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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  August 9, 2016 6:00am-6:59am CDT

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news this morning."lcome to "12 >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 60, election day, tuesday, august 9th. dozensf seats on th ballots around the state and we talked to some of the candidates. irst,e want to check on the morning commuted the election day forecast. fito sal. >> stateair plansor today caor nshine. thng the it is aleast start for thi morning and warming up, mid 80s by mid afternoon. look for a cool spot or shade. warmer and more humid. mid to upper 80s today and tomorrow. some of the rain may linger from thursday into friday. tim? >> thank you, sally.
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gh authorities are conducng a death vestigation. this happe near 36th and congress. now the milwaukee county medical examiner's offe is responding to the area. police say that they ve received reports about a possible shooting or a stabbing here. they are sll trying to piece together exactly what happened. for more informanti o this area that is blocked by the police we are going live to matt salemme up i ma? >> yes, a heavy police presence around congress. the police tape is lining the streets. the medical examiner is here on the scene and they are in the investigative mode a this point. que a heavy police presence here. >> matt, thank u.
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isy election day in wisconsin. the polls are openi at 7:00 this mning and it is a partisan primary and meaning you can only vote for candidates from one party. one of the statewide races drawing a lot of attention, it is between paul ryan and businessman paul nehlen. we are at the political walk site. thema? >> good morning, melinda, ts is one of the many places in the statwh casting a ballot todaynd the high profile race caught the attention o republican presidential candidate donald trump. he had refused to endorse ryan and then later did. now the first district includes thuthern portion of milwaukee and waukesha coties, an all of racine kenosha and
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paul ryan didn't takeuestio but nehlan did. whoever wins today will see their name on thelo in the general elecon on november 8th, the samei as the presidential electn. >> thank you, thema. >>ta both madehe final to the voters yesterdayoing door to door an talking to famies out th election. in the end,t is about someone who is consistent, compassionate and a hard worker for the peop . that's me. >> we have the opportunity to change the path that we have been on for 12 years and put ourselves forward with a new
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>> taylor has served for three terms. >> russ finegold is running for a u.s. senator once more. he faces off in today's primary against scott harbock. whoever wins will facs. senator ron johnson on november 8th. >> let's look at the offices on theballot. nope, ben ware going to >> voter id law is in place day and it is a bit mplicated. tim isn the news room with what you need to know. this is the milwaukee election commission website. they have all of the information that you need to know if you are headed to the polls. u mu have an id to v today, accepted photo id is
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wisconsin id card issued by the dmv or military id card or a u.s. passport or issued by a federallyecognized indian tried here in wisconsin. you regist at e pling place later in the day. that is a lot of information there. we have all of the informa alou havto do is click on the speci ectn ben, melinda, back to you. >> tim, we are here and bringing you thees results on air and onlinend wat tonight at :0 >>ow to rfor the white housonald trumpits t campaign trail in north carolin as a growi number of republicans ey say oppose him. we are lin washington on who is speaking oud why.
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security leaders to a top senator. she's a moderate and now co is say in the washington post she's not supporting donald ump claims he's not supportg the repuan values. an aot of republicans can't brg themsels to pull the notch for donald trump. >> in a letter there was opposition saying that trump woul ident in history and trump is saying that the group is the failed washington elite. the nve trump movement is circulating a petition to replace thnominee. >> i don't thkond trump is good for ts country nors hillary clinto >> all thisvershadowing tmp
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the message. this is what i want to do for the country, i want to jump start america and it can be done and it won't even be that hard. prosed a simp fied tax ru systemnd used hillary clinton asextending old ideas and she's giving her economic speech later in the week. live in washington. >> thank you. today hillary clinton campaigns texas and mike pence in pesylvan. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:07. it isne ofse hot a mug days again. >> s,ugust weath. e head to thebeach, sal? >> absolutely. it is a-typica to have a heat spelln i august.
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80s. tatewide theemperatures t. arholdinin the low to mid 60s. an we'll see mrning i temperatures 70s. the afternoon into the mid 80s. headed to the lake michigan.or we lookt overnight lows that hold in the 70s. now to mat. >> ead and bound. e headights are coming eastbound into downtown. cau see both direcons are ing good. light volume?3 and fulle speed. trel times are all in the grn. th loo aat the morning commute, back to you. matt, tnk you. >> 08.
