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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  December 6, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EST

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and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news" >> keeping protesters at bay. the egyptian army deployed tanks outside the presidential palace after a night of violence and bloodshed. more presidential advisers resign. we're now for the constitution and the referendum in just over
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a week's time? hello and welcome to gmt. i am tim willcox. typhoon bopha in the philippines leaves hundred dead or missing ,000 homeless. the duchess of cambridge finally goes home after a three nights in hospital. it's midday in london, 8:00 in the evening in manila, 2:00 p.m. in cairo. the egyptian army has deployed tanks and armored vehicles outside the president's palace, dealt -- telling demonstrators they must leave the area within an hour. a night of clashes between supporters and opponents of president mohamed morsi. five people died and the hundreds injured in the fighting which erupted in several cities around the country. more advisers have resigned over
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night. 6 in total since the awarded himself sweeping new powers. the gloves go to cairo for the latest. -- let's go to cairo. there are protestors from both sides in various locations. no clashes at the moment that we are seeing. the republican guards or tanks outside the ballots have issued an ultimatum to call all protesters from either side to leave the area within an hour. another interesting development, the most senior institution in sunni islam has called for the president to withdraw or suspend the controversial new powers that he took. so they have warned the president to diffuse the situation. so it's moving quickly, coming to ahead.
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>> there was some suggestion yesterday from the vice president that there may be some sort of compromise in store. you have any details on that? >> there is snow evidence what they're going to do or anything they can do politically. he could be finished politically if he withdraws his action. >> what about the suggestion that some mubarak supporters might be acprovoking the things on the street? >> that is an accusation by the government against his opponents. the opposition say president morsi is acting like mubarak and he says the opposition has
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remnants of the old regime and is stirring up trouble, but there's no evidence to support that. >> any more demonstrations planned for the weekend? >> the weekend is a long way away. we will take its hour by hour. the opposition of threatened another march on the presidential palace this afternoon. and there's the ultimatum from the republican guard. we will have to see how that goes. >> the army planning to clear the protesters within the next 57 minutes. thank you very much. 350 people have been killed by typhoon bopha in the southern philippines. another 400 missing. much of the damage seems to have been concentrated in eastern minden now. aid workers are still trying to get to the most isolated areas. -- eastern mindenau.
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>> three years old, yet a survivor of the storm with speeds of 200 kilometers per hour. he was badly injured by typhoon bopha. some people are still being found. mud and debris. there is fresh grief. the dead are also being found in the rubble. the valley bore the brunt of the force of the typhoon. the hurricane barreled through the province, bringing heavy rain and floods across a vast area. officials are astonished at the scale of the damage. >> we were all surprised because this is the first time we have had a super typhoon like this. >> those survivors have makeshift evacuation centers in schools and community halls providing food and shelter. but these banana trees or someone's livelihood.
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now they are gone. 70% of all crops in this province gone as well. right now is the human cost of the disaster and has most concerned. people are still arriving for medical care, food, and water. the death toll continues to rise in the meantime. bbc news reported from manila. >> joining us from the manila via telephone is the head of the philippine red cross. scale of this is huge. how are you coping? cracks are people at have been moving over the last three days preparing after this tragedy. i am sorry about the poor people that lost their homes and everything. some of them are crammed into evacuation centers. some don't have roofs.
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the roads are littered with debris, trees, electrical. all entries have destroyed some homes and have been brought down by mudflows. many people severely affected as well as communication, but that is starting to be restored slowing. we must provide food and shelter right away. the red cross has provided 500 tents to one province and another 200 to another province. water has been provided because water has been contaminated. there are sanitation and hygiene kits.
