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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  August 12, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm CDT

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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn with kathy 12 mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. >> he'll be out of there sooner or later. like he says, the truth will always come out. patrick: that's steven avery's brother reacting to news that his nephew, brendan dassey, had his conviction overturned. the case has made headlines for years. avery and dassey were convicted in 2007 for the murder of photographer teresa halbach. kathy: the story then getting
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recent documentary "making of a murderer." 12 news terry sater is in the newsroom. >> federal judge william duffin essentially found brendan dassey's conviction was based on his confession and that the confession violated his constitutional rights. duffin said in his ruling that investigators made false promises to dassey by assuring him he had nothing to worry about. and the repeated false promises as well as dassey's age and intellectual deficits rendered the confession involuntary. here's part of the recorded confession where dassey talks about going into his uncle's trailer and that steven avery told him what was happening. >> that teresa halbach was back there. that she was on the bed naked. that she was chained up to the bed. >> could you hear her back there yet? >> yeah. >> the state has ordered he be freed within three months unless there are new charges or an
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steven avery's brother learned about the reversal just moments after visiting avery in prison today. he says he expects brendan dassey to be a free man soon. >> they're not going to retry him because the community and the public are on his side. that's what i think. i mean everybody, everybody loves brendan. kathy: we have much more coverage of this story on our website, revisit our 12 news special, steven avery, inside the case files, or read the entire 90-page legal decision that calls for brendan dassey's release. much more on today's situation -- decision tonight after jimmy kimmel live. patrick: heavy rain and some street flooding in waukesha county earlier tonight. chief meteorologist mark baden joins us now. mark, still some pockets of heavy rain. mark: we do. that will continue off and on
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southeastern wisconsin, but there is more through madison, greene county, extending towards rock county. we were watch that work its way into southeastern wisconsin throughout the rest of the evening. we still have some pockets of moderate rain and waukesha, but it has been falling for quite a while. that could certainly lead to ponding on the roads. i know you are asking for it and hello, can we get a little rain down here? racine as well as kenosha county, you have missed out. there is still a chance tonight. we will clear it out as we work our way through saturday, 82. we will do that again on sunday. the forecast looks great for the weekend. hopefully you got the rain you needed and the grass will start to grow quickly. patrick: flood alerts are stretching from the south up
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in the louisiana, some serious problems. authorities there declaring a state of emergency. residents are trapped, schools are closes, and cars are stuck on the road. >> this is the worst i have seen it and as i can remember. we definitely need help at this time. patrick: the water is so high in some parts of the state that coffins from above-ground cemetery crypts are floating. kathy: commitment 2016 coverage now in the race for president. he made headlines by calling pren democratic nominee hillary clinton the founders of isis. now republican presidential nominee says he didn't really mean it. and as abc's david wright shows us trump is trying to , consolidate his support. >> so i said, obama is the founder of isis. >> tonight donald trump walked , back a claim he's been hammering home about the threat posed by isis. >> they're now in 28 countries. they're expanding.
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>> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> the founder in a true sense. he is the founder of isis. these are the founders of isis because of bad judgment. >> sympathetic interviewers tried to help him out. >> i know what you meant. you meant that he created the vacuum, he lost the peace. >> no, i meant he's the founder of isis. i do. >> but he's nomp he hates them. he's trying to kill them. >> i don't care. he was the founder. >> but tonight, a stunning reversal. first tweeting "they don't get sarcasm?" then this tonight, donald trump obviously i am being sarcastic. then -- >> but not that sarcastic, to be honest with you. >> a surprise guest was there to introduce trump in pennsylvania.