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behind bar andhreatening t kill thepolice. >> tim isn the news roo with the late. tim? >> this unfolded on peri scope over the weekendnd was stopped thanks to a tip from an off duty lice officer in new yo the madison isef sayin that thman was driving around and threatening to head to the place where a police officer shot ad killed tony robinson ltea police officer that sa but officers got there before him. >> the offer showed extreme poise, safety, got backup and se te thisrom the it from the car and we got him into custody without anyy getti hurt. >> the police found a bb gun and knife in the ca
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ter today. >> thank you, tim. this morning the medical examiner's off is investigating a de of a man after falling into a pool at the apartments. an autssy pending. >> if you are looking for a new career, there is a job fair today in pewaukee you can learn about jobs in job sectors.industry and oer it is1- today. >> 6:10 a mother falls asleep in the hoital a wakp to find her ba gone >> mordetails about the search and where theaby b was found. >> you knowhe t phse, birds of a feather stick toger.
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johnson: i've al said... win either way. night. i win either way. narrator: if he lose senajohnson fas back on the ten million dollar bus heaid himself as c. g corpate payout for him. g cornarrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support x loopholes and d trade deals at ship jobs ovseas. and multi-millioes like him.s johnson: i win either way.
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>> 6:14. we have a mix o sun and clouds early and it is quite warm. well into the 60s and 7s. 72 atilwaee instute ort design. we h a gorous morning. isovering .all it is muggy a ll. thes tpe rea into the mi 80s. now we ar going t matt salemme. >> sally, we are over the zoo 94 easnd and westbound at
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that's aook at the morning mmute, back to you. >> thank youmatt. are keeping an eyen the board. >> s, ito g t back on track afte yesterday's outage. here is the flight board, no delays at mitchellht rig now. some aivs overnight were delayed andowack on track. if you a travelling today, yeday's stem wide computer outage led 3300 cancelled or deye igs. a power outage at the delta b in atlantad t cause shutdown. this glitch lasted for a ur yesay. trw the airline iui el voucher for anyonehat
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ben, back to you. >> 250 more flights cceed del nationwide. >> it is show time for the u.s. women's gymasticteam, they have a toint lead going io the competition ht. team usa ishe favorite t win the gold. kerry walsh jennings and he partner used to the win. they have one mat left and playing on wednes advancing in the 200 free style. katie is moving on to the second medal of the games. the first american to compete in the olympic games wering a
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golds. brazil won their first gold of the games in .judo >> families are told to evacuate their homes as the fire i california is spreadg. 5,00 homes are withing evacuated is morning. the pilot fire has grown to 7,000 ares and right now firefighters say it is 6% contained. hundreds of firefighterre out and 16 aircraft to put out the fire on the mountain range east of los angeles. >> a scarey situation in arkansas, a mother says a patient walked into her hospital room and tk the baby girl. she fell asleep and when waking up her child was gone and found a patientolding the child in a hospital room surrounded by
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turnedo mother this morning and the hospital and local police are investigating. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:17. new this morning, two wild owls found juried are now backo the habita ey were foin a ighbhood ao hurt that th couldn't fly and while recoveng, tair bond. they fl away safely to a home on saturday. >> scientists are learning more about the o system in lake michigan using an an under water robot. they launchethe vehic earlier in t moh and measuring theumes algae in theo plankat form thease of the aquatic fd chain. the findings are helping t estimate how man pdator fish that lke michigan c support.
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fair, it is the half way point. we are looking at the gunds noesat are opening at 8:00 thmorn >> today isenior recognition day, to 60 orlder receives $5 admission all y.da at is $2 off. >>onight, flask to the 80s with berlin head liningnd flock of sea gulls as well. >> governor's blue ribbon meat govern scott wr is hanng out ribbons t the winners inside of the coliseum. that s ast 6:10. >> what is up with the meat auction? >> how about free samples.>> i don't about that. the f-h kids work hard on that. it is a big deal tonight. if you are going to go to the
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of the air conditioned buildings and shaded tents and drink plenty of ter. the temperatures goingp to the mid 80s and humid. the humidity is coming in. it is continuing to stream in today. there are high clouds early, but we look at a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures climbing up to the mid 80s. warm air over most of the we are going to continue to look at temperatures well above normal. typical is closer to 80 mi 80s or better between now friday. 73 at the airport. 61 west bend. yea today some clouds around for us, overall we are looking at dry weather. warm and muggy today, tonight and for tomorrow. here we are tomorrow morning at
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clouds and hazy sunshine. 87 tomorrow. it is mid 80s for today. so i will keep a dry look in the forecast other than the humidity. showers and storms are likely later on thursday and into frid niceo hangn to a few showers for friday. the weekend will call for mh less humid air and and mild temperatures in the 70s. tyou, sal. 6:21. kingf pop dethroned. >> michael jackson passed up by kanye.
