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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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that was set on fire, but it was still a calmer scene than on saturday night. there is not a cur fee in milwaukee, but there is a state of emergency in place this morning and put into effect by governor walker yesterday. >> for the latest on the violence, we are going to tim live at the police headquarters. tim? >> well, ben, melinda, the for a second night of unrest. still some damage was done last night. news chopper 12 was in the air when someone set a car on fire in the neighborhood and the authorities rushed to the scene and put out the fire. significant damage was done right there. also, crowds gathered at sherman
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gear and residents coming face to face there. an armored vehicle was called into the neighborhood to get an 18-year-old man that was shot and he was rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition this morning. the milwaukee police are tweeting out updates on twitter and informing the president bush about what was happening in that neighborhood. question don't have the exact numbers of t arrested last night. reporting live from downtown, "12 news this morning." >> tim, thank you. also, breaking news from the sherman park neighborhood the emergency crews are on the scene. it was reported around 5:00 this morning. >> my niece called them, because i called my sister to let her
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niece called the people in there to wake them up. >> there's no word on how this fire started and weather it has anything to do with the unrest in the area. >> some of the protestors took aim at the news crews in the field. >> thaw threw rocks at the car that the reporter was riding in. this is the damage. she and the okay this morning and on saturday night, someone side sided one of our news cars and on saturday, the journal sentinel says the reporters were chased. one thrown to the ground and beaten. they had rocks thrown at them while taking a picture of the burning car. >> well, at least two milwaukee police officers hurt over night in the sherman park neighborhood.
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thema? >> well, melinda and ben, the two officers were hurt early this morning and late last night and that is in addition to the four officer us hurt on saturday. news chopper 12 was up in the air when we saw a violent confrontation between the police and the people outside. take a look, something is thrown at the officer and the officer fell to the ground. officer to safety. now, the milwaukee lis have been tweeting photos of the damage to the squads and windows damaged and scratches and dents and bricks and rocks were thrown at the vehicles. back live outside of the police headquarters, we don't know the extent of the injuries and how badly the officer was hurt.
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to you as soon as it becomes available. for now, live outside of the police headquarters. >> thema, thank you. >> a state of emergency is in place in milwaukee and the national guard is on stand by, they have not been called in to help. mpd is making arrests. we do know at least two officers were hurt in the sherman park officers hurt on saturday night and an 18-year-old man was shot and take ton the hospital. now, overnight, marquette police warned the students to stay inside. they issued an alert and they were increasing the police presence on campus and asked the students to remain indoors as a precaution. >> this morning, we are learning more about the suspect and officer involved in the shooting
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>> the chief is saying that the officer and the man shot are both african-american and the suspect who is 23-year-old sylville smith and smith was armed with a gun when shot and killed by the officer. the officer is 24 years old. >> there is a body cam video of the confrontation but not yet released. smith and an another man ran from them the police chief is saying that the incident takes just seconds. >> very fast. and the individual was armed. the individual turned to the officer with the firearm in his hand. we don't know whether the fire discharged -- >> smith's family is calling for
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violence takes the focus of of their brother. >> the gas station is the bp at sherman and burleigh. the crews couldn't get there because of the security concerns and shots fired in the area. this is video of sunday morning. the neighbors stopped by to help clean up the debris. now at least five other businesses were set on fire and protestor took down the bus shelters. 16-year-old girl was shot and four police officers were injured by the concrete or glass thrown at them. the police made 17 arrests on saturday night.
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above the area hit the hardest. >> good morning, matt. >> good morning, right now we are looking down at the bp, the remnants. there are three burned out cars in the parking lot and the building is a total loss. the firefighters in the neighborhood and new fire this morning, a house fire, burned throw the roof, they have had to cut away a portion of it. it appears they have this contained and put out at this point. the firefighters are in the process of packing up the hose lines and cleaning up the aftermath of the fire. this is 41st. northeast corner of corner of burleigh and 41st. we'll continue to watch the situation. at this point, no word on whether they suspect arson.
