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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  August 13, 2016 10:30pm-11:31pm CDT

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sheldon: we are continuing to follow breaking news tonight. unrest on milwaukee's north side
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milwaukee police say a crowd of demonstrators broke out the windows of a squad car and set another one on fire. adrienne: milwaukee police are trying to keep everyone up today. they send this tweet out. "in pd officer undergoing treatment at local hospital after brick thrown through squad window, striking officer in th in pd is also saying that a gas station near sherman and burly is also on fire. gunshots are also being fired. sheldon: the journal sentinel also tweeted it one of the reporters was thrown to the ground while they were out there covering the situation. we're still waiting for more information on the circumstances the let-up to the police
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they shot him. we're still hoping to find out
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all aboard the s.s. mariah. >> ciao bella. >> "e.t." shows you how this diva and her billionaire fiance roll. >> you have his and hers yachts. that is the most fabulous thing >> plus, heather locklear shaped for being broke, depressed and drinking. what her best friend is telling us about the nasty headlines as we get a look at her tv return. then justin and insync reunite. what star was turned away from the party. >> paula abdul invites us back is taken for her concert come back reveal agon stage mistake. >> i don't know what i was thinking.
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break out star leslie jones arrives in rio. >> i don't see zika nowhere. >> plus some ncia stories you have never heard. >> i'm going to be in the bath for an hour looking at mark harmon. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for joining us as we bring you a mariah carey exclusive. our private look inside her world. let me say this, beyond. >> to say th they say that the key to a happy romance is separate bathrooms. but in mariah's case, it is his and hers yacht. carl i steel brings you the lifestyles of the rich and fabulous, darling. >> ciao bella. >> this is unbelievable. >> wow. >> really nice. this is like one of my favorite places ever. >> we're on this stunning yacht. the capri. it's gorgeous.
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yachts. that is the most fabulous thing i've seen in my life. how important is it to have his and her yachts? >> his and her everything is important. >> his and hers yachts. the his is the arctic p. it the seventh largest privately owned vessel in the world. it belongs to australian billionaire james packer. the hers a chartered 16-cell luxury liner she's calling home for the summer. they're anchored together off the coast of italy. i got an >> i like your shoes. >> >> thank you. >> that was a crib moment. >> gorgeous bar. i love there's a bar on the boat. >> i wanted it that way. there's a bar here in the middle of the seating area which i like. i like the lightness of this room. it's kind of cool. >> the master suite with its opulent bath is one of six state
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seating areas on the 192-foot capri. there's also a private chef and tender to ferry mariah and her twins over to yams' digs where all the parties happen. it's a total bargain at a reported $340,000 a week. oh, plus expenses which include the $40,000 a week in fuel alone. >> i know your kids are on the boat. what have they enjoyed the most? >> they love swimming in the water. am >> arctic p has an epic slide. >> i went down the slide. >> did you? >> yeah, it was good. i don't know if i'm doing it again but it was good. >> i love the instagram post of you singing at leonardo dicaprio's party. >> that was so much fun. i love him. >> i would love to see you collaborate. >> i would love it, too. >> we'll see happens. >> hi, lambs.
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working on a new projecting. > she isn't totally on vacation. she's updating hersey czar's palace residency new las vegas and working on a new album with jermaine dupri. but when it comes to her relationship with james she says all is smooth sailing. >> he wants to make that work. most boys -- you need to roll with their schedule. >> he's very cool and understanding. i get it things has to do. he understands mine. if i'm ready at 4:00 in the morning, i'm not going to go up there blasting music. i did that. it was interesting. whatever. i was talking too much. >> how are you planning a wedding during all of this? first off, you've got arctic p and captain. get him to marry you guys. no big deal. >> that's an interesting
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as time goes on. >> she just keeps teasing us. but there's more from her coming up. >> we've got answers to the one question many women want to fellow. how did mariah keep her body looking so incredible. you'll hear her secret later in the show. >> right now, it's no secret this season's bachelor in paradise" is totally off the rails. >> insane. >> the most unbelievable moment we can all say was when hot head that was so cruel, cruel even by chad's standards. >> sarah stopped by our set with nick to open up about it for the first time. >> the onliern. >> who should it be offended was. >> first thing that came to your mind. it be really honest when you heard him say these things to you. >> it hurt. it was disrespectful. did he actually apologize somewhat. we did an interview with him.
