a million euros. that amounts to a much larger amount of money, the kind of thing that might make a magazine publisher think twice. >> thank you very much for bringing us all of that news that has just come in in the past hour. the magazine was ordered to hand over topless photographs of the duchess of cambridge. there has been a fresh wave of anti-japanese protests across china. thousands have been venting their anger over the current dispute revolving around contested islands in the east china sea. they have long been a point of contention, contention that could lead to a wider naval conflict. marking what is known as the mok den incident.
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>> this is he latest wave of anti-japanese demonstrations in china. on an anniversary associated with the japanese invasion of the country, demonstrators were allowed to march outside the japanese embassy. >> protesters have been chanting to declare war on japan. [unintelligible] tensions have been running high in recent days over territorial disputes between the two countries. they have tapped a rich fame of nationalism in china. >> these islands have a lot of natural resources. we would be weak if we gave them away to the japanese for free. the chinese would not back down.
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>> these islands, they are at the heart of this dispute. the archipelago in the east china sea consists of five islands and three wreaths. they are uninhabited like fishing grounds. japan and china lay claim to nearby oil and gas fields. the rising tensions coincide with the visit to the region by the u.s. secretary of defense currently in beijing. leon panetta has called for restraint, but the chinese minister says nothing has been ruled out. >> we will continue to follow the development of this situation with regards to this dispute and we reserve the right of further actions. that being said, we still hope
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for a peaceful and negotiated solution to this issue and we hope to work together with the japanese government in improperly handling this dispute. >> it is a move that is likely to raise tensions further. what happens at sea could well determine the events on land. >> let's get some reaction on how this will be viewed in japan. rupert, give us the perspective, then, in japan. >> well, i think the greatest concern from the debt -- from the japanese government here comes from the japanese media, the ones going on in china with
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the destruction of japanese property. they could get caught up in these protests. a relatively well ordered and peaceful protest. over the weekend there were very large-scale protests and a great deal of destruction of japanese boned the park -- japanese owned department stores, car show rooms ransacked. this is a very serious attack on japanese interest in china. that has led to the closing down of a large number of japanese factories in china. we understand that honda, toyota, and a large number of japanese companies have shut down their operations in china.
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japan is a huge investor and employer in china. >> there are fears of a direct clash in the area that is being controlled by ships from both nations. >> if you like, this is the wild card in all of this. the japanese government does not want to see this dispute get out of hand. there have been japanese coast guard vessels and japanese survey vessels in the disputed area of the last few days. they have been watching each other but have not come close to any kind of confrontation. but there is this large flotilla of chinese fishing vessels headed in the direction of these islands. if something were to happen with those, if they attempted to make a landing or there was a collision between those boats and a shipment, this could
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accidentally turned into a very nasty situation. it is the uncertainty of what might happen if there was a clash at sea. >> the international security assistance force from nato has confirmed it has scaled back the combined operations of security forces. in future, only bigger joint operations at the italian level and above will be conducted. the announcement comes as a suicide bomber rammed a car into a minibus at the kabul airport. joining us there now, our correspondent. outline for us how nato and the visitors are working with the joint operations. >> in the last few minutes, nato
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has put out a statement saying that these are prudent but temporary measures. that there have been several disturbances and demonstrations caused by this, seen here as an anti-islamic move, or by the insider attacks. these attacks are often caused by members of the afghan national security force. nato says that they have taken similar action in the past. if you speak to afghan officials, especially in the interior ministry, they say that nato has not been officially informed of that decision this morning. afghan officials say that this will be a huge blow in of rural areas of the country, where the
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country is heavily dependent on nato forces when they are especially attacked by a large group of insurgents. >> there was a statement released saying that this was a temporary change in policy. could it be reversed in the future? many have seen this as a failure of nato in afghanistan. >> i was speaking to a very senior general in the country's defense ministry who said that this decision is being perceived as a victory by taliban insurgents, who say -- look, we forced the decision on nato. he said that it would have been better if this kind of decision had been taken after the ministry of defence was consulted, but nato insisted that they had consulted with afghan leaders and that some of them had put those
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recommendations down. afghan officials are now saying that they would make their formal position known very soon. >> thank you very much indeed for explaining all of that to us. still to come, the curious actions of sherlock holmes, going to great lengths and heights to pay tribute to their heroes. when the first settlers arrived in australia they brought with than their european culture of it came to dominate the country, but in recent years their links with asia have started to grow. as duncan kennedy reports, a new generation is making its mark. >> 3.4 million australians have an asian ancestral background and now call australia home. this is the annual celebration
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of australian-asian ancestry in sydney. >> being in australia, i feel indian, but in india i feel australian. i am fortunate to have the best of both worlds? >> this marketing in sydney is an example of the growing focus. a company run by the hong kong born [unintelligible] >> at i am very proud chinese, going back to hong kong and china once a year, i do consider myself australian and chinese at the same time. >> half of all the agents in australia are under 20. they can find conflict with
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their first generation parents, whose heart, if not their head, remains in their homeland. it has been nearly 40 years since they abolished the pro- white policy here. and now they have talked about this as the asian century, and it is. 20% of all doctors here are indian. 30% of asian people take part in an organized sport. by nearly every measure, asians are a model of assimilation. >> this is "gmt." from "bbc world news." france has granted the injunction banning further syndication and redistribution of photographs showing the duchess of cambridge baiting topless. anti-japanese protests have continued across china, with many japanese companies
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temporarily shutting down operations after days of unrest. alan, just picking up that had my night gave about the japanese protests in china, and there are strong economic ties between these giants. >> certainly there was last year. this is the implication, because no longer are we just seeing how it is done with restaurants and shops being targeted, we are seeing big corporate names halting production on both sides. chinese companies with links to japan, share prices are falling. look at the list. panasonic, canon, all having to hold production for now. the credit ratings agency has said that the credit level of these companies could be a risk.