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6:07. that officer involved shooting was not the oenl violent incident. seven people were killed, including two men were shot outside of a bar near 41st and fond du lac. also, that same morning, two other men killed near 23rd and state and this particular shooting appears to be related to a robbery. they are looking for the suspects in those >> families that live in sherman park are working to clean up the mess and take back their neighborhood. they were joined by the coalition of justice. many of those businessed are boarded up. >> we have been sending out the news via our mobile app. >> it is 6:08.
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in milwaukee, though we want to turn to the forecast now. >> sally severson is in the weather center. sal? >> we are watching the patchy fog. most of the locations have pretty good visibility. we have had reports saying along 67 from eagle with the ground fog as take it easy. we are watching the clouds lifting in from northern illinois and closing in from the west and between the two t beautiful early morning sunshine giving way to clouds. right now 67. later party sunny. we see more sun this morning, a few clouds this afternoon and reach up to the low 80s. now to d.o.t.s, no incidents on the roadways around southeast wisconsin as the early morning
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not long and the school buses return to the roads. >> sal, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 6:10. we are following the unrest in milwaukee. >> families are waking up after a second night of violence in the sherman park neighborhood. protestor were arrested overnight. we'll have more coming up in a live report coming up after the stay with us, you are watching
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and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin specializes in treating headaches. which is why moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] >> welcome back. president obama is being updated on the unrest in the sherman park neighborhood. >> president obama has been updated on the situation there in milwaukee and briefed by the senior advisor and offering the administration cease support for
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president is vacationing in martha's vineyard. so far the national guard has not been requested to the scene. >> thank you. 6:14. second night of unrest in milwaukee and state of emergency is still in place after a weekend of fires and violent unrest and a involved shooting of a suspect. >> thema ponton is live with the latest. thema? >> well, melinda and ben, there was a second night of standoff with car fires and police in riot gear coming face to face with the residents. that resulted in injuries with the police and residents. news chopper 12 was on the scene
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rocks and bricks at the officers and one of the officers was hit and several squads were damaged from bricks, rocks and glass. an armored vehicle was called in to get an 18-year-old man that was shot. that man was rushed to the hospital. we don't yet know the condition of that 18-year-old or the officers who were hurt later today we'll update you on the new information as it is becoming available. thema, thank you. >> right now, matt is in news chopper 12. >> he's getting a bird's eye view of the damage left behind of the nights of unrest. >> we are looking at the active scene and the police are protecting the burned out shell
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last night the protestor started peaceful and marched from here across the the district 7 headquarters, protested outside on fond du lac and marched to the 35th street and burleigh, an area where we had fire trouble on early sunday morning. and then they marched westbound dun burleigh to sherman. that seemed like that would be the end of it. ama individuals throw the blocks and bricks at the officers and then the trouble started from there and officers moved in and responded and again, as we mentioned one person was shot down the block. right now things are a bit calm but there is a fire scene here. not sure this is related to the trouble or a standard house fire call. the milwaukee police are on the
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12. "12 news this morning." back to you. >> matt, thank you. governor walker declared a state of emergency. he was in glendale yesterday for a support the blue day. the event was planned before the weekend violence. the governor discussed the situation in sherman park and saying that it is important to let the investigation process play it is a reminder to the people and across the state instead of reacting to the incident, there is a process by which there's the abilitied to have an independent review. >> the governor activated the national guard in case needed here in milwaukee. >> lena taylor appeared on cnn to address the violence and the
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years of frustration. >> the trauma needs to be addressed and so i i don't care about just the buildings, i care about the human capital and the people that are here, so we need to take the trauma informed care information that we have learned and we need to implement it as wide and as broad and indepths as we can. >> milwaukee police chief ed flynn has not national guard to help out, but the officers are are on two-man patrols and shifts are increased and 150 officers are trained in group management and psychology and deployed over the weekend and the chief had meetings with ministers to coordinate the ways to keep the peace in the neighborhoods. >> 6:18. >> the humidity has dip add bit.