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take a look. >> i do feel kind of bad. >> is there an apology? >> i'm sorry to them for saying the things i shouldn't have said. >> that whole apology to me is, i don't appreciate it still. i think if he really wanted to apologize to me which he still should and can, it should be in person. not only that, but like you're making fun of something i have no control over. i was born this way. if you want to take stabs at people with disabilities, that's bit as the villain. do you have any empathy for chad at all? >> chad was one of the few real villains that we've had in bachelor history where some of the things did he were just honestly kind of despicable. >> is he as bad as he seems to be? >> chad? >> yeah. >> yeah, he really is. >> we should move on to you doing making out with amanda. >> yeah. >> there's rumors now that josh and amanda are actually engaged.
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>> you know the truth i don't want to make eye contact. >> i know better. trying to avoid it. >> would you be happy for amanda if she's engaged to josh? >> i think we would be happy for whoever gets engaged. >> it's clear who won't get engaged anytime soon. " irritating chad. >> this is my life. this is my life. >> and last monday, they seemed to get rid of him for good but he's still not keeping mum. >> they keep being mad that the show becomes about me but me. >> that's chad trying to set the record straight about his extremely short stint on paradise that lasted just one day. >> i'm legitimately pissed. what am i going to do? >> i said a bunch of stuff i shouldn't say. everybody followed me around all day telling me what i could and couldn't say. that's one of the things they didn't show. >> as for what they did show, drinking, insults and well the
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>> no, i didn't [ bleeped ] my pants. >> while the cast said adios to chad, don't think the drama was over yet. on tuesday on the live show after paradise, he was backing to face his former makeout buddy lace. >> was it hard watching it? >> yes. >> did you really -- i'm done talking to you. i'm done. >> has he apologized to you yet. >> flow. >> would you like an apology from him. >> i'll get on live tv. >> you think you'll get one? >> probably not. >> hopefully she didn't get her hopes up because he blamed her for their dustup. >> let's be honest, everything i did was egged on by her. >> he did show some class apologizing to sarah. >> i am sorry. i should never have said that. >> but we're guessing he won't be returning to paradise. >> at this point, i don't know. they're just going to sabotage me. >> chad is hanging around l.a.
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>> update us. there was talk but potentially getting a spinoff. what's going on in. >> i don't know. maybe something will happen. i'm most likely moving to los angelesing to sell real estate. i'm going to give that a go. >> good luck with that one. >> as crazy as it is, he's probably fielding offers right now. now, next month new tv season kicks off. we were with some of the biggest stars out in full force this week promoting their new and returning seriesse primetime. >> do all my interviews like this now. >> michael sat down backwards to talk his new show "bull." but couldn't help turning back to ncis and one of its biggest fans. >> mary hart told me secretly said you know, i watch n.c.i.s. i said oh. >> she said in my bathtub. >> you really like that mark harmon, don't you? boy. honey, i'm going to be in the
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>> as for bull, dr. phil is an executive producer and the show is inspired by his early career as a jury consultant. >> because it's about human behavior and psychology, i like it a lot. >> the president gave me this watch. >> nixon? >> how has the transition been from l.a. to new york? have you moved your family out yet? >>. they are here. i'm using much facetime. and apple plug. should i say i use my device to visually communicate and facetime. >> look who else is back in primetime. katherine heigl was glowing and showing with husband singer josh kelly thursday night after sitting down with us talking cravings. >> i wake up every morning really wanting a doughnut or ten. >> ice cream with mommy. >> kind of, yeah. >> yeah. >> how are they feeling about having a baby brother. >> they'll be like hey, have you had that baby yet?
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and working hard on her new legal drama "doubt." >> has your pregnancy thrown a bump into production at all? >> yes. by the time we started filming, i was almost four months. i had hoped my mother's like i didn't start showing till i was seven months pregnant. i started showing at six weeks. what's happening? >> coming up, we get a look at j. lo inside the recording studio. >> then heather locklear fights back. shamed for being broke, depressed and drinking? what her best friend is only telling "e.t." now. >> plus, pete's dragon star bryce alice howard, her oscar looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic. then we wad it up to make it nice and soft.
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10:49 pm
steel to head up their big premiere. >> i'm dressed as a dragon on a green carpet. when i saw it, i was like my gosh. >> feeling fierce in other givenchy animal print. also carl i steel had a tug of war over elliott the dragon. >> going to take elliott? >> he's mine. >> he's mine. >> mine, no, no, he's my dragon. i want elliott. >> you can he had a chat with the stars of the disney flick. >> if you were lost in the forest, what are three things you would want with you? >> my dog into oh, my gosh. >> there you go. >> speaking of which you guys are filming in the forest. talk about filming in new zealand running around barefoot. >> i was bearfoot half the time and the other half of the time had i rubber feet. >> really? >> uh-huh.
