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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. >> i set down and could feel my whole upper lip start to blow. kathy: milwaukee's archbishop nearly dies from a severe allergic reaction. he tells me what happened and the moments that saved his life. joyce: only on 12, a sheboygan dispatcher who took the call from a mom who says she killed her son. >> she tells in 28 years she has never received a call like this. kathy: mike pence comes to milwaukee and since down with terry sater. >>'s response to being down in wisconsin polls. -- his response to being down in wisconsin polls. joyce: we begin with the story. after a sudden, near death experience, milwaukee archbishop jerome listecki is talking to wisn 12 news tonight. kathy: he was in big trouble,
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paramedics came rushing to his rescue. as you see he's up and around again but on monday night in , this very room this 67-year-old man of great faith could have been taking is very last steps. >> my guardian angel is working overtime. kathy: just back from a trip to poland archbishop jerome , listecki returns energized by his mission and suffering from a sinus infection. so before going to a meeting he takes a shot from a new bottle of cough medication -- cough medication. >> lip start to blow, and i went, oh, no. kathy: he looks at the label and his fears are realized. it contains acetaminophen. >> i am allergic to acetaminophen. kathy: first, he calls his house killed her for help, -- his housekeeper for help but , realizes he needs emergency help. >> so i took out the phone and i put it up to my mouth whispering
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allergic reaction. kathy: and his new vice rector was by his side amazed at how , calm the archbishop is. >> i am a believer. it is also the sacrament of the sick. one way or another, i want to be ready to healed and continue to do the work. kathy: even after an epi pen, he flared up again and was kept overnight at columbia st mary's after more treatment. tonight archbishop listecki is grateful he was in good hands on many fronts. joyce: republican vice presidential nominee mike pence comes to milwaukee, as polls show he and donald trump trail hillary clinton by 15 points among likely voters in wisconsin. that's the latest marquette law school poll. terry sater is live in milwaukee, where he talked with the governor one-on-one.
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a lot goes into one of these campaign stops. they are still busy tearing down here at the hilton. after the rally, i talked to pence about how the campaign overcomes the controversial comments donald trump has made in recent days. those comments have also corresponded to a drop in the polls. >> you are going to see the polls abbott and flow -- eb and flow, but what is important is how weil i mean donald trump is committed to rebuilding our military. to having america standing strong on the world stage again. >> earlier during his campaign speech to a crowd of supporters in milwaukee pence defended running mate donald trump's controversial comments. >> when he does his talking he doesn't go tiptoeing around all those thousands of rules of political correctness. he just says it like it is and the american people here him -- hear him loud and clear.
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protesters interrupted. protesters were removed during those outburst which only , briefly interrupted a speech aimed at reinforcing trump's role as a candidate for mainstream working class americans. >> donald trump has a plan to really unleash the full potential of the american economy putting common sense principals into practice just like governor scott walker has done here in wisconsin. >> there were frequent chants of usa and trump, trump, trump during the speech, which is a the room that will be removed. it's clear the republican campaign still believes wisconsin is in play despite lower poll numbers. joyce: hillary clinton is drawing a sharp contrast with donald trump on the economy. patrick, earlier this week trump unveiled his economic plan. patrick: today was clinton's turn. she slammed trump's plans to cut taxes. speaking at a manufacturing plant outside detroit, clinton charged that trump's economic proposals would benefit the wealthy at the expense of middle