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winds right now are calm and we have a few clouds filling in from the west and mostly from the south across southern wisconsin. right now 67 degrees at the airport. the dew point down to 63. so a little more comfortable overall. as much of the area is pretty good. a pocket of fog in racine and kenosha county and neighboring sections ov of walworth. there are the clouds filling in
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the clouds will be around for us and spotty shower chances. clouds are filling. sunshine this morning. the model is trying to kick the showers, i think besee the clouds. here we are 6:00 this evening. now over night with the low closer, you are seeing the showers and a couple of thundershowers firing up in the neighborhood. this is 1:30 tomorrow. now that and away. many dry hours. better chances of rain and storms after 10:00 tuesday night. so for today, 82. sunshine this morning. a few clouds in the afternoon. near 80 tomorrow. isolated shower chances, a little bit overnight tonight and later tuesday night and for wednesday. showers and a few storms, garden
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a cold front on friday. showers and storms later on friday. >> we need the rain. >> yes, a lot of areas got the beneficial rain but we could use a gentle soaker. >> now the traffic watch 12, this is wisconsin, 175 at wells street. drive times are in the green. green means go. >> we are following breaking news throughout the morning, unrest in milwaukee. >> news chopper 12 is checking out the damage after the second niebt of violence. this is the auto parts store that burned. we are checking back with matt just after the break. stay with us, you are watching
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>> welcome back. we continue to cover the weekend's unrest in milwaukee. >> the violence attracted the news outlets from around the
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abc news' website. many are connecting the events here to the tension across the country. the chicago tribune, the riots stun milwaukee. usa today has the story on the front page as well, alongside the olympics and political news. >> matt is up in news chopper 12 and looking at the damage left behind near sherman and burleigh. >> matt, you have been working on this for days now and how is it looking this morning? >> it is pretty quiet. here is the national of the media here, gathered around the bp gas station. you are seeing milwaukee firefighters are still in the neighborhood and working on a fire at 41st and burleigh.
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of a ruckus. there was probably 150 to 200 people causing the troubles for the officers. last night, the protests started peacefully with a march through the neighborhood and a small group between 20 to 30 people started hurl the rocks and bots and bricks at officers and set a car on fire and a number of everything at this point appears to be quiet. back to you. >> thank you, matt. 6:26. we have been following the breaking news with unrest in milwaukee. >> smaller groups clashed with the police. we have a team of rorters tracking the overnight violence, we are live with the latest. stay with us, you are watching
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>> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," another night, another round of unrest in milwaukee. police in riot gear patrolling
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officers attacked, a shooting victim rescued and a car explosion caught on camera. we have live team coverage of the overnight emergencies. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. another tense morning in milwaukee. it's the second day in a row that problems were reported in the sherman park neighborhood. news chopper 12 was flying above the area overnight as shots were fired, fires were set, and officers were attacked. we have team coverage a situation that continues to get national attention. just within the last two hours, a fire reported at the home near sherman park. >> we are going live to matt. it is a house fire on the northeast corner of sherman park and the firefighters have it contained at this point.
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42nd and 40th street and a few officers here on the corner. the fire department is clearing scene. they are needing to have the scene, no word on the cause of the blaze, but again t street remains closed burleigh in both directions between 42nd and 40th. >> matt, thank you. as you can see, at least one car was set on fire this that led an to an explosion. >> later today, we expect to learn much more about everything authorities encountered this morning. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is live at police headquarters with the latest. tim. >> is video, the images coming out of milwaukee from the weekend absolutely stunning. it is hard to believe that type of violence and chaos is taking place in our city.
