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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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>> good morning. welcome to "12 news this morning." i'm toya washington. >> i'm tim elliott. we are in the news room and watching the milwaukee county and some in racine county as well. no word if they are weather related. >> rain has been moving through overnight. we are looking at the radar and tracking the conditions. traffic watch matt salemme is on deck. first we are starting with jeremy nelson. >> the weather is damp.
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through over night. just mostly cloudy skies at the moment. here is the dopplar 12 radar network. thunderstorms redeveloping going soo the afternoon. it is warm, very muggy outside this morning. you will want the fan or the ac on. take the umbrella with. there is ad showers and thunderstorms today. there could be heavy downpours this amp and evening. overall, very good news with the rain. we need it. we are watching out for too much rain in the afternoon. now to matt in-house due to the rain. matt? >> we have a fender bender out there on the freeway system. it is northbound on the bypass, and right now it is at lincoln
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the delays start a little bit after beloit, around oklahoma avenue and up past lincoln with the crash. so pay attention when making your way there through. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> breaking news, milwaukee police are searching for a missing ten-year-old boy and he was laying with friends outside of the home fwlendale last night. we are told he's five feet tall and weighing 70 pounds. if you have seen him, call the milwaukee police right away. we have posted his photo on twitter and facebook. >> right now, milwaukee police are searching for an s.u.v. that hit and killed a pedestrian. that crash happened over night at 91s and appleton.
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headquarters. mike? >> well, tim, the milwaukee police are looking for the driver that hit and kill add woman overnight and sped away. the crash happened late last night near 91st and appleton. several people called 911 just before 10:00 to report that they saw a vehicle hit a woman. those witnesses told the police tla the s.u.v. drove away and the 63-year-old victim died at the scene. the police say they are still interviewing witnesses and looking at surveillance video to see if the s.u.v. was caught on camera. at this point, they are looking for a small black s.u.v. if you have information, you are asked to contact the milwaukee police department. reporting live this morning downtown milwaukee, mike wanderson "12 news this morning." >> mike, thank you.
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the life of jenkins, the nine-year-old that was shot and killed in may. there is a groundbreaking ceremony taking place on the legacy garden tomorrow. right now, there is a search going for the killer. a reward of $65,000 is out for information that leads to an arrest. >> after a sudden near death archbishop is talking about a scary experience. he suffered an allergic reaction. he says he could pt feel his face and couldn't breathe. >> you see how quickly life can change on a dime. you have all sorts of plans, all
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are going to do, and all of a sudden, nothing. >> he was treated at a hospital. the reaction did flare up prior to being released. a post on the website, he says he's grateful and he was in good hands. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:05. this morning packers fans are gearing up for the pre-season home right now there is a pending lawsuit from last week's cancelled game. there is a class action lawsuit against the hall of fame and the nfl. the game was cancelled because of the poor field conditions. the hall of fame is refunding the ticket money but the lawsuit is seeking $5 million in damages related to travel, hotel and food expenses.
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will play, taking on the cleveland browns for the pre-season game at lambeau. it is a ticketholder game. the kickoff is 7:00 tonight. now if you are headed to the game, leave early, the state d.o.t. says there could be big delays out there on the roads. also, full body metal detecters will be used at the gates. officials suggest bringing your keys, we are talking football, so we can talk basketball. is bucks released the schedule for the season. the bucks will tippoff this season against the charlotte hornets october 26th at home. check out the schedule at the 12 news mobile app. the bucks are appearing at the
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weekend. see steve novak today. now speaking of the state fair, three more days to check it out. >> yes, today is patrick cudahay today. cooking demonstrations on tap. two of our kol colleagues are teaming up to take on the radio and tv penl sis in cooking challenge. they are tasked with three recipes. i feel sorry for the competition, because both of those women know their way and a kitchen. >> that's the dream team there. >> yes. live tweets. please. sally and lindsey, if you are up and watching. >> jeremy, how about you, man,
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>> i am up for that. when i go to the fair, i want to spend money on the food, deep fried goodness. if you are headed out there today, we are not looking at the sunshine on a stick, instead more clouds than the sunshine. bring the umbrella or a poncho. there will be showers and storms. not a lot on the network. a handful of showers now. let's get out the door now, here's the forecast, the highs around 80 degrees. keep the umbrella on stand by. we have the weekend forecast coming up. now to the roads with matt. >> we are watching a crash clean up northbound by lincoln. the crash at lincoln is causing delays right now and the delays
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lincoln. hie one hundred is heavy as well. be prepared. travel times... >> matt, i was driving in this morning and passing that ramp and there is is sign up saying big changes on the way. >> yes t last weekend to use the northbound 41 is closing until next spring. the best way to get around it is hie one hundred north and go east and jump on the 41 ramps. it is going to be there for a while. toya? >> thank you. the candidates are sparring and donald trump advisors are meeting about the concerns over the campaign.