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>> there's a myth out there that he'll stick it to the rich and powerful because somehow he's really on the side of the little guy. don't believe it. patrick: to pressure trump to release his tax returns, clinton says she will release her 2015 tax returns as early as tomorrow. her running mate tim kaine also plans to release 10 years of his returns. the democratic vice presti nominee is coming to wisconsin on monday. tim kaine will be in madison for a private fundraiser. it'll be his second stop in the state since the convention last month. joyce: friends of a 19-year-old man who drowned in a park pool say he jumped in, even though he couldn't swim. investigators say christopher taylor jumped the fence at the washington park pool around 10:30 last night. friends say he had been smoking marijuana, then dived into the pool. police pulled him out of the water. firefighters were not able to
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kathy: a cudahy police dispatcher suspected of misconduct in office has resigned. 12 news broke the story about melissa mueller yesterday. today, we've learned she's suspected of stealing from the department. according to a probable cause statement, mueller was caught on surveillance video taking money from the department's cash drawer last month. she was supposed to be collecting a payment for a parking ticket. the d.a. is reviewing the case. an investigation is underway into the death of a wisconsin veteran who committed suicide last month. patrick has that story new at , 10:00. general has agreed to review the case. 33-year-old brandon ketchum took his own life after his v.a. psychiatrist reportedly refused to admit him for inpatient treatment at the v.a. medical center in iowa city. senator ron johnson requested the review after ketchum's family first raised questions about his death. >> if it comes back with, they didn't do anything wrong i'll be , able to accept that but i just , don't want to see other veterans, or anybody for that
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wisconsin dells high school. he moved to iowa after serving in both iraq and afghanistan as part of the marines and then the army national guard. joyce: a warning for anyone who uses the zoo interchange. starting monday, the ramp from eastbound 94 to northbound 41 is closing until next spring. it's part of the interchange reconstruction project. one way to get around the closure is to take highway 100 to watertown plank road. a sleepover for education. tonight, people are sleeping outside near king drive and north in milwaukee, collecting school supplies and money for local kids. organizers say it's a way of >> it's about the education and it's about the youth. and we have to show our youth that we do care. all the donations we got already shows that we care about our youth and youth education. joyce: all the donations will go to two schools, martin luther king junior elementary and pierce elementary in the riverwest neighborhood. we need the rain, and it is
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shot at the rain tonight? mark: you can see the rain behind me. we will take a look at how much we can expect, next and weatherwatch 12. announcer: coming up -- >> it probably affected me more than any other call in my career. joyce: a mother told this 911 dispatcher she killed her child. only wisn 12 news finds out what the dispatcher thought as she heard the chilling words. kathy: first of a disappointment. now a lawsuit. , the reason two local hall fame game ticket holders say the nfl owes fans millions. joyce: a local handyman's toolbox quite a bit lighter. how he's trying to take an armed robbery in stride. announcer: that is all coming up
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters associati fire in louisiana, sending huge flames shooting in the air. about 1400 people were on site at the plant when the fire started. it's unclear what caused it. no one was hurt. they answer the call when you dial 911, no matter the situation. kathy: tonight, one local dispatcher opens up to 12 news about one horrific call that still haunts her. >> ok, what is the problem? >> i killed my son. >> you what? >> i killed my son.
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kathy: we're learning more tonight about what was going through that sheboygan dispatcher's mind. wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen has the wisn 12 news exclusive. adrienne: good evening. i talked to bobbi jo tetzlaff and she tells me in 28 years she's never received a call like this. >> emergency dispatch. >> yes, hi i need police to come here. adrienne: phone, katie kinateder, a mom, claiming she strangled her son. on the other end, a mom herself, sheboygan 911 dispatcher bobbi jo tetzlaff. >> i have a pad of paper in my hand and i'm walking across the room to the person who needs to dispatch and i write down an address and i say, you just killed your child. >> can you tell me what happened that led up to this, katie? adrienne: tetzlaff stayed calm the entire time even during the details too horrifying to share.