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all hands on deck kind of morning for the milwaukee police department. they say they were prepared for the possibility of a second night of unrest and that's exactly what happened. police officers and sheriff's deputies were on hand to keep the peace, but there were some confrontations. one person was hurt when someone opened fire near sherman and burleigh at 11:00 p.m. an armored vehicle was brought in to pull that shooting victim to safety. a couple hours later, news chopper 12 was in the air when someone set a car on fire. authorities rushed to the scene minutes later to put it out. all weekend long, the milwaukee police have been posting the updates about the situation on twitter. we have been checking twitter as well. the milwaukee police have not given numbers on the arrests or
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live in milwaukee, tim elliott, wisn 12 news. >> tim, thank you. >> overnight, at least two police officers were hurt in the sherman park neighborhood. >> our live team coverage continues with wisn 12 news' thema ponton. she's outside police headquarters this morning with the latest. thema? >> melinda and ben, we've learned that at least two police officers were hurt late last night and early this morning. that's in addition to the four officers who were hurt on saturday night. let's start with some exclusive video from news chopper 12. the camera was rolling when people started throwing rocks and bricks at officers. you can see one officer get hit and then fall to the ground. other officers then pulled that officer to safety. the police department has been posting photos on twitter overnight. the pictures show damage to several different squad cars. some had smashed windows, others had scratches and dents.
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by thrown bricks, rocks, and glass bottles. back live here, later today, we hope to get an update from police on the conditions of the officers who were hurt overnight. we expect to get that information later today and we'll bring it you to as soon as we get it. live downtown, thema ponton, wisn 12 news. >> thank you, thema. >> we're learning more about the police who were targeted overnight. police tweeted these photos saying an officer was saved from projectiles by this protective helmet. this incident happened along sherman boulevard. it's not still clear if this is from the same incident you saw in that video from news chopper 12 earlier. >> this was the second night of unrest in the neighborhood. shootings and fires were also reported late saturday into early sunday morning. here's a look at some numbers from that round of unrest. police say four officers were hurt. 17 people were arrested.
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six businesses were set on fire. many more were damaged or looted. the first large fire was at a bp gas station at sherman and burleigh. a few blocks away at fond du lac and burleigh, an o'reilly auto parts was destroyed. a beauty supply store at the same intersection also burned along with a b-mo harris bank branch at 36th and fond du lac. as the night went on, fires broke out at pj's supermarket at 21st and burleigh and mjm liquor near 23rd and north. >> the bp station that burned to the ground has been the site of conflict this summer. on june 30th, the windows were damaged when a crowd gathered and threw rocks. nearly a month later, in july a group of teenagers gathered at the gas station. an employee, also the owner's son, fired gunshots into the air to get the crowd to disperse. that led to protests at the gas station and the employee was fired. and finally, saturday night the gas station was set on fire
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>> yesterday morning, wisn 12 news returned to the bp station at sherman and burleigh. here's a look at the damage in daylight. the awning still stands but the building and multiple vehicles were destroyed in the fire. people arrived and began cleaning up the debris scattered around the gas station. one of them was alderman khalif rainey who represents the sherman park neighborhood. he's asking people all around the city to help clean up after the unrest. >> you know, i just encourag everybody to come out today, all the people of the city of milwaukee, north side, south side, east side, wherever you from. if this matters to you, if your heart is touched, if you felt any kind of way last night, come out and stand here with us and help us begin to pick up the pieces restoring our community. >> rainey said it's been heartbreaking to see the community destroyed. >> this all started with a fatal officer-involved shooting saturday afternoon. >> police say 23-year-old
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stolen gun when an officer shot and killed him. chief ed flynn has revealed the officer who fired is african-american. police say smith had a long arrest record including some charges that were dismissed. flynn says the officer's body camera documented the shooting at 44th and auer. that video has not been made public yet. the mayor and governor are both urging officials to release it as soon as possible. the wisconsin department of justice is leading the investigation into whether the shooting was justified. wisn 12 news time now is 6:37. >> graup of people are coming together to support the officers. >> we have a live look from news chopper 12. we are looking at the damage left behind. we are looking at what is left of the bp gas station that
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>> good morning. we continue the cover the unrest in the shearman park
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fire. that is just up the street from the jet beauty, that is boarded up here at the intersection of 35th and burleigh. that building not quite badly damaged as the o' riley auto parts store. that is the second area of the fires go on everything started at sherman and burleigh. reporting live in news chopper 12 "12 news this morning." >> matt, thank you. >> we have more on the unrest coming up. first to weather watch 12. >> sally is standing by for us. good morning, sal. >> we are mid august weather calling for highs most of the week 80 or>> little better. we start with 67 degrees.
