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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  October 8, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your
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growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> a fourth term in office for hugo chavez of venezuela. he says the revolution lives on. a bigger than expected turnout gives him a clear lead. he says then he will be a better president. hello and welcome.
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i'm george alagiah with a world of news and opinion. also in the program, the u.s. congress bars to build chinese telecom companies from takeovers or mergers. it's as there are security threats. a warning on afghanistan's future. in the report forecasts collapse and even civil war after foreign forces have left. it's midday in london, 7:00 in the evening in beijing, 7:30 in the morning in caracas. hugo chavez has extended his 14- year grip on power in venezuela. the vote was his narrowest victory, but it gives him another six-year term to continue venezuela's socialist revolution. his victory may irritate his detractors in washington and elsewhere. the votes pit the president against the young candidate henrique capriles, who vowed to open the country to private
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investment. now this report from caracas. >> this had been billed as a tight race. but the results came quickly in the end after the final polling stations had closed and gave hugo chavez a 10-point lead. >> to those who promote hate and social poison and those always drawn to deny all the good things that happen in venezuela, i invite them to dialogue, debate, and to work together for venezuela. >> his followers were jubilant >> . he won because he had given free education to all. he has given free health care assistants. he has given housing for poor people. >> we have the best president in the world. we all love him. we are going forward and we are
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growing with him. >> street parties broke out over caracas almost as soon as results were announced. venezuela is polarized. although some people are celebrating, others will be commiserating. the opposition candidate .onceded defeat wit he mounted a serious challenge to the presidency, but in the end it was not enough. mr. hugo chavez was treated for cancer earlier this year and many will be watching his held closely. for now, his supporters are thinking only of celebrating. bbc news, caracas. >> the u.s. congressional committee has called for two
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giant chinese telecommunications companies to be banned from the american market. a draft of report by the house intelligence committee says they cannot be trusted to be free of chinese estates influence and so pose a security threat to the u.s. and its systems. the two firms denied being influenced by the chinese government. john sudworth is in shanghai. what is the reaction there to this congressional hearing? >> there's been a statement out by the chinese foreign ministry suggesting that the chinese telecommunications companies operate within the law, but they have gained their success through their own commercial competitiveness and that they should not be singled out by u.s. congressional committees
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for criticism in this way. so it appears the chinese government is already lining up in defense. this is a damning report from an official body singling out two companies by name and suggesting that they simply have not done enough over the course of this investigation to demonstrate that they are free from influence from beijing. >> my understanding is the foreign ministry has done slightly more than just condemn this. have they not said this is the result of some kind of prejudice in america of chinese companies? >> in a sense, that is in the context in which there is a kind of growing focus on the issues of their trade and open access. i think we are beginning to get
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the sense that china feels, particularly in the run-up to the u.s. presidential election, that it is being unfairly targeted. i think the foreign ministry statement times with some of with.entiment -- chmeimes some have suggested that there are many and non-chinese companies that do assemble their products in china. the suggestion, therefore, to imply there is a security risk only attached to chinese companies is not fair. we have heard those things said in defense of these chinese companies today. >> thanks very much. let's catch up on business news. i bet you have a thing to say about this ruling. what are the business implications?
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it's a congressional hearing. >> absolutely. the implications on these two chinese technology giants, one of them is the second-largest provider in terms of equipment manufacturing in the world. the other company is the fourth largest. serious implications. both have a very ambitious plans to expand their markets in the u.s. the u.s. is a large market in terms of telecommunications. both firms have seen an increase in sales of their mobile devices. the espionage peers have limited the companies being able to move into infrastructure networking. they had to unwind a purchase of a u.s. computer company because it did not win regulatory approval. one of the company's employees 1700 people in the u.s. revenue in the u.s. was $1.3 billion last year, more than double what it made in 2010.
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given this report suggesting the u.s. government should bar any merger of those two chinese companies in the u.s., it could have serious implications monetarywise. >> the european stability mechanism is replacing something that i don't remember. >> a big day for the euro zone. let's hope leaders had a restful weekend because it's going to be a busy week. the finance ministers from the euro zone all meeting in luxembourg today. they launched this new mechanism. it was supposed to kick off earlier in the summer, but there was a german court ruling to say that it was not against the constitution. the rescue pot is 500 billion euros. spain is probably at the top of the discussion, given the
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spanish government still refuses to ask for a full-blown bailout. euro zone leaders will try to nurture the spanish economy through the troubled banks. first on the list will probably be a bailout for the spanish bank. greece is also a big worry. the european central bank on the ground but in a report card together. they cannot seem to come to agreement between the lenders about the next round of cuts to greece, which could delay the next round of bailouts for the country. the next question is can the country afford a waiting game? >> among issues is the progress for 2013. it's been relatively ok, because most of the items have been approved by the troika. so much of the additional services measures of $13.5 billion, now they look more less set.