10:50 pm
shoes and they were really easy to make look like they were real. was there anything mystical that you believed in or were afraid of growing up. >> i must have been afraid of growing up because i loved childhood so much. i was having such a good time. how sad i have to grow up. >> bryce said the story helps her connect with her inner child. >> admit you spent time with bryce, you can see the child is full bloom, as a matter of fact. looking for something? >> robert redford plays your father. how was working with him and what similarities does he have with your actual dad aside from the red hair? >> they both have red hair. one of the most surreal moments was when my character has a locket where there's a picture of a woman and robert redford and myself as' baby. they actually transposed robert redford's face over my dad's
10:51 pm
robert's arms. >> has your dad seen it. >> no, he's going to be actually that's bryce. wait, that's robert redford. yeah, bob is someone that who my dad has looked up to for his >> this is wisn12 news with breaking news. >> we're coming back on the air tonight with breaking news, a dangerous situation developing right now. unrest on milwaukee's north side. this is coming after police shoot and kill a suspect. they tell us was armed. anchor: tonight a gas station is on fire, a police officer hurt, after someone threw a brick through a squad car, and another squad car was set on fire thissments all happening in the area of sherman and burleign. we want to get to matt in the chopper.
10:52 pm
now. this is the area where you would go in and pay and you can see completely consumed by flames because they weren't able to get any firefighters to it. the area where the pumps are still standing, but you can see a couple of burning vehicles still in the parking lot there, directly out in front a large gathering of police and people in the neighborhood just north of it. the gags station is at 43rd street and burli. looks like the crowds of nonpolice have started to dissipate the area. some areas are blocked off. 43rd street shut down from a couple blocks either side of burleigh. at this point it's still open in both directions, but 43rd street shut down north and
10:53 pm
continues to burn out of control. anchor: matt, from your vantage point, where are the people gathering in that area, where are they scattering to, from the gas station? >> kind of tough to tell in the dark, you know. we have limited eyes, you can kind of see as i widen out here, you can see the taillights from the cars being devirted to 44th and 42nd street, but otherwise it difficult to see. the officers have gathered in this area here, one looks like they're starting to move now southbound toward the gas station. the squads and police officers starting to move southbound together at the same time, heading toward the gas station area. i don't see any firefighters at this point in the area. i know they had taken some duress as well trying to approach the scene earlier. but the fire continues to burn. the crowds appear to be a little less, either they're standing in the dark areas where we can't
10:54 pm
dissipate. >> all the, matt, obviously that gas station just up in flames, destroyed right now. we're hearing about a lot of reports of car fires. are you seeing any of those active out there right now? >> yes, there are three immediately on the property of the gas station burning, right on the other side of the awning there away from the building you can see them at the top of the awning, there's a van and looks like two single vehicles, and then a block north of can see the shell of a burned out vehicle in that area as well. you can see the vehicle is definitely charred. officers starting to move southbound heading toward the fire area at this point. but again, i don't see any firefighting equipment on the scene at this point. >> thank you. we'll have you continue to keep an eye on that, but we want to check in with one of our reporters who is on the ground
10:55 pm
this chopper video. ben hutchison joins us on the phone. ben, what can you tell us? reporter: we actually just left. we had an incident happen right in front of us. we saw a man with a gun in his hand, he started firing five or six times. the crowd scattered, he continued to fire, running by yu our vehicle. we ducked, and we're all okay, everyone in the car is okay. but it's com there right now. no control, the police are saying -- staying a far distance back. a lot of cars honking, and on the way out we also got sideswiped by a car that traveled in between the lanes of traffic and they just hit the complete side of our car. again, we're okay, we have left the area, it is not safe, not worth to it be out there. i would advise everyone to stay away from the area of sherman and burleigh.
10:56 pm
in the air, a lot of people just standing around. again, the gunshots happening right outside our vehicle and it was a truly scary moment. i don't think anyone out there really sees the danger that is going on right now. so again i would advise everyone to stay away. we are a safe distance obviously in the air right now with news chopper 12. but everyone should stay away from that area. anchor: just a quick followup question for you. i'm glad to hear you're safe. where exactly were you guys when you heard and saw those gunshots? in relation to where the gas station is. reporter: we were about a block up on 44th. we were about a block away, you can see between the buildings the smoke and people gathered.