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organized by a judge before the sentencing. >> a carnival ride is crashing down with kids stuck inside.
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>> i s election d in wisconsin. the high-profile races that are in youhands today and what you need to bring to the polls, to make sure your vote counts. >> and lines have been getting longer and longeat airports, but there ar to skip the line. the new location where you can sign up fotsa precheck starting today. >> but first, weather watch 12 as we take a livlook oside. the hend humidity arck. we're tracking sticky conditions you head out the door. >> good morning and welcome "wisn 12 news this morning i'm ben er. >> i'm melinda davenrt. it's 6:3on this tuesday, august 9th. let'arwith the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is he weaer center. sal. >> trying to think of more words for the midity, sticky, stealth. 64 degrees currently at
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station, 73. hazyunshin at the airport. dew down to 62. the dews are holding in the upper 60s for much of the day. warm and muggy. 74 tonigh for tomorr, the august heat is contuing with a f cloudsnd highs around 87 degrees. tim? >> sally, thank you. i am here at the breaking news desk and watching a situation unfolding in milwaukee. right now authorities are nothis is happening near 36th and congress. police tell us wisn 12 news they ha receive reports of an incident tmorning. the victim is an adult. we are going live to matt up in news chopper 12. good morng, matt. >> good rning, tim, a large poli presence is h at 36th thactual iid took in
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and 36th. investigators are taking photos and evidencarkers are lining the alley way. they are focussing allf the efforts in the alley way between 35th and 36th. 36thtr its blocked off and for a block north of congress. reporting live for wisn 12 news >> thank you, >> >> commitment 2016. today is election day in wisconsin. candidates are facing off in a partisan primary. voters will have the chance to decide who will be on the ballot, in november. tim some candidae ruaring unoppod in their own party. >> yeah, ben, but others are involved in a tough battle to keep their seats. speaker the house paul ryan facing off against republican challenger paul hlen. the winner in that racll face a democrat, either ryan
6:32 am
inhe state senate. lena taylor has held the seat for three termut state assemblyman mandela barnes is challenging her. the are only a few of the races going on today. you'll see many more options on your ballot toy pendin where you live. >> thank you. polls arepening at 7:00 this morning and thema is downtown milwaukee with a look at what you need to know today. good morning,thema. od morning, melinda, the polls are openg sn and the workers are here and getting ready to have the people come inside and cast a ballot. because this is the partisan primary, you can only vote for candidates in one party. they predict 16% of the voting age adults will cast their
6:33 am
to make sureou can have your voice heard, wisn 12ew spoke with electio comioner about what you need to do to ma sure our vcoun. >> so goio haveo show an acceptable pto ,f youre t aal toce a photo, dis, you can go to the votin sitend vote provisional ballot and you have until friday to now, i y are headed out to e polls they open at 7:00 and close at 8:00 p.m. and if you are in line at:00.m. at polling place, you can still vote. now the wners of today' elections ace to the november elsection which lu the ection for presiden ve in kee, "12 new morng. ta,nk you.
