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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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caption content and accuracy. visit] >> wisn 12 news starts right now with breaking news. joyce: a police shooting shakes milwaukee to its core. last night, unrest. tonight, the community coming together, hoping for peace. kathy: plus, new information into what happened between the officer and the suspect. >> the individual turned toward the officer with a firearm and his hand. kathy: wisn 12 news live in the neighborhood with big story coverage. >> a community on adage -- on edge. kathy: the governor has declared a state of emergency in milwaukee county after last night's violent unrest in the city. joyce: this is a live look from -- they've issued a safety alert
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125 members of the wisconsin national guard are activated. they're on standby tonight to help police and the sheriff's office, if requested. kathy: it's a much different scene compared to last night. this is video just 24 hours ago. you can see the flames shooting up from an o'reilly auto parts store. it was one of six businesses damaged or destroyed by fires believed to have been intentionally set. there was also looting and gunfire in that area. the cast was sparked by a fatal police shooting. police say silva will -- sylville smith was shot because he had a gun. wisn 12 news' christina palladino leads our team coverage live from sherman and burleigh. christina, a relatively peaceful night there tonight. christina: so far, so good out here at the parks surrounding this bp gas station. there have been large groups of
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remaining under control. there has been a lot of anger and sadness from the family of sylville smith and the community. we were at a vigil earlier this evening. hundreds of people turned out for that, including pastors and other community activists. smith's family acknowledges his criminal past, but says he didn't deserve to be killed. they also are calling for peace in this city because the violence takes the focus off their brother. >> ' stations. [expletive] that gas station, put some money for his funeral, tell his mother you are all sorry for her loss. burning down [expletive] ain't going to help nothing. christina: the family of sylville smith says he has a toddler son. again, the family is calling for peaceful demonstrations.
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just walking around, monitoring the situation, looking out for each other. it is very peaceful tonight there sherman and berle i. kathy: thanks, christina. matt salemme is live above the sherman park area in newschopper 12. joyce: matt, as you look down from above, what do you see tonight? matt: we are looking at the district seven headquarters. a large group of people are in front of it at this point. we picked them up around and they ended a break here. it looked like they were exchanging words with some of the officers who are standing there at the entryway. so far, everything appears to be ok. they are blocking the northbound lanes of fond du lac. a handful of cars are parked to -- ours duck here on --
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joyce: wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen joins us from o'reilly auto parts, one of 6 businesses damaged or destroyed by fire. adrienne, you were with people tonight who wanted to thank police for what they do? adrienne: that's right. there are still some officers sitting outside of o'reilly auto parts. one group spent of peace. >> to go home and sleep, with a safe mind. adrienne: prayers from a community on edge. in the background, destruction. >> we thank you for a safe place to live, milwaukee, wisconsin. adrienne: the greater new birth church gathered to combat hate with hope. >> we were just asking god to truly just build the community back together to restore the community to provide jobs and
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seems so dark. adrienne: church goers acknowledging it's going to take more than prayers to fix the frustration. >> this only hurts everyone, not one particular person. this is places we shop, grew up at. my mother stays around the corner. we need to make it safer for everyone. adrienne: a special moment right at the end, when an officer complimented a woman's sunglasses, and the woman gave them to the officer to keep. >> thank you so much, i can' >> that's alright, sweetie, i'm blessed. adrienne: i talked to some of the officers out here. they arrived at 7:00 this morning, and have no idea when they will be going home. they are in for a long night. that gathering put a smile on their faces. live in milwaukee, i'm adrienne pedersen, wisn 12 news. joyce: last night, there were several vehicle fires.
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was shot and 4 police officers were injured by concrete or glass thrown at them. police also came under gunfire. gunshots can be heard in this video posted to twitter from the milwaukee journal sentinel. today, police released these pictures of the department's armored vehicle they say was shot at last night. you can see a crack in its bullet-proof windshield. milwaukee's mayor is urging for peace in the days ahead. the mayor putting out a message that he is hoping the column can be preserved in the city.