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south and a little later today joined by clouds from the west. cooler west bend 59. 61 beaver dam. 70 port. racine 63. skies are becoming a little cloudier today. low pressure is sitting in missouri. i think we are dry for the day. 82 today. isolated shower chances tomorrow. a bert chance for spotty rain, especially wednesday morning and potentially a storm or two tuesday night and wednesday. 83 on wednesday. >> sal, thank you. >> our team of coverage breaking news is helicopter -- continuing in a moment.
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the second night in a row. the confrontations and the damage down in sherman park.
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>> breaking news coverage continues, more unrest overnight and police responded to the sherman park neighborhood for the second night in a row. >> not quite as many problems as the day before, but shots were fired and house fire is reported near the neighborhood. >> we are going live to matt up in news chopper 12. >> we are over the house fire, it did plenty of damage to the building at the corner of 41st and burleigh. the fire went through the roof. firefighters have put that out.
6:47 am
the police are on the scene as well. reporting live, "12 news this morning." >> the fire reported at 5:00 this morning. we have been out gathering the new information. >> now to tim elliott live at the police headquarters with the latest, >> her hoping it is going to better today. milwaukee police all hands on deck throughout the weekend and everyone responding to that. we had issues last night, but nothing like we saw on saturday night. overnight, large crowds showed up to the milwaukee neighborhood
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and sheriffs were called to the scene to try to keep the pause there. there were confrontations and one person was hurt when they opened fire at the scene there. now, an armored vehicle was called in to help pull the shooting victim to safety. a couple of hours after that, news chopper 12 was in the air and when someone set a car on fire. the authorities rushed to the scene to put the fire out. milwaukee. authorities are hoping that the clean up will continue today and the healing will begin as well. reporting live from downtown "12 news this morning." >> tim, thank you. at least two other police officers were hurt overnight and responding to the unrest in sherman park. news chopper 12 was flying over the scene and caught the time when the police officer was hit
6:49 am
when the squad car window was smashed. >> governor scott walker addressed the situation here in milwaukee during a support the blue event yesterday. >> walker has put the wisconsin national guard on standby in case milwaukee law enforcement needs help. >> i was worried about whether this would escalate and what more needed to be done, not just last night but in the coming days and sadly, we've seen it elsewhere around the count governors have waited too long, is that it's escalates. our hope is that it would de-escalate here. >> just a few hours after walker spoke, more violence erupted in milwaukee as people once again took to the streets. >> several aldermen condemning the violence and supporting people who live peacefully in sherman park. khalif rainey represents that
6:50 am
up. he's asking people there to stay calm but says he understands what led up to the chaos. >> we didn't accomplish anything with destroying, you know, property. you know, however, i think that the conditions in this neighborhood throughout the summer have been festering, you know, it's not just about the incident that occurred yesterday, it's about all the incidents that occurred prior to with laissez-faire, sitting back, you know not really, having a response. i hope if anything, this has demonstrated this community has a great need. we have a great need over here and there needs to be investment, there needs to be support, there needs to be resources that's attributed to this neighborhood. >> rainey says he's committed to fighting for his neighborhood so that more resources come into sherman park. >> while some people in milwaukee are at odds with the police, others are thanking them for their service. >> a church group gathered at o'reilly auto parts yesterday one of the businesses damaged by fire to support officers. the greater new birth church offered prayers and support.