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>> i did cry that night. however, people don't realize that once the call ends, don't. -- the events down. they will stay people for hours, days, a lifetime. adrienne: i want to show you something else in the emergency dispatch center. the gold is for the dispatchers. the blue is for law enem these tragedies. from sheboygan, i'm adrienne pedersen, wisn 12 news. kathy: if convicted, katie kinateder could face life in prison for the death of her two-year-old son. she's been charged with first degree intentional homicide and hiding the corpse of a child. she remains behind bars on $750,000 bail. joyce: green bay packers' fans still irate over the cancellation of the hall of fame game in ohio are now suing the nfl and the hall of fame. christina palladino is live in the newsroom. christina, they're seeking more
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from jackson and the other from racine, join two other people from out of state in this class action lawsuit. i reached out to the local plaintiffs as well as their attorney, but have not heard back. today's lawsuit claims after the game was canceled, the league -- hall of fame made it seem like the game could be played. that included a countdown clock on the scoreboard. because of that, the suit says fans continued to buy food and souvenirs. wisn 12 news was there in canton, oh spoke with upset fans as they learned the game was cancelled because of poor field conditions. >> it's unfortunate that it came down to this and they weren't better prepared. >> the hall of fame says it's refunding the ticket money. but the suit says fans are still out travel, hotel, and food expenses. their attorney is the same one who represented packers ticket holders for the 2011 super bowl .
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dallas. joyce: if all goes as planned the packers' first pre-season , game is tomorrow at lambeau. if you're heading to the game, you might want to leave early. the state dot says there could be some big delays on the road. also, metal detectors will be used at all gates, so getting in the stadium might take some time. it is a milwaukee season ticketholder game. kickoff is at 7:00. kathy: a venomous spider you don't see around here has popped up in wisconsin. it's a brown recluse. it was found at lawrence and exterminator set a trap, and confirmed what it was. >> they have a pretty nasty bite. my understanding is that it does not hurt when they bite, but it hurts shortly there after and makes one feverish and second nauseous and things like that. kathy: experts say this would be just the third brown recluse spider found in wisconsin in 25 years. they are usually found in the
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another devastating accident involving an amusement park. a child fell off a roller coaster today in pennsylvania. the boy was conscious as he was airlifted to children's hospital of pittsburgh. his condition is unknown. it comes days after a 10-year-old boy was killed on a waterslide in kansas. on monday, three kids were seriously injured on a ferris wheel in tennessee. a dramatic rescue high above the ground in california. take a look at this. a 50-year-old crane worker got injured on the job and couldn't climb the ladder back down. so a helicopter rescue team was sent in and safely hoisted him from atop the 270-foot tall crane. the worker is in fair condition. joyce: macy's, the largest department store chain in the country, is closing 100 stores. the company tells 12 news an announcement will be made regarding which stores are closing at the end of the fiscal year.
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the auctioneer ticks off the latest bids at the blue ribbon cheese and butter auction at the wisconsin state fair today. the governor announced the new grand master cheese maker awarded to marc druart of monroe, wisconsin. the money raised at the auction helps supports student scholarships. wisconsin, by the way, produces one-quarter of all the cheese in america. we are so grateful for that. we need some rain. kathy: mark, our chances are looking pretty good tonight and tomorrow. mark: correct. it will be a drawn out chance. we start late tonight, and it continues often on tomorrow. if you're hoping to see the meteor shower tonight, that's not going to happen either because the clouds have rolled in. let's start off with what we need, that's rain. i thought we might make it into
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for the last four weeks. we stay the same. we will watch to hope that we get a decent amount of rain that will help rectify what we have here, abnormally dry conditions. the best chance late tonight and friday. almost seven and a half inches behind average in milwaukee. since june 1, 3.5 inches behind average, so we are really dry. happening? why are these storms dying before they get here? sometimes it just happens. chicago and green bay above-average, minneapolis above average. we are way below average. it sometimes just works that way. we just need to catch up on this. this is going to help. we have the rain moving in. we have strong thunderstorms to