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nevertheless, we need some further write-down of greek outstanding debt burden. if the imf or to participate in the program, then it would need sustainability. the forecast for the economy for the next year, the debts are not sustainable. >> i want to take you back to the mergers and acquisitions story regarding china. we hear the term "trade war." >> some say that it's kind of smells of that. given the global economy is worsening, we start to see more and more trade spats, especially targeting those goods that are made in china. we have a string of spats between the u.s. and europe versus china. we have had threats by the u.s. taking china to the world trade
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organization over what it calls illegal subsidies to chinese carmakers and the chinese car parts. there's a solar panel dispute with europe, europe alleging china is taking part in anti- dumping practices. . and there is the rare earth experts tell me it will be the u.s. and european union that will play the harder game -- who will fight the harder battle in this game, given the high unemployment in the u.s. and european union and the huge amount of debt they have. >> and an election happening next month. >> something like that. >> thanks very much. let's look at some other stories making headlines around world. the united nations secretary general ban ki-moon has expressed deep concern about if the escalating clashes between syria and turkey. he has described the cross border shelling as extremely dangerous and has appealed for international action to stop the flow of arms into syria.
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turkey.oss to southern james reynolds is. our is what is the atmosphere like now? there was shelling yesterday. -- james reynolds is our correspondent. >> i've spent the morning over there and now i have come back to a bigger city that's 45 minutes away. there was still plenty of tension particularly along the main road facing syria. and army tank was pointed at sites directly toward syria. not many people on the frontline. as you got back from the front line, there were people in cafes eating and drinking and one man was taking money out of the cash machine, and a garbage truck was going around picking up litter. there was some normality, but schools are not reopen because their word about shellfire hitting the schools. people want their territory to
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be defended, but they wanted to go about their normal lives without worrying about mortars hitting them. >> is there any chance of the political or military establishment in turkey that would take this further than what we have seen, these skirmishes? >> that's a good question. if you look at 30's history over the last 30 or 40 years, there's been a divergence between what the civilian government wants and what the military wants. the military wanted a final say for many years. in september there was a case in which the civilian government was able to punish military officers who had been planning a coup. that was seen as a final statement that the civilian government now has a final say about matters inside turkey and about what happens with regard to military affairs outside the country. if the prime minister does not want turkey to get dragged into a full-scale war, it looks like
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he will have the authority over the armed forces that his predecessors may not have had. >> thank you very much. greatest football showdown between barcelona and rail madrid has inflamed passions among palestinians. more than 3000 people in south korea have fallen ill after a major chemical leak that has caused "60 minutes dollars of damage. an explosion at an industrial plant in the southeastern city on september 27 killed five people and lead to a league of hydrochloric acid. more than 500 acres of farmland have been damaged and hundreds of villages have been evacuated .o emergency shelters - our correspondent lucy williamson. >> at the moment when it
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happens, five people killed in the explosion. there have been investigations looking at whether it entered the water system or whether the air is still contaminated. the government has said their initial investigation showed that there's no poison of a sufficient level to pose a risk to humans, but they will continue their investigations. they are at a very early stage, so people are waiting to see what the more in-depth investigations. may panel >> the libyan prime minister has been forced to step down after parliament rejected his second attempt to form a cabinet. he was the country's first elected prime minister after the overthrow and killing of moammar gaddafi last year. libyan state television said that more than 60% of the parliament had no confidence in the prime minister's latest proposals. a quarter british citizens -- one of four british citizens in
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bali. she and three others were held in may by police in bali allegedly importing 4.8 kilos of cocaine, worth 2.5 million u.s. dollars. the italian coast guard has had a dramatic nighttime rescue helping 166 refugees escaped from their boat just moments before it sank. this is gmt from "bbc world news. i'm george alagiah. the headlines. -- another six years in office for hugo chavez to continue what he calls his socialist revolution. politicians in washington warned that two chinese telecom firms pose a security threat to the u.s. the war in afghanistan has
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entered its 12th year. the end is in sight for many foreign troops stationed in the country. however, a new report by the international crisis group warns that civil war could break out and the government collapsed when nato troops withdrawn in 2014. the brussels-based groups has highlighted elections scheduled for 2014 are likely to be fraudulent unless president karzai does more. to ensure a more. for more on this i'm joined by andrew north in kabul. -- the 2014 elections are likely to be fraudulent unless does more torter nikarzai ensure fairness. >> perhaps what is most significant about the report is the reaction to it from many western critics of the
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government an. on the afghan government side, they see this as part of a continuing campaign of pressure. it comes just days after president karzai lashed out at the foreign media over what he called psychological warrant over the gloomy predictions that are coming out almost by the day over what's going to happen after the-2014 would drawlthe- -- president karzai lashed out at the foreign media over what he called psychological war over the gloomy predictions that are coming out almost every day, after the 2014 withdrawal.
