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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  August 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. joyce: right now, hoping for another night of relative calm. big story coverage as milwaukee's curfew goes into effect for a second night. kathy: only on 12, a teenager says curiosity nearly got him killed during the weekend violence. how he says police saved his life. joyce: and, donald trump campaigns in wisconsin. the republican presidential nominee's comments about the unrest. that has taken place in milwaukee as an assault on the right of all citizens to live in security and live in fees. -- live in peace. kathy: a strong show of police force in milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood, after a weekend of violent unrest. joyce: for the second straight night, sherman park is closed and a mandatory curfew is in effect for kids 17 and under.
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we have live team coverage. christina palladino leads us off. christina, a pretty peaceful night. >> earlier, there were some large crowds of people walking around, very peaceful, but as you can see behind me in this field next to the bp gast station, the crowd has thinned out. we have seen some police and tactical gear walking around the area, but that seemed to be more of a protective measure. earlier this evening, people were grilling out again, kids , cream truck even showed up. sherman park across the street has closed once again at 6:00 tonight and will open up again at 6:00 tomorrow morning. the 10:00 p.m. curfew for kids 17 and under is still in effect as well. back your live, that curfew seems to be doing well. the process seems to be going easily. in the last 20 minutes or so, that crowd has become considerably smaller, and has
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kathy: thanks, christina. wisn 12 news' ben hutchison is also there live. joyce: ben, you spoke exclusively to a young man rescued from those streets after being shot during weekend protests. >> as christina said, things are quiet out here, but this intersection, there were hundreds of people and police out here that evening. during the protest, a recent brookfield central graduate was hit by gunfire. , still lodged in his neck. >> this is where the bullet is right now, and slowly it should be moving out more and more. >> doctors tell ben olson he's shot in the neck during sunday lucky to be alive shot in the neck during sunday, night's unrest in milwaukee. >> i heard no gunshots, so everything caught me by surprise. >> olson says he was dropping
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crowds near sherman and burleigh and decided to see what was happening. >> all that was going on was a group of people throwing bricks and other items at police, but no violence between citizens at all. >> moments later, the bullet entered his neck. he eventually ended up on the steps of a nearby home before help arrived. >> you could see the police when they realized, making a circle around me, brought me back to the truck. >> he was released from froedtert hospital early monday morning now recovering at home. ,>> luckily the only thing that got hit was a small piece of my vertebrae, which caused some numbness to my hands. >> doctors say they'll remove the bullet sometime soon, and he is hoping to regain that feeling in his hand. no one is in custody tied to the shooting.
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night in that area since the violent unrest broke out on saturday. milwaukee police arrested 10 people, most for loitering. no officers were hurt and no , businesses nor vehicles were damaged. >> law and order must be restored. kathy: donald trump talked about the unrest in milwaukee while visiting the state tonight. wisn 12 news' kent wainscott is live in west bend, where trump held a campaign rally. it has apparently just ended. >> just ended, yeah, that's right. it has cleared out rather quickly, as you can see behind me, but the nominee did come into this republican stronghold of washington county in front of a capacity crowd of more than 3,000. folks across it into this warm room at the washington county
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and hour and a half after the scheduled start time of the event, and joined for the first time by governor scott walker, who introduced me today. -- introduced him today. but much of his address focused on the city of milwaukee 25 miles away and the weekend of violence there. >> our job is not to make the life more comfortable for the writer, robber, luther, or the violent disruptor, of which there were many. our job is to make life more comfortable for african-american parent who wants their kids to be able to safely, safely walk the streets and walk to school. >> he made an appeal to african-american voters, speaking about the city of milwaukee several times, saying several times that milwaukee has
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again, a speech focused on a law and order message and repeated appeals to african-american voters. we will have more of donald trump's comments later in this newscast. kathy: thanks. earlier this afternoon, trump visited the war memorial, where he met with some local veterans. he was joined by former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. then from there, trump headed to the pabst theater for a town hall event with fox news channel's sean hannity. our cameras were not allowed inside. joyce: governor walker, who was with trump in west bend tonight met with milwaukee church , leaders this morning, thanking them for their help in bringing peace to the sherman park neighborhood last night. the governor also toured the joseph project, a program to help people with job training and placement. eight businesses were damaged or destroyed by fire on saturday night and into sunday. and now the atf is offering a $10,000 reward to catch those
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alcohol, tobacco and firearms were combing for clues today at one of the businesses burned. anyone with information about the fires is urged to come forward. tips can be anonymous. kathy: digging deeper into the fatal police shooting that sparked the violent unrest police say 23-year-old sylville , smith was holding a gun when he was shot and killed saturday near 44th and auer. let's go back to christina in sherman park. christina, you have new information about that gun. >> i spoke with a spokeswoman for the waukesha county that sylville smith had on him before he was shot. i have learned that the atf is also working with waukesha county sheriff's office on this investigation. apparently there was a home invasion back in march in this neighborhood in the town of genesee. the homeowners were out of town but came back from vacation and noticed their guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were stolen. waukesha county was unsure if
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burglary or he somehow got the gun later on. the family of smith insists he had a concealed carry permit and the gun he had on him was for his protection. as for the officer involved in this shooting, he has been receiving numerous death threats on social media. the chief tells us he is out of town right now. kathy: thanks. you'll find the latest on the investigation and ongoing situation in sherman park on our website,, and the 12 news app. joyce: new at 10:00, milwaukee police respond to a fatal crash. it happened at 22nd and fond du lac just after 7:00 tonight. no other information has been released at this time. a group comes to milwaukee's city hall to demand a meeting. >> milwaukee is the worst place for black folks to live. kathy: the group, and the action it's demanding tonight. they lost a loved one in the sikh temple shootings. now the family is coping after losing their business in the violence.
