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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  August 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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>> the news continues right now. >> good morning. great to have you with us. i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 5:00 on this election day, tuesday, august dozens of seats on the ballots. there is a final push for your vote. >> first to the morningmuteom and the election day forast. first, we are going t sally severson. od morning, sal. >> keeping my eyes o the airport e skies are fair and the temperatures are 74 degrees. now, 73 with the auto update. the airport this morning from the camera mounted out there.
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85 degrees. the normal highs 79. mostly sunny and humid. you will feel this morning and for today. find a cool spot going up to 87. 88 to 90 for thursday and a good chance for rain and storms, epts later in the day on thursday and thursday night and hopefully the rain will linger on friday. the weekend is looking cooler. here is tt. t utth ere. no problems in front of 13th street and i-94 looking good. right now no troubles with the travel times. no reason to rush out the door. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt,hank you. >> well, it is election day in wisconsin and the polls open at 7:00 this morning. now it is a partisan primary and that means you can only vote for candidates from one party.
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attention, for the first district between paul ryan and paul neelan. we have live at one of the sites. good morning, thema. >> well, good morning, melinda, this is one of the many places thatre people are casting their ballot for the races and the high profile race has even caught the attention of donald trump. now you may remember he red did. the first district that they are looking to represent is the southern portion of milwaukee and waukesha counties and all of racine and kenosha and walworth counties. wisn 12 news caught up with the candidates yesterday. neelan has knocked on up to 12,000oors a day.
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on thelot on november 8th, th i theame day a the presidential eion. live in milwaukee, "12 news this morning." >> thank you. >> taylor is facing a challenge. they are running f the 4th senate district seat they are appealing to voters going door to door and talking to families about the election. >> in the d, this someone who will be conent, compassionate and hard worker for the constituents and that is me. >> we have the opportunity to change the path we have been on and pu ourselves forward with a new direction and new vision. >> barns was elected tohe state assembly in 2012.
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whoever wins faces the ron johnson in the general election. >> here is a look at the offices on the ballot, u.s. senate and congress and a number of state senates and assembly seats. 16% of voting age adults or 712,000 people will last ballots. >> the voter it is a bit complicated. tim? >> i have a website here, this is the milwaukee election website. they have everything you need to know about the voting today. you have to have an id today. accepted photo id is a wisconsin driver's license or a wisconsin id card that is issued by the
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id card or u.s. passport or id card issued by the indian tribe. we have all of the election information at, just look for the special election section on the website. back to you. >> all right, tim. we are here and bringing you the election results on air and online and 12 news at 10:00. >> now to the race for the white house, donald trump is campaigning in north carolina today as a growing number of republicans say they oppose trump's canned si. >> the opposition is widespread from the national security leaders to a top senator. now the main senator is saying
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trump. >> there are a lot of republicans that can't bring thselveso pull the lever for donald trump. >> always opposition saying that trump is the most reckless president in history. >> donald trump continues to raise the bar exceeding the lowest expectations for >> some conrvatives circulated a nominee and former c.i.a. staffer entered the race as an independent. >> i don't think drum z is good for the country nor the hillary clinton. >> and donald trump i seeking to get bac on message. >> i want to jump start america and it can be done and it won't even be that hard.
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system. and hillary clinton is giving her economic speech later in the week. >> thank you. >> today hillary clinton is campaigning in miami. mike pence will be in pennsylvania. >> 5:07. it is back to what it was last week, hot, sticky, humid. >> it is a revival. >> remember this in december. >> yes, right. it the humidity and building in today. yesterday amp you could feel it. 72. we get a look at the third ward becoming light. sunrise 5:52. 70 madison. 68 rockford and chicago. 63 point. your day side planner as we look at the light oer lake michigan.
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rapid warm up. maybe running through the sprinkler. not much relief tonight with the lows in the 70s. now to the morning go, matt? >> an it is good news out there. no trouble in store for you. con instruction is picked up. no crashes out there. the pavement is dry. the volume is light. thtravel times are looking good. that's aook at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you so much. wisn 12 news time now is 5:08. this morning a man in madison behind barsaccused of threatening to kill police. >> officers tracked him down using social media. tim has the latest. tim. >> yes, it is a bizarre situation and unfolding on periscope over the weekend.
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police officer. the madison police chief says that the man was driving around and threat toning to head to a place where the police shot and kill add man last year and he was going to shoot a police officer, but the officers got there ahead of time. the officer showed extreme poise and safety and got backup and ultimately sequestered this man from the items the car and we got him into custody without anybody getting hurt. >> the police found a bb gun and a knife in the car. charges will be fil today. >> tim, thanks. the milwaukee county medical examiner's office is investigating a death of a man that fell in a pool.
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career, there is a job fair. more than 80 employers will be on hand and learn about jobs in healthcare, retail, hospitality and other job sectors and it is running 1-4 this afternoon. >> 5:10. a mother falls asleep in hospital and wakes up to find her baby gone. >> details on the search for the little girl. stick together. >> first, a look at who is coming up o watch it today at 4:00 followed by wisn 12 news at 5:00 with
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>> 5:13.