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day of a lot of meetings with police, the idea of getting the national guard ready if they were needed here and there on standby now in case there is any issue. joyce: milwaukee police made 17 arrests last night, 13 for disorderly conduct, four for burglary. the mayor says a curfew will be implemented if needed. we're also learning more about the officer-involved shooting which triggered the unrest. chief flynn revealed that both the officer and the man who was shot and killed were african-american. 23-year-old sylville smith. the chief says smith was armed with a gun when he was shot and killed by an officer. investigative reporter colleen henry is live in the newsroom. colleen, the chief says the suspect had more firepower than the police. colleen: police say smith had a stolen gun and 23 rounds of ammunition that the officer's body camera shows the suspect, gun in hand, turn towards the officer. the father of sylville smith came to the scene of last night's mayhem to mourn his son
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months ago, but i've been back and forth in jail. i'd like to apologize to my kids, because this is the role model they look up to. just like jordan is a model to his kids, i was a role model to my kids. when they see the wrong role model, this is what you get. colleen: police say sylville smith had a lengthy arrest record, including a conviction for carrying a concealed weapon, though court records show several charges were dismissed. chief ed flynn says yesterday's confrontation was captured by the officer's body camera in both a still photo and video. >> i know what i saw in the video, i know what i see in the still. it certainly appears to me that at the time he made that decision, it was a credible and legally protected decision. colleen: flynn says the officer's squad stopped a suspicious car yesterday. smith jumped out and ran, was cornered in a nearby yard. the confrontation was barely 20 seconds long. >> it was very fast. the individual was armed, the individual turned toward the officer with a firearm in his
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hands of wisconsin's department of justice, which routinely reviews shootings by mpd officers. it's not clear when the video will be made public, though the mayor and the governor is urging its release as soon as possible. joyce: wisconsin attorney general brad schimel added his voice to the appeal for calm tonight, saying the department of justice, which he leads, will, ?work expeditiously to ensure a thorough and transparent gathering of the facts.? we mentioned the national guard police or the sheriff's office. kathy: milwaukee county's sheriff says he's also called in every off-duty deputy in case things get out of hand. >> you hope for the best. the dish
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kathy: the sheriff there referencing the baltimore and ferguson riots after their own fatal police shootings. several milwaukee police officers have been hurt during the violence. joyce: our big story coverage continues with what the chief is saying about his officers tonight. kathy: and we're following breaking news, new york city police called to jfk airport. the details just coming in to the newsroom.
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kathy: the governor has declared a state of emergency in milwaukee county after last
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newschopper 12 showing some of the demonstrators marching at this time. matt: they started at 44th and stopped at the fond du lac district seven police headquarters. now they have marched down fond du lac avenue and are at burleigh street. officers have tried to block off some of the area traffic. trying to squeeze their way through. again, that is that burleigh and fond du lac. this is a business that was set on fire. this is just of the street from that o'reilly auto parts store. we will let you know if anything changes. kathy: wisn 12 news' adrienne pedersen is live a couple blocks away. adrienne?
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view of these people walking around. let's zoom in. this is at fund like and 35th -- fond du lac and 35th. we size quad car sit up in the intersection with a flight lashing. it doesn't the -- with its lights flashing. here in the parking lot, this is o'reilly auto parts overnight. there is still a police suv sitting here in the parking lot. they tell me they will be here all night. we will be keeping an eye on the people standing in the intersection. live it fond du lac and 35th, i'm adrienne pettersen, wisn 12 news. kathy: the unrest last night left 4 milwaukee police officers injured. joyce: all of them are out of the hospital tonight. seven squad cars were also
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had its windows busted out. there were many reports of gunfire, but milwaukee's mayor says officers held their fire. >> what you saw last night was tremendous restraint by our police officers. not a single shot was fired, not a single shot was fired by the police. joyce: the city's gunfire detection system recorded 48 activations of shots being fired last night. kathy: this is the owner of the b.p. gas station surveying the damage this morning. pakhar singh has dealt with violence and protests at the station all summer long. we caught with him as he was leaving. >> what do you think when you heard what happened? mr. singh: i don't want to say anything right now. kathy: the unrest in the sherman park neighborhood started earlier this summer. the b.p. gas station was damaged as a crowd gathered, throwing
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then on july 20, protests outside the b.p. station after an employee fired shots into the air to disperse a crowd of teens. that employee was the owner's son. he was fired. and then saturday night after a police shooting, the b.p. was set on fire and destroyed. joyce: this morning, dozens of people came to the various scenes of last night's violence to pray for peace, and begin the process of cleaning up. several of the six businesses set on fire were destroyed, including the b.p. gas station near sherman and burleigh. one woman told wisn 12 when she saw what was unfolding in her neighborhood last night, she knew she had to do something. >> help be part of the solution, help with the cleanup and show everybody we are together. joyce: u.s. representative gwen moore of milwaukee issued this statement today. the unrest occurred in her district. her words now, ?as details continue to emerge about this shooting, i ask our community to remain calm and recommit to doing everything in our
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our nation's promise of justice for all. together, milwaukee will weather this storm.? joyce: coming up later in this newscast, the journalists attacked amid the unrest. plus, governor walker talks about the investigation into the officer shooting. we want to get you caught up on some of the day's other news. kathy: breaking right now, police in new york are investigating a report of gunshots at jfk airport. part of terminal 8 was evacuated about an hour and a half ago, but there is no confirmation that shots were actually fired. joyce: wisconsin is getting ready to host both presidential campaigns this week. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in madison tomorrow for a fundraiser, while republican presidential nominee donald trump will visit both milwaukee and west bend on tuesday. kathy: in louisiana, four people are now dead in the widespread flooding. this is video from baton rouge. as you can see, entire neighborhoods are under water.