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>> good morning, today's sit down is an emergency of sorts all though they are pushing back against this. >> wow, thank you so much everyone. >> today it is reported the the campaign is sitting down with the leaders in orlando, it comes on the heels of a time magazine article that reporte resources from the campaign if the polls don't improve. >> it is untrue. if it is true, that is okay too. i am the one raises the money for them. >> the threat follows an open letter drafted by 70 republicans that urged the chief to abandon trump and focus on the house and senate races.
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out their minds and i think they are wrong. >> trump says he doesn't need the group's support and the rnc has not responded to the open letter. >> thank you. clinton revealed the economic plan yesterday. she pressured trump to release his tax returns a pd she release hers as early as today. 6:11. >> it is a rivaly years in the making, the match between two friends that endd with a victory in rio and the most up to date medal count is coming up. >> the technology on a roller coaster and a new way of experiencing rides at six flags.
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introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. >> tgif. we are looking outside of the weather window. 6:14. wur watching "12 news this morning." that is mitchell international airport. the runways are damp.
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up in sheboygan. 71 degrees. wow, it is sticky outside. the dew point close to 70. a couple of spotty showers out there. grab the umbrella. keep it with. we talk about the thunderstorm chances for this afternoon and this evening. coming up first though it is a business morning for matt. >> we have a couple of accidents going on here. we have a squad and a vic left. so that is two lanes available and causing backups. another crash northbound 43 between layton and highway one hundred. a third in the stadium interchange southbound ramps. take it easy out there. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, we continue to follow breaking news this morning, the milwaukee police are searching for a missing ten-year-old boy.
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friends outside of the home near 28th and glendale. he's weighing about 70 pounds. anyone that has seen him are asked to call the milwaukee police. we have posted the photo on twitter and facebook. >> 6:16. later today, discovery world is celebrating lake michigan day. the casing lake michigan and free boat tours. outside of discovery world tonight is point fish fry and a flick, dead pool, which is rated r. it is free to get into this. they sell food and drinks there. the free movie at dusk. >> well, thousands of music
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aue clare musical festival. the bapd is premiering the highly anticipated new album live tonight. >> starting the this weekend, check out a new attraction at six flags great american in illinois. rage of the gargoyles is a new virtual reality experience on the demon roller coaster. workers via satellite while they are on the ride. >> you see the gargoyles and we are able to shoot them through the experience. so this experience is the very first fully interactive gaming roller coaster experience. actually really crazy and life like and 3d and in your face and pretty soon you see us go down
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taking us with him. it is terrifying. >> and there you go. >> there we go. [laughter] >> i don't know about this. that sensation you want to see what's going on. >> yeah, yeah. >> that is weird. cool, shooting and fighting. >> i will give it a shot. >> i could pt do it live. ap bleep button. >> season pass holders can stop by today. open to the public tomorrow. >> turning to rio. >> we are getting to the high lights. as predicted, simone winning the all around gold. they shared a hug after the competition. >> in the pool, one of sports
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versus ryan and phelps taking the gold. his 4th medal of the games and 22nd gold medal in his career. the first african-american woman to win an individual event in olympic swimming taking the gold in the hundred meter free style. now to the medal count. this is where it is standing now, team usa with a big lead 16 golds, 38 total. china in >> today, yesterday we had a gold medal day, today is gold for a different reason. >> yes, we really need the rain here. mother nature is going to deliver. as long as we don't get too much across parts of the area. that is the key. >> slow and stead ji wins the race. >> not like phelps, he's the fastest.