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are coming in tonight aul ge of the results on a and online. >> 6:34. >>ig change could beoming to milukee's lakntt a i could co you. ty par officls are coing erg e ee parking along the lakefront into paid parking. the reason for the cha a budget shortfall that left a two-and-a-half million dollar hole in the parks bu. county executive chris abe i publnpn the rking plan. restration fee. a vehicle >> vehicle registration fee could generate a and we' gettinless now fornsit from mison tive haweo, and at mt we'rgoing to need thg. the e colwkeoard approves the plan, it would co a dollar an ur to rk or $40 foa ar-long pass. if you're looking for aay to avoid security ne
6:35 am
answer. ere's temporary application cent openi today at th airport so trave can sign up for pre-check. it's a streamlinedityur le u don't have to remove shoes, belts, laptops and other items. the application er wilbe open until august 26th. >> your local library could be changing hands. there's a proposal to merge the library systems that cover ozaukee, sboygan, washington and dodge counties libraries into one system. library officials have already approved the proposal. now, each county needs to approve it. lar day, the washington county board weighs in. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:35. >> police bust a meth lab in an unusual location. >> how officers discovered the habeen happening above ground. >> and thousands of people are flocking to rio de janeiro, but they don'tpend a their time watching the olympic games. hothose tourists are filng
6:36 am
break. thtraffics moving ll rig now. no accidents or icidents to
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>> a pretty start t ts tuesdaymorning. 20 minutese7:00. hi theon w to the mid8e rin s id few cl. almostdy 60s and 70s it i muggy. were easilyking aut highs inhe m 80s todnd to upper80 tomorrow. heat andidity and a cha of stor increasing for later in the d o thuray. 73 at theairpor west bend 61. 63 degrees at sheboygan. partly cloudy skies. now the mt upns chopper
6:40 am
>> we are looking at the delays on the bypass. oklahoma under the freeway. that's a look at the morning commutack toou. >> matt, thank you. >> new tis morning, caugn ra some flash photraphy during a thunderorm. >> an instuserm ecorded this ideo during the orm g liintning strikes nearby. a lot of them accordg to t instagram account,he camera mawa riding a when the storm d wact phe p notcap ion camery scary though. new this morning, officials find a meth lab undergro literay. >> it wa aew york wer uneath aalmart rkt. po st they found
6:41 am
them into the sewer. that's where someone was cooking meth right underneath the pag lot. shoppers watched as officers brought evidence up to the surface. police have not made any arrests. >> 6:41. we are following breaking stie >> we are going to tim in the hughes room. >> hostage s situation o oregon and the standoff withouturng the hostage. new information as the officials confirm how a ten-year-old boy wasild on the wod's
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." beautiful. i like how the sun is reflecting in the buildings downtown milwaukee.
6:45 am
we are reaching up to the 80s and stay in the 80s for a couple of days. today 85 on the books. right now 73 at the airport. 68 in waukesha. there are a few clouds out there. the dew down to the 60s. we put the fans on for tonight with the lows in 87 tomorrow with the august heat and a few clouds in place for us. we look at the storm chances coming up. now the matt in news chopper 12. >> we are tracking the delays along the bypass. they are staying with you up to the construction zone. that's a look at the morning
6:46 am
>> matt, thank you. >> now to the 2016 olympics in rio. >> this morning, team usa is at the top of the list when it comes to medal counts. let's head over to tim for a look at where things stand. >> ben and melinda, today's contests haven't started just yet. so we're looking at yesterday's results and how the top countries rank this morning. usa is at the top of the list with a grand total of 19 medals including five gold. followed by china with 13 medals total including five gold. then there's japan and russia each with ten medals. but as y can s, japan has one more gold than russia. not quite on the top four board this morning are italy, australia and south korea. ben and melinda, back to you. >> while thousands of athletes from around the world are competing in the olympics, others are looking for extreme adventure. >> as wisn 12 news' travers
6:47 am
beaches of brazil. >> melinda and ben, when a lot of us go on vacation, we like to head to the beach and relax, we caught up with some people here in bzil who mu be inspired by the games and are looking for a ride on the ide.wild s on a gorgeous day on sao conrado out in force and coming right at our camera. tourists looking for excitement while in rio have discovered extreme hang gliding. >> that was so amazing! you'eralre lit flying like a bird. >> and amateurs aren't the only ones using this mountain. >> i was here to do an event for redbull cha. about five of us flew past the christ statue in formation. >> canadian graham dickinson is
6:48 am
dangerous sports out there. >> and after his performance for red bull china, he decided to stick around rio and base jump off so scenic sights. sao conrado beach made his list high up that mountain he and another nd jumd. flround each other like mad birds and tn pulled our chut30feet, 250, and landed onhe beach and now we're eating ice cre discussion of thominisecan olympisport, dickiays ere should be. >> i would love if this were an olympic sport, i'd start getting paid real good money b sponso as for the people who don't get paido azthings like this. jumped off t mountain and lande on the beach? >> yes, how cool is that.
6:49 am
seems fun to them and crazy to me and the ioc added sports to the games, surfing and skate ding. regpoin in rio, wisn 12 news. >> base jumping not one of them. thank you. a name for herself online as an olymcs super fan. lesl jas bn showing off her an pride on twitter. check out the jp suit. it's gotten a lot of attention and so jonesl be enjoying she games in person. s ennved to join a team coverics. -- olympics. >> aht so,'m goingo rio, becauswe slal sla l day, u, usa. >> that is goi t catch . >> yes, u. >> jones will be in brazil by the end of the week.