10:57 pm
it all happened so fast, but we were able to get out of there and out of harm's way. but we didn't know where he was shooting or who he was shooting at. the crowd ran away quickly. anchor: this is a situation that's been building all day. i know you were out thererrier when the news first broke of the police shooting, a man they said was armed earlier in the day. but you didn't feel safe enough to go live out there earlier today. so it's kind of been building reporter: and we were out there, the initial shooting happened at 3:30 this afternoon according to police. that's what they told us. and the crowd had gathered and there were people pushing others back. to get them away, to try to be the voice of reason. and police were out there, they had to bring out riot gear in that situation. but you could definitely feel a very tense situation in the air. we were on the other side of
10:58 pm
was a far distance from us. but around 7:00, as we had left the area because police advised us it was becoming dangerous, and not safe to be there, we could see the crowd kind of building, and people were angry and we were told that there were people throwing rocks at police. so again, police said it would be safer for us to leave the area, and then we went back and things obviously transpired after that point. anchor: so, ben, i know that you're leaving the area, we are looking at video from our chopper live now. and matt is telling us that it seems like people are starting to disperse a little bit, and that's how it looks to us right now, at least from the air. what could you tell? because it sounds like wherever you were, there was still a lot of chaos going on. >> well, there were, again, we were about a block away, and we could see the smoke of the gas
10:59 pm
to six gunshots before that, probably about five minutes before everything happened. the crowd has started to leave, looks like there were some people getting into cars. but people were hanging out of cars, standing up, hanging out of sun roochs in cars, and there were no authorities in the area to help with the crowd. the crowd outnumbers law enforcement, so it was a very scary situation. i t the danger, we heard 10 to 15 gunshots including the ones that were just feet away. anchor: okay, ben, we do want to let you go, we appreciate your reporting and we're so thankful that you're safe tonight. i want to see if we can pull up that picture, i know we had a picture that milwaukee police had tweeted out earlier of a squad car with the windows just shattered, there it is. you can see it on your screen right there, we know that this wasn't the only one. several other cars, their
11:00 pm
tonight, because someone threw a brick in the squad car and hit that officer in the head. so not only this, but okay here's the tweet right here they was just describing. you see it on your screen, m.p. officer undergoing treatment at local hospital after striking officer in the head. so you have all these cars damaged as well as what we're seeing from that chopper, live video with the gas station just up in flames, destroyed. and the problem with that fire, the fire department, they can't get in there to put brick thrown it out because shots are being fired. anchor: and the people who are supposed to be the eyes and ears on the scene of what's happening down there, the reporters, the photographers, it's not safe for them eerlt. the journal sentinel sent out a tweet earlier this they had a crew on the scene, one of their reporters pushed down to the ground and beaten. their crew got out of there safely. but what happened to them just highlights that the danger of
11:01 pm
area. we do want to send it back to matt, with some new information above that scene. matt? reporter: the crowd hasn't completely dispersed, they were kind of hiding in the shadows. they tore out one of the bus shelters along 43rd street. now are standing in the middle of the intersection. another one of the bus shelters torn out and thrown into the street. milwaukee police officers have moved down into this area here and now they're in the same intersectionok the traffic signals was knocked over, torn out of its moorings and knocked into the street here. so the crowd not completely dispersed. they brought in a couple of armored vehicles, you can see a lot of the police officers gathered around one of the armored vehicles. the other one is along burleigh. they seem to be walking west bound behind that armored
11:02 pm
way down burleigh. they still are trying to get control of the crowd. the crowd now starting to break down, some of the bus shelters on the corners, both corners here on the west bound or eastbound side of burleigh and the northbound side of 43rd street havbe street. burleigh is still open, there's a lot of traffic trying to get through the area on both sides. sherman has been shut down in both directions, but still a lot of neighborhood traffic trying to get around that closure. still a tense situation here, as the gas station continues to burn. i'm not seeing any firefighters on the scene because it does not appear that the scene has been controlled. the building completely burned down, there's just a couple of walls left standing, the roof completely collapsed. a couple of cars, looks like a
11:03 pm
in that parking lot. so still quite a bit going on here in this neighborhood. we'll continue to keep an eye on it. anchor: i'm seeing a tweet from the milwaukee police. you'll notice we're constantly referencing tweets and that's because that's the way police are getting this information. obviously they're way too bus toy field all of our calls and answers, so this is how they're doing it. arrest made in area of disturbance and p.d. continues efforts to disperse crowds. matt, have you been seeing people getting arrested? many arrests have been made. seeing anybody get in the back of a squad car, anything like that? >> no, we've just seen the police walking down the street. looks like they threw a dumpster off one of the businesses here along burleigh. that looks like maybe 30 officers walking together and there's probably 30 more still standing back at the intersection of burleigh and sherman. so they are definitely a large presence of overses here. i have yet to see anybody put in
11:04 pm
squad car. but we've been mainly concentrating on the area around the fire and the area where the neighbor is still watching them pull the bus shelters and knock the traffic light down. anchor: matt, i know it's dark outside, but from your point of view, can you tell how many people are down there? we're trying to get an idea of how many people have been out in the streets since this thing hit a climax this afternoon. reporter: it's pretty hard to the officers are all lumped together around the armored vehicle. you can kind of see some of the neighbors are out, some of the people are out in the light and some of them are still tucked away in the darker areas where there are no streetlights. so it's tough to get an exact count, but there are still dozens of them if not a couple hundred as well of the people in the neighborhood that are causerring the trouble, as that fire at the gas station continues to burn. anchor: matt, thank you so much.