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announcer: you are watching wisn 12 news, honored as best evening newscast by the wisconsin broadcasters association. kathy: for the second straight night, milwaukee's sherman park is closed and a mandatory curfew is being enforced for teenagers 17 and under. joyce: it follows a weekend of violent unrest in that
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there live with this update. ben. >> there are dozens of deputies beyond that orange fencing, but not a lot of pedestrians. a lot of people are heating the curfew tonight. we have not seen a lot of teenagers out here. it is a far cry from what we saw over the weekend with the gas station here behind us and the amount of people there were out here and the damage that was done, so again, right now, things are joyce: all right. wisn 12 news' christina ? la deana is also in that area. what do you see from your vantage point? >> we are in the field next to the gas station. there are a little more people where i am at, but it is a peaceful atmosphere. we saw senator lena taylor
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ice truck it come by. people are packing up their belongings, where they were having fun earlier, so it looks like people are going home and abiding by that curfew, so all is well right here where we are at next to the bp gast station. kathy: thanks, christina. milwaukee's police chief briefed council members today about the latest on the situation. joyce: chief flynn was scheduled to speak before the public safety committee, but the meeting was cancelled to avoid having the specifics made public. instead, flynn met with council members in small groups behind closed doors. >> a lot of the stuff was tactical in nature, and this isn't something that you want to reveal to people who may be watching it on tv and then respond to it. joyce: while our news cameras were at city hall, members of milwaukee's black panther party showed up, demanding a meeting with the council president.
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statistical categories with african-americans. it has got to change. joyce: alderman hamilton promised to work with the panthers to improve opportunity. kathy: milwaukee county sheriff david clarke is giving law enforcement high marks for handling the unrest and a night of relative calm. >> i'm not saying we are out of the woods, but we are where i want to be. law and order has been restored. kathy: clarke says he wanted to get the national guard on stand by to have all resources available on hand. their burning home by a complete stranger. the fire broke out early this morning inside a vacant house near 50th and clarke, just blocks from sherman park. the flames spread to the duplex next door, where sherri mcneil lives. a good samaritan woke her family up and got them to safety. she's been keeping a watch on everything that's been going on at sherman park, and believes the fire was intentionally set. and she wanted to thank the person who saved her family.
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>> don't even know the young man. he ain't even out here no more. just thankful and i bless god for him, and there should be more people like him. you got to care about the neighborhood you live in and the people that live around you hear it seriously this stuff that's , going on right now, this stuff is crazy. and i'm sorry about this young man that got killed. i'm sorry about all the young people that done died in this city but you know this is not , the way you solve things. this is not the way you handle things. you know innocent people are kathy: mcneil also thanked police and the fire department. the cause of the fire is unknown. joyce: milwaukee's mayor discussed the violence today while recognizing those who helped build the city's newest high-rise. the new northwestern mutual tower going up downtown will be wrapped by more than 3500 panes of glass, all of it assembled by central city residents. mayor barrett thanked the workers, and said these kinds of economic opportunities will help
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>> i want this city to grow. i want this city to be safe. and i want us to close the gap, to close the inequality gap that exists. joyce: the mayor said the city has a long way to go, but with companies that choose to hire milwaukee workers, it is headed in the right direction. for the fourth year in a row, attendance at the wisconsin state fair topped one million. the fair also says it sold 315,000 cream puffs and 5,000 klement's famous racing sausage corn dogs. the 11-day run of the fair ended on sunday. mark, you have some pretty impressive numbers as well. kathy: we have had a long stretch of hot weather. mark: it is feeling like some are out there. it has been a warmer than average summer. we will go back 31 days and talk about how warm it has been. we have had almost every single day with temperatures above
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above 80. we have been below average. the coolest temperature we have had during that stretch at 64 degrees, so that is not very chilly. the average low is 63 degrees. we won't get that cold tonight. temperature stay mild. we are mild now at 66 degrees. looking to the west, you just might see a flash or two of lightning because there are a few areas of showers and maybe a couple of thunderstorms hanging second. temperatures are still mild. 72 west bend. 73 watertown. it is still sticky out there, and it will stay that way for the next couple of days. if you don't like it, bear with it, a little more patience, because watch what happens as we head into sunday. wow. bam, it goes down.
