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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  August 12, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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be stopped. only over our dead bodies. and protests are legitimate actions. we aim to achieve the rule of sharia. >> as they try to storm the scam, we will face them with our peaceful -- if they tried to storm this cap, we will face them at a peaceful protest. >> they have become a focus for the opposition of the muslim whoherhood and its allies, are demanding that mohamed morsi is reinstated as president. but the military government wants the barricades cleared away and order restored. caught between the authorities , it brokeotesters down last week despite urgings of the international community to find a solution. the foreign minister of the new government has told the bbc they are trying to resolve the situation peacefully. >> needless to say, if we can do
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this through the powers of persuasion, we will not have any casualties. if not, and the police force has to use the authority that it is mandated to use in accordance with the law, then they will do so. some manning the barricades were getting supplies industry- leading goggles and gas masks in case tear gas is used against them. the muslim brotherhood is warning there could be disastrous consequences. if the camps are cleared or surrounded. , there is palpable tension in the city, which has sincey seen 250 killed the former president morsi was removed last month. james, i imagine many of the pictures we have seen, supporters in jubilant spirits,
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not often the pictures we have seen out there. >> no, i spent a lot of the night from 3:00 in the morning until about 6:00 in the morning atr the mosque at the cap -- the encampment of pro-morsi supporters. the atmosphere i found there was reasonably relaxed. there were speakers continuing to try to motivate the crowd, but i also saw a lot of people trying to catch asleep at 4:00 in the morning. byer people were standing sandbags, saying they would never leave the camp until their president, president morsi, was reinstated. driving around that particular area, we saw no buildup of security forces. >> the words are clear from the authorities who have spoken to the bbc, that a move is going to be made, but also very mindful that the international community is keeping a close eye on events. >> and i think that will be very much in the forefront of the minds of those who issue an order to clear the camps.
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essentially, egypt will not want to antagonize members of its own population and particularly the europeanrters, union and the united states, who made it clear that they will not tolerate bloodshed against protesters. i think very much there are elements within the egyptian government who say that their opinion 2 attacks -- who say that there have been two attacks against protesters and if there were a third it would damage their image around the world. >> we have heard about violence between groups upon each other. is that carrying on? >> that is something i haven't seen for the moment. in the chore that i too late at night and did not see any signs of people carrying weapons at the pro-morsi encampment. i saw mostly peaceful people, people who said they would stay there to defend the president.
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the security forces maintained their positions in armored personnel carriers but maintain them at least in some cases several hundred meters from those protesters. there is no sign i pick up overnight that there was a rate about to take place, but we look at the stamens from the government that said -- statements from the government that set the camps had to go and people in the pro-morsi encampments will be waiting at any time for those raids to happen. >> always good to see you. thanks very much. james reynolds and cairo. president robert mcgaughey -- president robert mugabe has made his first public speeches since winning in the disputed zimbabwean election. he says that the votes were legitimate and has a strong words for his arrival, morgan tsvangirai. these words he had regarding morgan tsvangirai, he did not mince them, did he? >> he can go and hang was his
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basic response to the complaints from the opposition that the election result that saw him with a 61% of the words of morgan tsvangirai. robert mugabe had a 40-minute speech to the nation broadcast across the country for heroes day, which remembers those who died in the war of independence against britain, which, of course, began in 1980 when zimbabwe became independent. often it is britain that he focuses upon and is nationalistic rhetoric for the day, but much of it was reserved for the opposition on this occasion. he thanked the nation for voting in defense of "our national independence. we demonstrated our love for this country not through the barrel of a gun, but through the ballot." he also thanked the regional african bodies to monitor the election and broadly gave a clean bill of health. >> let's talk about the stolen vote that morgan tsvangirai has
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a set has happened. of course, this is a holiday now. what happens next? he lodged the complaint with the constitutional court on friday. today and tomorrow or holidays, so the court will begin to hear that complaint later this week. it will then have 2 weeks to decide whether its support -- whether it supports the opposition view that the election was stolen or if it will go ahead and agonize president mugabe -- recognize president mugabe as the president and within 48 hours the inauguration will happen. morgan tsvangirai boycotted the heroes day speech in harare and issued a statement of his own, saying that "the stolen vote is a major betrayal of our unalienable right to vote for which many people died, and the nation is mourning over the audacity of so few to steal from so many." say 1.2 million voters
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resent franchise by the way the election was run, claiming the questions over the electoral law, saying many the people there who voted were not able to have their true views felt. it seems unlikely that the constitutional court will support the opposition, and many of the judges appointed by president mugabe. >> i know you will be following this closely. other news now. muslim leaders in sri lanka have closed a new mosque in the capital after an attack by buddhists spark violence. five people were injured and several houses were damaged. local buddhists objected to the setting of the new mosque near a buddhist temple. the first official results have been released from cambodia's beaded elections in july, showing a victory from the governing party of the prime minister. the results have been rejected by the opposition, who says it won the election and they're calling for an independent
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investigation to alleged of voting fraud. a nazi war crimes suspect from hasary, laszlo csatary, died while waiting to go on trial. he was age 98 and at one time topped the list of the most wanted second world war criminals. deportedeged to have 16,000 jews to death camps. thaterican golfer is one u.s. pga championship by two shots, fending off a challenge from compatriot. he finished 10 under overall unclaimed his first major championship. -- and claimed his first major championship. and most powerful typhoon could hit the philippines this year causing landslides and floods, and 15 one man dead fishermen missing. with gusts of up to 185 kilometers per hour, typhoon cut to medications likes and is expected to move to china next.