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toothbrushes and everything. we are trying to restore some normality for these people. >> do you need international help? >> yes. we have launched an appeal centered on shelter and livelihood, in the hope of providing them with rehabilitation right away. the focus will also be on trying to give them all the necessities that would allow restoration of normalcy in their lives such as food, clothing, everything from non-food items to make sure they have access to water and medicine. >> richard ward and, best of
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luck with the operation over the next few days. -- richard gordon. seven missing sailors in the north sea say the body of a man has been found. two ships collided off the dutch coast. 60 miles off. the ship was transporting cars from belgium to finland. guatemala police have arrested john mcafee and three weeks after he disappeared, wanted in the murder of a fellow american. a military plane carrying 11 passengers have crashed in the mountains of south africa. they are searching for survivors after finding the wreckage of the aircraft that had been traveling from pretoria to the eastern cape when it went missing. they have dismissed reports that nelson mandela goes to medical team were on board. the duchess of cambridge has
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been discharged from the hospital in central london after spending spree night's being treated for severe morning sickness. she left the hospital with prince william a few hours ago and was driven away with her husband. our correspondent has been outside for the last three nights. what did she say to you when she came out? >> it was a smiling duchess who emerged from the hospital after the past three nights, but slightly pensive. she was not as energetic as we have become used to seeing her. she paused on the steps with prince william's of photographers could take their photographs. i took the opportunity of asking how she was. she nodded and said much better. then they got off and went to kensington palace or they have a house on the grounds. that is where she will now remain for rest.
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it has been quite a week for the royal couple. last week they had an engagement in kensington and they seemed very happy and relaxed. there were many babies among the crowd and william was given a baby items from the crowd and he was delighted with it. i think there was a lot of surprise when the announcement came on monday that not only was the duchess expecting but that she had been admitted to the king edward vii hospital with a condition of severe morning sickness. on friday she attended her old school and ran around in high heels. no indication she was expecting or feeling under the weather. we understand she spent the weekend at her parents' home in the countryside. that is when she probably started feeling unwell. on monday prince william drove
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her to the hospital here where she was admitted. >> queen know more about her condition, don't we -- we know more, following a hoax telephone call? >> the information was probably already known by the public. that the condition causes the expected mother to feel ill and wretching andsome directio some sadness. that was yet another thing during this time and they must've been quite anxious about what was happening, having to go public with the pregnancy before the three months date. the radio station in australia
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did succeed in making a prank call and that was surprising, because the royals have quite a history with this hospital. this is the hospital of choice for the oil family. they have been coming here 70 years. the queen herself has been coming here more recently -- and more recently her husband prince philip. the hospital said the incident was regrettable and the radio station has apologized. the duchess has been discharged after three nights. she will not attend the next few engagements. prince william will attend the weekend engagements on his own. >> thank you for the update. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has met with angela merkel in berlin. he says his government has not
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given up on peace with palestinians. they agreed to disagree on the question of israeli settlements on the west bank. >> the basis of german-israeli relations are clear and there remain unchanged and they are quite strong enough to sustain such differences of opinion. we are discussing and friends and one must consider whether a certain step taken is helpful in bringing about a two-state solution. we are not in agreement as far as the settlement policy. >> still to come -- >> ♪ >> the war on music in mali. an artist escaping extremist radicals in the north. going south.
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now to a challenge named the the coldest day journey involving six months of crossing hostile terrain in temperatures of -90 celsius. trekking across antarctica. >> from the thames river, one of the most inhospitable places honored. >> antarctica is bigger than china. >> this is an immense challenge for sir reynolds. >> we take a dogleg that way and it's a $10,000 drop to the coastline. 2000 miles in all and arriving there before the end of winter. >> we filmed them training for this is very close to the arctic circle. two men will sit up front, checking for crevasses. two bulldozers will carry their supplies.
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here they are being aborted. -- boarded. three shipping containers will be modified. tdr have a living quarters inside. if anything goes wrong on this most dangerous journey, the inside these could save their lives. >> the vehicles aren't more of a potential problem than the people. difficult to breed or ski. but in the vehicles you have steel and rubber, towing everything they have to tow. >> there's still plenty to practice. here, how to get out of a crevasse. it could be the real thing next time, in an article. -- antarctica.
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.> you're watching gmt the egyptian military orders demonstrators to leave the area around the presidential palace in cairo where tanks and been deployed. five people died in the fighting. these are supporters and opponents of president of mohamed morsi. ithe duchess of cambridge has been released from the hospital after being treated for a cute morning sickness. another legal twist to the battle between at the smartphone companies. >> in august a jury agreed with apple and said samsung has copied some of your technology and the jury awarded apple billion dollars in damages to be paid for by samsung. the south korean technology giant wants the judge to overturn the verdict or at least reduce the fine.