11:05 pm
presence there as well. we want to check back in with ben hutchison who is on the ground on the phone for us. reporter: we're a safe distance away, after what happened before. everything out there was happening fast, and i know matt said the officers have moved into place. when we were out there, they were a safe distance back. just because it just, you didn't know what to expect from the crowd. again we had a gentleman in front of us, probably 50 feet street there on burleigh and he just started firing his gun, we could see the blast coming out of the gun and he ran by us while he continued firing, we were parked off to the side. and everything was happening fast, and all we could do was duck at that point. the crowd ran away extremely quickly. our vehicle was not hit at that point. and we didn't see any officers, any firefighters, things were pretty much out of control.
11:06 pm
hard to have that management at that point. so people were kind of doing whatever they wanted at this point. cars driving by with people hanging out the windows and the sun roof, and just doing whatever they wanted at that point. in our five, 10 minutes we were in the area we heard 10 to 15 gunshots and obviously the ones up close. anchor: i know you were out shooting earlier this afternoon. how many people started to gather when this first made news earlier in the day when you ande out there at first? reporter: when we were out 44th, we were a block up from there at 45th and there was a small crowd out there. but the main crowd was down on sherman and there were probably 50 do 100 people earlier, and by the time we let around 7:00 that crowd had had doubled to around 200 at that point. and police had the riot gear on, they were ready, they were lined up at the police tape and trying to keep the crowd back.
11:07 pm
that point. but there were a lot of people gathering, and like i said before you were just waiting for that tipping point at some point that did take place tonight, sheldon. anchor: so right now we're getting a live look at chopper video as we talk to you on the phone. one of the questions i have, i know there was so much going on earlier when you described getting sideswiped, seeing a person shooting. did you feel like you specifically as the news crew, were you being targeted? or this was just okay ocean or yo >> no, and i know we had heard a different news crew being jumped earlier tonight. i think we were just caught up in the middle of everything as it was happening. i don't know if people noticed us specifically. fortunately they didn't snoot our direction, but i don't know in those cases looks like he had a lot of control over where he was aiming, it just looked like he was just shooting sporadically. we were in an unmarked car at
11:08 pm
as the media. we're out there just trying to cover it. but it not safe for anyone out there, the media or, you know, people just showing up on the ground. anchor: okay, thank you, ben, we'll let you go for now. please stay safe. i feel like we should go over the timeline to explain to people exactly how this unfolded. so earlier in the day we know a police shooting, milwaukee police telling us that they shot an armed suspect, thatso just been escalating throughout the day. anchor: again, the circumstances surrounding that shooting we still don't know. there's still a lot of holes in this story and a lot of unanswered questions on why the officers shoot suspect to begin with. but all they are saying is that the officer pulled the trigger and shot that man who they say was armed. anchor: so right now you're getting a live look, we are using this chopper video because as you've been hearing and seeing it is just simply not
11:09 pm
ground right now. let's see if we can pull up here another tweet talking about how people have been really just throwing rocks at police officers, throwing things at them do. we have that tweet there from milwaukee police? okay, here we go. officers moving in to sherman and burleigh asking the crowd to disperse peacefully, rocks are thrown at officers. so that's been happening or and just keeps getting worse and worse. we're also hearing from matt salemi who is in the chopper that dumpsters are being turned over, that people are tearing out the bugs shelters, that police are bringing in armored vehicles and it just sound like chaos. >> completely chaotic. we want to check back in with matt again, he is in chopper 12 with an aerial view of what's going on.
