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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  August 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm CDT

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81 degrees the high today. above average yet again. the average high is 79. not that far away. but fairly low record low for this time of year of 93 degrees and the 15 days in a row with temperatures 80 plus. you can see we are in the 70s here. 90s out to the west and 80s and we will still stay warm for another week. as we head into sunday and monday temperatures cooling down to the 50s or 60s. a couple of scattered showers dotting t s this is falling apart. it is not much more than a sprinkle or two and that's all i'm expecting as we head out the night and tomorrow as well. mat jort of the rain stay -- the majority of the rain stays through the east. not completely sunny. not completely cloudy. again another passing shower. maybe a thunderstorm. better chance on wednesday. a decent chance to mow the grass.
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on thursday. overall looking good through friday and saturday we bring back the rain. 70 tonight. mostly cloudy skies and isolated shower or two. a little patchy fog is possible. high temperatures on tuesday. 83 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. still sticky. and that continues all the way into saturday when it will start to change. >> 83, 85, staying with the mid-80s. so if you were hanging on to summer you want to get out to the pool. i looking good. head to the lake. pretty decent chance we would see thunderstorms rumbling on saturday. that is something i would keep a close eye on and a high of 70. a look at low temperatures going back to the 50s. we haven't seen much in the way of 50s in a long time either. it will feel a little cool. some will say it will feel refreshing. >> it will be in the 50s. >> another sign of the changing season. >> high school football is upon
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which match up will be the first operation football game of the week? plus how long jeff janice will
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surgery on his hand and will be out a minimum 4-6 weeks. >> what about aaron rogers? >> reports from green bay. >> aaron rogers had arguably his best performance in training camp today. he still hasn't heard from the head coach whether or not he will play on thursday but he doesn't mind the cautious approach. >> depends on what mike says. i mean, i know he wanted to get some reps and young guy some reps. if i play, it won't be a lot, but obviously my reps have gone down over the years. you know, kind of the way it is. i think everybody feels like four or five is probably more
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to get ready. before that he make a change, that's the way it will be. we had a major injury to a star last year in the preseason, i think it's natural that there's a more cautious approach to the rest of that preseason and into the next season. >> brett was back on the practice field for the second straight day taking reps with the first team. if rogers is in streetcars he is forced to start for the first time since last preseason. >> and hard to believe the high school football season starts this thursday with a handful of games including arrowhead at homestead. then on friday the season debut of operation football. the first game of the week -- [inaudible] --
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to vote for next week's feature game. the choices are hartford, german town catholic memorial. log on to, the operation football page and cast your vote. the winner will be announced next monday. >> quarterback ron van der kellan died. he was leading wisconsin to a comeback win over unc. had they won that game the badgers would have won the national championship. and one other packers, the nfl is saying they have until august 25th to be interviewed. >> all right. we will check in one more time with matt in news chopper 12. he has been monitoring the unrest in milwaukee and flying over the sherman park
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is the latest? >> the sheriff department closed the park and putting up orange mesh fencing to keep people out. people have taken the park activity over to a vacant plot of land north of the vp burned the other night. they set up a barbecue and looks like they have a little picnic. there was shouting and yelling. milwaukee police, this is their territory. they are on the scene and it looks like things are peaceful at the moment after a couple of momes shouting. we will be up tonight at 12 news at 10:00 to monitor the situation when the curfew goes into effect. back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> and one more update for you? >> fairly quiet as we head throughout the evening. maybe a sprinkle or two, but that's about it. temperatures on the mild side. still in the 70s. if you are heading out this evening, you can see the temperatures don't fall off a lot. a light northeasterly wind as we head throughout the night. and the 80s streak will continue
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we head into the weekend. and then it will be almost a taste of autumn. almost. >> almost. we now take you to entertainment tonight already in progress. we will be back tonight at
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thinking! john legend and chrissy teigen's love storyrevealed. >> this could be why is christie brinkley defending her ex?
