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tv   Newsline  WHUT  September 18, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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welcome back to "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. waves of demonstrators are marching past the beijing embassy. protestors are outraged about the japanese government's nationalization of the senkaku islands in the east china sea.
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the protesters are parading in front of the embassy compound. they're carrying chinese flags and placards. some of them have thrown eggs and plastic bottles at the embassy. several thousand police officers are guarding the area. the largest show of security since the protest began last week. people in 52 cities across china have staged similar protests. people in guangzhou marched around a building housing the consulate general. people in guangzhou and shanghai are taking part in similar demonstrations. officials at honda motors say they'll stop operations through wednesday at five plants in guangzhou. it will be hard to ship products
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with threat of violence. nissan motors closed two factories in central china since sunday. toyota, mazda, mitts subishi an suzuki have shut their plants. the supermarket chain closed all 15 stores in china. ito yakato closed all 15 of its stores in china. holdings and 7-eleven are also playing it safe. they're shutting some of their outlets on tuesday. the chief cabinet secretary says the government is urging beijing to protect japanese citizens and companies operating in china. >> translator: they should execute prudence, japanese come pans have been playing an important role in improving china's economy and increasing employment.
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>> compensation for damage resulting from the protests should be made in accordance with chinese law. a japanese coast guard crew, spotted a chinese fisheries patrol ship outside japan's waters off the island. the crew says the vessel was 43 kilometers northwest of the island early tuesday morning. coast guard personnel are monitoring pat troll ship. the crew is warning the chinese to stay out of japanese walters. coast guard personnel say the chinese responded saying the island are china's territory and that the coast guard should leave the area. china's state run media said monday, 1,000 fishing boats left the provinces, and said they were headed for the waters around the island. the coast guard crew says they have not seen any of those boats. last friday, six chinese maritime surveillance vessels briefly entered japanese
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territorial waters defying a warning from the coast guard. the coast guard says two japanese landed on the island on tuesday morning. police say the pair was part of a group of five people that left a port in okinawa on a fishing boat. officers say the people said they were going fishing. the officers warned them not to land. but they say, four people from the group got into a rubber boat as they approached the island. then two of them swam ashore. the japanese government bans all, unauthorized entry to the islands. u.s. trade officials launched a complaint against china. they accuse the government of unfairly subsidizing exports of cars and auto parts. u.s. trade representatives allege that the chinese government gave at least $1
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billion in subsidies between 2009 and 2011 to doumestic exporters. they say it violates wto rules and contributed to a decline in u.s. auto sales. in a speech in ohio, president barack obama accused the chinese of threatening u.s. jobs. >> i want you to know -- today my administration is launching a new action against china. this one against illegal subsidies that encourage come pans to ship auto parts manufacturing jobs overseas. these are subsidies that directly harm working men and women on the assembly lines in ohio and michigan and across the midwest. >> obama has been showing his support for the autoen dus tr i ahead of the election in november. world trade rules require negotiators from both side to try to work out the dispute. a wto panel will rule on the case if they fail to reach an agreement. but now, chinese government
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officials have filed a claim of their own, with the allege tha unfair trade tariffs on imports from china. officials with the trade organizations say china claims a wide range of products are affected including kitchen appliances, steel, tires, and chemical products. the french president has called an emergency meeting of g 20 agriculture ministers. pushing for drastic changes in the world's food supply including the stockpiling of grain. the president says the emergency meeting called rapid response forum will be held on u.n. world food day on october 16th in rome. france currently head the g-20 grains body established last year. prices of corn and wheat have been soaring on global grain markets due to severe droughts in the u.s. and russia. the u.n. food and agriculture organization says if the situation continues the world faces another food crisis
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similar to the one five years ago. the fao backs the proposal to build strategic agricultural stocks in order to stabilize food prices. now, more and more japanese men are heading into drug stores and picking up cosmetics. older men are no exception. so manufacturers and retailers are tailoring a variety of products for those in the growing market. >> reporter: not all the counters on the ground level at this tokyo department store cater to women looking for makeup. this area specializes in cosmetics for men. among the customers these past few years are men in their 50s and older. >> translator: anything you're worried about? >> translator: i've been getting more age spots and wrinkles. i've been getting worried about them. i'd like to cover them up.
