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tv   Newsline  WHUT  October 2, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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forging ties. a senior north korean official outlines a diplomatic policy to the u.n. general assembly. north korea's vice foreign minister use aid podium at the united nations to announce a change of course. he said his country wants to build relations with other countries. he said the united states should change what it called its hostile stance. the door has opened to a new era.
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we will forgery lags relationse friendly with us, without being bound by the past. >> north korean officials failed in launching a satellite carrying rocket. trying to test ballistic missile technology. pak accused the u.s. of forcing the council of the launch. and he accused south korean president of causing interkorean relations to hit rock bottom. some people from japan are an emotional and spiritual journey in north korea. paying their respects to relatives they lost at the end of world war ii. fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, who died and were buried far from home. nhk world reports from pyongyang. >> reporter: parents or siblings of the group's members died of illness or hunger while interned by the soviet military.
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it occupied what is now north korea right after the war. the group arrived in pyongyang on saturday. they visited a site where the dead were first buried, then a hill where the gd more than 20 japanese journalists to cover the visit. some japanese are praying for the family members and relatives at their grave site. this is the first visit of its kind since world war ii. japan's health ministry says some 35,000 japanese died in the area. but it says the remains of about 20,000 have not been returned. the group left memorial markers, offered sweets and liquor and prayed for the repose of their
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loved ones' souls. >> translator: my feelings are complex. i'm sorry to have kept you waiting in such a distant place, and i'm thankful to you for waiting. >> translator: we all feel great joy at being able to pray for them here today. i deeply appreciate all the efforts people have undertaken to make this visit possible for us. >> reporter: officials of the north are proposing a joint project to study the remains. improving the economy is a top priority of the country. the north hopes for economic cooperation from japan as compensation for its colonial rule. north korean officials expect more japanese to visit the burial sites. they say this will lead to
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repatriation of remains, but japan puts more emphasis on the issue of north korea's abduction of japanese. the differing points of view could hinder the development of the two countries' relations. nhk world, pyongyang. western leaders are seeing evidence their sanctions against iran are working. u.s. and european officials organize an oil embargo to encourage the iranians to abandon their nuclear ambitions. now the iranian currency has plunged to a record low against the dollar. nhk world reports from tehran. >> reporter: the iranian rial on monday dropped below 35,000 against the dollar for the first time since the islamic revolution of 1979. the currency has fallen nearly 20% against the dollar in one week. it's 70% down year on year. exchange markets in tehran have
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been busy selling dollars or euros to iranians who see no end to the sanctions. people are complaining of high unemployment and expressing worries about the future. >> translator: this is a disaster. as the dollar goes up, it brings inflation and makes our daily essentials more expensive. >> translator: i lost my job with a food company, and i'm jobless now. >> reporter: iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad has faced questions in parliament over his inability to halt the currency's decline. the european union is considering further sanctions against iran this month. the iranian government has yet to take effective action to stop the further decline of its currency. mitra bolourieh, nhk world, tehran. the head of nato has acknowledged that the organization is experiencing challenging times in afghanistan.
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secretary general anders fogh rasmussen says insider attacks have damaged trust between nato troops and their afghan partners. >> obviously this strategy aims at undermining trust and confidence and to a certain degree it has also succeeded in that. >> afghan soldiers and police or people wearing their uniforms have killed more than 50 coalition soldiers this year. rasmussen said nato commanders are taking added precautions when recruiting afghan personnel. and they're working to improve intelligence gathering on insurgents. he said there's no change in plans to withdraw all nato troops from afghanistan by the end of 2014. finance ministers will take on a challenge many have taken on over the years. how to deal with social problems
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in the middle east. ministers will meet next week in tokyo consider creating a fund to stimulate business and increase jobs in arab nations. the g-8 ministers have given their backing to the arab spring democracy movements in tunisia and egypt. they agreed on that support at a meeting last year in france. they're nour turni they're turning attention to youth unemployment contributing to unrest in the streets. finance officials will join the meeting. it will take place on the side lines of the annual gathering of the international monetary fund and world bank. greeks have seen cut after cut to their salaries and services. and there may be more to come. guch government leaders proposed budget cuts of 7.8 billion euros, $10 billion. government administrators submitted draft budget to parliament. public servants would face cuts
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to their salaries. the defense budget would be decreased. elderly would be hit further pension reductions. and social security payments would be reduced too. eu ministers will be watching closely. greek leaders agreed to cut more than 11 billion euros in exchange for the bailout package. they will save 60% of that with the new reductions. greek and eu ministers hatch yet to thrash out the details of the austerity measures. greek economic growth would shrink by 3.8% next year if the draft budget is adopted. r residents braced for a sixth straight year of recession. japan's new economic, fiscal policy minister says he will be foep kul focused on efforts to tackle deflation. named to the post yesterday, as part of a cabinet shuffle. >> translator: i will closely
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monitor whether the bank of japan follows through with its policy objective of 1% inflation aimed at bringing the country out of deflation. if necessary, i will urge the bank's board to take appropriate action towards that goal. >> he is considering additional monetary easing among other options. he said the central bank could check the strength of the yen by purchasing bonds. the minister has warned against such a course of action. foreign business people have long been attracted to opportunities in china. now it is universities and colleges. they see opportunities in the millions of chinese students eager for a foreign education. nhk world reports.