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>> the republican party chairman trying to signal the party is fully behind trump. trump we have to win pennsylvania. new polls show trump at risk of losing not just battleground states but also states that , traditionally vote republican. trump himself admitted as much. >> we are having a problem, a tremendous problem in utah. we need help in ohio. if you could send the word out to ohio, pennsylvania some of those really important swing states. kathy: d hillary clinton released her 2015 tax returns today. she and former president bill clinton made roughly $10 million last year, paying about one-third of it in taxes. republican nominee donald trump has refused to release his tax information because he is being audited. both presidential campaigns will be heading back to our area. donald trump will be in wisconsin on tuesday for a pair of events, visiting west bend and milwaukee. on monday, hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine will
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patrick: about two-dozen airline passengers recovering tonight after severe turbulence on a jet blue flight. the plane was heading from boston to sacramento when passengers say it made a sudden drop. people who were not wearing their seatbelts flew out of their seats. >> the storage thing up on top opened up completely just for a second and flew out. a bunch of people got hurt, bunch of stuff fell down all over them. patrick: the planead dakota. a suburban chicago teenager almost loses his leg to a shark bite. 15-year-old johnny stock and his family were snorkeling in the bahamas last week when a shark sank its teeth into his leg. he says he punched the shark in the nose, and it let go. stock lost a lot of blood and had to have his calf muscle reconstructed. he gets emotional when he talks about the doctor who saved him. >> i really want to thank the doctor that saved leg too because without him i wouldn't because without him i wouldn't
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>> dr. downs. patrick: stock says despite the attack he still likes sharks. , puerto rico is now under a public health emergency because of the zika virus. more than 10,000 people on the island have been infected nearly in just the past week. 2000 the u.s. surgeon general says he expects about a quarter of puerto rico's population to contract zika by the end of the year. the emergency declaration gives puerto rico access to emergency s. nightmare. kathy: tears of relief from one milwaukee grandmother after her 10-year-old grandson is returned home. exclusively on wisn 12 news tonight mike anderson has the , tearful reunion and how our crew helped make it happen. >> diane taylor reuniting with her grandson sean colon says he nearly gave her a heart attack after he went missing all night.
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nightmare. >> milwaukee police sent 12 news a picture during the search. when we drove to the neighborhood at 28th and glendale a neighbor asked us , what was going on. we showed michael terrell the picture and he recognized him right away. we sent him to the police. >> i know where that little boy is at. >> you do. >> ok. >> lieutenant james olson and his team took it from there. >> you came u guy might know something, which we greatly appreciate. the neighbor was able to take is to where he was. >> fortunately that was just a short distance away. >> i seen all the cars, the news truck, i am like who is missing? >> it turns out that sean fell asleep playing video games at a friend's house. >> i never want to go through this again. >> police tell us that they wish
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kathy: 10-year-old sean colon is promising his grandmother he won't scare her like that again. patrick: looking ahead to tomorrow, a special ceremony to remember a nine-year-old girl. ground will be broken tomorrow on a legacy garden in the name of zalayia jenkins. she was shot and killed back in may. the celebration of her life will take place from noon until 6:00 at 15th and meinecke. also tomorrow, the annual wheeling for healing bike ride, benefiting the cancer care center at community memorial hospital. wisn 12 is a sponsor. registration begins at 7:00 a.m. and about backpacks will be 5000 given away tomorrow at king park in milwaukee. registration is from noon until 2:00. the backpacks will be handed out at 4:00. the child receiving the backpack must be present at both the registration and the giveaway. kathy: back-to-school is costing more this year. the national retail federation says the average family will spend $673 on school shopping this fall. that is $43 more than last year.
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stores like this local target are busy. >> our guests are out in droves . we are right in the middle of back to school right now, really feeling the movement. kathy: total spending on back-to-school is expected to top $75 billion this year. making playtime more fun. more than 200 volunteers worked together to build a playground today at the milwaukee meta house. the organization provides a safe and stable envoronment for women overcoming addiction. and a special thank you goes to the brewers and their fans. >> this was entirely on was funded by the brewers foundation, so all the fans who support and support the brewers help to make this possible. kathy: this was the third playground built with the help of the brewers. also lending a hand were community volunteers and the non-profit organization ka-boom. patrick: a young life is changed thanks to some amazing
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kathy: a 12 news exclusive as one little hears her very first word. -- as one little girl hears her very first word. patrick: plus pokemon no. , why one big employer is banning the game calling it a major security risk. announcer: thanks for watching 12 news with chief meteorologist mark baden, honored by the
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. patrick: a 12 news exclusive. no one knew if this little wisconsin girl would ever be able to hear. kathy: today, that all changed. 12 news ben hutchison was there as the girl they call pella heard her name for the very first time. >> at just a-year-old pella jinsky is a happy little girl from the small town of sherry, , how much her life is about to change. >> she doesn't know her name, so she gets to hear her name for the first time. >> born deaf, a chance to hear her parents, pamela and joey. working with dr. hilary gazeley at children's hospital, the first of many tests, turning on pella's new cochlear implants sounds being transmitted. watch closely, her eyes light up, then she tenses up.