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as long as it is not in green bay after 7:00 p.m. a couple of showers around the tailgate. by the 4th quarter lower 70s. live look there, the pavement is drying out and 70 degrees. back here closer to home, a gloomy start to the day. lake shore state park a few people out there. the paths are damp after an inch of rain. dew point is 74 degrees this morning. here is the doppler 12 radar. a few showers and storms going this afternoon and evening. futurecast, this may be a little over done this morning. more showers around
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into the afternoon. keep the umbrella on stand by. the focus of the heavy rain is some where near or south of waukesha and milwaukee. if you are up in the northern counties a little rain today. going into tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies and the weekend is looking like it should be dry, especially sunday, that is the pick day in the 7 day forecast. less humid, of the weekend. next week is looking good, monday highs in if low 80s. next chance of a shower storm after today. >> thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 6:21. she's an olympic gymnast and a very big crush, the twitter romance. and if you need an extra pick me
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online. the gymnast is all over twitter and talking about the zack efron and ellen got her a leap tarred with his face on it. before the gold medal finish, he tweeted this picture here wishing the team luck. >> president obama is sharing his favorite songs of the summer. he dropped the summer play list for the daytime and night time. the of artists including jay-z and pharrell williams and the beach boys. we want to know what you are sharing. wisn 12 news time now is 6:25 in the morning. three college students are expected to head back to class after missing.
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desperate search and the latest on the rescue mission. >> man shared the experience
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>> we have breaking news, a ten-year-old boy is missing in milwaukee. coming up, the latest on the search that is getting underway that this morning. >> we are on weather watch and rain watch, rain has been moving and more rain is on the way and prompting a >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm toya washington. >> and i'm tim elliott. melinda and ben are off today. we're in the weather center with jeremy who's tracking all that rain. it is wet in a lot of spots today. >> overall this is beneficial rain as long as we don't see it come all at once.
6:30 am
going until mid night. now downpours are possible. not all the areas are seeing the heavy rain. here is a live look at the dopplar 12 radar network. a few showers now. day planner forecast, gray skies at the moment. take the umbrella with. we'll sneak between the showers and thunderstorms. best chances of catching thunderstorms are coming our way in the afternoon. the highs held in check due to the clouds and potential for the rain. it will be extremely humid out there. we look ahead to a much improved weekend forecast coming up. first, to the commute with matt. >> busy on the roads this morning. we have a rollover northbound
6:31 am
so we have the rollover. it is off the freeway. traffic watch shows an incident at the bypass at lincoln. busy morning and pay attention. travel times... tim? >> thank you, for that. from milwaukee, take a look at the picture here. police are searching for this little boy. we are going live to mike anderson at the police headquarters. what can you tell us? >> tim, the police are asking the public for the help in
6:32 am
here is the description of him, black male, light come mregs shun. if you have anyone on the where about as of sean, the police are asking for your assistance in finding him this morning. we areol throughout the morning and helicoptering to give you updates on what happens. reporting live, mike anderson "12 news this morning." >> mike, thank you so much for that. we are bringing up the photo again, he was last seen yesterday near 28th and glendale. we have posted the photo on facebook and twitter, help us spread the word and help the milwaukee police find this
6:33 am
>> there is an investigation into a veteran's suicide. 33-year-old brandon ketchum from wisconsin dells killed himself last month after a va psychiatrist reportedly refused to admit him for in-patient treatment. this happened at the va center in iowa city. this morning, the va inspector general is reviewing the case to determine if the va is at fault for ketchum's death. >> to commitment 2016 and the race for the white house. donald trump's running mate mike pence stopped in milwaukee. c new poll from the marquette law school showed trump losing ground with wisconsin voters. wisn 12 news asked pence about those polls. he told us that trump's campaign isn't worried. >> well, it's a long time 'til election day. it's still very early in this election cycle. you're going to see the polls ebb and flow, but i think what's going to carry the day is really a message for how we make america strong again at home and abroad. i mean donald trump is committed
6:34 am
having america standing strong on the world stage again. >> during pence's speech in downtown milwaukee, several protesters interrupted. they were removed from the rally. >> looking ahead, democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine is planning a trip to wisconsin. he is scheduled to be in madison on monday for a campaign fundraiser. he was in milwaukee less than a week ago for a rally at lakefront brewery. >> later today, a filmmaker takes on the tobacco industry in milwaukee. the film looks at the relationship between tobacco african american community. lincoln mondy will be at the saint mark ame church tonight presenting his project called "black lives, black lungs." mondy says african americans are more likely to suffer from tobacco related diseases. >> new from overnight, people are waking up on milwaukee's streets right now in an effort to raise money for local students. a small group of activists spent the night and morning outside near mlk and north. they're collecting money and school supplies for milwaukee