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"suicide squad" taking the bobs
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"sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." off. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." x office over the weekend. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." office over the weekend. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." office over the weekend. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." b office over the weekend. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." o offix office over the weekend. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." happy birthday. come on. how adorable is that? chrissy teigen celebrated luna's fourth month birthday. john legend is revealing to us how he fell in love with luna's mom. don't ask him about luna growing up. >> i'm not thinking about her
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we're trying to get her to turn over. >> luna's first day be a long way off, but we're learning how it began for her parents. needless to say it was love at first tweet. >> i started to fall in lot of with her over the phone. she's got with 140 characters. >> john and chrissy started talking while he was on tour. >> we were texting alot. i started to see her sense of humor. we would talk on the phone. i started to fall in love with how engaging and witty and funny she is. they w between stops. >> i wasn't nervous. when you feel like a -- it wasn't nerves it was like excitement. >> and maybe john's own love story that inspired him to tell the tale of the first couple. the grammy winner is executive producer on the upcoming movie about barack obama and michelle obama's courtship. >> dating the first black guy that walks through the front of the door. it would be tacky.
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>> john said he's sending the real first couple a copy of the film. >> they might sure they have fact-checking issues with it. i'm sure they have -- we didn't say it like that. but i think it captures the spirit of they are. it shows them as a beautifu light. still ahead j. carrie watkins. why hollywood's most famous ladies were hanging together over the weekend. fi best goody bagever. is christie brinkley back with john mellencam what she revealed to "e.t." a jenniferhudson's exclusive. remembering her murdered nephew. how sh turning her family tragedy into a triumph.
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treats. stars like c.a.t ran mcafee were among those given personalized goody bags with candles, lug to take home. #sundayfunday. christie brinkley had the fun weekend. she had a smile on. even though it's been less than a week since we learned she split from john mel less than camp. is there any chance they can get back together? that's one of the things we found out during her first interview since the break u world with everything we see going on in all that, it's important to stress kindness. >> keeping it classy the 62-year-old super model spoke out why she defended her ex after a tabloid declared they split was to his, quote, "red neck ways" and made him sound like a donald trump fan.
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and circles. if you see a friend not being treated fairly, stick up your friend. >> she said it was distance and friends that kept them apart. the 12th annual are author's night. she gave us a motto for life. >> i numberly believe that it's easier to save the world a good hair day. >> you know that to be a ? ? ? it hurts so goo >> the couple started dating last september. why asked her, christy coy. >> what does it take to have to dat christie brinkley? >> i don't know. >> a fun, successful kind of guy. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> two months later she was no longer trying to hide the fact that she and the rocker twosome. >> yes, john and i are dating.
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and, you know, it's fun. >> since they split on fr terms, we had to know, there be a reboot in the future? >> you never know. good friendship is the basis for everything, right. >> i love that. another major interview with jennifer hudson. >> yeah. she doesn't do many interviews. she joined her sister julia this weekend at an yule event julian was murdere 2 their mother and brother. they their unspeakable family tragedy for others. >> i wanted my sister to be able to look forward to her son's birthday. >> it was a loss of unfathomable proportion. on one day, jennifer lost mother, her brother, and her 7-year-old nephew julian. shot dead i jennifer's hometown of c by her estranged brother-in-law who is in prison.
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loss. >> my mother told me, jenny, what i love about you is no matter how negative things are, you seem to find the positive. >> finding the positive wasn't easy. what if we gave to the children? and then, therefore -- so six years ago, th two sisters came up with an idea to turn the tragedy into a triumph of the spirit. every year on ju birthday or what he liked to call hatch donating school supplies to thousands of children in need in the community. >> so, i guess my momma right. >> right. >> julian was a scholar of a child. you know, as a student and he was a giver, as well. >> the program started in a church basement has gro
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children get ready for school. >> i have no idea what we're starting. to think back then to now it's like look at the seed we have planted. >> it means a lot to those help to give back. >> and while jennifer is making a difference in lives of thousands of chicago school children, she's also looking forward to her next project "hair spray live." we just did a table read recently i was blown away by the it's an amazing cast. i'm excited to be a pa it. it's going to be a great experience. make sure you watch d 7th, on nbc! [ laughter ] . yeah. it's going to be good. it's going to be fun. i'm alrea singing. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm ready. i'm here for it. she's working on music with leg producers collide davis and l.a. reid. the last type they worked together they did the sound
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>> yeah. ? ?
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watch it consideration provided by -- 0- eddie murphy is back. starring in his first movie in four years. >> tomorrow about that and his family life. >> he's a very busy an. >> yeah! >> bye, everybody! eddie murphy on his nine kids. >> the brightest part of my life is my kids. >> his hollywood hiatus and comedy come back. >> are yo to do stand up again? and at home with ellen pompeo. inside her hollywood mansion and why she wants to team up with
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