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>> reporter: over 80% of men ask for skin care products. products with anti-aging ingredients are selling briskly. some of them cost more than $120. >> translator: more men care about the condition of their skin these days. many customers are impressed with how lotions and cream can make their skin firm. >> reporter: drugstores are also cashing in on the trend. this outlet set up a new section especially for male cosmetics. the store carries various skin care products. these include moisturizers and products that are said to prevent age spots. some products are targeted for men in their 40s or older, but there are also goods that are
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popular even among men 60 and older. >> translator: customers tend to come back to buy the same products. some merchandise is selling twice as fast as last year. >> reporter: this company is japan's leading manufacturer of men's cosmetics. let's find out what the staff is working on. >> translator: men over 40 are worried about oily skin. >> translator: their skin is no longer young. >> translator: they think shiny skin makes them look older. >> reporter: the team is trying to develop an ingredient that curbs a greasy sheen on male skin. unlike women, men retain more oil on their skin when they get older even though the moisture levels decline. many customers have expressed concerns about this to the company. cosmetics makers are trying to develop new products that address these problems. >> translator: consumers who
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need skin care are getting more diversified. demand is up for moisturizers and products that make their skin less sticky. >> reporter: many older men have pockets deep enough for buying expensive products if they like what they see. cosmetics makers are trying to capitalize on the growing demand among this group of consumers. japanese officials are laying out their energy policy to the atomic energy agency. they hope to reach zero reliance on nuclear energy by the 2030s. >> translator: japan will increase its use of green energy to lessen reliance on nuclear power. >> hinting at flexibility over
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the schedule. he said the road to zero reliance may not be a straight one. japanese officials at a separate meeting told of a regulatory body. the new body, the nuclear regulatory commission, will be largely independent. it will be launched on wednesday. and german chancellor merkel welcomed japan's new stance on energy. >> translator: i hope germany and japan strengthen cooperation and share experiences with each other in introducing renewable energy and conservation. >> germany has already decided to reduce its dependency on nuclear power. the country relies on renewable energy for 20% of its power supply. government officials aim to increase that figure to 35% by 2020.
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the osprey has been involved in accidents overseas. sources say the officials are debating how much to limit midnight and early morning flights. they're reportedly close to an agreement. they say the pilots will use simulators to train for night flights as much as possible. the delegates may also ban flights below an altitude of 150 meters. they're expected to agree that the osprey will fly in close formation over u.s. training sites. the sources say both governments hope to final i the iize the is end of this week. personnel from japan's maritime self-defense force are preparing to join a military drill in the persian gulf. they'll practice mine sweeping as part of u.s.-led exercises involving more than 20 countries.
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the drills began sunday, commanders hope to secure transport routes for crude oil. japanese mine sweepers arrived monday in bahrain's capital. the city is the base for the u.s. navy's fifth fleet. u.s. and british sailors visited the japanese ships to plan the drill. crew members checked the cannon designed to detonate mines on the sea surface. >> translator: the persian gulf is a very important area for japan. we believe the drills will help improve our mine sweeping units, strategic skills, and enhance mutual trust with other participating countries. >> iranian commanders have repeatedly threatened to blockade the strait of hormuz. they're angry about a western oil embargo designed to encourage the iranians to halt their nuclear program. a russian foreign ministry official has expressed concern about a plan to deploy a second early warning radar system in japan. defense chiefs from japan and
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the u.s. agreed on sunday to install another xband radar. the system has already been deployed in northern japan. it's capable of detecting ballistic missiles. the defense chiefs want to counter possible missile threats from north korea. russia's interfax news agency quoted a foreign ministry official urging the u.s. to ensure that the installation will not harm the interests of other nations. russian leaders have criticized the u.s. for expanding missile defense in europe. they say that could destabilize the military balance in the region. some tourists visit tokyo to see the bright lights, but others head to an adjoining city for the illumition. the glow and effect it creates makes for an unlikely place. >> reporter: kawasaki is sprawling city of factories and refineries. one of the country's largest
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industrial zone, it helped fuel japan's economic growth after the war. at the same time, these areas were unsightly. they also polluted the air and caused other environmental problems. over time, technology made great inroads in reducing pollution. that's done a great deal to help the city. nowadays the city is casting aside its reputation as an eye sore. at night, all the plants and refineries turn on their lights and transform the area into a shimmering metropolis. tourists have started coming to the area to take in the beauty. the marvel at the winding pipes, at chimney stacks reaching into the darkness, and huge tanks all aglow. each plant has a unique structure and with a light, each makes its own statement. this man has organized many of the night factory tours. >> translator: all our
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industrial nightscape tours are always sold out all year round. i've been in this business for the past 20 years and i can tell you i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: sightseers on the cruise are put just in right the frame of mind to view nightscapes. the cruise is along the canal enjoying breathtaking views of the radiant city. the boat leaves the port of kawasaki to cruise along canals flanked by factories. petroleum plants, cement plants, steel plants, kawasaki is full of factories. the city of kawasaki organizes boat and bus tours that give visitors an up close view of the plants. every year thousands of people take the tour. they range in age from 20 to over 70. >> translator: kawasaki has so
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many factories and workers. i hope a lot more people get to know our city by taking tours like this. >> reporter: for two hours, this excursion gives visitors one dazzling view after another. >> translator: the illumination from plants and the sparkling reflection of the water, it's so impressive. >> translator: the factories look like space stations. i'm really intrigued by their other worldly appearance. >> translator: people describe conventional nightscapes as just beautiful, but with industrial nightscapes, some visitors are reminded of the good old days. other people see the organs and blood vessels of a human body. in other words, industrial scenes impress viewers in different ways. >> reporter: this year, city of kawasaki began working with other cities putting together
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their know how to bring in even more sightseers. more cities recognize that their industrial zones offer tourists a memorable experience. in viewing industrial night scenes is becoming a nationwide pastime. robert speta, nhk world, kawasaki. businesses in thailand are recovering from last year's flood. but their country's agricultural sector is struggling to return to predisaster levels of pro ducts. farmers are trying to bring back the fruit that was once the pride of central thailand. nhk world's reporter.