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splash pad. look at the sky, this is mounted at the station, we have a few clouds around. the heat is covering everyone. the highs going to up 85 degrees. it is muggy and it is staying around for today and tomorrow and thursday and friday and improving for the weekend. but party sunny, warm and muggy today. highs mid >> no complaints om the roads. leftovers as far as closures in the zoo interchange. travel times are looking fantastic. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. i'm in the news room with tim and you are watching the flight board because of the delays
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get back on track. well they do it somehow. the flight board here and everything seems to be on time yesterday. some arrivals were delayed but most are back on track. if you are travelling today, check with the airline been headed to the airpor to make sure your flight is still on time. yesterday's outage led to 3300 cancelled and delayed flights a. power outage at the atlantmeant that the pilo couldn't get the data. the glitch lasted for hours yesterday. the airline is issuing travel vouchers for anyone travelling through friday. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. it is show time for the us r
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kerry walsh jnings is cruising to a win. they defeated china and they have one last mch left in the group stage. in the pool, missy franklin doesn't advance in the free style but katie is moving on to compete for her second medal. american fencer knocked out the competition in the round of 16. she's the first american competeing with a hahjab. u.s. is leading with the most golds. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:16. right now families are being told to fwet out of their homes
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is continuing to spread. the pilot fire has grown to 7,000 acres and is only 6% contained. hundreds of firefighters a getting air support from 16 different aircraft to put the fire out on the mountain range east of los angeles. >> well, a scary situation in arkansas. a mother says that another patient walked into her room andk her baby girl. she ll asleep in the hospital room and when she woke up the child was gone. she found another patient holding the child in another hospital room. the hospital and police are investigating. >> 5:17. two wild owls found injured are
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they were found in a neighborhood last month and they were so hurt they couldn't fly. the two bonded. they flew away safely to a new home on saturday. that is so sweet. >> scientists are learning more about the eco system in lake michigan using an under water robot. they launched the vehicle earlin and tiny animals called the zoo plankton. experts say that the findings help to see how many predator fish that lake michigan can support. >> we are getting a peek inside of the tran sits buses before hitting the streets. the new 30 vehicles are more environmentally friendly and have updated seat designs and they are going into service
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fall. >> well, today is the half way point, can you believe it, the wisconsin state fair. the grounds open at 8:00 this morning. >> today is senior recognition old, those 60 years or older receive $5 admission. tonight on the main stage, flashback to the 80s, berlin is head lineing with a flock of sea gulls. that is really it is at 7:30. >> now the governor's blue ribbon meat auction is tonight. the winners are announced. that is at 6:10. >> today is fair day at children's hospital of wisconsin. this is where the fair cream puffs foand and vendors and entertainers go to the patients and their families who can't
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>> i love that. that is a good idea. >> they bring in golden retrievers in out fits. they look like dairy cows. but it is very very cutend k and tir families. well think about ways to beat the heat today, maybe a lake or a splash pad. it is going to be warm and muggy as the humidity is settling in d friday. there may be relief with the storms on thursday. well, the weekend is looking cooler and less humid. a couple of clouds out there this morning but we are staying nice and dry overall. the high pressure is continuing to influence the weather. now it is over low michigan. we know thathe winds rotate clockwise around the high pressure and for us a south wd for us occasioanay little southeast and that brings the
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cooler along the lake. this morning 70 or better. we have 68 at waukesha. waking up this morning to beaver dam at 71. now the model is going with the cloudiness today. it is reading the moisture in the atmosphere. we are staying dry with party sunny skies. we move to tomorrow morning, wednesday, as we push through the midweek a mix of sun and clouds for tomorrow. 87 for tomorrow. dew points likely into the upper 60s and low 70s. we are not record territory. 85 today. 74 tonight. 87 tomorrow. showers and storms along with the warm air and then a cool front. we are calling mid to upper 80s for thursday and maybe 90 if the storms hold off. there is the weekend, mid to upper 70s.
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gawker media may be trying to reach a settle with hhogan. >> they are in talking with the estlwrg great, hogan sued gawker after posting pictures. the victory drove gawker into rupt and the assets are going up for action nex week.
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now has 40 top 40 hits and those are considered songs that he's performed on or even appeared on as a featured artist. that is not the same th, he's featured in a lot of songs. he passed up michael jackson but short of elvis. he hits. lil wayne second in line with 69 songs. >>wow, that is impressive. >> unexpected surise in a kentucky courtroom. >> the family reunion organized by a judge before a sentencing. >> and a carnival ride comes down with kids inside. stay with us, you are watching
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>> it's election day in wisconsin.
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make sure your vote counts. >> and lines have been getting longer and lr at aports, but there are ways to skip the line. the new location where you can p for tsa prck starting today. >> but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. the heat and humidity are back. we're tracking sticky conditions as you head out the door. >> good morning and welcome to "wis news this morning." i'm ben wagner. and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this tuesday, august 9 let's start with the forecast. meorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal? humidity has settled in and staying for a fewys, but the ews is that the weekend is looking much better. a couple of clouds this morning, but overall looking at party sunny sky, thanks to the high presre influencing our weather. it is keeping us dry and just a few clouds. 73 degrees right now. we have a dew point in the mid


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