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apple wants a judge to increase the damages as well as putting a ban on some of the samsung smartphones. what is interesting is the reason did the judge is reviewing the case. according to samsung, the foreman of the jury acted with a deliberate dishonesty. samsung is saying he did not pass on information that he was part of a lawsuit 20 years ago against a hard drive company and that lawsuit resulted in the company having to file for bankruptcy. samsung owned a minority stake in that company. the battle continues. experts have told me this battle between apple and samsung goes beyond just these two, but it's part of a bigger technology battle. >> what is happening now has to do much more with apple and google waiting a proxy war. apple is not going after google because google makes androids,
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but they can go after the manufacturers who are making money off of it. other manufacturers and apple and google are playing this secret three-dimensional chess game. >> what about european euro zone interest rates? >> not much. the european central bank gather today. mario draghi announces what they will do on interest rates and any other economic actions to help revive the struggling euro zone. we're not expecting any movement on interest rates or any changes in economic action. the reason is the banks have been busy this year, providing $1.30 trillion in emergency loans to banks and is already cut interest rates and there's a bond buying program. we're expecting the bank to say no broken whatsoever in 2013 expected. -- no growth whatsoever. banks are not doing their basic
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job. >> the banks get cheap money from the central bank, but they don't use the money to perform their basic task, which is lending money to businesses. this is why there is the credit crunch. there's no lack of money. there's a lack of credit. therefore, even a kind of supervision procedure of how banks act in a market is required. glaxo the banks are still the big problem. a decision expected in 25 minutes time. thank you. three dutch teenagers in connection with the deaths of a linesman and an amateur football match. the man had been officiating a game between his son's team and the opponent. if he was around and kicked in the head by a group of players.
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are day in court at the moment? >> if things are according to schedule, then the 15-year-old, the final boy, is being charged with manslaughter, public disorder. those are the initial charges. the prosecution has told us there could be more to follow. and there could be more arrests. >> will be teenagers be named under dutch law? >> that's unlikely, unless the judge takes an extraordinary measure. this has been seen throughout the dutch society as an opportunity to look more closely at the amateur games. we were quite shocked. speaking to people involved in the game yesterday. we were shocked at how
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prevalent this kind of violence is. we spoke puerto rico who had been head butted. he said that happens. -- we spoke to a referee who had been headbutted. so officials are looking at the professional conduct and encouraging them to set better examples to the people coming up through the amateur games. >> thank you for that. nearly half a million people have recently become displaced in mali because of fighting between government forces and islamists in the north. some rebel groups have imposed severe coats with thieves being publicly ripped. p-- severe codes. and couples accused of adultery and are punished in public. and singers have been
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persecuted. >> went the most famous singer in molly comes home, they find a country plunged into darkness. -- in mali. al qaeda has taken over the richness of the desert. >> this area is used for drug traffic. they are trying to are trying -- trying to destroy mali and timbuktu. >> ♪ >> known as the voice of the north, her house in timbuktu was looted and islamists threatened to cut out her tongue. all forms of music have been
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banned in her northern home. they are jamming radio airwaves and confiscating phones. while the north is being silenced, they have formed a movement of those wanting to have a say in the crisis. >> the problem we have in the country is we all made it -- government, military, civil, students, everybody has his part in this problem. everybody. >> it ♪ >> it was fears that the diverse
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culture is being destroyed by extremists and it's become reality. artists are determined to keep singing until the lights are turned back on. correct the musicians of mali. nasa has released some images of the world from space, called the black marble. the cameras on board the satellite are so sensitive they can detect light from a single ship at sea. spectacular images there. our main story, the egyptian army has deployed tanks and armored vehicles outside the presidential palace, telling demonstrators they must leave the area within an hour.
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all questions now on whether there will be a compromise on the draft constitution with the referendum still planned for december 15, just over a week ago. overnight there have been bloody clashes between supporters of president mohamed morsi and opponents which of left five people dead and dozens injured. that's all for us for now. bye-bye for now. >> makes sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu,
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newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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welcome to nhk world "newsline." authorities in north korea are pressing ahead with their plans to launch what they call a rocket. south korean government officials say their neighbors are sending up a missile. they say it has a range of more than 10,000 kilometers, capable of reaching the s.


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