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man says his new tesla car saved his life. joshua neally says his new car was onuto-pilot when he started feeling excrutiating pain. he was having a pulomonary embolism ead of pulling oand caing an ambulance he left the car on auto and drove to a hospital. he says the autoc steering kept him from having a crash on the way and saves hife. >> if something like that happens where i become unconscious or incitated while i'm driving, i'm not going slam into somebodysl or into onof the big rock walls. >> this is it. the future. unbelievable. oh, look it is like a mario car. like a video ga. nely says the auto-driving feature isrfecn'pebut he's glhaad t technology helpinout. it st for everyone. butn emuatiit that
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thatas a dream. and thinutkboive yro now. probl be can wo in teresting. wendti the t. aying e. the high psse is overower igan. theds have s fom the south. that isoi toelp the ateso climwe ad oking at the dew pnts imbings well. early day theve pture in the the temperatures going up to the mid 80 a few clouds frome to time. you can see as we get to the ing for us.he lake breeze is
6:52 am
heat. nowe see some clouds from time time. we a staying y. no worries about the we are looking at a lot of moisture in th air in t form of the humidity. tomorrow hazy sunshine. a couplef degrs up tomorrow afternoon. thuray not only war air and thursday nig and friday cold st chae forelcome air. mi80s for da 74 night. 87 torr 88 to about 90 on thursday thsday.orms hold f, we couacld the cool airags behind the cool front. i expect a swe f lgeng on fda ith mid80s. letp ins
6:53 am
eastbound lays. they continue slow ito milwaukeunty. no crashes to report. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> developing overnight, a hostage situation at a subway restaurant. tim elott is in the wsom with the latest fr oregon. tim? y it began wita bicye traffic stop. that suspect reportedly fired at woce offers and then took a n hostage inside a onofficer was hit in the vest. heas not injured. police she suspect refused
6:54 am
hostage was not hurt. morisng the suspect is in thhospital. no word yet on hisdition. mel ndk to you. >> tnk you, tim. >>hiren falm rris wheel in tennessee. yo seeing h it i twisted and sending the passengers fallinto.ofcials sayllat three were te ton theostal and they are allert and medical >> new infon tormatimorning onhild who die a water rk this weeken officials ins ci kansa confirm that the ten-year-old di o neck iury whriding on the d'llest de. it 1stta avel aleast 50 mileshour thclhi polic investigate the child's deat >>investigation in san francisco after kids at a birthday party endting uea marijundy.anca 19 pple, mostly children, ended up in the hoital aer eating the candy.
6:55 am
ouere the mariuna-laced candy came from and how it got into the party. >> a texasnt w sde was ined by police lt year beca a huse ofemade clock has filed a federal lawsuit. ahmed mohamed was 14 years old when he made international headline he brought his homemade clock to school to show his teachers, but one teacher thought it was a bomb. mohamed now attenda school in qatar. >> a judge in kentucky makes an exception for an inmate so he can meet his newborn son for the first time. >>akg a temporary exption on reched soic mt th iur son >> the father is fing burglary charges along wiis wife. they havbeen oered not to contact each other but the judge made an exceptiosohat the father could meet his month-d son. e up teared up a the judge handed out tissues. things she's done as a judge. >> 6:55. "g.m.a." isupex with onnd international
6:56 am
news chopper 12. it igreen the it is gust, and gorousut the. keeping younfme as you step ou the door. the forecast and theorning commute is u next.
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t! th just vandalis whatever y want to call it, n'miss the volkswagen model year end event. huy in for a one-thousand dollarolwan reward card and 0% apr w 2016 pass. >> good morning.
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road to milwaukee cnty and 14 mis intoavnorthbound fthe hale at's look the morning commute, back to you. >> we arealking a hy summer morning. you can see it from news chopper 12. the temperatures in the 70s and going up to the 80s. 87 tomorrow. aix of sun and clouds. thunderstorm chances for thursday io friday. cool front, lot cooler and less humid and dry for the weekend. >> gorgeous weekend. we are half way through the statfair. >> no! >> berlin and flock of sea gls night. >> oh. that islasrom the past. exactly.
7:00 am
.erhe >> plenty of act in io. we have previews?0?% breakingight ornteor the ferris wheel, three young children fall nearly 50 feet to the ground after their basket flips over. >> was holleng st, sthe machi >> tir rushed by copter tthhospit wrea right now. maive fis anflds. more than 6,00acing s burn calirnia forcihousands of sidents to flee and remnants tropicast ngavocn the southwest. new jogger murder myster another young wofound ad afr going out on run b herself killed in broad daylight than one mile froher mom's home. the cond deadly incident in justays.


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