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it is famous for the strong odor which leaves people divided. despite what some describe as an offensive smell it has a creamy, sweet texture, so popular among millions of consumers and it is one of the fruits of southeast asia. thailand is one of the biggest producers of the fruit. vendors are common. the prices they charge vary greatly on the type. the most expensive varieties come from a province. a single fruit can fetch $1,600 u.s. dollars. but flood devastated the region in 2011. about 98% of orchards were inundated. the rich soil along the river that helps produce rich tasting fruit was damaged.
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farmers were left without their cash crop. one of them is this man. during the flood he could stand by and watch as his field went below the water line. the orchard has been in his family for six generations. but it only took a short time for floodwaters to kill all of his trees. it is sad because they were the pride of our family. i have gotten everything, but today we don't have the pride anymore. it is discouraging. thai authorities have stepped in to help farmers through the crisis. on this day, hundreds of farmers gathered at an event in an effort to revive their orchards. academics are teaching farmers how to restore nrients to the soil, so trees will grow faster.
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it is the staple crop of the province. it is also original and the pride of the profits. so that's why providing more knowledge such as huh ow to properly grow them and soil amendment is important. >> as most of the farmers, lost all of their trees from the disaster, the highlight was receiving free saplings. authorities rescued these saplings through orchards last year, and preserved them at a conversation center. and able to use more than 150 free saplings to start growing trees again. but it is not enough he says, because it will take at least, five years, before they yield fruit. the future is uncertain.
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we must start from zero. i didn't know when it will happen. i hope the orchard will bear fruit again. although their bat to recover from the floods continues, farmers, have not given up hope that one day, the fruits will reign again. all right. it is getting cloudy and humid here in tokyo. just this afternoon. time now to check the world weather forecast with rachel ferguson. hi there, let's get you updated on the typhoon in eastern asia over the weekend. of course it went through, the larger island of okinawa up through into south korea before making a third landfall this morning, in southeastern russia. it is now moving along the border here. of northeastern china. and southeastern russia.
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and even though it has become now a remnant low, it is still producing a lot of significant rain. we could still see, further flash flooding, landslides. and from the storm. though it wasn't directly hit by the storm, mainland japan has been suffering under the system too with very heavy rain. since saturday, some areas in central to western japan, picked up 500 millimeters of rain in the last 24 hours. the prefecture had 300. into the next 24. and the region is expected to see 200 millimeters of rain. flooding and landslide will continue to be -- certainly a risk here. into wednesday. should see a much drier picture. good to see that, finally things are looking much drier across the korean peninsula too. othe areas to watch for heavy rain. southwestern china, into the bay of bengal. northern myanmar. southwest monsoon is active across the philippines. okay, let's go to the americas. western 2/3 of the continent
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looking pretty good. not too many problems here. strong, high pressure keeping things clear. but a different story toward the east. a couple systems merging together to bring very heavy rain for parts of quebec. flash flooding issues as well as along the appalachians. we have heard reports of a couple tornados touching down in kansas. and golf-ball-sized hail in michigan. the system is starting to move towards the atlantic coast. we will see severe storms moving from alabama and ga gone towaeoh the northeast tuesday. in behind that, cooler air will be bringing temperatures down. chicago down to 16 degrees. on your tuesday. however, further out toward the specific coast. seattle, 27. you will see the summerlike warmth through the end of the workweek. we are heading in towards europe. before we get there, let's check on, tropical storm nadine. most warnings. however that could change into the next 24 hours. keeping an eye on the azores.
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northeast, 15 kilometers an hour. really doesn't have a very strong -- predictable path right here. so next, 24 to 48 hours, certainly things are going to be very unstable for the azores. keeping an eye on the storm system. let's go further into europe then and see that, across the north things are very unsettled from the british isles up through into scandinavia. then we have a band of storms which will make things windy and wet. also bring temperatures down by, 6 to 10 degrees over the next couple days. for example, berlin, looking at 22 today. that is going to fall to 16 by thursday. vienna, 26. falling 10 degrees to 16. also on thursday. and in london, 17 degrees, fall to 14. starting to feel autumnal. you will be seeing, the low 30s in the likes of madrid. and leave you now to your extended forecast.
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our top story -- thousand of demonstrators are walking past an embassy in beijing. protesting the government's nationalization of the senkaku islands in the chinese sea. it marks the anniversary of the incident in 1931 that led to japan's invasion of manchuria. the protestors are parading in front of the embassy, carrying flags and placards. some of them have thrown eggs and plastic bottles at the embassy. several thousand police officers are guarding the compound. people have gathered at the site for eight days now. this is the largest show of security since the protests began. according to reports on the internet, people in 52 cities across china have staged similar protests. people in several provinces marched around a building that houses the japanese consulate
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general. and japanese nationals are warned to be cautious. that's all for now on "newsline." i am yuko aotani in tokyo. thank you very much for watching.
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