11:10 pm
and burleigh. the fire department just arriving at the scene of another building that's been lit on fire right at the corner of burleigh and 35th street. the fire truck just pulled up on this, the smoke billowing out of the building, we'll keep an eye on this. looks like the police department is still busy down the block, we've got a handful of firefighters and looks like two milwaukee police vans on the scene. it's kind of dark to see what the building is, looks like an autots at this point. i'm going to widen out once more and show you this is just down the block from the gas station, a couple blocks from 43rd down to 35th street where there is now a second fire burning in this neighbor. we'll continue to keep an eye on it. anchor: matt, does it look like the fire is concentrated in one part of that building, the one on 35th? >> at this point, you know, looks like it might be in the parking lot or started in the parking lot and spread to the building.
11:11 pm
parts store here at the corner of 35th street, so it's definitely been going for a little bit now and have started to burst through the roof. the fire department just pulling up on the scene. it looks like they're able to try to access one of the fire hydrants in the area. we'll continue to monitor this and watch as they try to battle this fire. they do have milwaukee police officers here with them to make sure that it's safe for them to try to knock but the fire definitely getting going here, in the roof of the oh reilly auto store. this is 35th street and burleigh, the fire at the gas station at the corner of 43rd continues to rage. there were no firefighter at that one because they were under duress as they tried to put that one out. we're getting thick black smoke shooting from the roof of this building here at the corner of
11:12 pm
generally the same area where all the unrest is taking place. anchor: so are people moving in this direction? i know the fire department is there, the police department, are people standing around coming in that direction? or staying a few blocks away. reporter: it's interesting, there's a couple of fast food restaurants on the corner, i see a couple of cars in those vehicles, but seems like the main gathering of people is still at the intersection of 43rd street, you can see street, probably a couple hundred still, between standing out in the streetlights and in the dark corners of the area here around sherman park. they definitely, still a large presence both of police and the trouble makers here at the corner of 43rd street. in the upper right hand corner, that gas station, still nobody tending to that fire. that building is almost completely destroyed now, the roof is completely collapsed. looks like one of the walls still standing there.
11:13 pm
burleigh as this fire starts to get out of control. hard to verify whether it was part of the unrest that was going on, but whatever is going on in the neighborhood, not hard to question that it might be part of the same problem. we'll continue to monitor here. so far looks like the firefighters are able to start stringing out some lines and hopefully they'll bl able to knock this one down quickly. viewers. there are now two fires raging on burleigh street in connection to demonstrations connected to a police shooting of who they said was an armed man earlier in the day. so now a second fire burning at the o'reilly auto parts at 35th and burleigh, national in addition to a first fire that was set earlier this evening at a gas station closer to that scene where that shooting
11:14 pm
anchor: a few minutes ago, maybe 10 to 15 minutes ago it sounded like people were starting to disperse in this area. but really a lot of those people just went off to the side into the darker areas and now they are back out on the streets and you can see that i think, i think matt that you were saying there's still maybe 100 to 200 people, it's tough to tell i'm sure from your view, but kind of describe what they look reporter: there's probably a couple people in the neighborhood still out and about. it difficult to get an exact count from the air, as well as with the dark. they've been ripping down the bus shelters, you can see one laying there in the northbound lane of sherman and one on the southbound lanes of sherman, as well as one on the eastbound lanes of burleigh. there's also a dumpster that was overturned in the middle of the street. you can see dozens of people
11:15 pm
burleigh and sherman. you can also see tons of law enforcement, there's dozens of law enforcement officers now on the scene. they brought out a couple of armored vehicles, a handful of milwaukee police advance. they've tried to shut down the intersection here, but you can see a lot of cars still moving through the mayhem. and again two fires burning right now at this point. this one here at 43rd and burleigh and the other one, the o'reilly auto parts, basically the same neighborhood, now at 35th street and burleigh. looks like the west wall completely engulfed in flames at this point. now milwaukee firefighter able to raise one of their water towers. milwaukee police are there trying to give them a safe haven because they came under duress as they tried to access this fire at 43rd street and
11:16 pm
on. but looks like they were able to shut down burleigh street at 44th they do now have it blocked off. but the west bound side still appears to be open along burleigh. 43rd street shut down in both directions, a couple blocks north and a couple of blocks south of burleigh street as they strie to get things under control. anchor: we got word earlier that firefighters were fearful for their safety at 43rd and burleigh when they first responded to that gas station. in the time you've been over the scene, have you seen any more emergency officials head toward the site of the first fire? reporter: when we first arrived the police were all a couple blocks away up here where one of these burned out vehicles are, up near -- they were all standing there waiting for the armored vehicle, and once that showed up they started moving southbound.