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-- has cut communications links and is expected to move to china next. >> she struggles to clean the debris in the muddy raging waters of the river. as yet on her fate is unknown after a swollen river swept her along. typhoon utor is the most powerful political philippines this year and is is also being described as the strongest so far anywhere in the world in 2013. it brought down power lines and cause disruption which is yet to be fully assessed, as it battered coastal and mountainous regions. strong,oon was really this man says, if you compared with previous ones, seemingly double the strength. the area in and around this town thatarticularly badly hit one-man is already setting about fixing the roof of his damaged house. another villager shows the impact of the winds gusting up to 200 kilometers an hour and in some places on her home.
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was really frightening, she says. "i thought i was going to die, i thought i might not see the morning." the philippines expenses on average 20 typhoons and powerful storms each year, and communities are resigned to repairing and rebuilding and their aftermath. "we have to repair everything, because the typhoon took all our livelihood," said another villager. "we have to start all over again." people were moved into shelters and school classes were suspended and fairies grounded. but those on land are counting the cost, and an number of fishermen are missing. , could yourcome child become a computer programmer? we are going to look at a new plan to get young people involved in coding.
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votes are being counted in mali's runoff election to decide who will be the next resident. the choice is between a former prime minister and former finance minister. it follows more than a year storm while that included a coup and a french-led military intervention against islamist and tuareg rebels. >> after the voting, the counting. a polling station -- at polling stations across mali ballots are checked, with the second round of the presidential election apparently going to plan. gone more smoothly in the second round in the first. in the second round, everyone is passed off normally. there've not been any complaints and have not been any irregularities. >> this is the man widely expected to win. former prime minister ibrahim k eita got 40% of the first-round vote and received endorsements
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of almost all the other candidates. his opponent is the country's former finance minister, souma ila cisse. whoever does win will have much leastir plate, not dealing with a shattered economy, a separatist movement in the north of the country, and finding their way home for the 2000 or so refugees who remain in neighboring mauritania, niger, and burkina faso. many of them forced to flee after a turbulent year from mali. a coup in march 2012 followed by an uprising in islamist and tuareg rebels that was eventually suppressed by french- led forces. the hope is that a new president will mean a new start. we will find out who has won in the next two or three days. >> if you are curious to find out more about mali from an historical perspective, go to the bbc news website, bbc.
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com/news. israel is sending out mixed messages ahead of peace talks which are set to resume on wednesday. the government has named 26 palestinian prisoners to be released. however, that was just hours after it approved of the controversy building of a number 1200 homes on occupied palestinian land. israel continues to build and plans to build more on land that a in the war of 1967. ofthat a captured in the war 1967. most see this as it legal under international law, but israel doesn't. -- as illegal under international law, but israel doesn't. fresh from announcing one set of controversial housing projects, israel's instruction minister paid a visit to another.
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his party is flatly opposed to the creation of a palestinian state, but when he asked if his announcement is timed to scuttle this week's peace talks, he was dismissive. i wish it had been announced before, he told us. and there will be more to come in the future. after months of american pressure, israel and the palestinians are expected to sit down for peace talks in jerusalem and jericho in the coming weeks. on the palestinian side, there is anger now rather than hope. >> who does these things are determined to undermine the peace negotiations and force people like us. >> israel is prepared to release a number of palestinian prisoners at the start of the peace talks. reassureit may be to right-wingers who don't like the
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concession. the palestinians on the other side of that fence say that israeli development is choking off any hope for them to build a future state here. the prospect of next week's the sox were never very bright, but put -- but by putting the settlement issue back in the headlines, the construction minister has made him a little darker. kevin connolly, bbc news, jerusalem. the eternal and city of rome has too many cars, three times as many as landed. the new mayor has begun to limit the number at least in some parts of the city. our correspondent in rome explains. the very center of rome, where there is an endless frenzy of traffic, the eternal rush hour, the eternal city. they say that all roads lead to rome, and it sometimes feels like that to you live here. flood the piazzas. was assaulted by
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the barbarians, but the modern city has to cope with the invasion of the motorists. drivers use to to race down to the heart of the historic center , reducing the colosseum to not much more than around about. one of the world's most famous buildings sitting in a torrent of traffic. in all of those themes and of thoses -- in all fumes and vibrations. suddenly there was a very different picture. a new column has fallen on the agent arena, and it is thanks to , rome's new mayor, a cycling and it easiest himself who has been a -- a cycling is the easiest himself to a much traffic on the roads, and he plans to pedestrianize the area completely. >> i think we have to make a choice, in a place like this where history is talking to us. either cars or monument. my choice is monument. >> but all of that traffic
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diverted away from the colosseum just to go somewhere is being channeled down the side streets, the local residents don't like it. we agree with protecting the colosseum and all the monuments, but that can't be done at our expense. such a huge amount of traffic and cars and pollution will come to our area and will block everything. we fear for our health. >> the millions of tourists who are drawn to the colosseum will of the pedestrian is -- the pedestrianization plan. on a way to a place with the gladiators fought, they were no longer need to fight traffic. >> smartphones to them he regains all worked thanks to a piece of code that is written by -- smartphones and computer games all worked thanks
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to a piece of code that has been written by someone somewhere in the world. thanks tore learning an initiative to get children involved. meet the next generation of computer programmers. elise, and barney. they can design anything for websites, all to text to a piece of code which they write themselves. exciting to see what it does and in what ways it breaks. it really is quite exciting to imagine that you have made this do that. >> i was looking around on google and i cannot find a website just based -- >> i am very good at web design. that is what i like doing.