6:35 am
we talked to organizers early this morning about why they want to help. >> so many times teachers have to pay out of their own pocket to buy supplies for students and everything and there's a lot of parents who can't afford supplies. every little bit helps. >> the donations will go to both pierce and martin luther king junior elementary schools. the sleep over continues until 7:00 a.m. >> a big accomplishment for the brewers, they scored a run in every inning. that's only been done 19 times, which i couldn't believe, 19 times. the final score was 11-3. >> all right, now going to
6:36 am
emergency crews are on the scene of a crash. this is 59th and national. an s.u.v. crashed alongside this building here. no word yet this morning on whether anyone was hurt in this. if you are headed to the area, use caution. >> 6:36. >> the suspect in a car theft makes a big impression on a judge. that's drawing a lot of attention and whether it helped or hurt his chances in court. >> plus, if you've noticed a lot of shooting stars lately, it's thanks to a meteor shower. the best time to look up to make
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>> welcome back to "12 news this morning." 6:39. we are looking outside of the weather window. it is a gloomy start to the day. the dew points are in the 70s. finally rain is showing up on the radar. hit or miss showers across the area at the moment and more rain
6:40 am
west and turning into thunderstorms later on. scooting east and it may interfere with the morning drive in sheboygan. have the umbrella ready to go. the showers and storms are possible moving into the afternoon and some of those could be producing downpours. we had rain over southeast wisconsin overnight. damp roads. not used to that so we have issues out there. >> exactly. we have a handful of accidents. 43 northbound. right there at hie one hundred, the onramp is blocked. the delays there. they are stretching back before layton. a crash bypass at lincoln. 43/94 northbound at holt.
6:41 am
bypass. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. if you have had your eyes to the sky, you may have noticed shooting stars and could be part of perseid meteor shower. >> last night and tonight are the peak of the annual shower. every august, there are an average of 100 meteors an hour. but this year, forecasters say there could be 200 every hour. so if you're outside tonight and if it's clear enough, look up and you could see it for yourself. >> that is double the meteors. >> yes. get out of town just a little bit and you can see them. >> well, you won't forget seeing this. >> a suspect decides to show off his dance moves in a florida courtroom. >> he thought the judge wasn't watching so he started twerking to get her attention.
6:42 am
there it is. work it. 30-year-old calvin griffith is accused of stealing a car. the judge was not amused with his antics. she set his bond at more than $18,000. >> his face is oh, oh, i didn't notice. no going back now. wisn 12 news time now is 6:42. we are following two breaking news stor we start in west allis the crews on the scene of the crash. 68th and national. an s.u.v. crashed alongside a building there. no word on injuries. you will want to use caution in that area. >> another breaking news story, in milwaukee, police are searching for a missing ten-year-old boy. last seen playing with friends yesterday near 28th and
6:43 am
milwaukee police right away.
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>> we are back
6:46 am
this morning." it is 6:45, friday, august 12th. a live look at dopplar 12 radar. the green is pushing out there. a lot more to the south. we are going to see parts of the viewing rain getting the rain today. >> yes, it will be beneficial rain unless it comes too fast. we are fairly light rain in southeast wisconsin and spotty showers at the moment. it would be nice if illinois shared the we have a flash flood watch in effect until mid night. again, not all locations will be seeing the heavy rain. overall this is beneficial rains today. spotty showers this morning. have the umbrella ready to go. thunderstorms are possible in the afternoon. we have the weekend forecast coming up and with the damp pavement, people are going a
6:47 am
both lanes are blocked highway one hundred is merging in. you are seeing that is not the only crash. one on the hale. now 43/94 at holt. take it slower and plan on extra time out there. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> we have talking about the olympics and eating and celebrating with is away of life. we have a look at the eating brazilian style.
6:48 am
are going to hungry after seeing this. meet jean boschetti, he knows what authentic brazilian cooking is all about. >> when we are celebrating something, birthday, anniversary and usually on sundays after you come back from the church in the morning, we set up a fire pit and we cook around the fire. what used to be outdoor fire pits is now meat skewered and tu sized oven. here at fogo de ch?o in rio de janeiro, he remembers his grandmother setting out plates of veggies and salads, and his grandfather bringing the variety of meats directly to the table. my grandson likes the chicken, my granddaugher likes the lamb so that is why i think it becomes all the variety. actually all the brazilians they love meat. rodrigo deborba lives in rio.