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>> translator: it is the first time these institutions more than 40 of them have held a joint seminar. >> translator: i want to enroll in a prestigious american university because the quality is high. >> potential is ver hiy high especially for undergraduate students. this is one of the main goals is to recruit more undergraduate students. >> many chinese student are keen on studying at foreign universities. and if they can't, make it overseas to study, overseas universities are coming to them. for example, the missouri state
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university, a u.s. institution, provides classes on the campus of a university in china. all classes are in english. at what temperature does water freeze? what would you tell me? chinese students earn the same degrees as the university students in the u.s. more than 2,000 chinese have graduated from here. since classes started six years ago. she hopes to join them. she is a senior, studying business administration, and accounting. li comes from inland china and achieved excellent grade in high school and was especially skilled in english. but due to lack of finances, li
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had to abandon the degree. she now says she hopes to pursue her goals at this u.s. university in china. studying at the top american university had always been her dream. >> nowadays many leading businesses, especially nonchinese firms are opening officize hope studying at this university will boost my chances of getting a job at a foreign company. >> reporter: the university graduate students half started joint research with top 11 students from 12 other universities. and research positions in china. the graduate school hopes this will help it enhance its academic recognition. then corporations and the state of missouri might give money off to the school.
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>> we well have more chinese students. we are looking to expand our program within the very near future. chinese students are the key to our program, to the success of our program. absolutely. a chinese education specialist, predict more foreign universities will set up in china. >> with more and more foreign companies doing business in china, there is a greg need for chinese workers, who know how foreigners do things. getting on the bandwagon, more and more, u.s. and european universities will open branches in china, recruit stug dents. -- in china, recruiting students. western universities are looking for perspective students making inroads in china. as more institutions set up they will compete for china's top students. >> and we are joined now from
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our studio in beijing. so, how many foreign universities have opened branches in china, michitaka yamaka? >> more than 30. and the university of nottingham. and an australian university. and an institute of advanced education in france are expected to follow. as you know, american higher learning institutions are suffering from the slow economy. they now receive operational funding and government subsidies. so the universities see chinese students as a way to get new revenue. >> so, how does the chinese side view the increase in foreign universities and lleges? >> some think the trend is helping china's eve con mconomy creating jobs. for instance when a new school opens, new apartments have to be
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built. but despite it, some chinese are concerned. they worry about the brain drain. itch ma if many chinese students work for foreign companies there may not be as many workers for chinese companies. so the government is trying to encourage graduates to work for chinese companies, and, research institutions. it offers them tax incentives if they start a business in china. they also receive tial shall f incentives for doing government research. thank you very much. >> announcer: people in japan's northeast are focused on overcoupling the challenges of the 2011 disaster. but of it won't be easy. they have to rebuild homes, businesses, entire communities. we'll show you their struggles and their successes on the "road ahead." every wednesday, 1:00 p.m., japan time here on "newsline."
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japanese researchers will begin a survey of radioactive fallout in forests in fukushima. they hope to find out the potential impact on people. researchers from the japan atomic energy agency plan to begin their survey later this month. they will study forests within 20 kilometer thousands of the fukushima plant. the government has designated most area as a no entry zone. researchers will look at rivers that collect spring water from underground. they will measure the levels of radioactive material and other substances in soil and waumenter for 20 years. they hope to predict how the contaminant spread and the impact on human habitats. an old tale of love moved an audience in moscow.
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it tells the story of two of people who meet and form a strong connection. even though their countries were waging war. nhk reports. >> reporter: the story takes place in western japan during the japanese war in 1904. a russian soldier has an eye injury. he has been transported to a hospital in the city. at first he closes himself off off to the japanese. but tender care from a japanese nurse, makes his resolve. eventually the two fall in love. the idea for the musical was catched after a russian gold coin that is more than 100 years
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old was discovered in the prefecture. the coin was found on the grounds of the hospital. where russian prisoners of war were engraved on the coin the initials of a japanese woman, and a russian man. research proves these people existed. the woman was a japanese nurse. the man, a soldier from rush yeah. the coin appears to be a pledge of love between the two. and the japanese did set up prisoner of war camps in the region during the russian/japanese war. some inmates were freed to cycle to the city and bathe in the local hot springs. because of the local kind treatment, the prisoners flourished. the actor, who plays him, viz
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ets -- visits a russian cemetery before heading out to moscow. >> the people who are resting here, wanted to return to their homeland. but could not. they must have felt very sad. i came here to tell them that he would help fulfill their yearnings. opening night in moscow at the historic theater. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: the empassioned performance touches the russian audience. ♪ ♪ they respond to the rhythm of the russian song.
