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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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across the united states. >> the atf national response team is spread out across the scenes, investigating. >> they are arson-explosive specialist, and they are hereto factfinder. >> arson lit a pile of pallets on fire. there are shoe prints on the as they learn who started this fire. canines trained at excel or and detection, others trained to find showcasing's or explosives. >> he is trained to detect 19,000 different formulations. >> science aside though their , best leads often come from people.
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saw something or know something, we are asking for their help. >> as the owners cleanup and try to decide whether or not to reopen, the atf is asking for your help. the number to call is 1-888-atf-fire. they will be in the community for days as they continue their investigation. joyce: sherman park will close deputies will shut it down in less than an at 6:00. hour wisn 12 was there this morning when they opened it up and took down the orange fencing. neighbors say they want to be in the park tonight to support the community. >> i was like you know what, i'm going to get some trash bags, gloves. i will walk around and pray with those who need prayer. >> it is heartbreaking. i know some of the circumstances, but when i think
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because some of the devastation caused people to lose their jobs, that hurt too. joyce: the sheriff's office says the fencing will be up in the overnight until further notice. hours the curfew for minors will also be enforced again tonight. anyone 17 and under has to be off the streets by 10:00 tonight. the curfew lasts until 5:00 tomorrow morning. >> i think our officers did a good will have calmed down. toya: keeping milwaukee safe a , top priority during closed door meetings with the police chief and aldermen. wisn 12 news colleen henry was at city hall. colleen, a public briefing was cancelled at the chief's request. >> the chief didn't want to give away any tactical information to those rioters who engineered the havoc here the other night. instead he met behind closed , doors at the common council offices. chief ed flynn was scheduled to
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public safety committee but the , meeting was cancelled to avoid making details public. >> a lot of the stuff was tactical in nature, and this isn't something that you want to reveal to people who may be watching it on tv and then respond to it. >> instead, says the common council president, flynn met with small groups of aldermen behind closed doors at council offices. >> we wanted to have the police department to speak frankly about those things to let aldermen know that their districts woul c was being put into one neighborhood. >> alderman bob donovan says he inquired about protesters from chicago. >> a small group apparently none of them were arrested according to the chief that he's aware of . they seem to be agitated or's. they did not come back last night and hopefully they won't , as far as i am concerned. >> donovan thinks police did a great job.
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calmed down and we can use this as an opportunity to move forward and address whatever grievances, whether perceived or real that people who are , frustrated have. >> and surprise visitors at city hall this morning members of , milwaukee's black panther party. you ll news at 6:00. toya: thank you. there were no major incidents overnight in sherman park. however, milwaukee police say they did arrest 10 people. there was one report of shots fired. no officers were hurt and no vehicles or businesses were damaged. governor scott walker met with community and faith leaders today around the sherman park neighborhood. lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch joined him at greater praise church of god in christ. the governor also stopped at city brook church to thank church leaders.
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, really their help in terms of , combing things down -- calming things down and bringing peace to the neighborhood and helping us, not just last night but , sustaining that in the days to come. toya: governor walker says the national guard will remain on standby. he says it will take at least a day to decide whether or not they'll be sent home. this unrest started after police shot and killed 23-year-old sylville smith saturday afternoon. police say it happened after a traffic stop near 44th and auer. e police say body camera video shows smith was holding a gun during the encounter. investigators say that gun was stolen. the wisconsin department of justice is leading the investigation. you can follow the very latest on the unrest in milwaukee on and our free app. through our app, we will send out any breaking news alerts to your cell phone. there you can also check out the stories we've done in the last few days. >> light, where are we going to go? i know we got family but its'
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nobody. toya: flames shoot from a vacant milwaukee home neighbors say , they're lucky to be alive. the fire broke out early this morning near 50th and clarke, just blocks from the sherman park area. as wisn 12 news tim elliot learned, some think it was set on purpose. >> just after 4:00 this morning flames tore through this vacant , home near 50th and clarke. the destruction, revealed in the daylight. thisome is considered a total loss. me. the roof is missing. the side of the home is sticking out. the home right next door also suffered some significant damage. >> angry, hurt, um, sad, lost. >> kionne harrel and her family live in that duplex next door. her family and pets were evacuated safely but she's , believes this fire was no accident. do you think this was set on
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>> what makes you think that? >> because of all these things these kids have been doing around here. >> this fire is just a few blocks from sherman park, where demonstrators set multiple businesses on fire over the weekend. >> this is not the way you solve things. this is not the way you handle things you know? innocent people are being affected by this. they could've killed somebody. >> sherri mcneil lives next door to the destroyed home. a good samaritan woke her family up and got them to safety. supspicious. >> this stuff is crazy. and i'm sorry about this young man that got killed. i'm sorry about all the young people that done died in this city but you know this is not , the way you solve things around you. >> investigators are now combing the scene for evidence the . the official cause is unknown. joyce: neighbors say the home