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>> the thing we want them to know is we are here for them. they took an oath to serve and protect, we took an oath. they are a part of our community. >> the officers who were at the gathering say it was the highlight of their day. wisn 12 newse >> administrator on the unrest coming up. first to the forecast. >> skies are beginning to fill in with the clouds across southern wisconsin. mitchell international and the skies are mostly cloudy and the temperatures 67 degrees. now the clouds from the south filling in joined by the clouds from the west later on today. gradually increasing clouds and
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certainly, but the long low pressure across missouri and the rain spreading up to illinois and indiana. it is clipping southern wisconsin with the clouds and also with a few spotty showers. 67 at the airport and chicago. we have low 70s across the plains. the really warm air exited at least for now and looking at slieblthly above normal temperatures running through this week. 63 at this the model is trying to get a couple of showers going. i do anticipate a fair amount of cloudies. this is mid night. there is a look at the rain clips parts of southern and eastern wisconsin over night tonight and then early tomorrow morning predawn 4:00 tomorrow morning. showers will be scattered and light for the day side hours on tuesday.
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coming through. 80 today. 84 tomorrow. a few more clouds by afternoon today. and then we look at wet coming our way once again later on friday and saturday. >> breaking news, >> tensions are high in milwaukee. overnight, there was more violence in the sherman park neighborhood. it's the second day in a row that crowds gathered as a according to milwaukee police, an officer shot and killed an armed suspect on saturday afternoon. it was captured on body camera but that footage has not been released yet. >> the unrest began saturday night aftera police shooting. >> six different fires broke out in the neighborhood, bp gas station, as you can see here burned to the ground. also a beauty supply store, a
6:54 am
targeted as well. >> a car fire and later people rocking a difficult vehicle back and forth as you see on the screen here and throwing things through the wind shield. they pulled up a bus shelter. a traffic light was pulled down in the same area and a dumpster ended up in the middle of the street. >> milwaukee police showing this damaged squad car and the wind shield was smashed in. shooting saturday afternoon. a police officer shot and kill add suspect. police say that civil smith was carrying a stolen gun. >> milwaukee making national headlines because of the unrest. the new york times tweeting this head line reading racial violence in milwaukee was decades in the making. also, the washington post writing about the situation.
6:55 am
developments here closely. wisn 12 news is working the abc to bring the latest information to country. >> while this was unfolding, the milwaukee police tweeted out the photos of the damaged squad cars and sending out alerts. officers made multiple arrests overnight and the final update that officers were order near sherman and burleigh. "good morning america" is ahead with the headlines. >> that includes information about the unrest in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood. here is a look from the air at the bf gas station, the center of the unrest. more problems reported overnight. stay with us, you are watching
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>> a welcome back. now this is 94 at 76. traffic is building a bit. no incidents reported at this hour. there is a delay 894 northbound. >> crowds gathered overnight in the sherman park neighborhood for the second night in a row.
6:59 am
one person was also shot and is being treated this morning. here is a live look from news chopper 12 over the scene of a bp gas station. there was a house fire that broke out this morning near the site of the conflict between the police and the crowds. it is unclear if that fire is connected to the unrest. you are seeing what is left of the house this >> the sunshine is giving way to mostly cloud skies in the afternoon and the temperatures going to up to the low 80s. thundershowers are possible overnight. isolated showers on tuesday. tuesday night into wednesday another round and moving into thursday summer once again. storms toward the end of the week. >> thank you, sal.
7:00 am
>> "good morning america" is next and they are covering the unrest in our city right now. we have updates coming up in 25 good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, state of emergency. more than 20,000 evacuated from deadly flooding in louisiana. rescue crews working overnight to pull people to safety. volunteers cutting a woman free from her car. >> get my dog. get my d >> i got your dog. also, breaking overnight, violence in milwaukee over a deadly police shooting. police cars destroyed. robbery in rio. gold medal swimmer ryan lochte held up, forced to kneel down as criminals dressed as police put a gun to his head. a night celebrating his win


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