11:17 pm
to enter the area. now their attention is on 35th street with that new fire that's burning at the auto parts store. can you see still dozens of people out in the streets here along 43rd street as well as along burleigh. we still have dozens if not hundreds of people still out in the neighborhood and we've also seen the bus shelters ripped out of their moorings, tossed into the street. a dumpster overturned. now we have two fires in the neighborhood burleigh street, they weren't able at 43rd rather, the gas station, firefighters came under duress as they tried to get to it, have not yet since returned as far as we can see. they are able to get to the site here at 35th street and burleigh, but doesn't look like they have any water flowing to that fire yet. looks like a total of three trucks, a water tower and two engines on the scene. about a quarter of that roof has already been consumed by the blaze, as it continues to burn
11:18 pm
at 35th street and burleigh. anchor: thank you, of course we'll continue to check back with you throughout the evening. we do want to bring in ben hutchison who is back. first we're so glad you're okay, we're happy to see you. i know that you were just out there and it was not safe. so go ahead and explain your experience. sc earlier tonight, which i'll get to that. but we did go back out this evening later on and when we got to the area right before we got there actually our car got sideswiped, a car drove right between so go ahead and explain the lan. i was with any photo journalist, and again we're okay. we heard about five gunshots and the crowd, nothing was happening in our area, and then all of a sudden we look in the middle of the street and there's a guy holding a gun, he runs out and starts firing, didn't look like he had a target at that point, five or six shots, he ran towards the street where we
11:19 pm
continued firing. and i just said to a.j., duck, and we got down and fortunately none of those bullets went toward our vehicle. but a lot of the the people out there just, they weren't expecting it, obviously, but we had heard the gunshot dispersed from the area at that's point, a lot of screaming, i don't know if anyone was hit at that point, we put the car in drive and got out of there because it wasn't safe. >> we're so happy that you made that decision to leave immediately. but you had been on the scene originally and you could already feel the tension brewing. describe that. >> we were about a block away from where the original shooting happened and at that's point about 4:00, 5:00 it wasn't too bad, but then the crowds started to build. you could see people yelling profanities and bad things towards the officers that were out there, and we saw the riot gear brought into the area.
11:20 pm
they were worried about the crowds, and it built and we were worried about that tipping point, when we left, we saw about 200 people in the area and we were worried that something could happen, and police advised us that we should leave. >> thank you for your insight. we're so glad you got out of there safely. we want to send it back to matt who is over the scene of another fire in that general vicinity. matt? reporter: so 35th burning, now there's a beauty supply right across the street. you can see smoke from it, there are now flames shooting out of the plate glass windows on the front side of the building. milwaukee fire department is on the scene. milwaukee p.d. trying to shut down the intersection here. this is with the intersection at 35th street and burleigh. so you see a new fire started here. this fire at the o'reilly auto parts completely out of control.
