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tv   WISN 12 News at 530PM  ABC  August 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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, honored as news operation of the year. >> we do not know what is going to happen if we have a flareup tonight like we did last night. if you love your son and you love your daughter, you love your grandchild, tell them to stay away from this area. stay away from this area. let's calm things down. joyce: that area bnp sherman park neighborhood. the mayor calls for cm all local officials are asking the community not to repeat the unrest from last night. kathy: this afternoon, we learn from some of the toll from after night. four police officers were injured, and they are ok. seven squad cars were caught on fire and six businesses were also caught on fire. 17 people were arrested. 125 national guard members will be on standby at the local armory tonight if they are
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will be on patrol. the washington -- the chief outlined his plan for tonight. >> we have activated or major incident response teams. that is a total of 150 officers that are specially trained in crowd control management. we have been able to police many protests over the last two years without major incident is because these officers are very much trained in the dynamics of crowds effect peaceful protest without major incident. we are going to have all of our officers and two of our patrols. we are holding over the day shifts and evening shifts and the swing shifts which will all be extended as well. joyce: we do have a team of reporters on the store tonight.
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anderson. this began when a police officer shot and killed a suspect yesterday afternoon and you have talking to the man's family. mike: i have been talking to demand man's family today, and i want to tell you the right now we see a pretty heavy police presence at sherman. this is the bp station that was burned out last night. the mayor and the police chief, i am not the only one calling for peace and calm in the neighborhood. this neighborhood, many of them out here today praying and hoping and calling for peace and they suspect that a lot of this unrest was caused people who do not live here. we also met today and had a conversation with the father of the suspect who police shot last night. he was not blaming the police for what happened to his son. he says he was pointing the finger at himself because he
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, a role model he felt he should have been to his children. here's what he had to say, patrick smith. >> i am always his dad. he was doing things like drugs. he was looking at his dad, like he is doing all of these things. i have a going back and forth in jail. this is the role model they look up to. mike: patrick smith apologizing to his children for not being a good role model. we still see a lot of people coming by, and police would be appreciative if a lot of people coming through when not because they are causing a lot of traffic issues, many coming through just to see this burned out gas station. this is one of the buildings that was burned overnight.
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see some people just staring, just looking over and coming by for that. police would like you not to do that right now. they are pretty busy and hoping for a peaceful evening. joyce: thank you. we should note, we did speak with the owner of the gas station and he said he had no public statement, too upset. we now go to colleen henry. kathy: colleen, you have been looking into the suspect's criminal history. colleen: the chief is that the administrative building and told reporters that sylville smith has a lengthy criminal record. he has been convicted of carrying a concealed weapon by the court records also show several other charges against him were dismissed in court. the chief says the officer pulled over the car he was in yesterday because of a suspicious, that the officer activated his body camera, which documented the 20 to 25 second incident. >> it was very fast and the
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the individual to turn to the officer with a firearm in his hand. you cannot tell when the officer discharges his firearm because the, and many of the body cameras have a 32nd -- 32nd 0 second delay. colleen: the suspect and 23 rounds in his weapon, a stolen gun. the officer town for fear of his safety. joyce: thank you, colleen. the investigation into the officer-involved shooting is handled by the state department. kathy: we want to check back in with kent. you spoke with the governor about this investigation. kent: specifically about the transparency of the investigation.
