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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  August 12, 2016 5:00am-5:31am CDT

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we are in the news room and keeping your eye on the energy outage map. 2700 people without power. no word on if they are weather related. >> rain has been moving through southeast wisconsin. a flash flood watch is in effect and we are tracking the conditions. matt is on deck. first to jeremy in the weather >> good morning, let's talk about the flash flood watch, it is including all of southeast wisconsin and continuing until mid night and the threat for localized heavy rain comes throughout the midday and into the evening. if you have plans this afternoon or this evening, certainly have a plan b. a couple of showers this morning, they are light, but giving us wet roads as you step out the door and bring the
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77 degrees. warm and muggy. 75 madison. a little cooler to the north. for today in the upper 70s. downpours are a possibility this afternoon and this evening. now to the morning commute with matt. >> right now we have a crash on the system. it is northbound around the plain field curve. lo there was an injury involved and the paramedics have moved out. if you are using the howard hope off ramp pay attention. because of the light volume, no reason to rush. no delays at this point. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you so much.
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police are searching for an s.u.v. that hit and kill add pedestrian. this happened overnight. mike ander is live for us this morning at the police headquarters with the latest. good morning, mike. >> good morning, tim. the latest is that the milwaukee police department is looking for the driver that hit and kill add woman and sped away. the crash happened near 91st and appleton. the police blocked off the several people called 911 just before 10:00 to report they saw a vehicle hit the woman. the witnesses told the police that the s.u.v. drove away. the 63-year-old victim died at the scene. they are still interviewing the witnesses and looking at surveillance video. they described the s.u.v. as a small black type of vehicle.
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police department. reporting live this morning mike anderson "12 news this morning." >> thank you, mike. >> a milwaukee neighborhood is celebrating the life of jenkins this weekend, the nine-year-old was shot and killed in may. there is a garden planned in her honor. a groundbreaking ceremony is taking place tomorrow. right now there is still a a reward of $65,000 is out for information leading to an arrest. >> the milwaukee archbishop is showing a scarey situation, he suffered a severe allergic reaction after taking could have medicine.
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allergic to. >> life can change on a dime. you have plans and all sorts of things you are going to do and all of a sudden nothing. >> he was athleted at a hospital. the reaction flaired up once prior to being released on tuesday. he wrote he's grateful he was in good hands and his guardian angle >> football is back, packers fans are gearing up for the pre-season home opener tonight. there is a pending lawsuit after last week's cancelled hall of fame game. there is a class action lawsuit against the nfl and the hall of fame. the hall of fame is refunding
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lawsuit is seeking $5 million in damaging related to travel, hotel and food expenses. the packers will play, they are taking on the cleveland browns for the pre-season game at lambeau. it is a milwaukee season ticketholder game. the kickoff is 7:00 tonight. if you are headed to the game, you might want to leave a little early. the state d.o.t. says there could be big delays on the roadways and full body metal detecters will be used at lambeau. >> and not to rush summer, we are talking basketball, the bucks released the schedule for the upcoming season, the bucks will tippoff the season against the charlotte hornets at ohm october 26th. there is a total of 23 games at
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check out the schedule at the 12 news mobile app. the bucks players at the state fair milk house to meet the fans and sign autographs. you can see steve novak. speaking of the state fair, three more days to check it out. >> yes, today is patrick day. two of our colleagues teaming up to take on the celebrity cooking challenge. they have to create three recipes. i know we are friends, but i feel bad for the competition. >> i do too. sally was talking big yesterday and saying she's bringing home to bacon. >> oh, oh, of course she did. >> you like that one? >> i do.
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>> lindsay is joke. oh, it is the director's joke. >> we appreciate that. >> i hope the rain doesn't make the bacon soggy. >> a little rain at the state fair, not a complete washout, just bring the umbrella with and the poncho. the temperatures nearing 80 degrees this afoo is dry, get the outdoor stuff done. early this morning, pavement is damp up in sheboygan. tropical dew point of 70. the air temp near 80. steady light rain up in sheboygan. we talk about the redevelopment
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storms in the afternoon. first to the morning commute. >> take it a little slower on the wet roads. we are looking good, but the pavement is wet. don't rush around out there. nice and quiet across the system. the green is everywhere. the travel times are looking decent from 7 mile road to downtown. th >> i was amazed how quickly i got through the zipper america -- merg merge. here is an issue, major changes on the zoo interchange after this weekend. >> yes, the same area we are talking about, the zipper merge,
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until the spring. it is part of the project. a way to get around the closure, highway hundred north. tim, back to you. thank you, matt. >> the political spot light on wisconsin after a campaign spot by the pick for have the. governor pence held a rally in wisconsin. now three separate times protestor people were removed, which interrupted the speech in front of the supporters and governor scott walker. >> donald trump and i are committed to carrying the positive message to make america great again. i like the chances. >> the latest marquette university poll showing donald trump trailing hillary clinton by 15 points in wisconsin.
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nominee is holding a campaign fundraiser in madison on monday and he was in milwaukee last friday for a rally. >> the candidates for the president are sparring over the economy and fund raising. we are in washington with the latest. >> according to showing frustrations are growing. the campaign is sitting down in florida and initially that the g.o.p. chair would shift the resources from the campaign if the poll numbers didn't approve. >> it is untrue.