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for years. toya: donald trump is in wisconsin right now. his private jet landed about two hours ago. at this hour, he's in downtown milwaukee taping a town hall for fox news. it's at the pabst theater. these are live pictures. you can see the area is closed off and surrounded by police. later tonight, the republican presidential nominee is holding a rally in west bend. that's where wisn 12 news kent wainscott joins us live. >> you can take a look behind me and see that there is a large crowd. they are expecting a good crowd here at the washington county fairgrounds in west bend. it's still a few hours until this ry earlier today, donald trump met with some local veterans at the war memorial along with rudy giuliani and milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, who spoke with us after the meeting. he said he talked with donald trump about this weekend's unrest in milwaukee. >> if we don't start working on the real stuff that matters. i'm not saying we need to ignore
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to get these people out of poverty, provide school for their kids, put people back to work. >> later this evening, governor scott walker is expected to join the candidate here in west bend. walker has not appeared alongside trump at any wisconsin event since he became the republican nominee. the governor was originally not supposed to attend this rally as well, but he told wisn 12 news earlier today that his schedule had changed and that he plans to to be here -- plans to be here this evening and that could be , important politically for trump. donald trump needs to build more support in the republican stronghold counties surrounding milwaukee. he may be hoping that governor walker can help him do that. i will have live reports tonight at 6:00 and 10:00.
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of the rally. there is a police presence moving one individual out the doorway right now, and i think that's what you heard in the background. toya: thank you. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in madison tonight. he's attending a private fundraiser. during a rally in philadelphia hillary clinton went after , trump's plans for national security. >> it just absolutely bewilders me when i hear donald trump try to talk about national security. said, it's not just he doesn't know what he's talking about, that's bad enough, but what he often says hurts us. toya: world news is also on the campaign trail. watch for their report tonight at 5:30 right after this newscast. joyce: the streak continues, mark.
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temperatures above 80 degrees. will we make it 17? 18? mark: yes, we will but you know it can't lost forever. when to expect a big temperature drop in weather watch 12. >> don't try to stop someone from stealing your car. you end up getting hurt. toya: he did just that and it , was caught on camera. the trip to the mailbox that took a dangerous turn. joyce: then, we've heard of wearable devices, but this, this is different. coming up a look at the high , tech tattoo that's in the works. >> i'm ben wagner. >> i am melinda davenport. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning we'll have any breaking , news from overnight about the unrest in milwaukee. catch up on the morning's headlines before heading out the door. door.
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joyce: a texas man is dragged as he tries to stop someone from stealing his car. two weeks ago, terrence edge left his car running as he picked up his mail. then a man strolling by hopped inside. edge reacted quickly. >> i turned around, looked back, and he was grabbing the car door and i tried to get to him and , grabbed the handle, but he got in good before i could get it open, then i went for a ride. don't try to stop someone from stealing your car.
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joyce: fort worth police later found the car in a parking lot. missing from inside was edge's heart medicine and his gun. authorities released the security video, hoping to find the suspect. toya: new flooding concerns tonight in southern louisiana. crews are asking for volunteers to fill sandbags at about seven locations. louisiana's governor says at least 40,000 homes were damaged by the flooding. eight people were killed. a woman and man are found dead inside a milwaukee home. officers made the discovery this morning near 24th and melvina. li injuries they believed were caused by the man, who was also dead. officers say the two were in a relationship. their deaths are under investigation. a death investigation underway now in west allis. police were called to 83rd and becher late last night. police tell wisn 12 news a 26-year-old woman was found in a vehicle. at the time she was not , breathing. the medical examiner's office confirms the woman died.
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to figure out exactly what happened. joyce: new tonight at 6:00, first, it was the sikh temple massacre. then, the gas station destroyed in milwaukee's violence. >> a family member all-too-familiar with tragedy tells us their sorrow again. joyce: and, milwaukee city council members meet with black panther activists. the action the group is demanding right now. it's all coming up new tonight at 6:00. toya: from smart watch to smart tattoo, a group of mit researchers is working to create these temporary tattoos called duo-skin. devices. here's how they work. you can use them as a touch pad to control what's happening on your iphone or ipad screens. some of the tattoos can also sense body temperature and mood. the phd student who came up with the idea hopes to one day make these tattoos affordable and widely available. google is taking on facetime. it launched a new free video calling service today called duo. you can make calls between ios and android devices, something that facetime can't do.