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service to restore peace to the community. that is just wrapping up right now. we spoke with the governor a short time ago about the investigation and how that will play out and whether or not he thinks the justice department should relieve the -- release the least body camera video as soon as possible so that the public has all of the information. >> disc is an independent review and it is good for everyone involved, good for the vast majority of cases where a law enforcementic what they were trying to do under difficult circumstances. that need to be validated. that would be a review that we get to the bottom and hope that person accountable. kent: would you like to see the body camera video released at the earliest possible time to get the information out? >> yes. i think the comments made earlier this morning, they pointed out releasing it as long as it does not impede the
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department investigation is automatic under wisconsin law anytime there is a fatal officer involved shooting. joyce: before we let you go, the release of the body camera video can often be controversial in cases like this. kent: it absolutely can, but the governor says he believes that because of the transparency concerned, that is important in this case. the mayor also addressed at this afternoon, saying he agrees that soon as possible. joyce: the mayor himself says he did not see the video but saw a still picture from the video. he says it shows the suspect carrying a gun. i want to talk a little bit more about what governor walker had to say in the news conference. he was talking about the decision to activate the national guard. again, they will not be deployed unless the chief calls them to
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be dispatched on the ground right away. he says, the video is not a reflection of wisconsin, milwaukee or that neighborhood. he also talked about the intention of having the national guard as a backup to the milwaukee police department in the sheriff's office. he says there are a lot of retired law-enforcement officials and we want to make sure they have the support to keep themselan that was the governor and the mayor and police chief spoke as well. kathy: if i can go back in time where we look at these pictures. that is the mayor holding a news conference at midnight, unprecedented to see the merit in the assistance to the chief. -- the mayor and the assistant to the chief. obviously today the picture has changed any mayor talking about
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and the community to try to deal with keeping the calm and the city. i think that is why the national guard is standing on standby. also, the police chief in town. last night he was out of town attending a funeral, his mother-in-law dying. today he is talking about the body camera video which is interesting because it seems there is a call by many different forces to get that body camera video out as soon as possible. the mayor having seenti actual video and can tell the man was holding a gun and took steps toward the officer. we will continue to follow this and tonight, we will have more coverage of what is happening today. joyce: when the mayor and police chief wrapped up their news conference, they said they would speak to pastors. any people in the neighborhood near sherman park say the violence is not a reflection of the neighborhood in general. kathy: our crew was outside the
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dozens of people cleaning up today. one woman says when she heard what was happening, she immediately went to the area to help. >> how devastating this is for the city of milwaukee. we need to stop making national news due to our violence. my first reaction this morning, to get on my apron and help with the cleaning effort. we need to unite. we need to turis show the country in the world how we are one. kathy: we also spoke with a man that represents the sherman park neighborhood when it was happening last night. he said, it is heartbreaking to see the community destroyed, some of the buildings destroyed but seeing people come out and cleanup gives them hope. >> i just encourage anybody to
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southside, issac, wherever you are from. it doesn't matter. if your heart is touched, if you felt any kind of way last night, come out and help us begin to pick up the pieces and restore our committee. joyce: here's where things stand. the national guard is on standby in case violence breaks out in milwaukee tonight. kathy: the initial request came from milwaukee county sheriff clark and proof by governor walker. >> we cannot have a repeat. we cannove happened last night. forces have been mobilized and put together a plan that is fluid and involves a lot of resources. joyce: six fires were set in sherman park overnight. 17 people were arrested. seven squad cars were damaged and four officers were hurt. a teenage girl was also caught in some crossfire with
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police say the unrest happened yesterday afternoon. police two suspects ran away from officers during a traffic stop. during the chase, one of the officers saw that one of the suspects had a gun and fired at the man. 23-year-old sylville smith died at the scene. he is african-american as is the officer involved. the wisconsin apartment of justice is investigating. experience was not hurt and has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation which is standard procedure. when we return, comparing the situation in milwaukee to the unrest in ferguson, missouri. joyce: how the story is covered