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to be rescued. the federal government has declared four parishes major disaster areas. not much rain for us and wisconsin. lindsey: we are talking quick hits of rain, nothing like flooding. even severe weather looks like it will be lower. i would circle tuesday and some rain activity. i like to show you why things happen. you can see that tip-in the jet stream. this signals a stormy pattern. storms like to ride along the jets rain. -- the jet stream. thunderstorms will develop right here and get you to work their
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let us why we will cease terms developing tuesday into wednesday. -- see some storms developing tuesday into wednesday. that area of low pressure is in the ozarks. you can see some of the heavy rain associated with that. this is a stationary front. that is why there is some flash flooding concerns for some of these areas. why'd you care because this very low is heading our direction. that will bring a potential of rain into tuesday. right now, we have a nice ridge of high pressure in wisconsin. high pressure and low pressure likes to battle it out. high pressure will eventually lose. you can see some clouds lingering around 6:30. you could even see some patchy
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this is something to keep in mind for tomorrow morning. as we head into the afternoon, i will not rule out a little isolated shower, because that area of low pressure is getting closer to us. then we will move into the 4:00 hour, and you can see those showers are continuing to move our way. that low is moving on the winds are on the low. they go counter clock wise, so that is why you are seeing the trend. you can see all the rain associated with the low. this is on tuesday morning. we are going to see potential for an isolated shower on tuesday morning. must better -- much better chances by tuesday afternoon as the system gets closer. i think the severe weather
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toward the west, because that is where the energy is going to be. we will have some storms tuesday night leading into wednesday morning. we are sitting at 76 degrees right now. temperatures falling through the 60's as we head into tomorrow. we will get warm pretty quick. by the end of the week, we will see temperature starting to cool. kathy: in last night's violence, it wasn't only officers who suffered injuries. joyce: a 16-year-old girl was shot. she will be ok. some journalists also had to go to the hospital after being attacked. we'll tell you what happened, and how they're doing. kathy: a live look from news
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joyce: a state of emergency across milwaukee county after a night of violence in the city. this is a live look from newschopper 12. we are told demonstrators initially started at 44th, then
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now are at 36 and burleigh. the mayor said city leaders will implement a curfew if they have to. kathy: along with the 4 officers and a teenage girl injured last night, local journalists were targeted as well. the journal sentinel says its reporters were chased, one was thrown to the ground and beaten. they tweeted this picture, saying they had rocks thrown at them while taking a picture of this burning car. a t.v. news crew was attacked while at the scene of the b.p. fire, one person was taken to a hospital to be evaluated. scare. he witnessed someone firing a gun. he and his photographer were also sideswiped while in their vehicle. they are all ok. joyce: video and pictures of the unrest are popping up all over social media. this is cell phone video showing the gas station burning overnight. firefighters weren't able to put out the flames right away, because of safety concerns. police say gunshots were being fired in the neighborhood at the time. here's video from twitter.
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this clip showing a car driving next to the flames at that gas station last night. you can see just how close cars were to the large flames, driving past the scene. kathy: aside from social media, several national outlets are here covering the unrest, including cnn and abc news. >> let's get right to the breaking news in milwaukee. >> overnight violence erupting in milwaukee. kathy: the situation is sparking a bigger conversation online. many are connecting e police and communities across the country. #milwaukee is trending on twitter and facebook, and according to google trends, it's one of the top 40 searches in the past 24 hours. joyce: it was an incredibly jarring morning for the people who live in the sherman park neighborhood. >> i am just trying to figure out why. kathy: we were with them as they woke up and tried to pick up the
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marchers on the move.
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>> it's going to take parents making sure their sons and daughters do not get involved in activities that occurred last night. joyce: milwaukee's mayor asking for parents to help police keep the peace in the city after last night's unrest. a much different scene tonight. kathy: we have seen demonstrators. we're went to go to news what are you seeing? matt: they're walking westbound down burleigh. they were standing at the intersection where burleigh, 35th and fond du lac all meat. -- all meet. an officer tried to block the way so that they could walk without any traffic following, and they turned around and started waving their hands of


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