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the south. here's why you will not see the perseids meteor shower, because these clouds are rolling in tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night as well. keep that in mind. wish i could have better news. we will be on the lighter rain side. we might get a thunderstorm or two, but chances of severe weather stay away from us. we do havde 6:00 a.m., a general rain. i am not spanking -- expecting a lot of rain. maybe an inch or so of rain. noon, some pockets of heavier rain, which would be good. we would like to see this adding up around here. friday, most spots a quarter inch or so, but a few areas may get as much as one inch. the heavier rain staying to the
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, where they pick up 2-3 inches of rain. the rain forecast till not a slamdunk, but some is better than nothing. we have tons of moisture. the dew points are in the 70's, but we don't have a lot of left. heavy rain stays to the south of us. still warm, 80 degrees in milwaukee. it is sticky. dew points are way up there. warm tomorrow, 82 degrees, even though we will not see sun. scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. then we clear it the afternoon on saturday. high temperature of 82. 80 on sunday. then dry on the next week. this is why i was hoping for at least an inch of rain out of the rain that we are getting late to might -- tonight and tomorrow. things are going to be crispy for some time to come in southeastern wisconsin. joyce: ironically enough, some parts of wisconsin are drying out from some serious flooding. kathy: we'll tell you where rivers overflowed their banks
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wars fans have been waiting for. we'll show you part of the brand new trailer. >> it is a sweet deal to help kick off your weekend. tomorrow, where you can stop on your way to work to get a free cup of coffee. plus, we will be on weather watch as the rain moves through
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: for the second time in five days, we are one day away from the packers preseason opener. aaron rodgers may or may not play for the packers. robert griffin the third will make his cleveland debut. on the other side of the ball, packers rookie inside linebacker blake martinez will be the defensive play caller when he is on the field. martinez had the speaker installed in his helmet last week. >> once the headset came in, ever since i was little i could not wait to have it in my helmet, so once it happened and i had it in there, it's good.
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and makes it easier to communicate with the rest of the guys. at first, i was like, what the heck. who is talking to me? then i got a handle on it. dan: ryan braun had the day off today, and the brewers offense did not miss his bat one bit against the braves. never before in franchise history had they scored a run in every inning, but they did today. chris carter started the fun with this two-run homer in the first. they tried a double steal in the second. manny pina was out at second, but keion broxton stole home. in the third, scooter gennt blasted his 10th home run of the season. that is three innings in a row. hernan perez followed with another solo blast in the the fourth. brewers have now homered in 14 straight games. in the fifth, gennett hit a blooper into short left for an r.b.i. single. in the sixth, pina ripped a bases-loaded, three-run double. those were the first three r.b.i. of pina's major league career.
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this r.b.i. single in the seventh made it a 10-3 game. he is safe. and orlando arcia capped off the scoring with this r.b.i. triple in the eighth inning the brewers win 11-3, just the 16th time in major league history that a team scored in every inning. >> i don't know if the players were talking about it. you saw it on the scoreboard. you don't see that look on the scoreboard ever. i have never seen it before. >> i think they we were scoring. they were just racing to the bat right when the next guy gets a hit. i feel bad because i think i was the only guy that didn't touch base. dan: at the rio olympics, american simone biles won the gold medal in the women's all-around gymnastics competition. teammate aly raisman won the silver. and swimmer michael phelps won his 22nd gold medal tonight in the 200 meter individual medley. it was his fourth gold of these olympics. amazing. joyce: he makes it look so easy. thank you. local law enforcement has a new way to keep you safe this
10:27 pm
unique tool they're using to patrol state fair and other high-profile events. joyce: an apartment building explodes in the middle of the night. the thing witnesses noticed before the blast. >> we are hard at work tonight with this. >> [indiscernible] >> how to run through decryption --
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i win either guy my. loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million dollar bonus he paid himself as ceo. a big corporate payout for him. johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas. all to benefit corporations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win either way.
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 10:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolanton, meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. joyce: the path to the white house is heading back to wisconsin. kathy: donald trump's runningmate mike pence made a stop in la crosse earlier today, before a rally in milwaukee tonight. 12 news' terry sater spoke with the candidate one on one. >> i asked republican vice presidential nominee governor mike pence how he and donald


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