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60,000 pounds per year. >> they have come to one of several nationwide events that teaches underaged teenagers how to code. they felt school did not cover it early enough in the curriculum, and they see it as an essential life skill. job isrstanding this absolutely paramount to this generation and the next generation and even our generation, because most of us are mucking around in a digital space we just don't understand. google is an algorithm that was written by a person, not magic. year, computer science will be taught from the age of five and included an english baccalaureate, but there are still concerns it is not enough. >> wheeze to have superstars in the gaming industry -- we used to have a superstars in the gaming industry and superstar coders, and we have fallen
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behind because kids are not exposed to coding. i think it is better to put this code up there. >> leave that lien -- >> no, don't touch that! you will break it. >> their teaching how to use a program that to me is like trying to learn french, spanish, and german in one afternoon. but for this lot it is a second nature. >> it is cool to do these things to do what you want them to do. >> it is logical. if it's not good, it is not that he doesn't like you are anything like that. it is because you told it wrong. this willoped that reboot interesting computer skills, and for zack, it seems this guy is the lip -- the sky's
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the limit. it would have a little thing where you type it in and i would need programming. will leaders are increasingly taking to social networking site like twitter to connect with their voters. the prime minister of norway has gone further and taken the initial step of the awning at taxi drivers uniform to take passengers on a ride. jens stoltenberg gave his fellow norwegians quite a surprise when they realize just who was at the wheel.
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for anting driving interesting journey. how would you feel if your prime minister did that? it would be interesting, wouldn't it? coming up, what's in a name? if it happened to be in vogue at the time when you were born, usually the name is the choice of our parents did we will look at one name or a judge in the u.s. said no. >> make sense of international
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lenders at -- international news at >> funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation, pursuing the common good for over 30 years. and union bank. at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you to nurture working new ventures and help provide capital for keith strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? " wasbc world news presented by kcet los angeles.
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welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here is a look at some of the stories we're following this
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hour. forecasters in japan say they've recorded their highest temperature in history, 41 degrees in a city in the west. japan's prime minister has the latest measure of how the economy is doing and it could influence his decision to raise the consumption tax. israel has over 1,000 new homes for jewish settlers in occupied palestinian territories, raising tensions around new peace talks. people in japan are used to dealing with scorching summer days but residents of one city are feeling the heat like never before. the temperature has hit an all-time record, 41 degrees celsius. forecasters with the meteorological agency say strong sunshine drove up the daytime temperature of shimanto, climbing above 40 degrees three days in a row. it hit 41, the highest temperature since 1875. the previous record of 49
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degrees was set in the central city in tajimi in 2007. robert speta has more on the heat wave hitting japan. robert? >> let's start off by what's really causing these extreme temperatures across japan. if we look at the satellite picture, we can see, well, there's very little in the form of cloud cover. pop-up storms here. even a few of them blowing up storms over tokyo, 50 millimeters recorded in a one-hour span over tokyo. that is triggers because we have this extreme heat causing the atmosphere to be unstable. for the most part, that high pressure is in place. clear skies. very calm winds. so the air is not able to mix up. we are seeing -- well, these very high temperatures. shimanto toward the southwest, 41 degrees here for the high. like we mentioned there, that is the record since recordkeeping started in 1875. elsewhere in the world, especially the tropics, you
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probably think 41 is not so high. japan is an island which typically keep it is cooler. sea surface temperatures are above average. you have calm winds and high temperatures in place, triggering more thunderstorms across most of japan. back to you. >> thank you. robert speta will be back with the rest of the weather later. first, many people in japan are slowing down at the start of a traditional holiday period. some may have noticed that the economy is slowing but growing steadily. cabinet office says gdp grew 6% in real terms from the previous three months, annualized 2.6% growth. gdp expanded for a third consecutive quarter. news of a recovery see to have encouraged consumers. personal spending rose 0.8%. exports grew 3%. government stimulus measures and its investment in restructuring northeast japan


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