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all i have to do is stop funding the republican party. i am raising the money for them. >> it is following an open letter urging abandon trump and focus on the house races. >> they are all out of their minds and they are wrong. >> trump claims he doesn't need the group's support. the rnc has not responded to the open letter. >> clinton revealed her economic plan and pressured trump to release the tax returns and she release them today. 5:11 in the morning now. >> yes, it is a rivalry years in the making. the match between two friends that ended with victory in rio and the medal count. >> a new twist on the roller coaster and technology that is giving you a new way of
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america. >> you are not used to this morning thing. >> yes. >> later today, actor david from the x-files is stopping by ellen. catch the interview at 4:00, followed by wisn 12 news at
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>> good morning. welcome back to "12 news this morning." a live look outside right now. we have mainly cloudy skies and very humid and sticky out there. a le here is the ray dor network. light rain currently and we look for thunderstorms developing later this morning and into the afternoon. dew point right now is 74. you can ring the moisture out of the atmosphere. we talk about the better weather in the weekend forecast. first to a look at the morning commute. matt? >> wet pavement out there.
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plainfield curve. so just both hands on the wheel and paying your attention. little obstacles in your way this morning. full freeway speeds across the system. the travel times are looking good. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. parts of western wisconsin are deeping with flooding this morning. the lacrosse area saw up to inches of rain on thursday morning and the rains damaged the roads and farms and homes. the crews had to rescue several peel -- people trapped in their cars. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:16. later today, discovery world is celebrating lake michigan day and it is a free event. exhibits are set up, show casing
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>> tonight is point fish fry and a flick, this weekend's film is dead pool, it is rated r. they sell food and drinks. the event is starting at 5:00. >> dozens of movie lovers are in town for a festival. it is at foster farms. there are national and local acts. >> well, starting this weekend, check out a new attraction at six flags great america, rage of the gargoyles is a new virtual reality experience on the demon roller coaster. that sounds scarey. melinda davenport spoke with the workers live via satellite while they were on the ride.
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around us and we can shoot them throughout the roller coaster experience and this is the first fully interactive game roller coaster experience. it is crazy and life like and 3d and in your face. pretty soon we are going on the lift and this gargoyle is taking us with him. it is >> and there you go. >> that looks like fun. >> rage of the gargoyles. sounds like my band in high school. season pass holders can stop by today. open to the public tomorrow. >> going to rio. >> we are getting to the medal counts. the high lights, simone winning
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teammate ali took the silver. in the pool, one of sports greatest rivalries michael phelps versus ryan. the 22nd gold in his career. simone the first african-american woman to win an individual event in swimming and taking the gold in the hundred meter free style. there is a medal total, you will see gold, 38 in all, china in second place, japan with 22 total, 7 gold for them and australia with 15 medals and five golds. >> that swimming matchup wasn't as dramatic.
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>> except for the canadian announcer. >> yes, he was looking at the wrong lanes. >> it is funny. mistakes happen, it is live tv. we all know this. >> live tv has you here and welcome. >> a cameo. >> yes, and something we have not seen much of is the rain. will it rain for the packer wrapping up close to kickoff and isolated and scattered up there. don't cancel your tailgate plans. the temperatures are pleasant in the low to mid 70s. just a little muggy. here is a live look at lambeau field right now, the pavement is a little on the dry side. the moisture is glistening
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overnight the showers and storms moved through. they didn't produce a lot of rain. not much here in the city. now we watch more showers and storms going through iowa and streaming in our direction this morning and into the afternoon. so if you didn't get the rain overnight, there is a chance for it today and some of the main may be coming down at a pretty good cl there. there is the sticky dew points, at 74. we'll talk about the showers and thunderstorm chances, widely scatter and on and off throughout the day, maybe a couple of pockets of dry weather and more showers and storms are possible. if you are caught under a thunderstorm, could be picking up a quick inch of rain. transitioning to the gentle
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cloudy with pretty good weekend on tap. you will see that in the week ahead, the highs around 80 both days of the weekend. sunday is comfortable. less humid. we warm up later in the week. we can't escape the fan or the acs for long. another run up to 90. >> thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 5:22. she's an olympic gymnast and a big heart. >> the twitter romance between the human spring and famous actor. >> if you need an tra expick me up, there is something different
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>> it looks like olympian simone has a crush on zach efron.
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wishing the team luck. very cool. >> now president obama is sharing his favorite songs of the summer. on twitter he dropped the summer play list for the daytime and the night time. it is including jay-z and pharrell williams and the beach boys. this is the second tame he's released his favorite songs. >> very diverse. >> yes. >> three college students expected to head back to class today after suddenly going missing. >> a cave adventure that led to a search. >> a man shares his experience after encounters one of the most deadly snakes on his front
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>> a project launching in milwaukee to honor the nine-year-old girl who lost her life because of a stray bullet. how the neighborhood is celebrating zalayia jenkins' life.
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to help schools in need. we'll tell you how this campout gets the students read you to head back to class. >> but first, weather watch 12. here's a live look at doppler 12 radar. rain has been moving through overnight. more is on the way and that's prompting a flash flood watch across much of our area. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm toya washington. >> and i'm tim elliott. you are not melinda davenport. >> no, i i checked her facebook page. >> is she up? >> yes. melinda and ben are off today. it's 4:30 on this friday, august -- it is 5:30. i am even messed with up this. 12th. >> it is good news we are seeing this rain and we have the threat


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