6:49 am
way too. now he is raising his daughter with this same style of cooking when dining they say think of it like a car engine, first gear, your light foods salads and so on, second gear starches, and the third gear the all important meat. >> most of the people, actually you start with the greens. but not for me. we are told this style of eating becomes a family affair. from youngest to oldest, everyone enjoys different plates but enjoys it all together. >> life is good, that is the message they want to spread to the world from rio. live at the summer olympic games in rio, i'm nigel robertson. >> thank you so much for that. you might think there is a long list of spices in their cooking, it is really salt and pepper, the mraifr is coming from
6:50 am
and now we are hungry. i would have a second breakfast for that type of food. >> a wild ride from ohio to las vegas. >> yes, a monkey on an airplane. it is perched on the man's shoulder. frontier says that no one told them about the monkey. f plane was in the air. the owner showed the papers proving that it is a therapy animal and so traling together is legal. >> this is when he arrived or going through initially? >> they don't know until he was in the air. it was they didn't have a clue that there was a monkey on the
6:51 am
a monkey on board. >> the other act is come here, saying no way. i see it is a monkey. >> find it on twitter. monkey on a plane. >> if you are taking a plane this morning the runway is damp out there. we need the rain. let's get the rain out of the way for the weekend. a few ds wisconsin state fair. rain is possible. there will be rain at times on and off. we could see quickening of the downpours. don't wear your best shoes out there. have good walking shoes out there. we are in a little break from the rain at the moment. 77 degrees. not much wind out there.
6:52 am
help cool us off. 74 degrees. humid today. the kale air is way up to the north. northern wisconsin is still on the muggy side. in the southern part of the state lower 70s. saturday evening we'll feel a change in the air mass. down here in southern wisconsin a couple of lighter showers. illinois, eastern iowaho going. it is widely scattered and quick hitting downpours, especially near the state line area. have the umbrella ready to go. in the short term, we have a flash flood watch. the storms popping up could produce the downpours.
6:53 am
activities today. here is the week ahead t weekend is looking great. sunday is the pick day. more sunshine. less humid. the next chance of rain on wednesday. a few people forgot how to drive in the rain. >> yes a handful of crashes out there. take it slower this morning. looking good in kenosha. on the computer, clearing a crash northbound 43 at highway one hundred. clearing one northbound 894 at lincoln. 94 westbound at holly. one at holt. the travel times are up. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> two dozen people are hurt after a jet blue flight flying
6:54 am
passengers and crew members were taken to the hospital. >> three college students were found after disappearing inside of a cave in arkansas. they were exploring on wednesday night and didn't return. they found the students yesterday afternoon and parts of the cave are narrow and can be slippery. it is unclear if the students were hurt. >> new this morning , a florida has a new scar to show off >> he was sitting on the front porch when it happened. quickly he found out it was a four foot long python. >> i don't remember grabbing a like a snake, but when i reached back and pull it out, i screamed and ripped it, it was latched on my side and i ripped it from the flank or the hip.
6:55 am
>> wild life officials say that this type of snake is not native to florida. >> scary stuff. >> if you are riding past a dunkin' donuts today, cops on roof tops, police officers will be raising money for special olympics wisconsin and they are out there now on the roof tops. 46 dun kin the waukesha police specialist say that the special olympics is near and dear to her heart. her uncle has special needs and has seen the benefits of the program. not only the team work with them in sports and overall coming together and the bonds that we form with those with special needs. >> last year cops on roof tops raised $41,000.
6:56 am
this year. get this, every customer making a donation gets a coupon for a medium coffee. they are out there now. donate and get a coffee. >> 6:56. >> we are almost there. >> "good morning america" has the top national and
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>> good morning. thank you for joining us. the computer is showing accidents being cleared up. bypass, hale, as well as 94 westbound. prepare for delays out there. travel times... slow down, put your cell phones folks. >> make sure your head lights are on too. take the umbrella with you. >> we are following breaking news, the police are searching for a missing child in milwaukee, he disappeared last night near his home. if you see him, call the milwaukee police. we have it on facebook and
7:00 am
please share it. just spread it and get him home soon. >> thank you f good morning, america. >> oh. >> best in the world. simone biles soaring to new heights in rio with the golden touch. her teammate, aly raisman, right by her side with silver as america's golden boy does it again. michael phelps with a record 22nd gold leaving the competition in his wake. >> oh, baby, it's time to come home, michael. >> and simone manuel making history in the pool. >> manuel is going to do it. >> tying for gold this an epic day for team usa. also breaking overnight an emergency landing. at least two dozen rushed to the hospital when a jetblue flight


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