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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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a standing ovation. >> oh, good. >> that's >> while you slept hazmat teams respond to a security scare in downtown milwaukee. what we know this morning about what set off the police response. >> and both vp candidates heading to wisconsin this week. the campaign events they're the new poll that reveals how voters here are leaning. >> and we're on weather watch this morning. here is a live look outside. before the day is over we may see rain and even storms. when you'll need to grab an umbrella. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm tim elliott. ben is off today. it's 4:30 on this thursday, august 11th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning, sal.
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risers. keeping your eye on the visibility. not uncommon to develop the fog. the visibility is a little over a mile in sheboygan. early morning temperatures 73 at the airport. 70 coming in at waukesha. warm and muggy for today. hot and humid today. hazy sunshine. highs near 90. a whisper chance storm, around lunchtime, if it happens. the temperatures told to 90 degrees. 80s tonight. after mid night rain and storms and downpours are possible. >> when you're on the go take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> new from overnight, a security scare at milwaukee's tallest building. the milwaukee fire department's
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cass around 1:15 this morning. police tell wisn 12 news a suspicious substance was reported in the area. crews were called in to investigate. nothing dangerous was found. but one person was loaded into a private ambulance. officials say it's possible someone suffered a medical emergency after witnessing those tense moments. >> new from overnight, a teenager drowns at a milwaukee pool. it happened around 11:00 last night at washington park near 40th and galena. police say the victim and several friends climbed over the locked fence to go swimming after hours. officers and firefighters tried saving the 19-year-old but he died at the scene. >> now to commitment 2016 and the race for the white house. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence is visiting milwaukee today. donald trump's running-mate will be at the hilton in downtown milwaukee. doors open at 4:00 this afternoon. pence takes the stage at seven. you can request tickets online through trump's website. wisn 12 news will be there
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>> on the other side of the race, tim kaine is planning a trip to wisconsin as well. he's hillary clinton's pick for vice president. kaine will be in madison on monday for a campaign fundraiser. he was in milwaukee less than a week ago for a rally at lakefront brewery. >> the latest poll showing how wisconsinites may vote in november's election favors democrats. the marquette law school released the poll yesterday. it shows 52 percent of likely wisconsin voters choosing hillary clinton versus 37 percent supporting trump. as for the senate race between current senator ron johnson and former senator russ feingold, the poll has feingold leading with 52 percent of the vote. >> another update to wisconsin's controversial voter id law. an appeals court has ruled that voters must show a photo id when voting in the november election. this reverses a decision by a
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>> new this morning, milwaukee's chief of police speaking out about gun violence. chief ed flynn says increased access to guns is causing major problems. >> right now, our criminal offenders find it more risky to get caught without a gun than with a gun. penalty on the street is more severe. madison doesn't care. every chance they get to change a law in favor of easier access to firearms, they do. >> flynn was in chicago yesterday meeting with leaders from other major cities to talk about violent crime. >> a wisconsin police officer involved in a serious crash. at first distracted driving was blamed. now authorities say another driver hit the officer on purpose. the crash happened four months ago in hudson near the minnesota border. at first, the driver said he was distracted when he hit and injured a police officer. the patrol car was totaled. but now, police say the 21-year-old has admitted that he wanted to crash into the officer. he was reportedly upset after
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>> we were a little bit surprised that mr. hesse did come forward with this. he said he was very upset about that and that when he was driving on couley road, he saw the squad car and then intentionally drove right into it. >> the suspect is facing charges for endangering a police officer and he's set to undergo mental health evaluations. the officer is back on patrol. wisn 12 news time now is >> more than two dozen people hurt when an explosion rocks an apartment building. >> the massive fire that crews struggled to put out. what we know this morning about how it started. >> plus, we're learning more about a huge outage that grounded thousands of delta flights. how the ceo is defending his company. >> but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. a look at the milwaukee river right there. the sun is coming up shortly. you are watching "12 news this
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>> coming in at 20 minutes before 5:00. we are looking at the state fair for today. warm and muggy and the temperatures near 90 and feeling more than 95 in the afternoon. this morning 73 at the dew .69. the showers and thunderstorms pivoting out of minnesota. there are local heavy rain and flash flood watches across minnesota, iowa and western wisconsin. for this morning, hazy sunshine, warm and muggy. the temperatures climbing up to the 80s. this afternoon a slight chance for a storm, most staying dry and hot, high of 90.