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when the two are connected by magnets, it allows her to hear. >> instead of amplifying sound, it bypasses the portion of the inner ear that is not working and stimulates auditory nerves directly. >> very excited for the future, what it holds for her. >> it is just amazing. unbelievable. >> birthdays, the day she was born and the day she heard sounds for the first time. >> happy hearing birthday to you. >> so much excitement, pella fell asleep, but her parents will be able to tell her the story when she gets older. in wauwatosa, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. kathy: we love it that the family share the story with us. pella's also had some other developmental issues. the med-el cochlear implants will allow her health to be monitored without further surgeries. she'll be working with therapists on her speech,
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patrick: in tonight's social square, worries that pokemon go could be a threat to national security. that's why the pentagon just banned it's employees from having the game on their work phones. government workers have been warned that spies could use pokemon go to locate the facilities where government secrets are stored. they can play the game on their personal phones, but not at work. a book is returned to a west virginia library 40 years late. plastic surgeon dr. michael kelly checked out a book called "so you want to be a doctor," back when he was in high school. today, along with a check for $500. you might recognize kelly. he starred in the show "body works" on tlc. the u.s. women's gymnastic team has the gold. now they're getting the other big sports honor. they'll soon appear on boxes of special k cereal. a team picture will be on one side. women's all-around champion simone biles will be singled out on the other. kathy: do you think the doctor
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kathy: and sports, the way one fans celebrated after catching a ball. patrick: plus the badgers hope , to repeat as one of the top defensive teams in the country, this time with a new coordinator. kathy: and a splashy debut for a , new quarterback in green bay . we'll have a live report from lambeau field. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. first, here are tonight's
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. johnson: i've always said i win either guy my. narrator: if he loses, senator johnson falls back on the ten million dollar bonus he paid himself as ceo. a big corporate payout for him. johnson: i've always said... i win either way. narrator: if he wins, he gets another six years to support tax loopholes and bad trade deals all to benefit corporations and multi-millionaires like him. johnson: i win either way. narrator: if johnson wins, wisconsin loses. announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: tonight's packers preseason opener was a chance for mike
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on their roster. you wouldn't expect them to keep three quarterbacks on the regular season roster, but joe callahan showed some moxie tonight against the browns. callahan played the entire first half, didn't turn the ball over, and engineered a pair of scoring drives in the packers 17-11 win. 12 sports stephen watson joins us live from lambeau field with more, stephen? stephen: call' 24 yards, executing that two-minute drill to perfection as you saw in the highlights. aaron rodgers said that he as "a gamer." here is what callahan had to say about his first start as an nfl player. >> it was a great experience. it was bigger than what i am used to. a few more people than the crowds at wesley, so tonight was fun. i think it was a good start.
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protecting the ball, no turnovers, and that is something we were able to do. we had a good drive at the end of the first half. i think things went well for our first preseason game. stephen: we also heard from the fourth string quarterback. he says the quarterback battle is still very much alive. aaron rodgers said he will start next week against the raiders, coming up thursday night. dan: thanks, stephen. two safeties by the packers tonight. the badgers have five days of fall camp under their belts as they continue to piece together both sides of the ball. here is a reason why both teams are not good. brandon phillips singled. should have been an easy run, but he went back toward second and could not score. don't read his lips. jimmy nelson walked in the next
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and runs scored anyway could what has happened to jimmy nelson? now he is arguably the worst. brewers trailed 7-1 in the ninth. his first major league home run, a three-run shot. the brewers lose to the reds 7-4. what does he do next? he wasted a perfectly good b a miller, the champagne of beers. he got approval from his wife, girlfriend, whatever. it is worth more than the ball. kathy: he is on tv. a final look at your forecast. patrick: coming up next, "jimmy
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mark: a few rain showers out there. have the umbrella into the early morning hours, then it will
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some rainfall still possib
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, salma hayek -- from "pitch," mark consuelos -- snoop dogg -- and music from grouplove. with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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