11:21 pm
trucks on the scene now with both of these blazes, it appears they'll be able to make an attempt to get these fires out, but as i zoom back in, you'll see it's called jet beauty, it the newest fire in the neighborhood. firefighter already have a hose strung out and they're shooting right into that front window, that's where we saw the flames starting to come out of the building. i'm going to turn back to the auto parts and see if they've been able to get any water on that. they do have a water tower active with that, but you can see in addition to coming through the roof the fire now raging out of front window of the building as well. so the tension continues to escalate here. i think it's safe to say that both of these fires are related to that incident that is started over there at 43rd street and burleigh, now has spread to this intersection at 35th and burleigh. as milwaukee police made their presence known at 43rd and i thought the crowd had started to disperse, looked like they just started to seek out new areas to
11:22 pm
able to try to get the blazes under control, but they both are continuing to burn, jet butte ji and the o'reilly auto parts store. and over at 43rd street and burleigh, that fire continues to burn uncontrolled at the gas station. not much left of it, as a matter of fact. the walls are pretty much all that remain. there's a couple of vehicles. three of the four bus shelters have been pulled out and talks it into the street. seems like it's now spreading
11:23 pm
anchor: you're doing a good job of breaking this down for us, but for people not familiar with the area, give us an idea of the perimeter. reporter: doesn't seem like -- seems like you're concentrating in that area. you got about nine blocks from 43rd street over and about two or three blocks north and south of sherman park seems to be where most of the activity has taken place. milwaukee police have since started to move further down sherman boulevard. you can see now we have officers here on the south side of it blocking off traffic, we still have a large police presence there, right where the gas station continues to burn. we saw the officers rush to the
11:24 pm
anchor: are you seeing any civilian presence or any people present nor those fires that are raging near the o'reilly auto parts and that beauty supply store? reporter: yes, that's the intersection i was just showing you, burleigh and 35th, there's still a handful of people standing around on the corners that were in the billowing smoke. i'll zoom back in now, you can
11:25 pm
couple of water towers up, looks like an electrical fire at the back half of the building, at the vet beauty building, again across the street from the auto parts store, still that auto parts store, firefighters working now, they've got the water tower up, the hoses out. looks like they're getting at it from a couple different sides. but the fire still continues to burn, still showing off that front window and it's cooked about half the roof at this point has collapsed or been consumed by the bl so the fire still continues to rage. this is in addition to all the unrest that we saw on the other side of the neighborhood at 43rd street, and burleigh. again that fire at the gas
11:26 pm
people have ducked into the darker corners where we can't see them. i'll keep my eye out. anchor: just so you know, the area we're talking about, 35th and burleigh, three buildings now on fire. a gas station, o'reilly auto parts and jet beauty. we also are calling more crews in as informed as possible. we have nick on the phone. we know you're in milwaukee. what are you seeing so far? >> we're a little bit south of that area right now where we're seeing a number of fire trucks trucks -- some trucks being summoned from other parts of the city. it has to be a situation where
11:27 pm
safe for them to go into, i guess that was a problem about a half-hour ago. and there were gunshots fired in the area, and police say firefighter didn't feel safe going in there to try to put that out at that time. not surprisingly. so at this point, as matt was just saying, looks as if some fire crews are able to get to some areas right now that are on fire. but there are, as we said, fire trucks going to the north side of the city right now, as additional aid is being called in to that area. but other parts of the city, you know, that we've driven through appear quite normal, appears like a regular saturday night. people out and about. stopping by the drive-throughs and hanging around talking. it's not as if the entire city seems to be in any way under siege.
11:28 pm
area there, as you've been showing throughout the last couple of hours, certainly disturbing scenes to see, but it's something we're keeping on top of. anchor: okay, we appreciate that, we'll check back with you. anchor: ben, you were out there a minute ago. but take us through what brought us to this moment. you were covering the police shooting this >> it was near 44th, we were there for the overs involved shooting. police briefed us, told us what they could at that point, because d. c. i. is handling the investigation now, and people seemed to leave the area. but then over near sherman and burleigh a crowd began gathering, throughout the afternoon and it got larger and larger. before we left around 7:00. and you could feel the tension in the area. the people went wanting answers into what happened. some out there didn't believe he was armed. but that's all stuff that will come out in the investigation. as of now police say he was an
11:29 pm
point. so we left and they hit that tipping point and then we saw the crowds and the things that happened since. but it didn't seem like everyone had an idea of what was happening at that point, and the potential danger that was going on this evening and now we've seen the fires. and nick, who we just heard from, described it very well. sherman and burleigh, that area, you see everything that's happening, but you go four or five blocks any direction, like a normal saturday night in milwaukee, you wouldn't know anything is going on, a lot of people there don't know what's going on. but right now things are out of control as fire and police try get a handle on it. anchor: ben you also have been gathering information in terms of how this all started. so let's go ahead and listen to that story. reporter: an angry emotional crowd stands near sherman and hour, demanding answers to what
11:30 pm
police tape. later officers bringing in riot gear just in case things got out of control. just hours earlier. >> two officers in a marked squad attempted to stop a vehicle with two other men in it, both men fled on foot. reporter: the assistant police chief wouldn't say why they were being pulled over, officers gave chase. >> one man was armed with a handgun. the officer confronted that man in the gangway and the officer fired shots and that man is deceased. re 23-year-old man with a lengthy criminal record. they also released information about the weapon and what else the suspects had with them. >> the gun at the scene that we are recovering was stole then a burglary from i believe walk shaw, along with 500 round of ammunition. >> i'm hurt, we're all hurting, we're tired of people killing each other and we're tired of the police kill us. reporter: frank says he just wants all the information of what took place to be released to the public. you can see in that story, just


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