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storms. >> thank you, sal. pavement is dry. everything is looking good on this thursday morning. all the drive times are in the green. tim? >> new from overnight, an explosion in an apartment building led to a massive fire. the flames are tearing through the building here. it happened around midnight in montgomery county, maryland. around two dozen people are injured. it's not clear if anyone has been killed. officials say that not all the residents have been accounted for. at this hour, crews are still working to put out hotspots. >> new this morning, a fire at a new york factory sparked evacuations nearby. the factory went up in smoke yesterday. officials say the factory shreds tires into dust and that dust is very flammable. people living nearby were evacuated but no one was hurt and no homes were damaged.
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>> a family and police department trying to make sense of a tragedy this morning. >> the fatal mistake that is raising questions about police training and what the victim's family wants to say to the officer who pulled the trigger. >> plus, the u.s. is dominating at the olympics, but there are some sports where american athletes fall short. the olympian who's trying to
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." it is 4:44 on this thursday, august 11th. we had a lot of heat yesterday. >> you know, after a while it does get a little weary. i am not going to complain. it is not long before the cooler air is going to settle in.
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temperatures near 80 degrees. i am keeping my eyes on the radar. the showers and storms out of minnesota. dry in the south. a whisper chance for a lunchtime storm today as part of the complex pivoting into western wisconsin. much better chances for rain and storms later toni we have the timing coming up in a moment. >> and we're off to the city of samaba. the olympic games are going strong down in rio. let's take a look at where things stand this morning and who's ahead in the medal count. the united states still number 1 with 32 medals total, eleven gold and eleven silver. in second place is china with 23 medals including ten gold. japan comes in third with 18.
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>> there are only five summer olympic sports where the u.s. hasn't medaled. badminton is one of them and there's renewed hope that this is team usa's year. deirdre fitzpatrick is in rio's olympic park to tell us why. >> the u.s. has its largest delegation in badminton ever and howard shu is ready to show the world team usa is ready to win. country in a sport that a lot of americans view as... >> a backyard sport you can play having a beer. >> he's not killing time at the barb cue. >> when i was 11 and competing in the pan american junior championships, i swept the competition. i won the z triple crown, men's singles, doubles.
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>> debuting here. >> howard shu has a shot at going farther in olympic badminton than any other american has before. >> men's singles, no one has made it to the round of 16 before. how much do you want to be the one to do it? be amazing. dream come true. >> the biggest change in howard's game is in his game face. as a younger player he was known for being emotional. not anymore. in the court, he's very mean. that's good for him. >> i am there to handle the business. i don't show a lot of anything. i am out there on the court to win.