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platinum, which is used in catalytic converters, platinum prices have fallen. this is what some of the japanese experts have told me about the situation. >> the real undertone of the situation is that the chinese authorities are trying to divert the attention of the wealth disparities or the slow down the economy into these external issues, which is a typical methodology adopted by imperialism. dependst forget, china on not having rivals in the economy. it is only one-tenth of that of japan, meaning we are still in a situation where we are coupled to each other, rather than being rivals. >> no one is talking about japanese companies withdrawing investment from china, but for a long time given the anti-
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japanese sentiment, they may rethink investing in china again. >> fedex, the cargo carrier? >> the mood in corporate america is increasingly downbeat. we will have the confirmed very soon by fedex, as you say. air cargo is a dynamic industry as it is a leading indicator for the global economy. you can bet your bottom dollar that these numbers give us an indication six months in advance of what is around a corner. if the cargo numbers are down, you can bet that the global economy numbers are down. fedex is pretty much ships everywhere, so we are dealing with a faltering slowdown in the u.s. economy. given the slowdown, what implications are being had? >> like ups, they tend to do well when the economy is picking
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up. people find that when the engines are running low, they need to rush things to market. the problem we're seeing now is that this company has seen quite a lot of people trying to rush their products to market. that there is no great rush in this economic slowdown. >> fedex has already said not to expect anything great, but in october we get the next round of earnings. for the first time since 2009 we can see these earnings starting to drop. >> thank you very much, indeed. mitt romney has refused to back away from disparaging comments he made about democratic party voters at a private meeting earlier this year. he was secretly filmed as he made the remarks that 40% -- 47%
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of americans feel entitled to government handouts. >> sooner or later, the china question always appears in an american election. it has now surfaced in this one. in the vital swing state of ohio, workers feel that -- fear that china has taken away their manufacturing jobs forever. mr. obama accused mitt romney of sending jobs to china. >> he made money investing in companies that of routed from here and went to china. pioneers. now, you cannot stand up to china. when all you have got i sending them our jobs. >> mitt romney was on the china offensive as well, on television. but for mr. romney, it was a
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surprise and distraction from china policy. a videotape showing him at a private fund-raising function has been made public. speaking to wealthy republican donors, he said 47% of americans would vote for mr. obama, and that these voters believe they are victims. they believe they are entitled to health care, to food, the housing, if you name it. he said that his job was not to worry about those people at a late night news conference, he sought to explain his comments. >> it was not elegantly stated, and i am sure i could do it more affectively than i did. >> to hear a candidate for the presidency talk about american voters in such disparaging terms is unusual. mr. romney might well have left
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himself open to more criticism from the obama camp. mr. romney says that he cares about all american voters. allen brooks, bbc news, washington. >> sherlock holmes has been enjoying something of a revival in recent years. but for some diehard enthusiasts, the fascination of the great detective, his long- suffering assistant, and the evil moriarty, has never waned. many have made the pilgrimage to switzerland, the final -- the final battle between holmes and moriarty. >> the character i play on the pilgrimage this year is the king of bohemia. the society has 1200 members from all over the world. there are nearly 70 of us here today on this pilgrimage in cost
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him. we have members here from the united states, canada, japan, and from a number of european countries. france, the measurements, germany. we believe that dr. watson, with professor moriarty, who features in a number of stories, along with the inspector. we choose to adopt a character from the stories. some of them are very well known. we choose the characters we like. i like to dress in a military uniform. when we come out here from time to time in costume, we film and
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reenact the struggle between holmes and moriarty. the conclusion of the struggle is that two bodies are seen tumbling down into the water. but it will probably not to the characters to have the struggle. but it is good fun and we enjoy food, drink, company, and traveling in wonderful locations. the characters are immortal. if you enjoy the stories, and they are well written literature, having survived for over 100 years, they are relevant today. there have been two new movies, a new bbc series, these are characters for all time. >> some enthusiastic fans of the
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route -- sherlock holmes there, in switzerland. the french court has ordered "closer" to hand over all publications of the duchess of cambridge topless and to cease publication of those images. >> makes sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank.
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