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western leaders are trying to manage expectations back in the u.k. and other places. the british prime minister said that people should not expect afghanistan will be a perfect country with a perfect government, a few days ago. it's those kind of comments that feed into a fierce here that the west is trying to pressurize the afghan government. -- feed fears. >> finance ministers will meet in luxembourg in a few hours. spain's financial problems will be high on the agenda. the economy is in recession and unemployment is the highest in europe. for young people, the situation is particularly difficult. more than half of them are unemployed and many have moved abroad. tim metz some who moved to the u.k. -- tim met some. music is full of
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passion, but sounding increasingly frustrating and angry. lines of job-seekers have grown as well as protests. u.s. unemployment now exceeds 60% -- youth unemployment. these three people have given up on barcelona and are trying their luck here. correct the situation in spain is bad. >> was it sad to leave spain? >> not really. >> i studied marketing in spain and all the companies are closed. >> there's a lot of unemployment in the u.k. >> it's better than in spain. >> the number of people leaving spain is rocketing. the country's national statistics institute says that around 40,000 left in the first six months of this year. that is up 44% from last year.
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the u.k. is becoming an increasingly popular destination. around 77,000 spanish people are now thought to live in the u.k. the figure has risen by almost a third in five years. to work here you need a national insurance number. a rise in spanish applications exceeds that of any other country except pakistan. >> over the last few months, people had started to lose hope. i would say the recession has lasted long time. for a time people thought maybe things would change. now people say where's the light at the end of the tunnel? " there's more competition for british and still is looking for jobs. >> they will learn english and they will learn useful things and get training. it's good for spain in the medium run.
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they will come back. >> tony moved to the u.k. 45 years ago and hiring spanish- speaking staff was once a problem, but not anymore. >> people are asking for work every week. i only have room for about 10 people. >> what effect will it have on spain the fact that so many people are moving away? >> there will be a hole in the population. so many young people with degrees and experience, all unemployed. they are leaving. a country needs that. >> none of these four friends know precisely how long they will stay in the u.k., but they agree on one thing. for now, they have no plans to return home.
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bbc news. >> the latest clash between the spanish giants barcelona and rail madrid ended with a drawl. it was the visitors who took first blood courtesy of cristiano ronaldo. messi claimed his second goal an hour into the match. over the home that again, 2-0. some of barcelona's most passionate fans watched from across the mediterranean sea in gaza. the latest encounter between the two teams was about more than just football. now this report. >> a beautiful game is a passion in gaza. barcelona is a particularly attractive team to palestinians living here and in the west
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bank. not merely because the spanish side features supporting greats such as lionel messi but because some palestinians feel a bond. it was a belief that barcelona had invited this man. gilad shalit is a former israeli soldier held hostage five years in gaza by hamas. he was finally released last year. hamas called for palestinian fans to boycott the game by refusing to watch it live. the head of the match, palestinians sympathized with the militant group. >> football is a sport we like when it carries the message of freedom and love. but we are against it when a soldier is invited, because then it makes people the victims and the aggressors. >> barcelona tried to avoid a diplomatic row but also inviting
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palestinian delegates to the game, but to no avail. the clubs saw to clarify its position in a statement on its web site. -- the club sought to. >> barcelona has always wanted to promote peace and harmony in the middle east. >> many fans did watch the game in the coffee shops of gaza, but the row is an example of how few things stay out of politics in this part of the world. >> a british researcher named john gurdon and a japanese professor are the winners of the nobel prize in science. the prize is $1.2 million that they will share. a quick reminder of our top story, hugo chavez has hailed
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his presidential electoion win as a continuance of his socialist revolution. stay with us. there's plenty more to come. >> make sense of international news at >> funding for this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you
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