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the backyard barbecue make sure he's on your team. >> thank you. we are all rooting for howard. the other sports that the u.s. has not medaled in is hand ball and table tennis and trampoline. >> i can do damage in table tennis. >> yes, not >> a girl sends a message in a bottle out to sea and a family responded across the ocean. the girl through the bottle in the ocean on a field trip and whoever finneds to mail it back with information on where it washed up. this travelled 3,000 miles to ireland. >> they were exit sooed to throw something in. i never expected it to reach
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dream come true to have the bottle travel so far and they are looking at the irish woman that found the bottle. >> the ball blue for the toronto blue jays takes a tumble. he was going for a foul ball. he does a back flip. see stood up and took the seat and never cracked a smile. he's a professional. >> enthusiasm. that's what counts. >> keeping an eye, we so need
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milwaukee county. we get in on the rain tonight. this afternoon, there is a light chance of a stray storm. take a look at this, flash flood watches across western wisconsin. we are dry in most of southern wisconsin. a few clouds approaching green lake and marquette county, showers and thunderstorms in this system. cool front quite i am concerned about seeing a little morning action making it through here at noontime. there is a slight chance, a whisper chance of getting the moisture in here. tonight, overnight, severe weather is unlikely. we are looking at rain and gusty winds and keeping the storm
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half inch, some locations more. here is what happening at 9:00. the overnight system is washing out a little bit. again, most will stay dry around lunchtime. a whisper chance of a stray storm. 4:00 nice and quiet. 2:00 in the morning, rain and storms begin to approach, this is overnight thunderstorm complexes, a l at 4:00 in the morning, heavy stuff moves out. another around 7:00. this is continuing off and on tomorrow morning before we dry out tomorrow night and settle in for a nice weekend. so we are on weather watch. until then hazy sunshine and hot and humid. >> sal, thank you. >> a police training exercise
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73-year-old mary volunteered to be part of a fake police emergency. she died when an officer shot her thinking his gun was loaded with blanks, but there was a real bullet which hit and killed her and now an investigation into the shooting. >> i know this guy did this is probably can't live in his own sk know that we know he didn't intend on this happening and we forgive him. >> he wishes he could stop her from participating. this morning the officer is on administrative leave. >> a community in arkansas is remembering a deputy shot and killed on the job. the deputy was shot while responding to a call yesterday morning. officials say a suspect fired at
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rifle. a police officer and k-9 and robot were hit. the suspect is now in custody this morning. >> an a man that volunteering to hunt for a missing hiker was shot. they are looking for the person that pulled the trigger. he was rescued from the mountain and flown to the hospital. the hiker is still missing. >> we are hearing from delta's ceo days of the grounded the flights around the world. thousands of flights were either delayed or cancelled this week. a small fire caused a power outage at the operation center in atlanta. they are still looking into why this backup system didn't even work. >> is this kind of worse case scenario for you guys.>> apart
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lives, absolutely. we never experienced this type of outage in history. >> the airline is criticized for not communicateing with the passengers. >> hot jazz and cold beer, that is a phrase to say to take advantage of the discount for jazz in the park. it is taking to the stage every thursday at cathedral park. to help you cool off, $3 beers from 5-6:00 p.m. >> we wanted to end the season on a fun note with the weather, usually by this time it is not cooled down, but not super hot and humid, so we are thinking we could do a fun 25th anniversary hot jazz and cold beer special.
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jazz in the park. the thursday concerts run through september 1st. i will be there tonight. >> hot jazz and cold beer. that is a good album name. i like that. >> 4:55. did you see the chaos in new york city yesterday? >> this guy climbed the outside of the trump tower using suction cups and now we are finding out more about him and the c came close to a terror attack and how they stopped the suspect
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>> and news are 22 cases of the zika virus in the miami area. >> officials are coming together today to update on the situation. a week ago the planes sprayed the insecticides. the mosquito population is dropping and advising the pregnant women not to travel to miami.
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brain could be aging faster. brain age increased by ten years based on how overweight you are. and there could be a link between alzheimer's and dementia. >> kids can experience more depression or anxiety have epilepsy. >> there may be a new treatment for infants and toddlers that suffer from peanut allergies. they found kids had a decreased reaction to the peanuts after a month, some had mild allergic reactions and treated with over the country medications. coming up on 5:00.
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>> good morning. welcome to "12 news this morning." i'm tim elliott. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is thursday, august 11th. a hazmat team was called to downtown milwaukee and an investigation of a sus pibs >> a wave of candidates coming through wisconsin on the road to the white house. first, hillary clinton's turn to lay out a plan that she says will boost the economy. we want to check on the morning commute and the thursday forecast as well. matt is on deck, and first going to sally severson. >> hazy, hot and humid. temperatures are 70 or better. the southwest winds. the dew point is upper 60s


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