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the performance ends with the return to russia. however, he gives her the gold coin bearing their two names. though how promises he well come back, the two lovers are distant, never to see uch othear again. ♪ ♪ >> translator: very good. it moved me off to the bottom of my heart. >> translator: this taught me an aspect of japanese history that i dent know before. you don't often see moscow theater audiences in tears, but the tears fled tonight. there may be political problems between our two country. i do feel that person to person
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communication, right from the heart, its what matters the most. >> usually head to the ocean to seek out the best waves. but a river in china is getting renowned for wild surfing action. the river in qiantang province is known for waves that flow in from the audience. it is known as tidal and reaches its peak this time of the year. 16 professional surfers were invited to ride the silver dragon. >> there is one wave, it is once a year. you've really have to be ready and have your team be ready and go with the flow. you hope you get a little bit of the silver dragon. >> surfers approach the big wave in a boat and mounted the boards. the tidal bowl was powerful. a number of people have died watching the waves in previous
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years. authorities warning spectators to keep a safe distance. over in tokyo, people enjoying the sunshine. there seems to be a couple of storms in the western pacific. let's turn now to rachel ferguson for the details. and two storms in the western pacific. and one is to the north of the islands. and this one is going to be intensifying. heads to the northwest. first of all. heading up toward the islands. expecting to see a severe tropical storm. by tomorrow. after that, tomorrow being wednesday of course. after that it will take a swerve toward the northeast. and maybe moving parallel with -- with the eastern coast of mainland japan. maintaining strength as a severe tropical storm. right now wind speed. sustained at 72 kilometers an hour. gusts at 10 #. we will see the storm intensifying within the next 24 hours. we have a second storm, which
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doesn't hatch quite as much of a decided path. sitting here in the south china sea. moving very slowly at the movement. it isn't like low ly to take of anywhere right now. this one almost stationary the next couple days. also intensifying at the same time. becoming a severe tropical storm by friday. it is giving us winds of 65 kilometers an hour. gusts up to 90 kilometers an hour. impacting surrounding areas with certainly sea swells and high waves as well as enhancing the southwest monsoon. now, northern parts of the philippines, luzon, feeling direct impact. outer band of the storm are, are bringing rainfall here. we have had a course of 50 millimeters in the last 24 hours. and as the system just sits and intensifies, in pretty much the same aira area it will risk landslides as the rain continuously comes down over the same regions. we are going to head toward the americas now. still very high and dry across
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much of northern mexico. western, central parts of the u.s. that comes with the -- the warning in fact, though, for fire weather, across, the northern and central plains. towards the north -- it is going to be a snow event. we have -- system dropping out of bc. this one could bring about 15 centimeters of snow to the canadian rockies. that snow well move into the intermountain west as well, coming into there, montana. and as the system proceed. we will see cooler air coming with it. we will see precipitation turn over to snow. in parts of minnesota, as well as dakotas later on in the week. out towards the east, it is going to be rain and severe thunderstorms. the severe area moving in towards the ohio valley today. but plenty of rain expecting from florida right up in towards new england. would actually have a report of a tornado touching down. in south carolina as well. temperatures are going to start to fall to the north. 24 degrees. in winnipeg. will fall to 8 degrees by thursday. meanwhile, it is a heat wave in the southwest.
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36 degrees in los angeles. and that heat will be with you into wednesday. a check, yesterday, reached hurricane status again now. back done to a tropical storm. the one that just doesn't seem to die. been with us for three weeks. well it is going to be heading up towards the azures, tropical storm warning. 50 millimeters of rainfall. but by thursday. local time. should become an ex-tropical low finally and should start to see it dissipate after that. heading into europe. north western locations. still daeealing with low pressu. severe storms out of italy. in toward the balkans. it is going to be quiet, calm. central. southwestern locations. nice, warm. 24 degrees for you. 25 in lisbon. summer in athens. 34. many temperatures seasonally in between the mid and upper teens. here is your forecast now.
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♪ ♪ >> one more story before we go. government officials are trying to ref of egypt's tourism.
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and they're holding a motor rally to lure back tourists following political unrest last year. >> the rally started at the foot of the pyramids near cairo. 36 vehicles from 16 european and asian countries will race through the sahara desert. they'll travel over sand dunes and rocky terrain and attempt to complete the 3,000 kilometer course in five days finishing back in giza. several team from japan are taking part in the race. >> translator: the course is great. and we can start at the foot of the pyramid. and drive at high speeds through the desert. there is nothing like this in japan. government officials aim to show that egypt is safe enough to hold the larger scale event. egyptians haven't seen many foreign visitors since protesters pushed mubarak from power last year. that's all for now on
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"newsline." i am yuko aotani in tokyo. thank you very much for joining us.
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