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and a group of recently dialed contacts. it also lets you see what you look like before you place your call. if you're not sure you want to pick up, duo will ring for about a minute before it gives up. facetime rings for about half that time. joyce: more than one million people visited the wisconsin state fair this year. fair officials released attendance numbers this morning. this is the year in a row the fourth attnc here's a breakdown of some of the other numbers. people bought 315,000 cream puffs. fair-goers ate 55,000 grilled cheese sandwiches. and 660,000 pounds of ice kept things cold. plus, more than 150,000 people slid down the giant slide. yep, i was one of them. toya: you were told to bring upon show, and you did. they continues to stay warm,
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on some people. mark: i think a lot of people are excited we are extending some are a little bit. we will try to accommodate everyone is best we can. i hope you did not go down the slide when it was raining. joyce: no. mark: it gets slippery when you put a little water on that thing. 64 dew point. yes, it is sticky. southwesterly wind at 11 miles per hour, clouds dotting the sky. i love the shot from sheboygan. 82 at the south shore. dew point at 69. oconomowoc, 82 degrees and a fair amount of moisture in the air. sullivan in jefferson county, and he shot here. we have stayed try, but there is a chance we will see an isolated
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not a great chance of rain. 85 the high today. 16 days in a row, every single day of august, 80 degrees or warmer. record high was 100 degrees in 1988. it will be that warm around here, but it will warm up more over the next couple of days. temperatures, 80-85 degrees, dew point a little sticky, 60-65 moisture in the air. it will get even higher through the next couple of days, so be ready for that. the big drop, and it's not just the dew point dropped, it is the temperature dropped. it will be going down. four more days of 80 degrees, then this cold front comes in saturday and temperatures take a tumble, 70 is the high temperature on sunday and monday, before we returned to 76
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dry, but we are watching scattered showers and thunderstorms in northern wisconsin and in minnesota. there is a possibility that we could see one of those showers or thunderstorms rolling in later tonight. i don't think it will be widespread. 85 wednesday. 88 thursday. 88 friday. it is still warm and sticky. this will be your good opportunity, not great on saturday in terms of rain. we need the rain. cools down to 70 on sunday, which will feel cool. 70 on monday, those in the 50's, before we warm it up again next week. again, try to get a little sun. toya: we have all been here. that green light just never
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that will tell you how long you'll have to wait. toya: then, bieber outrage. the pop star's latest move on social media that has his fans
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help you at traffic lights. audi is building cars that electronically communicate with traffic signals. the car's instrument panel will display a red traffic light and count down until it turns green. certain models will be on the audi showroom floor later this year. the auto industry hopes cars that communicate with signals, ridges, and blind turns will eventually make driving even safer. joyce: justin bieber fans are beside themselves tonight. the pop star quit instagram. the drama all started when bieber started posting pictures sofia richie. the 17-year-old is the daughter of singer lionel richie. followers immediately started chiming in with all sorts of comments. bieber first threatened to block access to his social media accounts. he couldn't handle the heat, so he eventually closed down his account. tonight's tuesday's child has a sweet disposition and a sweet tooth. toya: kathy mykleby could not have brought her to a more perfect place. kathy: and the goal is to match
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memories. what you think it looks good in here? i met katie at a counter packed with mouth watering creations at the chocolate chisel in port washington. and then they put us to work at the most delicious job ever. wouldn't it be fun to swim and chocolate? >> yeah. kathy: katie is 11 and has a great imagination and outlook on life. >> kathy: our pretzel project had us thinking about endless chocolate covered possibilities even baseball. >> and a baseball. >> and a baseball. >> and a glove. kathy: you could take a bite out of your finger, your mit. after some very tough times katie's grateful to be living , with her grandmother. kathy: you can recapture a bit
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>> i like biking and rollerskating, because it is like walking. it is just on wheels. kathy: i know. i don't think we could make chocolate covered rollerskates. that would not work. toya: that would be totally weird. kathy: to find out more about , sisters of ozaukee county at 262-377-0784. sorry we made everybody hungry.
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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joyce: this is one cute squid. toya: this is stubby a googly-eyed squid researchers captured on camera while they were livestreaming an underwater expedition. the scientists were on the ocean
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show. he caught researchers off guard apparently you can hear them giggling at the sight of the little breaking news tonight. bracing for severe storms in several major cities in the east. the system already bringing at least seven tornadoes and dangerous driving. while in the south tonight, the death toll rises, and so do the waters. a state of emergency. we're there. the wildfis a new fire outside l.a. on the way to vegas. roaring to life. and the other fire, more than 100 homes and businesses lost. tonight, word of an arrest. donald trump defiant this evening, saying, why change what got him this far? and hillary clinton, the fbi turning over e-mail evidence to members of congress who demanded it. the controversial video tonight. pinned by police. the mother dangling, held against a patrol car.


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