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slide back down to 70. 70 on sunday into monday. that will feel rather refreshing or cool depending on what you like, but it is going to be cooling down, and so are streak of 80 degree plus weather now sitting at 16 days in a row, every single day this august, that will come to an end on sunday. thunderstorms rumbling to the west. you can see it is trying to take shape and make its way here. this will hold together and give us a beneficial rain? i would love to say yes, but i don't. i think some areas get rain, but not everywhere. there are a few little showers taking shape, especially right along the waukesha and washington county line, and that will continue to work its way to the east. let's take you to future cast, a few showers early on, then some scattered showers, may be
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lot going on, and again, like many of the systems we have had that have been moving into our area during the summer, they fall apart when they moved to southeastern wisconsin, so just a couple of scattered showers in the morning tomorrow, and then we will start to clear it out. 70 degrees, can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm, but generally warm out there and a few little scattered showers here and there. high on wednesday, 85 degrees, an early shower, then we clear it out. it will be warm, sticky, 1 days in a row with 80 plus him and we are not done, because we get to 88 degrees on thursday and friday, so those two days i would say maybe the best leica days for the rest of the year. it will be warm and sticky. storms likely on saturday, 80 degrees, the lee coel back down to 70 degrees on sunday and monday, then back up to 76 degrees on tuesday come as a warm and sticky. i would love to say we will get
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throughout the night. kathy: thank you, mark. you may use google on a daily basis to answer your questions. joyce: now it can answer your questions about voting. coming up, how the search engine is trying to improve voter turnout. kathy: then, mcdonald's changing their offer of free food to olympic athletes. the limits they are adding in the remaining days. >> good evening everyone. i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, we'll have any breaking news from overnight about the unrest in milwaukee. >> catch up on the morning's headlines before heading out the door. plus, sally will be on weather watch as you make your outdoor pl we will see you tomorrow morning
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vent, now through august thirty-first. announcer: big 12 sports presen field is the worst place for a visiting team to play a day-night double header, they have cramped confines, which is what the brewers were forced to do today. they had about three and a half hours to sit around between games, and in the nightcap tonight, they lost their starting pitcher just two outs into the game. kris bryant smoked a line drive off chase anderson's leg just above the knee, and anderson had to leave the game with a bruised quad. it only got worse in the fourth
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injuring his left knee, and braun had to leave the game as well. here is what kind of a night it was. keion broxton with the foul ball, anthony rizzo climbed up on the wall and made the catch. the cubs lead the brewers 4-1 in the ninth inning. in game one, the brewers managed on were immediately wiped out. jonathan villar was picked off in the first, and kirk nieuwenhuis was caught stealing in the second and got a face full of dirt on the slide. that taste good. matt garza didn't pitch badly, but got nickled and dimed by the cubs. one run scored on this wild pitch. another came home on this squeeze bunt. the other two runs came on sacrifice flies. the cubs won the opener ending 4-0, the brewers streak of 17 straight games with at least one
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thompson pledged support today for julius peppers and clay matthews, who are being threatened by the nfl with a possible suspension if they don't cooperate with officials investigating an al jazeera story from last year that linked the players to p.e.d'.s. >> it is kind of simple as pie. we will support our players. we have always supported our players, and we will continue to support our players. it is no different in this case. i will have nothing further to everybody the world is going to be talking about it, but i'm not going to have anything to say about it. dan: the packers had the day off today. they host the raiders thursday. coming up in our next half hour, why eddie lacy is getting that old feeling back. and at the summer olympics, simone biles won the gold, and aly raisman the silver in the floor exercise. that's five medals, four gold, for biles. joyce: thank you, dan. the brewers are out of town, but
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kathy: coming up, how you can get tickets to a brewers game while helping others. joyce: also ahead, surfing has officially been added to the next olympics. how long it took for this to become a reality. >> watch this or don't, i'm not your mother. >> i have some bad news for you. you're not getting on the show tonight again either. >> sorry, dummy, we can't hear anything you can say. you can sit there all night long for all i care. [laughter] [applause] needles, honored with best sports broadcast by the
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 10:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, patrick paolantonio, weather watch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. kathy: you're taking a live look at the sherman park neighborhood
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police patrolling the park and area ready to enforce a curfew , for those under 18 years old. tensions are high after an officer involved shooting on followed by protests and saturday, businesses set on fire. joyce: we have a team of reporters near sherman park, where the unrest has been center stage. we begin with christina palladino. christina, what are you seeing? >> it is calm. there are some across the street, where mr. smith was killed on saturday. there is a tree where a vigil was held a couple of nights ago, but that seems peaceful as well. there are plenty of police walking around, but we have seen larger tactical police vans the last couple of days, they have left the scene. the traffic patterns here seem to be returning back to normal, and it is a lot quieter than it


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