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joyce: we are taking a live look at what remains of one of the businesses set on fire last night, the o'reilly auto parts store. people are gathering there as you see. they are gathering peacefully. kathy: we are there. throughout the day, many people have made references to other cities were similar violence has arrested including ferguson,
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we talked with someone that was from the ferguson area who says he works for the youth ministry in ferguson and the same was area has helped the community deal with -- anything those area has helped them deal with the aftermath. he was visiting with his family when the violence broke out near the home he was staying at in this morning, he told us about the lesson he believes milwaukee can learn from ferguson. >> this is an exact mirror of what happened back in ferguson. kent: what lessons can milwaukee learn from ferguson? >> let's not point fingers. let's come up with a solution. if we point fingers, we are being inconsiderate to the needs of the hurting community. police officers, we are being insensitive to the trouble they have to go through in the community that does not want to cooperate. kent: needs to focus on a
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folks we spoke to in the sherman park area said today. of course, the question right now is exactly what that solution might be. joyce: thank you. the situation is getting attention all over the country. kathy: we have the milwaukee story from a national perspective. reporter: sunday, milwaukee, a city trying to burned out, cars smashed and trash. dozens of people arriving to pray and cleanup. hours after anger and violence directed in the streets, protesters confronted police after in officer-involved shooting saturday afternoon. >> once again, the police have failed to protect us. >> this is the police. leave the area. >> shots fired. shots fired. reporter: cars, gas station, and other parts store in the bank,
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the outrage began after police shot and killed an armed man after a traffic stop. >> he had a gun in his hand. the police officer did not know it at the time, but there were 23 rounds in that gun. reporter: police say the suspect took off, the officer giving chase. investigators say the officer ordered the suspect to drop his weapon. when he did not comply, the officer fired, he the man in his chest, killing him. tension in the city had already been deadly police shooting of dontre hamilton, a mentally ill man. no charges came against the officer. >> we are not the ones killing us. you are killing us. reporter: in the light of sunday morning, people in the area wanted to send a different message. >> this is where we want to be. this is outreach.
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courageous as you, but when they see you, abb grabbed the courage and the come out and supporting efforts and cleaning up the city. joyce: we have much more coverage on her website and on her mobile app. -- our mobile app. you can see today's news conferences with the mayor, police chief and governor. let's take a moment and turned to whether. lindsey slater joins us again. today was humidity was not that. can we expect the same for the work week? lindsey: tomorrow will be a repeat of what we had today. we had some morning fog. the rain and thunderstorms chances are going to be increasing. notice, i am watching a weather system that is right about here stationed with a front that does not move anywhere. that's why some areas in south and central missouri and
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this is because of the area of low pressure headed in our direction at the end of monday night. for now, we are going to stay with the high-pressure arriving. in the low pressure kicks into high gear, showers and thunderstorms increasing. tomorrow morning, little bit of patchy fog and by noon or 1:00 am a will see some of the changes, the little isolated showers popping up. there's a lot of cloud cover monday night. most areas will stay dry that is the can see it brings in pressure in the biggest batch of rain will hit us headed into the south portion of lake michigan but some areas along the lakefront and saw the milwaukee county could see a few of the storms. it is so close to us. i am definitely expecting some of that. tuesday morning, that heads out and another round is headed in our direction as we go toward tuesday afternoon in the weather system getting closer and closer.
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trend. getting a little bit sticky by wednesday and into thursday. as you are planning out the rest of her anything, it is not bad, temperatures fall into the 70's overnight tonight. some of the fog will be developing. your week ahead does feature some morning fog tomorrow and will also see some of those evening storms near the lake michigan area. tuesday, more of the storms arriving. a pretty toast you are watching a special hour-long edition of wisn 12 news. kathy: we will update you on the
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may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. joyce: we want to bring you up-to-date on where things stand in milwaukee after last night's violence. 125 members of national guard are on standby helping before on rest breaks out tonight into the chief asks for their help. dozens of people demonstrated hours after police shot and killed a suspect who had a gun. protesters set six buildings on fire and damage seven squad
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in a six-year-old girl was shot with life not -- with non-life-threatening injuries. groups began to clean up today and pray for peace. kathy: we have been sending out breaking news alerts throughout the day through our wisn 12 mobile app. you can download it for free for your phone or tablet. weather-wise, we have a nice evening ahead. lindsey: looking good, guys.
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